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Author Readings

Author ReadingFri 8:00 PM2hr518

authors reading from their books


Author SigningSat 5:00 PM1hrRest. Annex

We're very excited to offer book signings with some of your favorite authors get your books and media signed by the people who made them.




Fashion ShowFri 8:00 PM2hr 30minNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C

Fashion Show

La Red Ball fund-raiserSat 9:00 PM4hrNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C

La Red Ball, Tickets available in advance. For more information, please see:

NELA Night with the Providence Bruins: vs the Hershey BearsFri 6:30 PM3hrOff Site

One of our Volunteers, Steve B, is organizing "NELA Night with the Providence Bruins" (vs the Hershey Bears) on Friday Feb 11, at the Winter FFF. Game time is 7:05 at The Dunk; tickets are only 14$, a 50% savings. (These are great lower level seats.) The first 2500 fans get a FREE Providence Bruins T-Shirt. The deadline to buy tickets is Friday Jan 28th. If your are interested, please email Steve B: 021545 AT

Post Fashion Show DanceFri 11:00 PM2hrNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C

Post Fashion Show Dance

Special Preview of Slut (R)evolutionFri 6:00 PM2hrBlackstone

Slut (R)Evolution is another great one-act play from Cameryn Moore, Phone Whore. You don't get to be a slut overnight ... it takes years of trying everything at least once. This one-woman whirlwind of memory, manifesto, and transformation explores just a few incendiary events in a very sexual life. How did it feel? What the hell was she thinking? And how will it affect tonight's hook-up? Preceded by a 6 minute piece, as a warm-up, and followed by a break-out session to talk.

Cameryn Moore(m)

Winter Leathermen's GatheringSat 6:00 PM3hrOff Site

Join Mr. Boston Leather 2011 at the Eagle/Union for a buffet, demonstrations and performances, all to support the Leather Leadership Conference. Cover: $10, includes buffet. Location: Eagle/Union (enter at Union) 200 Union Street, Providence

Scott Erickson(m)



Bois who see Girls who see BoysSat 12:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett B

Polyamory, Monogamy, Consensual Nonmonogamy, Swinging, Master/slave, Dominant/Submissive, Daddy/boy ... We will discuss a variety of relationship types and how they're reflected in daily life. What do these terms mean in your lives and relationships? What resources are available for people exploring these relationship types? Please print this copy of the class handout if you plan to attend.


Gender PanelSat 12:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett C

A panel on gender.

Raven Kaldera, Renee(m), Parker (Rope Boi)

GenderliciousSat 6:30 PM1hr 30min418

A discussion of the layers of human gender identity, what it means to be transgendered, living and loving as a transgendered person, and information for trans allies.


It Gets Better - SaturdaySat 2:00 PM1hr 30min518

It Gets Better - the movement that tells people who are the target of bullying (especially in school) that it gets better. Short videos will be made, to be stitched together and make the FFF-36 Says It Gets Better.

Madelyn (Miss Wyld)(m)

It Gets Better - SundaySun 11:30 AM1hr 30min518

It Gets Better - the movement that tells people who are the target of bullying (especially in school) that it gets better. Short videos will be made, to be stitched together and make the FFF-36 Says It Gets Better.


Loving Two In One: Sex and Relationships with Transgendered LoversSat 5:00 PM1hr 30min518

It takes a special person to be in a relationship with a transgendered person that is complex with many unique needs. This workshop explores what it takes to date, love and commit to a person who is transgendered. This workshop is for any gender who loves, lusts after, or embodies the transgendered.

Raven Kaldera(m), Josh

The Lesbian PrimerSun 1:30 PM1hr 30minSouth County

Join Lauren as she helps rookies navigate this elusive and mysterious world. She will guide you through the mechanics and emotions of lesbian sex and dating. Come learn how to make hot lesbian sex happen for you.


Tying Up menSat 5:00 PM1hr 30minBlackstone

Come check out this exploration of tying up men/male identified folks. Topics include brief safety discussion, how bondage for male identified people is like and unlike bondage for non-male identified people, techniques for poor shoulder flexibility, and step by step instructions through an upper body harness that doesn't give you that squished chest look. Bring rope, preferably 4 pieces of 30 foot lengths. This is a non-genital class and folks of all genders and sexualities are welcome.



