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Event Track Schedule for FFF #42 by Name

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Author Readings

Author ReadingsLaura Antoniou, Cecilia TanSat 1:00 PM1hr 30min637



A Guide to Communications and NegotiationsP.E.T.E.(m), GRLeeFri 10:15 PM1hr 30minWickford
Asexuality and KinkMary Asexual_Tension(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30min637
Bare as You DareDavid Wraith(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minGreenwich
Beyond Consent: BDSM and AbuseSarah Sloane(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minRotunda
Compassionate CommunicationBendyogagirl(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minBristol
Kink and DisabilityWintersong(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minKingston
Making an Unusual Fetish WorkWintersong(m)—Fri 8:00 PM2hrKingston
Never Say Never - Exploring boundaries and limitsAiden Fyre(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minRotunda
Polyamory 101David Wraith(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minBristol
Sex Positive (What Does it Mean?)David Wraith(m)—Fri 6:15 PM1hr 30minBarrington
So You Want to Be a Slut?: ...So Survival Tips on How to Do it Safely, Sanely, and just have fun!Aiden Fyre(m)—Fri 10:15 PM1hr 30minKingston
The Erotic Pen: Writing WorkshopCecilia Tan(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minBarrington
The Way of D/s: A Context for Power and Authority ExchangeBendyogagirl(m)—Fri 8:00 PM2hrBarrington
Topping to the Next Level: Hot NegotiationMax(m)—Fri 10:15 PM1hr 30minBristol



Bucking the BinaryAiden Fyre(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minBristol
Strategies for Trans*/Cis Erotic PlayWintersong(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minKingston


General Skills

A panoply of Medical PlayDaDoc(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minGreenwich
Balloon Bondage (A terribly serious class)Roughinamorato(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30minRotunda
Being a Happy Bootwhore: Bootblacking as Sensual ServiceSarah Sloane(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minKingston
Best Kink Advice Nobody Ever Told YouMidori(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minRotunda
Cigars - Smokin' Hot PlaySarah Sloane(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minPoolside Patio
Cock and ball torment from A to ZSuzanne SxySadist(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minWickford
Deeper, Faster: Rapid and Instant Induction TechniquesHypnoguru(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minKingston
Emotional EdgeplayRaven Kaldera(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minGreenwich
Erotic Hypnosis 101 for the Intensely CuriousHypnoguru(m)—Fri 8:00 PM2hrWickford
Fingering, Figging & Fisting: Anal Play For All: Anal Play For EveryoneSarah Sloane(m)—Fri 6:15 PM1hr 30minWickford
Fucking With Your CameraRopeRider(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minKingston
Hot! New ways to playLola(m)—Fri 10:15 PM1hr 30minBarrington
Hypnotic Arousal & Orgasm: You Are Getting Very HornyHypnoguru(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minKingston
Inflation PlayDaDoc(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30min637
Introduction to Violet WandsLady Shimla(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minWickford
Overview of Medical PlayDaDoc(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minWickford
Pedular Enthusiasm II: Massage and Other Sensual Footie DelightsP.E.T.E.(m), GRLeeSun 11:45 AM1hr 30minWickford
Pedular Enthusiasm: Universal Sensual ExperienceP.E.T.E.(m), GRLeeSun 10:00 AM1hr 30minWickford
Rubber 101 with The New England Rubber MenCorey(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30min637
Safer Sex It Up!dee(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30min637
Scene Survival 101 - For New PlayersDeLano(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minKingston
The Art of Feminine DominanceMidori(m)—Fri 8:00 PM2hrBristol
The Fine Art of Prostate MassageLola(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minBarrington
Tickle Play, Tickle TortureP.E.T.E.(m), GRLeeSat 8:00 PM1hr 30minBarrington



Beginning Single TailSuzanne SxySadist(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minRotunda
Full Body SpankingRoughinamorato(m)—Fri 6:15 PM1hr 30minKingston
Fun and Pain with CanesDov(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minBarrington
How to Throw a WhipDov(m)—Fri 6:15 PM1hr 30minBristol
Introduction to Rough Body PlayRoughinamorato(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minBristol
It hurts so good! Hypnosis and S/M with ZanyMZanyM(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minWickford
Pain ProcessingBendyogagirl(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minBristol



Bootblacking - SaturdayBrandon RileySat 10:00 AM7hrGrand Foyer
Bootblacking - SundayBrandon RileySun 10:00 AM6hrGrand Foyer
Photo Lounge: SaturdaySat 11:00 AM7hr607
Pony PaddockLa Dresseuse(m)—Sat 10:00 AM7hrGrand Foyer
Rope Lounge: FridayTwitch-the-Switch, justDerekFri 7:00 PM3hr 15min632
Rope Lounge: SaturdayTwitch-the-Switch, justDerekSat 10:00 AM8hr632
Rope Lounge: SundayTwitch-the-Switch, justDerekSun 10:00 AM6hr632



Beyond Stretching: A Tune-Up Guide for Advanced Rope BottomsDeLano(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minGreenwich
NELA's Kinky Yoga SIG Presents: Thai 'em up.sepiessa(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30min637


