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Event Track Schedule for FFF #48 by Time

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Track Schedules for all public sessions sorted by starting time.

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Author Readings

Author ReadingsCecilia Tan(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
Author ReadingsLaura Antoniou(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)



Rebirthing our Joy: Healthy and Happy Sex Lives for Sexual Trauma SurvivorsSarah Sloane(m)—Fri 6:00 PM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
The HandshakeNora, Hedwig(m)—Fri 6:00 PM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
Sex Positive (What Does it Mean?)David Wraith(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
Negotiation for IntrovertsConnor Synuates(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
Taming the APEs in Your Relationships: Improving communication with yourself and then your peopleBydarra(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30min623(Feedback)
Everything To Know About Negotiation: Effective ways of negotiating for scenes and relationshipsSara Scalper(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
The Erotica Writers ToolboxCecilia Tan(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
Packing Consent in Your ToybagPrincess Kali(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
A Guide to Communications and NegotiationsP.E.T.E., GRLee(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
Safe & SaneBydarra(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minRhode Island(Feedback)
NegotiationSir Vice(m)—Sun 2:00 PM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)



BDSM TasterDanie(m), IyaFri 7:45 PM2hrPlaza Ballroom(Feedback)
Chill Zone, sponsored by Queer + Kinky!Queer and Kinky SIGFri 7:45 PM2hr623(Feedback)
Kinky Speed Meeting, Round IRopeRider(m)—Fri 7:45 PM1hrRotunda(Feedback)
Kinky Speed Meeting, Round IIRopeRider(m)—Fri 8:45 PM1hrRotunda(Feedback)
RKO Army Presents: Rocky Horror Picture ShowRKO Army(m)—Fri 11:00 PM2hrRotunda(Feedback)
Suspension Vetting for Play PartyLord Percival(m), Beyonder, KinkerbellSat 3:00 PM1hrOcean(Feedback)
NELA's Winter Flea Play Party, EarlyLord Percival, IyaSat 6:00 PM3hr 45minPlaza Ballroom(Feedback)
NELA's Winter Flea Play Party, LateLord Percival, IyaSat 10:15 PM3hr 45minPlaza Ballroom(Feedback)



Intersections: Gender, Sexuality, and KinkWintersong(m)—Fri 6:00 PM1hr 30min623(Feedback)
(Trans)Gender PanelWillow, Connor Synuates(m)—Sat 2:00 PM1hrRhode Island(Feedback)
Kim Airs with Leo Rising: A transformation from femme to passing mandragKim Airs(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Considerations for Trans*/Cis Erotic PlayWintersong(m)—Sun 2:00 PM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)


General Skills

BDSM Social EtiquetteSir Vice(m)—Fri 6:00 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
Welcome WagonP.E.T.E., GRLee(m), NELAs Welcome Wagon Fri 6:00 PM1hr 30minWickford(Feedback)
Annoyance PlayRoughinamorato(m)—Fri 7:45 PM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Beyond The Magic Wand: A Sex Toy Crash CoursePandora(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hr 30minPatriots(Feedback)
Making a Skill a SceneLord Ramirez(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hr 30minRhode Island(Feedback)
Basic Violet WandsLady Shimla(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Kissing & Chemistry: Harnessing the Power of Romance and AttractionLia Leto, ChrisMarks(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
Playing When Health is a Hard Limitsoumise(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
Sexy, Fun, and Safe: Sexual Health and Protecting Yourselfdee(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30min623(Feedback)
Welcome WagonP.E.T.E., GRLee(m), NELAs Welcome Wagon Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minWickford(Feedback)
Erotic Humiliation: Happy, Healthy HumiliationPrincess Kali(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
The Ins and Outs of Anal PlaySarah Sloane(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
Ask Me If I Care: Tough Love for the KinkyLaura Antoniou(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Body Image and KinkNora, Hedwig(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minWickford(Feedback)
Setting up your Scene SpaceAdelineKindred(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
Tickle Torture - 4 ElementsP.E.T.E., GRLee(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Being a Happy Bootwhore: Bootblacking as Sensual ServiceSarah Sloane(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
Crazy Glue Invisible Bondage and InfibulationDov(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)
Formicophilia Fun!Wintersong(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
You Wanna Put That WHERE? : Sex toys in play and other placesKim Airs(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
The Art of Tease and DenialP.E.T.E., GRLee(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
Sadistic and Snarky Scenes: Complete with Silliness and SmilingLord Percival(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minWickford(Feedback)
Poly 101David Wraith(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
Predicament PlayRoughinamorato(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Bare as You Dare: Radical Body AcceptanceDavid Wraith(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
Bondage and Floggers and Bear Claws Oh Mysoumise(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minRhode Island(Feedback)
Dating Outside our Species: is Vanilla a Bad Word?Danie(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minWickford(Feedback)
Queering the CockConnor Synuates(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
Chastity Training: Learning to Love the LockPrincess Kali(m)—Sun 2:00 PM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Flameless Wax PlayBarbara(m)—Sun 2:00 PM1hr 30min623(Feedback)
Mindfucks: Let Them Do the Work for YouDov(m)—Sun 2:00 PM1hr 30minWickford(Feedback)