General Skills

Anal 101Sat 3:30 PM1hr 30min518

In this class, you will learn about safety, hygiene, and using various types of lube, toys, tongues, communication, fingers, and cocks for people of all genders and D/s roles to engage in pain-free and pleasurable anal play. I'll also address techniques for prostate and g-spot stimulation via the ass.

Strap-on Jo(m)

Basic BootblackingFri 6:30 PM1hr 30min418

Ever wonder how to care for your or someone else's leathers to help them look and feel their best? This interactive class will introduce you to the supplies and technique of bootblacking including basic shine as well as common variations. Come with boots, any bootblacking supplies you may have, and questions and expect to get dirty. Participation encouraged, but not required. Come by the bootblack stand for questions on what supplies to bring to participate.


Belt BondageSun 10:00 AM1hr 30minSouth County

Belts offer a variety of materials, buckles, styles and sensations. You'll learn new ways to restrain submissives for fun and mischief, with items already in your closet. Covers ties, harnesses and what to look for when buying belts for bondage.


Big Bad Tiny TopsSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min418

Just because you are a top that is small in stature doesn't mean that you can't make a big impact. In this class NaughtyEm demonstrates how being tiny can work to your advantage through mental intimidation, implements of torture, and fists of fury.


Coming Out KinkySat 12:30 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex

Whether you are new to kink or a seasoned veteran, coming out to your friends and family can be stressful and difficult. This class offers expert suggestions and guidance on coming out to friends and family.

Princess Kali, Scott Erickson(m)

Comprehensive Class on Violet Wand: Shocking your way to pleasureSat 6:30 PM1hr 30min518

Comprehensive class on Violet Wands.

Big Head Studio(m)

Elements of a SceneSun 1:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A

Yay! Someone wanted to scene with you! Now what? This class focuses on breaking down the phases of a good scene, From Negotiation to Aftercare, and beyond, to help you plan out the experience of your dreams, and their nightmares...

Murphy Blue(m)

Erotic ComicsSat 12:30 PM1hr 30min418

Have you ever wanted to create your own naughty comic or draw your own kinky character? You don't need to be a trained artist to make great erotic cartoons! A brief presentation on the history of naughty comics will be followed by simple techniques for getting your own fantasies down on paper. Everybody can leave with a pinup or a short strip of their own making.


Getting Started with BDSMFri 8:00 PM1hr 30min418

Looking for advice on how to plug in to the community or how to go about finding a mentor or play partner? This panel is for you.

Bendyogagirl(m), RiggerJay, Mad Patter, Toristorii

How to Host a Scene PartySat 8:00 PM1hr 30min418

Danny from Leather by Danny will discuss logistics of throwing a kinky party; topics include, supplies, staffing, legal concerns and space requirements.

Leather By Danny(m)

Kinky Survivors Powerful Intersections of IdentitySun 10:00 AM1hr 30min518

Even for people versed in the fetish community, sexual violence histories can be a hard topic to broach. I want to create a place where survivors and their allies can talk about the ways in which their sexual assault histories and their histories of sexual violence intersect, and what shape their lives presently. Some discussion points: BDSM as a practice of ritualized consent--can be healing for folks who have had breached boundaries. How do you [the panelist, the audience] reclaim your body? What do we want our allies to know? What do our allies and partners want to know? A mindfulness of focusing the conversation on healthy sexual choices (IE consensual) and away from graphic trauma.

Anne Reynolds(m)

Learning from the History of TortureSat 10:30 AM1hr 30min518

What can BDSM practitioners learn from the history of torture? In this class, a professional historian demystifies some of the current research on the history of torture. While this class is too brief to include a comprehensive overview of the history of torture, the class addresses practical reading strategies and approaches for the non-historian and provides a bibliography of material for further reading. Example cases are drawn to relate to interests of the contemporary BDSM community. The class addresses the risks and potential implications of "applying" or importing strategies from torture settings into BDSM contexts.

Parker (Rope Boi)(m)

Liquid LatexFri 9:30 PM1hr 30min418

Demonstration of liquid latex.

Big Head Studio(m)

Mind Play 101: Introduction to Erotic HypnosisSat 9:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett A

Hypnosis, you ask? You may be surprised to find out you're already doing it! Join Lady Ru'etha as she gives you the basics of erotic hypnosis play and how you can incorporate it into your own scenes!

Lady Ru'etha(m)

Mindfuck PanelSat 8:00 PM1hr 30min518

Changing one's perceptions of the world.