Power and Authority Exchange

Beyond 50 Shades: The Realities of Power ExchangeCarl(m), lisaSat 4:30 PM1hr 30min637
FemDom Round TableMiss Cindy(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minGreenwich
Kinesthetic TranceZanyM(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minBarrington
Long-Term Hypnoerotic Control for the Curious: Hypnotic EnslavementHypnoguru(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30minKingston
Macho Submission WorkshopDavid Wraith(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minBarrington
Romantic Surrender: Adding Dominance and Submission to Your Sex LifeLaura Antoniou(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minKingston
Serving With ExcellenceAiden Fyre(m)—Sat 9:45 PM1hr 30minGreenwich
Whatever YOU Want: The Lifestyle of a Pleasure SlaveLaura Antoniou(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30minGreenwich


Role Play

Discovering Your Inner SadistMurphy Blue(m)—Fri 8:00 PM2hrGreenwich
Make 'em Blush, Make 'em Squirm: Erotic Humiliation PlayMidori(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minRotunda



90 Minutes of Rope That Will Turn You On: Tune Your Soul, and Change Your BrainRopeRider(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minGreenwich
Arm BindingsMurphy Blue(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30minBristol
Bondage for SexSaki Kamijoo(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minBarrington
Bondage from the Bottom's PerspectiveMax(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minBristol
Crazy Glue Invisible Bondage and InfibulationDov(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30minWickford
Energy and RopeMurphy Blue(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minGreenwich
Found-Object BondageTrialsinner(m)—Sat 1:00 PM1hr 30minWickford
Freestyle Floorwork: Working With Friction and ConnectionHedwig(m)—Sat 2:45 PM1hr 30minBarrington
Guerrilla Fetish Photography and the LawDov(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minWickford
Hands On Rope BondageMidori(m)—Sun 11:45 AM1hr 30minBristol
Harnesses: Chest, Hips, and Takata-KoteSaki Kamijoo(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minBristol
Hip HarnessesMurphy Blue(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minRotunda
Hogties and EbisMax(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minRotunda
Making Your Rope Scenes HOT: Using Rope to Create HeadspaceMax(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30minBristol
One Rope Hotness: IchinawaHedwig(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minKingston
Predicament PlayRoughinamorato(m)—Sat 6:15 PM1hr 30minRotunda
Rope 101: The Knots and Bolts of BondageWyldcat(m)—Fri 6:15 PM1hr 30minGreenwich
Rope TheoryTrialsinner(m)—Fri 10:15 PM1hr 30minGreenwich



Boots, Cigars, and Chocolate: A Focused SocialRoughinamorato(m)—Sat 4:30 PM1hr 30minPoolside Patio
Electrical Play BOFSat 9:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
Latex / Rubber Meet n GreetCoreySat 5:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
Littles PlaytimeSun 2:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
MAsT Mass gatheringRailen PantherFri 8:00 PM2hrSocial Hall
NEFOK: New England 40 and over KinkstersSat 10:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
NELA SIG: New England Hypnosis Group (NEHG)PhotoJoseph, DivneySat 6:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
NELA SIG: TSKQuinn , EcholynxSat 1:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
NELA Welcome Wagon: Friday Night gatheringOpn(m)—Fri 6:15 PM1hr 30min637
NELA Welcome Wagon: Saturday Morning GatheringOpn(m)—Sat 9:00 AM1hr 30min637
New England Dungeon Society - Meet and GreetRailen PantherSat 2:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
People of Color - Birds of A FeatherDavid WraithSat 3:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
Pet Play Enthusiasts' BOFpet tigressSun 1:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
Queer MeetupSun 11:00 AM1hrSocial Hall
Recovery in the LifestyleSat 9:00 AM1hrSocial Hall
Society Meet and GreetDoloresUmbridgeSat 4:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
Spankos Meet and Greet: Fans of Rosy Red Cheeks and Wicked Warm Bottoms!NaughtyBabySat 11:00 AM1hrSocial Hall
Swingers Meet and GreetChoice Social ClubSat 7:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
Switches Meet and Greet!: Loving life on both sides of the spectrum!NaughtyBaby, NaughtyRalphieSat 12:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
Teasecraft Kinky Maker/Crafter Meet and GreetSat 10:00 AM1hrSocial Hall
VASE (Vermont) Meet and GreetVASE: Vermont Alternative Sexuality EducationSat 8:00 PM1hrSocial Hall
Whip Social BOFSun 12:00 PM1hrSocial Hall



Crafting Sacred TraumaWintersong(m)—Sun 1:45 PM1hr 30minBarrington
Taoist Tantra for Self Healing : and Greater IntimacyBendyogagirl(m)—Sun 10:00 AM1hr 30minBristol
The Invisible Toybox: Energy Work and BDSMRaven Kaldera(m)—Sat 10:45 AM1hr 30minGreenwich


Submissive Mindset

Submissive Self SafetyCecilia Tan(m)—Sat 8:00 PM1hr 30minWickford



Vending - NELA Associates Only SaturdaySat 10:30 AM30minVending
Vending - NELA Associates Only SundaySun 10:30 AM30minVending
Vending - SaturdaySat 11:00 AM7hrVending
Vending - SundaySun 11:00 AM5hrVending