Erotic Hypnosis 101Wiseguy(m)—Fri 7:45 PM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
Doll Play 101: Creation from Inside Out/Outside In: The benefits of dollification & hypnotic doll play togetherZanyM(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
Use Your Words: The Art of Hypnotic LanguageWiseguy(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minOcean(Feedback)
This Feels So Good: Bodywork Techniques for BDSM & TranceZanyM(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)



Face Slapping - Hand to CheekPrincess Kali(m)—Fri 6:00 PM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Finding the Ouchy Places: A Pressure Point PrimerArkcane(m)—Fri 7:45 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
Dim Mak: Five Fingers of DeathRAMON(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
From the Sensual to the Sadistic: Calibration = Good Scenes For Every BodySara Scalper(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
Impact Play 207: Japanese War FanLord Ramirez(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
Introduction to Rough Body PlayRoughinamorato(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)
Spanking, the Kinky Gateway DrugDanie(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minWickford(Feedback)
The Fine Art of Bastinado and Caning: Beat the feet, it's neatVivian Darkbloom(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30min623(Feedback)
Sensual Steel: The Art of Erotic KnifeplayNauttiBoy(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)
Fun and Pain with CanesDov(m)—Sat 11:30 PM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)
Caning 101: For Fun, Pain, or PunishmentRAMON(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
PlayDHD (Advanced Pain Cycling): Mixed Impact Techniques = Maximum Bottom Happiness!Sara Scalper(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
Violent Displays of Affection: Connection and Intimacy through Rough Body PlayRoughinamorato(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Pressure Points and Micro TortureAdelineKindred(m)—Sun 2:00 PM1hr 30minOcean(Feedback)



Bootblacking Stand - FridayJay Falcon(m)—Fri 6:00 PM3hr 30minPlaza Foyer(Feedback)
NELA Fetish Photo Lounge - Fridaydee(m)—Fri 6:00 PM3hr607(Feedback)
Hypnosis Lounge - FridayAndy HypnoStory(m), NELA - NE Hypno SIGFri 7:00 PM2hr148(Feedback)
Bootblacking Stand - Saturday DayJay Falcon(m)—Sat 10:00 AM6hrPlaza Foyer(Feedback)
Hypnosis Lounge - SaturdayAndy HypnoStory(m), NELA - NE Hypno SIGSat 10:00 AM8hr148(Feedback)
NELA Fetish Photo Lounge - Saturdaydee(m)—Sat 10:00 AM8hr607(Feedback)
Rope LoungeNymphetamine(m), NaughtyEmSat 10:00 AM8hr632(Feedback)
The Bullwhip Lounge: Its like Sex at the Speed of Sound!Domino(m)—Sat 10:00 AM6hrPatriots(Feedback)
Bootblacking Stand - Saturday PartyJay Falcon(m)—Sat 6:00 PM4hr 30minPlaza Foyer(Feedback)
Bootblacking Stand - SundayJay Falcon(m)—Sun 10:00 AM6hrPlaza Foyer(Feedback)
Hypnosis Lounge - SundayAndy HypnoStory(m), NELA - NE Hypno SIGSun 10:00 AM6hr148(Feedback)
NELA Fetish Photo Lounge - Sundaydee(m)—Sun 10:00 AM6hr607(Feedback)
Pony PaddockPonyboy Rusty(m), Ponyboy StormySun 10:00 AM6hrPatriots(Feedback)
Straitjacket Salon: Try on or show off your straitjacketQuestioner(m)—Sun 10:00 AM6hr632(Feedback)



Naked Yoga - Saturdaysepiessa(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
Naked Yoga - Sundaysepiessa(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)



Fucking With Your CameraRopeRider(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)


Power and Authority Exchange

24-7-Decade: Longterm BDSM RelationshipsCecilia Tan(m)—Fri 7:45 PM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
Mapping Your D/s ArchetypeMidori(m)—Fri 7:45 PM2hrWickford(Feedback)
Creative Disobedience: The Art of Being a WiseassLaura Antoniou(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Power Exchange Dynamics: Finding a Fit to Feed Your NeedCarl(m), lisaSat 9:00 AM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
Consent and Entitlement: The Yin and Yang of BDSMBydarra(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
Mapping Your D/s Archetype - 2nd instanceMidori(m)—Sat 10:45 AM2hrWickford(Feedback)
Sexual Objectification TrainingSir Vice(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
How to train a service submissivePrincess Kali(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
How To Top Your MasterRaven Kaldera(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minWickford(Feedback)
Macho Submission WorkshopDavid Wraith(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
The Art of Feminine DominanceMidori(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minBristol(Feedback)
Hierarchical D/sDiamond Blue(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30min623(Feedback)
I'm OK, You're OK: Conflict Resolution & Empowered Sharing for Power Exchange RelationshipSarah Sloane(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
Protocols: They Are EVERYWHERE, but what are they?NauttiBoy(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30min623(Feedback)
Fem Dom PanelMiss Cindy(m)—Sun 2:00 PM1hr 30minRhode Island(Feedback)