Dov, Trialsinner, Princess Kali(m)

Novice Tops PanelSun 10:00 AM1hr 30minRest. Annex

This class is a wonderful starting point for tops just getting into the scene. Safety issues, psychological implications, practical concerns, and basic play methods will be explored.

Dov, Trialsinner, TheLauren, Lone Pariah

Playing Hard with Pussy TortureSat 6:30 PM1hr 30minBlackstone

This is a fast-paced and very intense demo that uses different kinds of pussy torture of many varieties; including, slapping, punching, flogging, e-stim, very large insertables, electrical zapper and clothespins. Fisting and heavy flogging will be interspersed in this demo as ways of mixing it up with your partner. We'll be doing things with a vibrator that you've probably never seen.

Dr. Bob(m)

Plays Well With Others - Play Parties EtiqutteFri 8:00 PM1hr 30minSouth County

Excellent Class for Beginners. You have made it through a munch or you're attending your first public event and now it's time to face the play party. This class will cover play etiquette; topics include, when and how to approach people, what to wear, what toys to bring and finding play partners. If you are new to the BDSM scene this is a can't miss class!


Room InductionSun 11:30 AM1hr 30minSouth County

Come relax after a long weekend with Lady Ru'etha as she guides you through a hypnotic journey!

Lady Ru'etha(m)

Safely Meeting Online People OfflineSat 3:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett B

Physical and emotional safety considerations when meeting people from the virtual world. This is a group discussion based workshop.

Scott Smith(m)

Shy Freaks: Exploring BDSM for the IntrovertSat 5:00 PM1hr 30minSouth County

If the thought of BDSM action gets you hot and bothered but the thought of dropping you in the middle of a dungeon full of fellow kinksters leaves you cold and queasy, you just might be a shy freak! It is often overlooked than not every kinkster shares exhibitionism as their kink; this class explores finding your own boundaries, and will offer some tools for self-assessment. Some shyness is important for self-esteem and some are hindrances to the same so, how do you know if you should push your shyness or let it sit? What do you do if your partner is a flaming show-off and you like nothing more than a quiet scene at home? How can you overcome what YOU want to overcome without succumbing to potentially damaging scene pressure? All of these questions and more will be explored in a friendly, lively and interactive format.


The Defining Moment : Getting What You Want Out of KinkSat 10:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B

This class is a practical step by step guide to fully realizing your kinky self. Starting from fantasy, Graydancer takes you through a process that gets you to that defining moment, the ineffable feeling of fulfillment when that fantasy is made real. Along the way you will also learn tools of risk-management, figuring out what aftercare is needed, and answering the most important question; How can we do that again? Whether you're into rope, leather, chains, or fuzzy bunny suits, the Defining Moment can offer you tools to take your play to a more visceral level from a place of internal motivation. What do you want to DO? Rather than start with what you saw in a picture or book, let's focus on the results you want. Whether you want to play for sex, for pretty, for pain or some combination the focus will be on how to DO what you want to do using principles rather than step-by-step processes. It's an interactive class with plenty of class participation and demonstrations. The skill level of this class is appropriate for anyone from the rank beginner to advanced because it focuses on practical skills and principles-based instruction.


Tricycle Tech: The Mechanics of Three Way ScenesSun 11:30 AM1hr 30minRest. Annex

Learn how being the 3rd wheel can be an awesome tricycle and not an awkward bicycle. Gain inspiration and guidance on negotiating co-topping and co-bottoming scenes.




BDSM BloopersSun 1:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett B

The nature of unexpected occurrences during BDSM play and how to deal with them.' BDSM play is, by its nature, always at least somewhat unpredictable.' From time to time, unexpected events will occur during our play, and their effects can range from the hilarious to the tragic.' Join BDSM educator Jay Wiseman as he discusses ways to increase the chances that your scenes will go as planned and that you will obtain the desired results.' Jay will discuss the various types of such unexpected events, why they happen, how they can be prevented, and what to do if one happens anyway. Numerous actual events will be described in the words of the people who were there.

Jay Wiseman(m)

Hand and Foot BondageSat 12:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A

From tips to toes, fast & effective to woven & decorative, this class covers a myriad of options on constraining both hands and feet.

Scott Smith(m)

Predicament BondageFri 9:30 PM1hr 30minBlackstone

The best of both worlds. Pretty and Painful.

