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Vendor List for FFF #48

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List of all Vendors.

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adult pleasures31

Manufacturer of adult toys,whips,floggers,anal toys,handcuffs,and other bondage products.

Agreeable Agony102

Toys for pleasure, toys for pain. Agreeable Agony is a collective of crafters/artisans & kinksters from the east coast who make unique handmade floggers, dragon tails, slappers, candles, claws, pretty colored bondage rope, and other kinky toys. We also have a passion for sex education! – Come check us out, we have demo bottoms & demo tops available for the curious!


Anarchy4All offers a large and changing product line to meet your kink needs. Products range from mild to wild, offering quality products at affordable prices for whatever your fun requires. There's something for everyone, from sensual to sadistic...mostly sadistic!


Multimedia erotica with work ranging from timeless and dreamy, to disturbing, off-the-wall, and perverse

Baroness Latex105

The Baroness, New York's Premier designer of Elegant, Provocative Latex Fashions since 1994, is renown for her unique fashion events, performances and parties. The Baroness' philosophy, "Any occasion to dress is an occasion to overdress!"is obvious to all who've seen her imaginative and entertaining fashion shows. Her trademark professionalism, intellect and playfulness reveal themselves in her colourful latex creations for women & men

Big Bob's Little Knife Shop25 and 26

We carry a large selection of sharp and pointy items. They are a mix of high quality, as well as some lower cost blades. We also carry some fun adult toys and a little jewelry as well. We are committed to giving you the edge you deserve.

Big Head Studio49

Big Head Studio is the sells the nations largest selection of violet wand accessories, including many exclusive original designs

Big Kidz Clothez86 and 87

Fun and Geeky Fashions, Toys, and Accessories for Littles, Middles, and Bigs and playpiercingkits.com69 offers hemp and hand spun jute and bamboo ropes. As well as other bondage accessories. offers premarital piercing kits as well as other kinky medical supplies


Awesome rattan canes in over 50 styles! Whangee, Singapore Punishment, & British School Canes join forces with modern works of one of a kind cane art with silver, gold & gemstones.

Celestial Luxe44

Celestial Luxe specializes in handmade bondage proof collars, cuffs, And leashes. We also have a wide range of chainmaille pieces and a variety of body cages

Circlet Press, Inc.106

Erotica for geeks and BDSM how-to books. Publishers of Laura Antoniou's THE MARKETPLACE series and Cecilia Tan's THE PRINCE'S BOY.

Cloak & Dagger Creations112

Providing steel boned corsets for all genders at a reasonable price, coordinating with unique handmade skirts, tops, coats & jackets, plus warm outerwear. Whatever you have been doing, a cloak will cover it!

Craig's Cutting Edge42 and 43

We sell knives, self defense products and impact play toys.

Cross Rose | Ears & Rears125

Ears & Rears is a proud purr-veyor of realistic and fantasy ears and tails, from cats and wolves to dragons and unicorns. Entirely handmade in-house, in Amherst, MA. Cross Rose both creates and imports Japanese Lolita and alternative fashion goods, clothing, jewelry and accessories. We strive to carry a wide range of sizes, and follow both trends and classic styles.

D. L. King Erotica108

Writer, editor and purveyor of erotic fiction, including a large collection of femdom erotica.

Damsel in Defense85

Providing personal protection products for all types of emergencies since 2011, Damsel has pepper spray, alarms, travel tools and more.

deGiotto Rope29 and 30

deGiotto Rope specializes in making the finest quality natural fiber bondage rope in the world. We start with the highest quality hemp, jute, and bamboo-silk yarns that is dyed before we hand lay them into rope. We also carry a variety of rigging accessories, rope care materials, educational materials, and apparel.

DeTails Toys16 and 17

Details Toys is 20 years old!! We owe it all to our great customers and the New England area is a huge part of that! Thanks for making us one of the largest and most popular "lifestyle" Flogger makers in the Country. We've been lovingly crafting our handmade Floggers, BY people in the lifestyle FOR people in the lifestyle since 1997. Floggers, Whips, vampire gloves/Mitts, Rose Floggers/Crops & our popular Flogging DVD. Choose from over 150 floggers or let us make you the custom flogger of your dreams!