Role Play

Pony Play 101Ponyboy Rusty(m), Ponyboy StormyFri 10:00 PM1hr 30minOcean(Feedback)
Pony Play 201Ponyboy Rusty(m), Ponyboy StormySat 1:00 PM1hr 30minOcean(Feedback)
The ABC's of AgePlay: AgePlay 101: Theory & PracticePanda(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
The Art of the Primal SceneLord Ramirez(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
Using Pop-Culture Archetypes for Erotic RoleplayWintersong(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)



Rope 101: The Knots and Bolts of Using RopeWyldcat(m)—Fri 7:45 PM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
The Care and Feeding of TopsDiamond Blue(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hr 30minBarrington(Feedback)
One Rope Hotness: IchinawaNora, Hedwig(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)
Let's Talk HogtiesMurphy Blue(m)—Sat 10:45 AM2hrRotunda(Feedback)
Aesthetically Pleasing Rope HarnessesLordeCupcakeCunt(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
Practice Makes Perfect: Rope Handling Drills and ChallengesWyldcat(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
Rope BottomingDiamond Blue(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
You Give Great LegNora, Hedwig(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)
Floor work: How to have fun and build connection on the ground or in bed with ropeDov(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)
Rope and D/sMurphy Blue(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
Freestyle Floorwork: Working With Friction and ConnectionNora, Hedwig(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)
Off Balance: A Partial Suspension ExplorationLordeCupcakeCunt(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minOcean(Feedback)
Chest Harnesses, Gotes, & Box Ties Oh My!Wyldcat(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
Connective Rope Bondage: Sensual and SeductiveNaughtyEm(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minOcean(Feedback)



Latex / Rubber Meet & Greet by Boston Latex CircleJason AnotherVU(m)—Fri 6:00 PM1hrPatriots(Feedback)
MAsT Meet and GreetGriffin(m)—Fri 6:00 PM1hrRotunda(Feedback)
New England Hypnosis Group Meet and GreetCasey(m)—Fri 6:00 PM1hrGreenwich(Feedback)
Pet Play Social: Where Pets Come to Play!Tesla Harclay(m)—Fri 6:00 PM1hrRhode Island(Feedback)
The Society Meet and GreetTasha Rose(m)—Fri 6:00 PM1hrOcean(Feedback)
Tickle New England Meet and Greet: Calling all Lee's and Ler's!Angel(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hr148(Feedback)
Coffee Knows No Gender: A Trans* Spectrum Kinksters MeetupJay(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hrRhode Island(Feedback)
New England 40 and Over Kinksters: NEFOK Meet and GreetMiss Jena(m)—Sat 10:00 AM1hrRhode Island(Feedback)
Geek social: Make new geeky freaky friendstat2dgerl(m)—Sat 11:00 AM1hrRhode Island(Feedback)
Health Professional Meet and GreetChrisMarks(m)—Sat 12:00 PM1hrRhode Island(Feedback)
AgePlayers Meet and GreetSpooky, Panda(m)—Sat 3:00 PM1hrRhode Island(Feedback)
Teasecraft Meet and GreetDeviant Simian(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hrWickford(Feedback)
Queer + Kinky Social TeaQueer and Kinky SIG, Kristina(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hrWickford(Feedback)
People of Color Meet and GreetDavid Wraith(m)—Sun 12:45 PM1hrWickford(Feedback)



Ritualized KinkWintersong(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hr 30minWickford(Feedback)
christian Religious KinkP.E.T.E.(m)—Sat 10:45 AM2hrOcean(Feedback)
Spirituality PanelArkcane(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hrRhode Island(Feedback)
Impact Catharsis: The Metaphysics of SensationThista Minai(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minGreenwich(Feedback)
The Invisible Toybox: Energy Work and BDSMRaven Kaldera(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minWickford(Feedback)
Stumbling Into SpookyArkcane(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
Grounding, Centering, and Shielding for KinkstersThista Minai(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
Suffering for Spirit: An Overview of OrdealThista Minai(m)—Sat 11:30 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)
Building the BDSM RitualMurphy Blue(m)—Sun 2:00 PM1hr 30minTiverton(Feedback)
Sex, Gods, and Virgins: Redefining Virginity for a Sex-Positive WorldThista Minai(m)—Sun 2:00 PM1hr 30minKingston(Feedback)


Submissive Mindset

Submissive's RoundtableGRLee(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30min623(Feedback)
Asking - and Why it's so Scarysoumise(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30min623(Feedback)



The Exquisite Whip: Amazing Hands-on Flogging TrainingMidori(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)
The Erotic Signal WhipLord Ramirez(m)—Sun 2:00 PM1hr 30minRotunda(Feedback)