Scott Smith(m)

Scene folk: A Field GuideSun 11:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett A

Grab your whip and sturdy boots for a trek through the Darkest scene with our intrepid explorer Lauren. You will be introduced to the various lands and individuals you might meet along the way. Not for the faint of heart. A multimedia production.


TicklingSat 3:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A

The Tickle Experience! is an interactive class that will cover introductory tickling techniques, bondage and tools along with more advanced elements of Tickle Torture, focusing on the experience of the ticklee and that of the tickler. Participants will be engaged in hands, or better yet, fingertips-on work and play with ticklee volunteers. The four elements of tickle torture will be discussed and demonstrated along with use of various and sundry tickle tools and implements of sensual doom, along with information about tickle community resources and support. Participants are urged to bring their favorite ticklish body parts (or those of their slaves and submissives!) or to contribute their own special tickling techniques. Though we will have demo volunteers, we encourage participants to use provided rope/bondage items or to bring their own to engage familiar and new playmates in the tickle experience in our Laboratory of Laughter. Participants will be asked, but not required, to be volunteer ticklers and ticklees. This class is appropriate for newbies and veterans to BDSM and/or tickling alike.


Whose Kink is it Anyway?Sat 2:00 PM1hr 30minNaragansett A

Kinky version of Who's Line Is It Anyway, with Buddy as the M.C.

Bendyogagirl, TheLauren, LqqkOut, Graydancer, P.E.T.E., Dr. SlashBlight(m)



A Trip Through The ToybagFri 8:00 PM1hr 30minBlackstone

Darkteddybear will lead an introduction to various kinds of toys, including floggers, canes & paddles. We will talk about the different sensations each produce, the significance of different types of materials, what to look for when shopping for toys and how to use each toy on its own or as part of a larger scene. Toys, not just as fun implements in and of themselves but as tools will be discussed as will how to figure out what kind of scene you are going for, mentally, physically or spiritually and the best kinds of toys to use. Whether you are new to kink or have been around a while and want to learn more about the various implements, this is the class for you!

Dark TeddyBear(m)

Being a Thug - Rough Body PlaySat 3:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett C

Having fun and playing with hands on, punching, wrestling, pressure points, boot kicking and general manhandling your bottom into submission. How to do it safely for both the top and bottom.


Florentine Flogging IFri 9:30 PM1hr 30minSouth County

Introductory class on Florentine flogging. We will be going over drills to learn basic movements and techniques with one flogger in each hand. We will cover synchronized and split time, forward and reverse spins, as well as throwing on vertical, horizontal and diagonal planes.

Lord Ramirez(m)

Florentine Flogging IISat 8:00 PM1hr 30minSouth County

Intermediate class on Florentine flogging. Students interested in this class should already be familiar with forward and reverse throws, split and synchronized timing, or have attended Florentine flogging I. This class will teach 6 count weaves and right and left spinning in split and synchronized time. This is a technique and practice class, it is recommended that you bring a pair of matched floggers with you, or two different floggers that are close to the same size and weight.

Lord Ramirez(m)

Unusual SadismSat 3:30 PM1hr 30min418

Join Trialsinner for an amusing adventure through the toy bag. Learn deliciously evil techniques and explore unusual, unorthodox, improvised, and just plain weird toys, devices, tools, and other various implements of sinister intent. Leave your floggers, whips, canes and paddles at home. Includes special segment on Hotel Room Hell: Improvised Evil On The Go!




Bondage LoungeSat 10:30 AM6hr 30minBlackstone

Rope Lounge Returns.


Bondage LoungeSun 10:00 AM5hrBlackstone

Bondage Lounge


Whip LoungeSat 10:30 AM6hr 30minSouth County

Whip Lounge



Ballroom Dance from the Femdom/malesub PerspectiveSat 10:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C

In this workshop we will approach ballroom dance from the perspective of service. This class is heavily participatory and does require a partner. While it is labeled as for Femdom/malesub, it can be taken by any couple as long as they can decide who will be taking the role of Man/Lead (bottom) and Woman/Follower (Top).

Lord Ramirez(m)

HIPnotic Belly DanceSun 10:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C

This class focuses on the beginning belly dancer, however, dancers of any skill level are welcome. Come learn sexy moves to entice your partner and gain better control over your body. Please bring proper clothing for active exercise; for example, Choli tops, halter tops, bra's, skirts, yoga pants, Hip Scarves and Jingly belts. Make sure to bring water!


