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Event Track Schedule for FFF #34 by Time

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Track Schedules for all public sessions sorted by starting time.

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Author Readings

Authorial ReadingD. L. King Erotica, Cecilia Tan(m)—Fri 8:00 PM2hrBlackstone
Authorial ReadingD. L. King Erotica, Cecilia Tan(m)—Sat 11:00 PM2hrBlackstone



Reading and Writing Body LanguageBendyogagirl(m), HacksawSat 2:00 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
Room InductionLady Ru'etha(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minBlackstone



Phone Whore PerformanceCameryn MooreFri 6:45 PM1hrSouth County
Fashion ShowFri 7:30 PM3hrNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C, 418
Post Fashion Show DanceFri 11:00 PM2hrNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C, 418
La Red BallSat 9:00 PM4hrNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C, 418



Forced Femme: It's not just for guys anymoreTheLauren(m)—Sat 10:30 AM1hr 30minBlackstone
Transitioning With A Third Gender IdentityRaven Kaldera(m)—Sat 12:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett C
GenderliciousRenee(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B


General Skills

Phone Whore Discussion BreakoutCameryn Moore(m)—Fri 9:30 PM30minRest. Annex
Speed Negotiation to Get the Play You WantMidori(m)—Fri 9:30 PM1hr 30minSouth County
Building a Solid Toy BagLord Ramirez, Margaret, Ian(m), Big Head StudioSat 9:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B
How to Host a PartyBeth Kimbell, Leather By Danny(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C
Getting Started with BDSMRenee, Silverdreams, Beth Kimbell(m), Margaret, Aimee, MicahSat 10:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B
How to Please A WomanDr. Bob(m)—Sat 10:30 AM1hr 30min418
Safe Play and YouDaDoc(m)—Sat 3:30 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
Coming Out KinkyPrincess Kali, Scott Erickson(m)—Sat 5:00 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Introduction to Medical PlayDaDoc(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minBlackstone
Bottoming PresentationSilverdreams(m)—Sun 11:30 AM1hr 30min418
Mind Play 101: Introduction to Erotic HypnosisLady Ru'etha(m)—Sun 11:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C
Boot Blacking InteractiveRabbit(m)—Sun 1:30 PM1hr 30min418



Impact play 106: CaningCountess(m)—Fri 8:00 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Impact Play 104: FloggingDark TeddyBear(m)—Sat 2:00 PM1hr 30minNaragansett C
Impact Play 124: Being a Thug & Rough Body PlayBendyogagirl, Dov(m), PhoenixSat 3:30 PM1hr 30min418
Impact Play 207: Japanese War FanLord Ramirez(m)—Sun 1:30 PM1hr 30minBlackstone



Medical Testing -- Boot BlackingSat 9:00 AM8hrProg. Runner
Bondage LoungeRopeRider(m)—Sat 10:30 AM6hr 30minSouth County
Medical Testing -- Boot BlackingSun 9:00 AM6hrProg. Runner
Bondage LoungeRopeRider(m)—Sun 10:00 AM5hrSouth County
Pony PaddockLa Dresseuse(m)—Sun 10:00 AM5hrRest. Annex



Stretching for Bottoms - Tops WelcomeBendyogagirl(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30min418
Exotic Dance: Please, Tease, Tempt, and TortureHoney Suckle Duvet(m)—Sat 12:30 PM1hr 30min418
D/s of the Argentine TangoLord Ramirez(m)—Sat 2:00 PM1hr 30min418
Dancing in the SceneMurphy Blue(m)—Sat 9:30 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
Stretching for Tops - Bottoms WelcomeBendyogagirl(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30min418



Photography 103: Fucking With Your CameraRopeRider(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett A
Shooting your Partner - Ready, Aim, DesireTrialsinner(m)—Sat 12:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A
Making Erotic Videos for Fun and ProfitPrincess Kali(m)—Sat 2:00 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A
Finding Our Kink Roots in Movies and TVDark TeddyBear(m), CalliopeSat 6:30 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Modeling and PhotographyTrialsinner(m), ShivaKittySat 11:00 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Photography 115: Passionate Imagery: Erotic Photography WorkshopMichele Serchuk(m), DeLano, Tory, NaughtyEmSun 10:00 AM3hrNaragansett A