Deviant Simian Designs65

Deviant Simian Designs is a one-human shop selling hand-crafted chainmail and scalemail jewelry, accessories, bags, gift items, and floggers.

Dominance Loving Leather70

Home of the Original Evil Stick and quality leather products.


The Doxy creates powerful mains operated wand massager. Launched in 2013, it's attracting an increasing number of enthusiasts, keen to experiment with this heavy duty, but controllable, intimate massager.

Dragontailz7 and 8

Dragontailz manufactures all leather fetish toys. Currently we manufacture over 60 items. These items are made from over 12 types of leathers some of which are offered in more than 20 colors.

East Coast Art Works123

We design and manufacture custom furniture for indoor and outdoor play. You dream it, we build it...

EF Leathercraft/EFWhips45 and 46

Hand Crafted Kangaroo and Nylon Whips, Floggers, Cuffs, Rose Cuffs, and a new line of Waterproof Cuffs and Slappers. Other Custom Leather Products.

Emporium 3262

Vintage-inspired jewelry and accessories for men and women. Socializing in work-appropriate leather and classy geekery.

Ethos Leather23 and 24

Newly based in Maine, the Ethos Leather family are crafters of high quality leather harnesses, slings, restraints and whips. All of our gear is sustainably created in our off-grid solar powered workshop. We are looking forward to working and playing with the New England kink community.


Hand Made Masquerade Masks, Chain Mail Dresses, Jewelry, Romantic Glassware


We specialize in handcrafted leather, wood and paracord BDSM toys.

Hubba Hubba78 and 79

Always cutting edge, Hubba Hubba has been at the forefront of underground alternative fashion for over 35 years. We have a little bit of everything for everyone! On our racks, which are home to the largest selection of corsets in the area, you will also find latex and pvc club clothes, vintage inspired pin-up attire, Victorian era gowns and coats, lingerie, hosiery, vintage and original t-shirts, Halloween costumes, hosiery, shoes, and more!

Industrial DisEase Toys LLC109

We design and manufacture a variety of sensation/electrical/impact toys; the triple play modular heads are made from; chain, ball-chain, manila rope, wire-rope, cable tie, electrical rope and window spline; our handles are wrapped with rubber or leather. We also make chain and ball-chain mini floggers, pvc-based furniture cbt/nipple weights; as well as steampunk clothing and accessories, such as walkingsticks/canes and parasols. We also sell leather harnesses and other interesting alternative materialed restraints. Conductive rope by the foot, illuminated canes, SAP gloves, SP light sabers and leather tool rolls.

Justin Sayne Leather38

Whips, Slappers, Collars/Cuffs and other fetish toys uniquely made from Alligator leather.

Kinky Bitch (Audacious Productions LLC)110

From playful to hard core. Bondage gear, breast vises, CBT devices, cuffs,hog-ties, nipple clamps and more. A full line of products made in the USA, by the people who use, and sell them. Sex toys made with the highest level of pride and craftsmanship.

Kinky Spirits82, 83 and 84

Kinky Spirits is a full service adult retailer. We carry everything from the simplest of vibrators to the most extreme in fetish and kink. We also carry some of the highest quality products such as LELO, DOXY, Crystal Delights, Violet wands, conductive portable crosses and furniture.

Knotty Designs34

Knotty Designs hand makes custom paracord products for all your knotty lifestyles. From fashion to survival, kinky and geeky to Pet gear we can make something for you.

Larry & Leenie'e Lusty Leather119

Handcrafted leather creations, From your imagination, to our work bench, to your play room!!

Latex Nemesis66

Specializes in latex hoods and heavy rubber restraints and rubber bondage gear


Le Chateau Exotique carries clothing and bondage gear in sizes XS-6XL for men, women, and everyone in between. We specialize in leather, corsetry, and sexy clubwear.

Leather by danny35 and 36

"Leather by Danny" Designs and make unique high quality bondage equipment.