Loving Your Body Through DanceSat 2:00 PM1hr 30minNaragansett C

So many of us have body issues; for example, overweight, not pretty enough, not graceful enough, not sexy enough. It is time to break that cycle! Through the power of dance, with a focus in belly dance fusion, we will explore the movement of our own bodies to regain our inner strength and find what makes us truly sexy. An excellent class for those looking to gain confidence with public expression and for those interested in the performance aspects of rope scenes. This will be a participation class and does require movement so please dress comfortably and bring water. No dance experience required and is designed around those who identify as women but all are welcome to attend.

Miss Luna(m)

Yoga for KinkstersSat 9:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C

All-levels class to get you loose and limber for sexy funtime. Tops and Bottoms encouraged!



Power and Authority Exchange

Ask a Bottom/Sub/SlaveSat 3:30 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex

Ask a Bottom, Submissive or Slave a question. Moderated.

Silverdreams, Aimee, Jawn's Doll(m), Lil Laurel, Railen Panther

Ask a Dom/Top/MasterSat 9:30 PM1hr 30min518

Ask a Dom, Top or Master a question. Moderated.

Trialsinner(m), TheLauren, Ian, Micah

Creative HumilliationSun 11:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett C

Humiliation is such a complex and varied fetish that many lifestyle and professional players hesitate to delve very deeply into the many fun options for embarrassing, degrading or humiliating their submissive. After attending this workshop however, both light and heavy players will be equipped with exciting new ideas to use and expand upon. Everything from dehumanization, to chastity training, to verbal humiliation and water-sports will be discussed, as well as How to Humiliate Happily- the ways to make sure that everyone is getting what they need from the experience. This is class is appropriate for any Gender Power Dynamic, men and women are welcome!

Princess Kali(m)

Dom and Clergy: Ethical Use of PowerSun 1:30 PM1hr 30min518

This class will explore the ideals of Clergy as a model for Dominants, Masters and Mistresses. We will explore how an ethical understanding of power from the Clerical aspect can bring a deeper spiritual aspect to your BDSM play.

Dark TeddyBear(m)

Femdom PanelSat 2:00 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex

Have a question you'd like to get another FemDom perspective on or questions about how to do certain things; like, CBT, Sounds or other fun torture? You might have the answer to someone else's question or get the answer you were looking for. Switches and all FemDom are welcome. Submissives are welcome but may not participate in discussions.

Miss Cindy(m), Mistress Thorne

Grappling with the Elements of a M/s RelationshipSun 10:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett A

Master and Slave relationships have certain concepts and key aspects; when there is a disagreement between a Master and Slave, these concepts, key aspects or how to fulfill them, destabilizing stress begins to surface. Some topics that will be discussed; examples include, management issues, decision-making, love in relation to obedience and punishment, fear, punishment and service. This interactive session will explore these elements in an effort to discuss ways to ensure and sustain a stable relationship.

Dr. Bob(m)

Negotiating for NeedsSat 10:30 AM1hr 30min418

Prior to becoming involved in any D/s relationship you have the responsibility to negotiate what you are willing to compromise and what you are willing to give up. How many of these negotiations involve what we want versus what we need? This class will use Maslow's hierarchy of needs as a model to help you determine what your needs are and which needs can be compromised. Have you given thought to what your basic needs are and how you will get them met? Discussion includes what might happen if needs aren't met, and how you can compensate.

Jawn's Doll(m)

Negotiation. Do It!Sat 9:30 PM1hr 30minSouth County

Not sure how to ask for the things you want before you play? Not able to ask what the other person is into as smoothly as you want? Do online negotiation sheets confuse you? A discussion and exploration of situational negotiation and various basic negotiation styles for play and relationships.


Protocol and Ritual, Why?Sun 11:30 AM1hr 30min418

This class will discuss the importance of protocol and rituals in Dominant and Submissive or Master and Slave relationships and how they can be used to enhance relationships and strengthen bonds. This class includes the ways that protocol and ritual can be misused and end up destroying relationships and how to create your own basic rituals and protocols.

Lord Ramirez(m)

Why Bootblacking?Sat 9:30 PM1hr 30min418

You've seen the black-smudged boys and girls diligently making event attendees shine. Maybe you've even sat in one of their chairs and let them work their magic, standing a little taller and with a bit more swagger when you got up. Perhaps you've gotten your own hands dirty with polish by caring for someone's boots, knowing you will be licking those boots later. This class explores why we bootblack and what it means to us whether as a fetish or as a service. We'll talk about differences in bootblacking for a special top versus working a chair in a bar and how the experience can vary based on roles, relationships, and personal styles.



