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Event Track Schedule for FFF #38 by Time

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Track Schedules for all public sessions sorted by starting time.

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MonoPoly: A panelBendyogagirl, Kyle BostonDSM(m), Katastrophic, David WraithFri 6:15 PM1hr 30minSouth County
Service & Devotion: Love in a Power DynamicRaven Kaldera(m)—Fri 8:00 PM1hr 30min518
Growing together through being apartMollena(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B
Traveling the Yellow Brick Road of Kink: How to Avoid The Flying Monkeys Along the Road to Oz.Silverdreams(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30min518
Go Team Slutty!LqqkOut, Elisabetta(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minNaragansett B
Coming Out KinkyPrincess Kali, Scott Erickson(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Compassionate Communication: How to Improve your Relationship while Talking about itBendyogagirl(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
Strong Slaves, Bodacious BottomsMollena(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minSouth County
Setting the Scene and Building TrustSol(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minNaragansett A



Cameryn Moore: Power I Play: (choose your own adventure)Cameryn Moore(m)—Fri 5:45 PM1hr 45minBlackstone
New Designers Fetish FashionshowDJ PetFri 9:00 PM2hr 30minNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C
Bootblacking Station SaturdayRabbit(m)—Sat 9:00 AM12hrNewport
Fetish Prom NightDJ PetSat 8:00 PM5hrNaragansett C, Naragansett B, Naragansett A
Bootblacking Station SundayRabbit(m)—Sun 10:00 AM6hrNewport



Femme (R)evolutionMiss Luna(m)—Fri 9:45 PM1hr 30min418


General Skills

Scene Survival for New PlayersDeLano(m)—Fri 8:00 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
TwoPlay: The Art of Making OutGraydancer(m)—Fri 8:00 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
Healthy, Wealthy, and WisePete(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30min418
Universal and Sensual Foot ExperienceP.E.T.E.(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett A
Violet WandsLady Shimla(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30min518
Yoga for KinkstersBendyogagirl(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minNaragansett A
Fuck Dogma: Not Everything is as it seems ...Lochai(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minNaragansett C
Sex Positive: What does it mean?David Wraith(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Fucking With Your CameraRopeRider(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30min418
Vaginal and Anal Fisting 101: A Fist Full of FunFriday Blaise(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30min518
Erotic Hypnosis 101 with DrSlashBlightDr. SlashBlight(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
NOT your Grandma's EnemaLochai(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30min418
Poly 101David Wraith(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Bi/Poly/Switch PanelNaughtyEm, Graydancer, Madelyn (Miss Wyld), CarnivorousSat 11:30 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Erogenous Zoning ViolationsFriday Blaise(m)—Sat 11:30 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
How to Give/Go to a Play Party ...: and Get Invited BackLeather By Danny(m)—Sat 11:30 PM1hr 30min418
Catheters and SoundsDaDoc(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30min518
Discover your Queer IdentityLqqkOut(m), ElisabettaSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min418
Playing with the PussyDr. Bob(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B
ApocalyptaKink Workshop: When Sh*t HappensGraydancer(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B
Bootblacking 101Miss Luna(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30min418
Monogamy Without ShameMollena(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Alternative ActivismKyle BostonDSM(m), David Wraith, Wintersong, VivienneSun 1:45 PM1hr 30min518
Guerrilla Fetish Photography and the LawDov(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
You're doing it wrongTheLauren(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30min418



Coral and the Chocolate FetishCoral(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30min418
Whose Kink is it Anyway?Bendyogagirl, TheLauren, Mollena, LqqkOut, Graydancer, P.E.T.E., Dr. SlashBlight(m), LochaiSat 4:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A, Naragansett B
Laughing Our Way to Intimacy: Humor and SexLee Harrington(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett A
Tickle Play with P.E.T.EP.E.T.E.(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30minNaragansett B



How to Throw a WhipDov(m)—Fri 8:00 PM1hr 30minSouth County
So You Like it Rough?: Thug Play from the Top and BottomBendyogagirl(m), DovSat 1:00 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A
Elemental One Hand ClapNaughtyEm(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30min518
The Sensuous Art of CaningSol(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minSouth County
Getting Good Head: Face Slapping and Hair Pulling for PlayCourtney Jane(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30min518



Roper RoomRiggerJay(m)—Sat 10:30 AM7hr 30minBlackstone
Photography ExhibitRiggerJay(m)—Sun 10:00 AM6hrBlackstone
Pony PaddockLa Dresseuse(m)—Sun 10:00 AM6hrSouth County


