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Event Track Schedule for FFF #47 by Time

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Track Schedules for all public sessions sorted by starting time.

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Practically NegotiatingSat 11:30 AM20minSeminar

Using a moderator to point out the mistakes in their process, P.E.T.E. and GRLee will give you a quick look into those sometimes difficult and delicate conversations we call negotiation.

P.E.T.E., GRLee

Pondering PolySat 2:30 PM20minSeminar

Rapid fire questions & answers about polyamory as it relates to the BDSM scene and beyond. Demo geared towards attendees that identify as new(ish) to polyamory.



General Skills

Straightjacket Salon: Try On or Show Off Your StraightjacketSat 11:00 AM3hrDuchess

A gathering place for straightjacket lovers to congregate, wear and show off their passion for this type of bondage. Straightjackets will be available for people to try on. If you've never been in one, now is your chance to try and see if you like it. If you know you already love straightjackets, come and we'll buckle you in to yours (or one of ours) and you can hang around with other jacketed folks. We'll have handlers to let you roam around the kinky parts of the Flea while wearing your straightjacket.


The Bullwhip Lounge: Its like Sex at the Speed of Sound!Sat 11:00 AM3hrPrincess

Novice or Expert, The Bullwhip Lounge is the place for all things whip related at the Flea. Stop by for some tips on how to use the new whip you just pruchased or just come in to practice. If you have never thrown a whip before we can show you how in just a few minutes and maybe hook you for life!


Finding the Ouchy Places: A Pressure Point DemoSat 12:00 PM20minSeminar

Is your bottom being bratty? Are your arms getting sore from all that swinging? Are you looking maximize response with minimum effort? Then get ready to explore the wonderland of pressure points! Pressure points are confluences of nerves, tendons, and connective tissues where a little force applied in just the right way will cause exquisitely excruciating pain. No space left in the dungeon? No problem! In this demo you'll see an example of how to make your bottom scream and moan no matter how snug your play space.


Flameless Wax Play DemonstrationSat 3:00 PM20minSeminar

Wax play can be enjoyed any number of ways. So many options. After experimenting with several methods, I have found that I most like using an electric frying pan filled with water to melt larger volumes of wax in glass pitchers. This gives me a lot more control over temperature and volume, and avoids my having to argue with wicks, flames, matches, etc., or waiting for drips or pools to form with a candle.


Tickle TortureSat 3:30 PM20minSeminar

Please join P.E.T.E. and GRLee for a quick overview of the 4 elements of tickle torture. Come prepared for screams and laughter.

P.E.T.E., GRLee

Grappling in KinkSat 4:00 PM20minSeminar

An introduction to grappling scenes with a short demo. Includes safety considerations.




Abracadabra: Hypnosis for Magical Effects in SceneSat 1:30 PM20minSeminar

Have you ever wanted to wipe your partner's memory with a word, teleport them across the room, control them like a marionette? Join us for a demonstration of magical effects using hypnosis.

Andy HypnoStory(m)



Body ImpactSat 2:00 PM20minSeminar

Although BDSM toys can be really fun to use during impact scenes, there's nothing quite as effective at causing pain as your built-in tools, i.e. parts of your body! During this demo, Sara Scalper will show you techniques that will have your bottom squirming in pain even though you are using nothing more than your body and your imagination.

Sara Scalper(m)



Daycare! (Littles Lounge)Sat 2:00 PM3hrDuchess

An open space for littles to come play, relax, take a nap, talk with each other, and so on. Please be respectful of shared toys and other people?s belongings. Clean up your mess before you go.




Rope Self-Suspension DemoSat 12:30 PM20minSeminar

This Self Suspension Demo comes complete with a walk through of what some of the head-spaces that come with performing a self suspension. Self suspension, is just that, using bondage (in this case rope) to suspend ones own body in the air. Though this is not a class to learn how to do this skill, it is a peak into what some of the sensations are, and what some of the work that is needed all from the perspectives of both the top and the bottom, who in this case are one person.


Rope LoungeSat 2:00 PM3hrPrincess

Rope Lounge is a dedicated space for learning, practicing, sharing, and exchanging ideas about rope. There will be experienced rope tops and bottoms available to answer your questions, teach ties or to support you in your discovery of rope. This is a learning environment - so we'd like all participants to remain approachable and open to interruption, even in the midst of their steamy ropey moment.