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Vendor List for FFF #44

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List of all Vendors.

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image/svg+xml The Shoe Guy ConnectionTravel GlamourBoutique Mud withBenefits Big Bob's Little KnifeShopSinner's Cove Mr. MalapropDesign PrysmCreations VioletWandStore PD KiltsPocketDungeon Dragon-tailz Purple Passion HakaLLC WIANStudios MistyPendragonCreations RubberMasters BigHeadStudio Arcane'sAttic PowerExchangeBooks NEDS TheSociety Center forSexualPleasure miss-moosetooFloggers AnthelianShibukiToro RobertQuill LSBPromotions Intimate-fashionz Fluffy Bunny Whips TheKinkShop Steel YourInnocence RubioLeather Mischiefand Mirth Steel Bones The Latex Store KinkAcademy New YorkToyCollective HubbaHubba LustBeads mercy Floggers ABeautifulCorset TotemXCreations DovakaSuspension Frames AmazingIntimate Essentials NeedlePlayDesign GeeksAfterDark KnottyDesigns SunspotDesigns TheDragon'sDesign DominanceLovingLeather TandyLeatherFactory NEHG MOB FemdomCircle NetworkLa Red NHOT OperationHammond Boss Bondage PlayPiercing Kits KinkySpirits Passional TES ACOS ChoiceSocialClub DeTailsToys ViciousWhips KJ Canes Orchid &SerpentStores HennaDancer PendragonChainmail Rope Extremes HOLO ConZeptDeZigns LeatherbyDanny njoy To Lobby Glass Double DoorsNo exit or re-entry
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    6 Point Bed Bondage & Bear Claws

    A collection of bondage and play toys to turn any bedroom, or hotel room, into a dungeon. Our 6 Point Bed Bondage rig is one of the best devices for bedroom bondage, and the Bear Claws are some if the most versatile toys you can own.

    A Beautiful Corset

    World Class Handmade Corsets

    Agreeable Agony

    Toys for pleasure, toys for pain. Agreeable Agony is a collective of crafters who make unique handmade floggers, candles, claws, rope, and other toys


    Anarchy4All offers a large and changing product line to meet your kink needs. There's something for everyone, from sensual to sadistic...mostly sadistic!

    Anthelian / Shibuki Toro

    Multimedia erotica with work ranging from timeless and dreamy, to disturbing, off-the-wall, and perverse

    Arcane's Attic

    Quality Handcrafted Wood and Leather Floggers. Creator of the "Lunatus", the original double headed flogger.

    Big Bob's Little Knife Shop/ Sinner's Cove

    We carry the edge you deserve, in the price range you can afford and a large variety of adult toys.

    Big Head Studio

    Big Head Studio creates a huge assortment of perverted goodies including custom violet wand toys, suspension rings and our own brand of liquid latex.

    Boss Bondage / Play Piercing Kits offers hemp and jute bondage rope and bondage accessories while offers pre made play piercing kits and supplies as well as medical kink items

    Circlet Press

    Circlet Press publishes erotic fiction: BDSM fiction including Laura Antoniou's MARKETPLACE series, erotic science fiction, and erotic romance. We also sell other books, including BDSM how-to manuals and other books of interest to the kink community.

    Cloak & Dagger Creations

    Corsets, skirts, cloaks and outerwear, waistcoats, top hats and tiaras await you. Just remember, no matter what you’ve been doing, you can always cover it with a cloak.

    Connection Travel

    Selling group travel to resorts with BDSM Groups

    ConZept DeZigns

    ConZept DeZigns, in keeping with traditional hand-plaiting methods, along with the recent completion of our ultimate core! The Mark V's have allowed our whips to achieve the perfect combination of weight, balance, taper, accuracy and durability

    D L King Erotica

    Writer and editor of the erotic books you know and love, with a wide selection of femdom from Cleis Press, Lethe Press, Riverdale Avenue Books and Circlet Press.

    delicious, llc

    Womens and mens custom and stock size corsets. Leather belts, holsters, and accessories; Steampunk inspired clothing and gear for women and men

    DeTails Toys

    Flogger makers for over 15 years. By people in the lifestyle for people in the lifestyle! Well-made and well-balanced. Request a custom design!