Power and Authority Exchange

Service with a Smile: Tactics for Overcoming Temporary Obstacles in Being your BestLaura Antoniou(m)—Fri 6:15 PM1hr 30min418
MAsT MeetingJawn's Doll, Railen Panther(m)—Fri 7:00 PM2hrPresidential Suite
Discovering Your Inner SadistMurphy Blue(m)—Fri 8:00 PM1hr 30min418
Femdom PanelMiss Cindy(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minPresidential Suite
Switches BOFNaughtyBaby(m), NaughtyRalphieSat 1:00 PM1hrPresidential Suite
Dominant as Leader and Ultimate ServantSol(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30min418
Romantic Surrender: Adding Dominance & Submission to Your LifeLaura Antoniou(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minNaragansett C
Negotiating for SubmissivesJawn's Doll(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett C
The Call Beyond Equals: Dominance and Submission 101Lee Harrington(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Power and Authority Exchange Relationships: A panelTrialsinner, Courtney Jane(m), Jawn's Doll, Mad PatterSat 11:30 PM1hr 30min518
For your own good: Using Punishment in your D/s relationshipLaura Antoniou(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C
The Lazy Top's Guide to Pacing a ScenePrincess Kali(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A


Role Play

Puppy Play with RabbitRabbit(m)—Fri 6:15 PM1hr 30min518
Interrogation and Military ScenesMidori(m)—Fri 9:45 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
Uniform fetish from the Mundane to the Military : From Jumpers to Jump BootsCoral(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C
Dark Role PlayLee Harrington(m), WintersongSat 10:45 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C
Mommy DearestTheLauren(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30min518
Pets BOFSat 2:00 PM1hrPresidential Suite
Erotic Humiliation Play: Make 'Em Blush, Make 'Em SquirmMidori(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A, Naragansett B
Age play BOFMiss Luna(m)—Sat 3:00 PM1hrPresidential Suite
Age Play: A Kid's PerspectiveMiss Luna(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Age Play PanelMiss Luna, Solipsistic, Ayem_WillingSat 9:45 PM1hr 30min518
Aural Sex : Seduction by Voice & Story TellingMidori(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30minNaragansett C



Applied Rigging for Brain and Hands: The nuts and bolts of thinking your way through rope bondageSol(m)—Fri 9:45 PM1hr 30minSouth County
Tying MenTrialsinner(m)—Fri 9:45 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Tie 'Em up and Fuck 'EmGraydancer(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B
Introduction to Rope BondageMurphy Blue(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Rope Bottom: An Advanced Guide for Frequent FlyerDeLano(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30min418
Playing with Saran Wrap: Creating an AppetizerDr. Bob(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Liminality of RopeTrialsinner(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30min418
Connection and Intent: The Illustrated Guide to Hot Rope PlayMichele Serchuk(m), DeLanoSat 9:45 PM1hr 30minSouth County
Arm BindingsMurphy Blue(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C



Fleadom Trail FridayOpn(m)—Fri 5:30 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
New England Hypnosis NELA SIGMephki(m)—Fri 9:00 PM1hrPresidential Suite
Bootblacking BOFRabbit(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hrPresidential Suite
Fleadom Trail - SaturdayOpn(m)—Sat 9:30 AM1hr 15minRest. Annex
VASE MeetupMadelyn (Miss Wyld)(m), DanSat 4:00 PM2hrPresidential Suite
TNG Meet & Greet: Hosted by BTNGSolipsistic, Eponine(m), Mad PatterSat 6:00 PM1hrPresidential Suite
Furries!!!Ayem_Willing(m)—Sat 7:00 PM1hrPresidential Suite
The Society Meet and GreetSat 8:00 PM1hrPresidential Suite
Spanking BOFNaughtyEm(m)—Sat 9:00 PM1hrPresidential Suite



Kabalat ShabbatLoMevina(m)—Fri 4:30 PM1hr 30min418
Transgender SpiritualityRaven Kaldera(m)—Fri 9:45 PM1hr 30min518
HavdalahLoMevina(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30min518
Beings of Faith and Desire: Embracing and Maintaining Our Spirituality as Erotic IndividualsLee Harrington(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
Spirituality in BDSM: A panelBendyogagirl, Lee Harrington(m), Coral, WintersongSat 11:30 PM1hr 30minSouth County



Saturday Associates Only VendingLeather By DannySat 10:30 AM30minVending
Saturday VendingLeather By DannySat 11:00 AM7hrVending
Sunday Associates Only VendingLeather By DannySun 10:30 AM30minVending
Sunday VendingLeather By DannySun 11:00 AM5hrVending