Role Play

Age Play - A Kid's PerspectiveSat 5:00 PM1hr 30min418

We hear about the Mommy's and Daddy's, but what about the kids? This class will explore all aspects of Age Play. This will range from the lighthearted (cartoons and sippy-cups) to the darker and more taboo aspects, from the rarely seen Kid's point of view! All are welcome to learn (remember to raise your hand!), and know that there will be candy!

Miss Luna(m)

Beating in TonguesSun 10:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B

Do you and/or your partner speak another language? From Latin to Klingon to Russian, using language (or the lack thereof) as part of your kinky play can be an amazing stimulation to the biggest sexual organ: the brain. Graydancer will discuss several different scenarios, including humiliation play, 'verbal bondage', literary D/s, role-playing and more. You don't need to be bilingual to get some kinky inspiration for your next hot scene.

Parker (Rope Boi), Graydancer(m)

BratsSat 2:00 PM1hr 30min418

Bratplay is often mistaken as manipulation of a scene or a top by a bottom. To the contrary, brat play is about giving a bottom enough incentive, setting up the circumstances of their defeat, and then watching the fun. This kind of play can bring a different creative energy and dynamic into playtime. This class will help clear up some of the myths about brats, explore different ways of bringing this dynamic into a scene while maintaining the correct balance of power, and show the differences between being a bratty bottom and "just a brat". If you've ever been called a brat, if you think you'd never want to play with one, or you're lucky enough to have one of your very own, this class will help shed a light on this misunderstood and often misnamed type of roleplay.


Discovering Your Inner SadistSat 12:30 PM1hr 30min518

What kind of evil are you? Come find out!

Murphy Blue(m)

Medical Play PanelSun 1:30 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex

A group of experts talking about their path to medical play, both the physical aspects and the role-play aspects.

NELA Webmaster, Toristorii(m)

Race: The Final Frontier.Sun 11:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B

Even the most hardcore Pervert will back away from the topic of Race Play. The idea of playing into stereotypes, slurs, scenes that recall grotesque horrors from some of the darkest moments of human history is, in many folk's opinions, best left buried un-addressed. But ... For those who are drawn to explore deeper and deeper crevasses of our psyche, the desire to explore even that taboo a play style can be compelling. From the man of Jewish descent who wishes to experience domination at the hands of a partner in SS Regalia, to the African American woman who secretly harbors a fantasy of being forced to submit to "the white man" to a Japanese-American who ponders a recreation scene of an WWII internment camp, these desires are not to be closeted in shame, but explored and discussed. Even if you are not desirous of acting, real time, on these fantasies, taking charge of them and letting go of the guilt can be n amazing release. And, if you DO decide to act on these fantasies, you'll get some tips on how to approach this very edgy play, what to do if things do not fall out as planned, and the pros and cons of doing these scenes in public venues. Expect the unexpected, and prepare to surprise yourself.


Shapeshifting RoleplaySun 1:30 PM1hr 30min418

Shapeshifters are a rich and dense area of myth that has recently spiked in attention due to the release of many major movies and books in the last few years, including the second and third part of the Twilight series and several horror films. But how can you incorporate werewolves, werecats, or other werecreatures into your kinky roleplay? A presentation on the history and variety of shapeshifter mythos will be followed by a brief live demonstration.




Rope 102: Basic RopeSat 8:00 PM1hr 30minBlackstone

Rope play has been entering into the spotlight for kink enthusiasts during the past few years; even into popular culture. There are lots of sources online if you know where to look but this can be daunting. RiggerJay will get you going with a hands-on course to teach you some basics of rope play: history on Japanese rope, types of rope, safety and some ties. Please bring 3 30' lengths of rope. Clothes line or something similar from your local home hardware store would work for this class.


Rope 103: I know a few ties... now what?Sat 9:30 PM1hr 30minBlackstone

After getting your first rope, and attending a intro class, it can be hard to get going. This class shows you the fun that can be had with just the fundamental ties and how to take the next steps in growing your skills. This is a hands on class and presumes you have taken RiggerJay's Rope Bondage 101, 102 or other intro level class and are comfortable with ties shown. Please bring (3) 30' lengths of rope. Clothes line or something similar from your local home hardware store would work for this class.