    Dominance Loving Leather

    The Original Evil Stick, the Evil Stick Family, floggers and quality leather products.


    Custom designed and hand built high quality suspension frames


    Dragontailz has been producing quality leather dragontails, floggers, collars, cuffs/restraints.  All products are handmade and carry lifetime warranty

    Ears & Rears | Cross Rose

    Fantastic faux fur cat ears & tails! Many other animal types are represented, including dogs, foxes, wolves, & ponies. A variety of other faux and real fur goods are available, all completely hand made by the artist. Lolita fashion dresses & petticoats, delicate chokers, cute and gothic frills. We have everything from small accessories and adorable plush animals, to full outfits from head to toe.

    EF Leathercraft / EF Whips

    Kangaroo Leather Whips, Leather Floggers, cuffs and other leather goods

    Fluffy Bunny Whips

    Fluffy Bunny is a different animal. We make rubber fetish floggers and paddles with our own unique & original style & design. In the right hands our toys can be extremely vicious but then in the right hands they can be sensual. How can this be, you ask. Come see us and we will tell (or show) you. For the Vegan Kinksters, you will be happy to know our toys are Vegan

    Geeks After Dark

    Geeky impact toys including duct tape floggers, cat-5-o-9-tails, and dice floggers. Also a particularly geeky selection of sex toys including the Wonderland Series and Super Hung Heroes.

    Glamour Boutique

    Steel Boned Corsets at Low Prices!

    Haka LLC

    Pretty Plugs, Toys, latex, lingerie, corsets, leather items and more!


    Henna and glitter body art


    We specialize in completely handmade leather and paracord BDSM toys, gear and whips.

    Hubba Hubba

    Small fetish boutique that has been in Boston for 35 years. We carry many local crafters work as well as international brands.

    Industrial Dis-Ease Toys LLC

    Design and manufacture a variety of sensation/electrical/impact toys. Full range of sensation, impact and violet wand toys. Home of the Triple Play Toy System: "A trinity of diverse recreation"


    Assortment of fashion including a whole new line of steam punk style clothing. You'll have never seen anything like before!

    Kink Academy

    Sexy kink education from over 130 of the communities best presenters. Also, a new book from Princess Kali about erotic humiliation!

    Kinky Bitch (Audacious Prosuctions LLC.)

    From playful to hard core. Bondage gear, breast vises, CBT devices,cuffs, hog-ties, nipple clamps and more.

    Kinky Spirits

    From mild to wild we provide all your kinky needs. A full service adult retailer. Electric & Violet wands, personal massagers, tens units, cupping sets, fire play gear, floggers, whips as well as an assortment of lubes.

    KJ Canes

    Designer & Economy Canes. Rattan, Acrylic, Lexan, Metal, Fiberglass, Carbon & Delrin canes, even some that *glow in the dark* & others that *light-up*

    Knotty Designs

    Handmade parachute cord products for all your different lifestyles needs. From leashes and collars for all your pets no matter how many legs, to real survival gear you can actually use. Floggers and whips, cuffs and creatures, custom creations we'll help design.

    Leather by Danny

    High quality BDSM toys

    Littles Toy Company

    Everything a Little needs! From toys for all ages, including plushies, my little pony, barbie, and so much for. Looking for a new sippy cup or pacifer, we will have something just right for you.

    LSB Promotions

    Hand Crafted Masquerade Mask and matching Jewelry, Wings with Hand Cut Feathers with Matching Horns, Halloween Jewelry, Body Appliances. Custom Jewelry and Made to order

    Lust Beads

    Exotic and erotic beaded jewelry for you to wear and enjoy. Nipple dangles & chains, Morse code chokers & bracelets, and more. Custom orders welcome!