LuLaRoe Ali Green13 and 14

LuLaRoe is a US based clothing company whose mission is to inspire women to love themselves for exactly who they are! Our leggings, tops, skirts, and dresses for women and now men are a balance of comfort, style, and fun. With sizes from XXS to 3XL, there is a style to suit every body type!

Lust Beads54

Exotic, alluring, and a little bit naughty! Nipple chains and dangles, chokers, Morse Code jewelry, and more. Because who doesn't deserve the best in the bedroom?

Madame Wiladina Boutique116

Embracing curves in steel boned corsets,lingerie,hosiery,and clothing. Our size range and style offerings make it a fun shopping experience.You will find no body shaming only body acceptance with our collection.

Maniacal Leather77

Maniacal Leather is a high end leather and paracord braiding company, specializing in highly customized whips, floggers, cat o' nine tails (my flagship piece) dragon tails, scourges, riding crops and restraints. Private importer of exotic leathers from Australia

Mischief and Mirth Studios121

Creators of hand tooled leather masks and accessories. We feature a variety of mask styles, from primal to playful, demure to darkly elegant. Our accessories include exotic collars, blindfolds, ears, hair adornments and more!

Motives Cosmetics18

Custom Blend cosmetics are made just for you! Makeovers and custom products will be available at the Flea, and high quality prepackaged cosmetics will also be available to order.

MSW Candles40 and 41

MSW Candles has been making candles since Oct. 2012 for the wax player. With a variety of sizes, colors and waxes there's a candle for everyone. Need a block of wax for your crock pot? We have that too. We carry black light reactive candles, wax play supplies, such as protection sheets, Aloe gel, beginner kits, and more. We also carry a small line of fun bath and body items, including massage oils. With new items coming all the time you never know what we may surprise you with.

mud with benefits19

Unique and exquisite wheel-thrown stoneware dildos, erotic jewelry, teaware, fountains and other treasures, sensuously draped in richly ornate original designs and enrobed in sumptuous glazes.

My Favorite Kink55

My Favorite Kink specializes in handmade paracord BDSM goods. We have a wide variety of floggers, paddles, cuffs, collars, ticklers, and more! Our boutique offers vintage and Victorian inspired accessories.

My Lady's Toys114

My Lady’s Toys carries a vast selection of women's clothing including corsets, skirts and dresses. Their book selection includes many BDSM classics as well current fiction & non-fiction releases. My Lady’s Toys also carry BDSM gear such as floggers, paddles, gags, vibrators, nipple clamps and more.

Nancy's Basement115

Nancy's Basement is filled with spanking toys! Paddles, cats, martinets, canes, buttons, bookmarks, pasties... and more!!

njoy/Vibe Design LLC80

njoy creates deluxe stainless steel instruments of pleasure.

Ohio Kimono58

Authentic Japanese kimono from Kyoto, as well as many hand braided decorative silk ropes that are unique works of art.

Orchid And Serpent Stores47 and 48

Orchid And Serpent carries everything you desire from simple fantasy to hardcore fetish gear. Our philosophy is that everyone should have access to quality sex enhancers at reasonable prices. Orchid And Serpent strives to bring customers regular favorites, while also introducing new brands and toys. We believe everyone should have the chance to improve what they already own and explore new ideas. By bringing great prices, you can try new things without putting out a huge investment.

Paisley Peacock Body Arts10

Beautiful custom henna and glitter body art, face and body painting, and custom pin-back buttons

Pandora's Box101

Luxury sex toys for all bodies, as well as handcrafted impact gear and fetishwear.

PD Kilts124

PD Kilts offers modern men and women utility style kilts with cargo style pockets manufactured with 50/50 cotton poly material and in leather. All PD Kilts are constructed with the finest material available by craftsman with over 100 years of experience in making kilts. PD Kilts offers large kilt sizes, worldwide shipping and a 100 percent money back guarantee

Pendragon Chainmail1 and 2

If you can think it I can link it! Chainmail whips, floggers, straptops, shirts, skirts and more! All chainmail is hand-made by me, from coiling and cutting links to assembly and repairs. All items have a lifetime guarantee for repairs and size adjustments.