Rope Bondage You Can Actually UseSat 9:00 AM1hr 30minNaragansett B

In this class Author, Jay Wiseman will present the who, what, where, when, and why of rope bondage, followed by a demonstration and practice session of some user-friendly yet wickedly effective techniques for tying single-limb cuffs, double-limb cuffs, spread-eagles, hogties, and arm harnesses.

Jay Wiseman(m)

Rope PanelSat 11:00 PM1hr 30min518

Panel of rope artists/bottoms/switches for Q&A

Trialsinner(m), Mephki, Toristorii



Erotic ArtistsSat 7:00 PM1hrSouth County

For those who consider themselves an artist with an erotic twist. Be they a photographer, illustrator, comic artist, crafter, or whatever other other flavors of artist.


FetLife Meet-and-GreetSat 6:00 PM1hrRest. Annex

The perfect opportunity to gather with your fellow FetLifers and connect with new ones! See the Fetlife Event page to RSVP. Please Note: A Fetlife login is required to view this link.


Fleadom Trail MeetingFri 6:00 PM2hrRest. Annex

You've stowed your suitcase in your hotel room but now what? Revolutionize your first Flea by joining community members for a chatty, informal food court dinner. We'll bring class and event schedules to help you plot out your weekend.


Fleadom Trail MeetingSat 9:30 AM1hr 30minRest. Annex

First time at the Flea? New to the scene? Not sure where anything is or what you should do first? Join our Fleadom Trail Walking Tour as we explore classrooms, chat about events and groups, and hit vending early. $5 donation to NCSF requested.


Gay Male BOFSat 10:00 PM1hrRest. Annex

Gay Male BOF

Scott Erickson(m)

Hosted MAsT MeetingFri 7:00 PM2hrPresidential Suite

MAsT Mass is the Massachusetts area pansexual chapter of MAsT International, welcoming persons of any gender or sexual orientation. If you are interested in a power exchange relationship we welcome you to our first open meeting at the Flea! We will be revisiting one of our favorite topics of the past year, and our officers will be available to answer any questions you may have about joining our monthly discussion group. Please arrive promptly to review our group rules before starting the discussion. You do not need to be in a relationship currently to join our group, you just need to have a desire to learn more about the day-to-day life of an M/s or D/s couple/family.

MAsT Chapter on Fetlife. Note: You must have a login to view this link.

Jawn's Doll(m)

Hypnosis SIG MeetupFri 7:00 PM1hrSouth County

For people with hypnosis interest to come and learn/talk/see who else is present at the Flea. There will be a party following, and such a gathering is a good way to warm up and to kick off a weekend of hypnosis.


Kaleidoscope MunchSat 6:00 PM3hrPresidential Suite

Kaleidoscope Munch


Petplay & Friends BOFSat 11:00 PM1hrSouth County

For kitties, puppies, bunnies, foxes, ponies, and all the fun critters that folks love to be, and love to keep! A great gather for animals, their owners and keepers, and the curious!

Miss Kasi, Piekitty(m)

Queer BOFSat 7:00 PM1hrRest. Annex

A BOF for folks who identify as Queer, or their supporters.

Ian, Aimee(m), Micah, Lil Laurel

Restraints ReunionFri 9:00 PM3hrPresidential Suite

Restraints Reunion


Secondlife Meet-and-GreetFri 10:30 PM1hr518

A meet-and-greet for those who play Secondlife. (

Lone Pariah(m)

STI Resource Network BOFSat 11:00 AM1hrRest. Annex

The STI Resource Network is a Boston-based resource established in January 2011 to allow STI sufferers, their allies, and medical professionals to network for information and support. We maintain a group on Fetlife as well as an anonymous ListServ for those who prefer to communicate without using a profile to post online. We also will be hosting a munch in the Greater Boston area. Our goal is to help lift suffers of STIs, particularly incurable viral STIs such as HIV, HSV, and HPV, out of the crushing isolation they so often endure, along with engaging in STI-related education and advocacy.


