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Event Track Schedule for FFF #41 by Name

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General Skills

Important STI informationSat 12:30 PM20minFrank Jones Glass

There are many rumors, thoughts, and bits of misinformation out there on Socially Transmitted Infections, come learn more about what the realities are!




Tickle DemoSat 1:00 PM20minFrank Jones Glass

Tickle Play, Tickle Torture is a discussion and demonstration of tickling as a fun, sensual, erotic, and playful way of achieving dynamic connection with a partner or partners/tickle buddies along with emotional and health benefits that include deep levels of relaxation, deeper breathing patterns, emotional catharsis, heightened intellectual focus, and greater physical vitality.

P.E.T.E., GRLee



NELA Yoga SIG presents: YOGA!Sat 11:30 AM20minFrank Jones Glass

Morning Yoga, come greet the shopping day with us!




Intimate RopeSat 12:00 PM20minFrank Jones Glass

An exploration and demonstration of Roperider's favourite type of rope. Sensuous, intimate rope, for rope's sake.


Rope LoungeSat 1:30 PM3hrFrank Jones Glass

Come join us in the Rope Lounge! A space dedicated to practising, learning and talking about rope. There will be experienced rope tops and bottoms from S.C.A.R (Sea Coast Area Rope), Worcester Rope Group and Northampton Rope Group will be here to help answer questions, teach ties, or just give a helping hand. Bring your rope, bring a friend and lets see what rope fun we can get into.

Twitch-the-Switch, justDerek



Vending All DaySat 11:00 AM6hrFrank Jones Main

Visit the website to see all the wonderful vendors!