    Lusty Leather

    We at Lusty Leather are honored and excited to continue to be the source of all your leather needs!

    mercy floggers

    Quality affordable hand crafted floggers and other great items. Home of the beanie flogger stop by and see our newest creations. Custom made items made to suit your needs.

    Mischief and Mirth

    Creators of hand tooled leather masks and accessories. We feature a variety of mask styles, from primal to playful, demure to darkly elegant. Our accessories include exotic collars and cuffs, blindfolds, ears, hairfalls and more.

    missmoosetoo Floggers

    Handmade floggers crafted and guaranteed for life. Also leather collars with stainless hardware and a variety of educational BDSM books as well.

    Mr. Malaprop Design

    I make a broad variety of impact play tools, including paddles, devil pops, lightweight sticks, and thumpers. You can see the variety under the things I make tab on my blog.

    Mud with Benefits

    Unique and exquisite wheel-thrown stoneware dildos, erotic jewelry, teaware, fountains and other treasures, sensuously draped in richly ornate original designs and enrobed in sumptuous glazes

    My Lady's Toys

    My Lady’s Toys carries a vast selection of women's and men's clothing, books, and BDSM gear such as gags, vibrators, nipple clamps and more.

    Nancy's Basement

    Spanking implements and other stuff! All goods are handmade, all with a spanking theme!

    NeedlePlay Design

    Needle Play Design ( ) we are unique kinky custom embroiderers who do personalized T-shirts, tanks, hats, towels, blankets, leather bags and various other goods. At vending events, we bring our machines to do on the spot personalization! By e-mail we will work with you and do up a special shirt,blanket or leather for that special gift or always wanted to have item.

    New York Toy Collective

    Handmade silicone dildos


    njoy creates deluxe stainless steel instruments of pleasure.

    Northeast Restraints

    Leather goods... Hoods, cuffs, etc. Chastity, stainless steel insertables, hog ties, etc

    Orchid And Serpent Stores

    Everyone should have access to quality BDSM and sex enhancers at a reasonable price. We strive to bring customers the regular favorites, while also introducing new brands and toys. We carry male chastity and CBT gear, stainless steel and leather collars and restraints, glass dildos, electroplay toys, butt plug tails, steel jewel butt plugs, and hitachi style vibrators.

    Pandora's Box

    Pandora's Box carries luxury sex toys for all bodies; as well as handcrafted BDSM gear and fetish gear.


    PASSIONAL caters to all sizes and genders with our selection of corsets, kilts, leather, and latex. Browse our selection at The Flea, in our newly expanded Philadelphia store, or online!

    PD Kilts/Pocket Dungeon

    Specializing in men and women's modern kilts and the Pocket Dungeon, a compact 16 item toy bag

    Pendragon Chainmail

    If you can think it I can link it! Chainmail whips, floggers, straptops, shirts, skirts and more! All chainmail is hand-made by me, from coiling and cutting links to assembly and repairs. All items have a lifetime guarantee for repairs and size adjustments.

    Power Exchange Books

    Books for BDSMers!

    Prysm Creations

    I offer Top quality items such as: Oil filled and varnished rattan canes and rattan toys, Leather masks molded in premium leather, Delrin toys including Rattler Bundles, Rubber toys, including our exclusive “Thumper”, Beautiful exclusive leather Knotty Paddles, Heavy Latigo straps in 2 sizes, Disgustingly fun Pizzles, and much more!

    Purple Passion

    Men and women's clothing, corsets and toys!

    Reyen Design Studios

    David and Dorits Reyen Design: Make, Dye and sometimes Felt. Fine silk garments, from gift wrapping to Street Legal. There is nothing like silk.

    Robert Quill, Artist for Hire

    Robert Quill and his wife Rae are artists of very different persuasions. Robert specializes in custom illustration work for individual clients... portraiture, character sketches, glamour images, etc. Rae creates individually crafted, spooky "Kreepsakes" cameo jewelry. Come browse their work!