Purple Passion Inc11 and 12

We sell men's and women's fetish clothing, BDSM toys and bondage equipment

Rand Leather20

Specializing in custom, handmade, leather fetish wear. From bow ties to harnesses, bondage gear to custom leather clothing, there’s something for everyone. At Rand Leather, versatility is a cornerstone, quality is non-negotiable, and tradition is the guidance, but not the rule.

Reyen Design Studios117

There is nothing like the look and feel of Silk! We design and make unique fashions of hand-dyed and felted silks. From street legal to no pretense whatsoever.

Ropes By EDK3 and 4

As humans we love to celebrate things. You celebrate your birthday, your friends birthday, hell, you celebrate your pets birthday. Why not celebrate your ropes birthday!? The first step is finding someone who makes rope like is part of them, like it's a friend, a child. I don't just make rope, I bring it into existence. Attention to detail, and a love for an age old art of handmade rope, is what you will find at my table. I firmly believe my ropes aren't just made, they're born!

Rubio Leather Inc.71 and 72

Largest selection of Men's Fetish leather clothing, harnesses, suspenders, bow ties, ties, gauntlets, uniforms, denim leather jeans, Fireman's pants and more

Ryco Industries / Dungeon in a Bag113

Dungeon in a bag is the sturdiest, most compact, easy setup St Andrews Cross/Bondage Table and Spanking Bench on the market. It comes in a bag on wheels and there is lots of room for other toys in the bag so you have everything you need for a great scene neatly assembled in one place. It has never been easier to put your submissive in a position that renders them completely vulnerable and at your disposal.

Sensual Paddles37

Sensual Paddles - you can play for a long time.

SG Entertainment LLC107

I am Sarah Gregory and I run a large spanking video production company. I sell DVDs from my websites along with lots of other fun spanking, BDSM, and clothing items. These include paddles, straps, floggers, canes, crops, canes, ball-gags, blindfolds, collars, school girl uniforms, cheerleading uniforms, costumes, Little's clothing, and much much more.

SteelBones63 and 64

Steelbones brings 800 pounds of corsets to the venue for lots and lots of instant gratification. Our prices are great, our customer service is outstanding. And with a name like SteelBones, you never have to wonder about quality.


I’m pleased to introduce the SubSensuals line of body adornments.Our patent-pending SubSafe® magnetic nipple clamps provide all of the pain and pleasure of piercings without the permanent effects. Each set of SubSafe® clamps is custom hand crafted to your specifications, enhanced with Swarovski crystals or precious stones for weight as well as decoration, or with connecting chains.If you can dream it, I can make it.

Sunspot Designs50 and 51

Gothic and fantasy jewelry for mortals and others

Tandy Leather Factory81

Tandy Leather sells raw leather of all kinds as well as tools, hardware, dyes, and instructional materials to complete any project. We also offer classes where you can learn to make anything you can dream up.

The Bastille9

Beautiful Tools, Beautiful Pain, carrying whips, floggers and canes to meet all your discerning deviants needs.

The Latex Store59 and 60

The Latex Store is one of the Internet's largest retail latex stores. Our goal is and has always been to bring the finest latex products available to our devoted customers at great prices. You may see our "The Latex Store" brand of clothing in many retail brick and mortar stores. After 15 years and tens of thousands of sales we still have a passion for latex clothing and a desire to see that next first time customer swoon the first time they put on one of our dresses.

The ShoeGuy22

The largest selection of fetish shoes and boots in America. Great accessories to go with them and sizes 5 to 14. Great prices that adds to the value of the flea. Joe has been our ShoeGuy for almost 20 years.
Fetlife the shoeguy

The Utilikilts Company103

We are the inventors of the modern casual utility kilt. Founded in 2000. We make all our products in Seattle from US sourced Materials. Let us get you out of your pants!