Power and Authority Exchange

Femdom CircleLady Cyanide, Kyri, Miss Cindy(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minBlackstone
BDSM Spirituality: the Ordeal PathRaven Kaldera(m)—Sat 10:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C
Bottom/Submissive/Slave SolutionsBendyogagirl, Silverdreams(m), slave Eric, Mephki, Aimee, Jawn's DollSat 12:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett B
Top/Dominant/Master SolutionsGriffin, DaSade, Kyri, Micah(m)—Sat 2:00 PM1hr 30minNaragansett B
An Introduction to the Master/slave mindsetGriffin(m)—Sat 6:30 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
Communication Effectiveness in the M/s StructureDr. Bob(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C


Role Play

Bringing Dracula to the DungeonLord Ramirez(m)—Fri 11:00 PM1hr 30minSouth County
Neko-Chan 101: Find Your Inner Cat/Human HybridLady Cyanide(m)—Sat 12:30 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
Role Play 104: Age Play, Littles and AB/DLBaby Ella(m)—Sat 5:00 PM1hr 30minBlackstone
Pony Play 101: Introduction to Pony PlayLa Dresseuse(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Puppy Play 101: Introduction to Puppy PlayCorey(m)—Sun 11:30 AM1hr 30minBlackstone
Military and Interrogation Scenes, AbridgedMidori(m)—Sun 1:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C



Rope 102 : Basic RopeRiggerJay(m)—Fri 8:00 PM1hr 30minSouth County
Rope 305: Multiple Rope Flower BondageMurphy Blue(m)—Sat 10:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett A
Rope 110: Hands-On Rope BondageMidori(m)—Sat 3:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C
Rope 102 : Basic RopeRiggerJay(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minSouth County
Ask A Rope ExpertDov, Trialsinner(m), DeLano, DaSade, TheLaurenSat 9:30 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex
Rope 103: I know a few ties... now what?RiggerJay(m)—Sat 9:30 PM1hr 30minSouth County
Rope 308: Guerilla BondageDov(m)—Sat 11:00 PM1hr 30minSouth County



SIG: HypnosisMephki(m)—Fri 8:00 PM1hrProg. Runner
Meet and Greet: Upper Valley MunchCasimir(m)—Fri 9:00 PM1hrProg. Runner
BOF: Friends of Bill W.Star S(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hrProg. Runner
BOF: Littles PlaytimeMichelle D.(m), Ian, Aimee, MicahFri 10:00 PM1hrBlackstone
Meet and Greet: Puppy PoundCorey(m)—Fri 10:00 PM1hrRest. Annex
BOF: Neko-chan: for the kitties in all of usMargaret(m)—Fri 11:00 PM1hrRest. Annex
SIG: PhotographyTrialsinner(m), RiggerJay, RopeRiderFri 11:00 PM1hrBlackstone
Speed Dating/FlirtingMarah Fellicce(m)—Fri 11:00 PM2hrProg. Runner
Meet and Greet: Floating WorldMonique(m)—Sat 12:00 AM1hrRest. Annex
Meet and Greet: Violet Wand GuildLady Shimla(m)—Sat 12:00 AM1hrBlackstone
BOF: Straitjacket LoversQuestioner(m)—Sat 5:00 PM1hrProg. Runner
Games Singles SocialBlue Rose(m)—Sat 5:00 PM3hrSouth County
Meet and Greet: NH Seacoast Kinky ConCourtney Jane(m)—Sat 6:00 PM1hrProg. Runner
BOF: Gay MenScott Erickson(m)—Sat 7:00 PM1hrProg. Runner
BOF: Thelema, Paganism, and SpiritualityBeth Kimbell(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hrProg. Runner
Meet and Greet: TNG The Next GenerationJason, Braden(m)—Sat 9:00 PM1hrProg. Runner
Meet and Greet: The SocietyDaSade(m)—Sat 10:00 PM1hrProg. Runner
BOF: Fetlife MembersKikea(m)—Sat 11:00 PM1hrProg. Runner
BOF: PolyfolkMichelle D., Ian, Aimee, Micah(m)—Sun 12:00 AM1hrProg. Runner
Airtight Etiquette: How to Organize a GangbangDark TeddyBear(m)—Sun 11:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B