    3 strand hemp, braided hemp, BandaRope, nylon, mfp, paracord, rope cuffs, rope leashes, rope collars, suspension rings, carabiners, swivels, hard point slings, emt shears, wurtenberg wheels, bondage books, locks, etc.


    BDSM/fetish gear from industrial rubber: ball gags, floggers, whips, singletails, bit gags, breather gags, blindfolds,cbt gear, harnesses, suspenders, kilts, and more

    Rubio Leather

    Men's leather shirts, pants, vest, chaps, harness, suspenders, shorts, jocks, accessories and more. Alterations and custom work available.

    Ryco Industries, Inc / Dungeon in a Bag

    "Dungeon in a Bag" is a sturdy, compact, easy setup St Andrews Cross/Bondage Table and Spanking Bench - it has never been easier to put someone completely at your disposal!

    Sarah Gregory Spanking

    Everything from spanking videos, fun spanking toys, vintage BDSM/spanking magazines and books, cheer uniforms, latex, and other fetish wear

    Son of Sandlar

    At Son of Sandlar, we have been providing the finest and most durable in hand-made leather footwear in all the realm for five generations.

    Steel Bones

    Steelbones brings hundreds of high quality corsets for lots and lots of instant gratification.

    Steel Your Innocence

    We at Steel Your Innocence design, create, and manufacture stainless steel bondage gear and chastity devices.

    Stratton McCrady Photography

    Professional freelance and fine art photographer

    Sunspot Designs

    Gothic and fantasy jewelry, from rhinestone bling to human bone.

    Tandy Leather Factory

    We are the premier leathercraft and supply company in the New England area! We have everything for leather crafting, from the beginner to the experienced.

    The Baroness latex

    Elegant, Provocative Latex fashions for men and women. Off the peg and custom. Perfect for scene wear, club wear or play.

    The Dragon's Design

    Custom Creations in Leather, vegan friendly PVC, and colorful chains. Artisan on site to create or modify your own creations and fantasies

    The Kink Shop

    Hand crafted toys for impact play. Whips, swivel floggers, rattan canes, paddles of wood, leather, and rubber as well as TaZapper.

    The Latex Store

    Largest selection of in stock men's and women's latex clothing in the USA including our own "The Latex Store" Brand, "Rubber Gear" Brand, and signature line of Bondage gear "Midnight Blues" for almost 20 years.

    The Shoe Guy

    Largest selection of fetish shoes, boots and accessories in the USA for events. I design my own line as well as sizes from 5 to 14 in all different heel heights.

    Toolworks Chicago Inc.

    Floggers,paddles,dildos,canes,in highly polished aluminum,also an economical rubber handled version.

    TotemX Creations

    Best known for the Claw Paw. Each glove is tipped with individual fingertip claws. Soft and gentle or scratchy and pokey. Ask about custom orders!

    Utilikilts Company, LLC

    We sell men's kilts and kilt accessories.

    Vicious Whips

    A purveyor of quality nylon whips and floggers! Come check out our newest line of nylon floggers and crops!

    Violet Wand Store

    Specializing in high quality, reasonably priced items to enhance your sensual experiences. Violet Wand Kits and accessories, conductive rope, acrylic, delrin, and carbon fiber canes, leather items including leather cu?s

    WIAN Studios

    Fabulous Leather Floggers made from Bull, Buffalo, Cow, Deer, Elk and Moose as well as Cat O Nine Tails in round and flat braid and Dragon Tongues.

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    AIDS Care Ocean State

    Choice Social Club

    Fem Dom Circle

    Mob New England

    New England Dungeon Society

    New England Hypnosis Group

    NHOT - New Hampshire Order of the Triskelion

    Operation Hammond

    TES - The Eulenspiegel Society

    The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health

    The Network/La Red

    The Society