The Floating World Meet-and-GreetSat 11:00 PM1hrRest. Annex

The Floating World 2011 will take place July 29-31 2011 at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison, NJ three full days of classes, play, and special events. The Floating World is an event committed to both play and education that bridges communities: alt-sex, queer, BDSM, kink, sex-positive, polyamory, spiritual sex, gender and sex radicals, swinger, leather, M/s, trans, fetish, poly, equestrian, LGBT, bondage, sissy, AB, body modification and more. Our attendees and volunteers represent more than 30 of the northeast's finest community groups. Our fetish market is overflowing with new toys, shiny gear, and intriguing ideas. The Floating World boasts the largest indoor play space you've ever seen, filled with players of all experience levels. Seasoned adventurers, the curious, and the questioning all are welcome! The Floating World is an event for folks in many communities, including leather, swing, equestrian, queer, kink, polyamory, spiritual sex, gender and sex radicals, bondage, M/s, trans, sex-positive, AB, sissy, body modification, fetish, alt-sex, and more!


Thelema, Paganism, and SpiritualityFri 9:00 PM1hrRest. Annex

A Birds of a Feather gathering for people interested Thelema, Paganism and Spirituality.

Beth Kimbell(m)

Title HoldersFri 8:00 PM1hrRest. Annex

Meet and greet the title-holders, what they do, why they do it, and get inspired to do the same!


TNG Meet-and-GreetSat 9:00 PM1hrRest. Annex

18-35 year olds meeting up. Facilitated by BTNG.

Solipsistic(m), Eponine, Mad Patter

Transcending Boundaries Convention Meet-and-GreetSat 8:00 PM1hr 30minRest. Annex

Come meet the folks who are involved with the Transcending Boundaries convention.

Ian, Aimee, Micah, Lil Laurel(m)

Trauma SurvivorsFri 10:00 PM1hrRest. Annex

Trauma Survivors BOF

Anne Reynolds(m)

Wet & Messy BOFFri 11:00 PM1hr418

A birds of a feather gathering for wet & messy enthusiast to collaborate and share on their experiences. Ideal for folks who love slime, gunge, splosh, wetlook, foodmess, pies, mudlarking - everything, and their fans!

Miss Kasi(m), Piekitty



Body ModificationsSat 11:00 PM1hr 30min418

The practice of body modifications; tattoos, piercings, cuttings, brandings, saline injections, implants; have found a place in BDSM. We will examine how body mods were used culturally, and how they now fit into the scene. The class will explore body modification as an art, a practice, and a spiritual journey.


Energy and RopeSat 11:00 PM1hr 30minBlackstone

As well as a power exchange, Rope can also allow for an energy exchange. This class talks about feeling that energy, and controlling it, so it can be another tool for the top to harness.

Murphy Blue(m)

Kabbalat ShabbatFri 5:00 PM1hr518

For anybody who would care to join this service will be lead in the Conservative manner, with some English mixed in.


Orgasmic Energy PlaySun 1:30 PM1hr 30minNaragansett C

Discover the secrets to generating and circulating sexual energy through your body, as well as between you and your partner(s). You will learn simple techniques to get you on your way to experiencing full-body orgasms! Regardless of your gender - Expand the intensity of your orgasm 100 fold. Dip into the vast, mind-blowing terrain of energy play!

FireHorse Tantrika(m)

Psychic VampiresSat 2:00 PM1hr 30minNaragansett B

What are psychic vampires, really? Are there different types? Can anyone become one or are you born that way? How can you protect yourself and what do you do if you think you might be one? How does psychic vampirism fit into energy work and is it good for anything? We'll discuss the answers to these questions and more. Please have some familiarity with the concept of Energy Work or you may be somewhat bewildered. By the author of "The Ethical Psychic Vampire".

Raven Kaldera(m)

Spirituality in BDSMSat 10:30 AM1hr 30minNaragansett A

There are a lot of approaches to What It Is That We Do, some from a very physical point of view, and some from a much more spiritual point of view. This panel will delve into some of the aspects of the whys and wherefores of that spiritual side. Many different points of view exist and some subset of them will be explored.

Bendyogagirl, Dark TeddyBear(m), Raven Kaldera, P.E.T.E., FireHorse Tantrika



Saturday Associates Only VendingSat 10:30 AM30minVending

Associates Early Access to the vendors.

Leather By Danny(m)

Saturday VendingSat 11:00 AM7hrVending

Come and see the vendors!

Leather By Danny(m)

Sunday Associates Only VendingSun 10:30 AM30minVending

Associates Early Access to the vendors.

Leather By Danny(m)

Sunday VendingSun 11:00 AM5hrVending

Come and see the vendors!

Leather By Danny(m)