Toolworks Chicago111

Metal handled floggers,canes,paddles,dildos,slappers etc. all unique,and hand made,also a economy line,of rubber handled floggers paddles ,slappers,and canes

TotemX Creations61

TotemX Creations is the home of the best sensation toy you can fit in your pocket. Metal claw tips are buried in real, rich rabbit fur for huge range of sensation play. Check out the Violet Wand friendly version too. Just look us up at

Twisted Bottom21

Custom floggers and straps using all natural, low-toxicity materials

Twisted World/Son of Sandlar104

Our products consist of hand crafted italian leather boots and clothing made here in savannah Georgia by a fifth generation cobbler. Our clothing consists of bodices, corsets, skirts, vests, tunics and multiple male and female clothes.

Untamed Undies67

Untamed Undies Provides geeky and feminist undies pasties and impact play toys for folks across the gender spectrum.

Vicious Whips15

A purveyor of the highest quality nylon whips, floggers, and dragontails! Crafted with the greatest attention to detail - All of our whips are built using construction methods identical to traditional leather whips for the best performance!

Violet Wand Store27 and 28

Specializing in high quality, reasonably priced items to enhance your sensual experiences. We offer traditional & solid state Violet Wand Kits as well as a large selection of violet wand accessories, conductive rope, and carbon fiber canes. For those not into electrical play we offer a unique and ever changing selection of paddles, canes, and leather items. We've expanded and now offer Medical Play items as well as TENS/EMS units and accessories.

Wicked Woodshop68

Wicked Woodshop makes unique, custom, 3D collectable hardwood paddles. The unique designs, the raised graphics and the exotic hardwoods combine to leave a lasting impression.


Wolfbondage is a company that builds custom spreader bars. We build to the customers needs size or configuration or shape is all up to the guest and of course we have a varied selection or ready made bars for sale as well

Community Tables
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Camp CrucibleC8

Camp Crucible is the ultimate outdoor 24/9 fantasy vacation for those interested or involved in BDSM, sexuality, sensuality, human pony play, age play, education, exploration, relaxation, kink, and socializing with old friends while meeting new ones.

Choice Social ClubC1

The mission of Choice Social Club is to empower adventurous, open-minded adults to explore all of the choices that the gamut of human sexuality has to offer, both with their partners and with other desirable and like-minded people. Everyone has their own favorite fantasies and turn-ons, and it is our mission to provide an upscale, clean, comfortable and discreet environment for you to safely enjoy exploring the boundaries of your favorite flavor of spice.


New England Dungeon Society strives to provide a protected and comfortable environment for people from diverse backgrounds with unconventional ideologies to learn about and experience BDSM through interaction with like-minded people. It is our intent to give these individuals the opportunity to form what can be valuable and lasting relationships with other members of our organization and beyond.


New Hampshire Order of the Triskelion (NHOT) exists to provide safe and welcoming opportunities to explore Power Exchange and its benefit to body, mind and spirit.

Operation HammondC3

We are a non profit organization of like-minded individuals within the anime, sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture convention community dedicated to bringing awareness of first aid, emergency preparedness and training to people who attend and staff kink/fetish, anime, sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture conventions. We are nerds helping nerds in times of need.

Sky InstituteC9

Sky Institute is a community service organization that offers trainings and educational materials on D/s topics ( Alternative lifestyle counseling, too. Free consultations, individuals /couples, at the Flea. (

TES (The Eulenspiegel Society)C4

The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) is a non-profit BDSM/Leather/Fetish group dedicated to the social interaction, educational exchange and ever-changing diversity of our community. TES holds regular classes, workshops and events in NY/NJ, including our annual July 4th weekend gathering: TES Fest.

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and HealthC10

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health is a sexuality education and training organization that works to reduce sexual shame, challenge misinformation, & advance the field of sexuality.

The Network / La RedC12

The Network/La Red is a survivor-led, social justice organization that works to end partner abuse in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, BDSM, polyamorous, and queer communities. Our services include Hotline, Safehome program, Advocacy program, and Community Organizing and Education program.

The SocietyC5

The Society is a pansexual BDSM organization that strives to foster a spirit of unity within the Leather Community and with others sharing our common interests. The Society strives to provide a safe haven for the gathering of like minded individuals for socialization and education.

Trans Spectrum KinkstersC6

Trans* Spectrum Kinksters (TSK) is a NELA SIG formed in order to provide a space for education and community building for trans* and gender non-conforming kinksters.