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Event Schedule for FFF #47

Generated: Sat Feb 17 16:29:15 EST 2018

Schedule for all public sessions.

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Sat 11:00 AM

Straightjacket Salon: Try On or Show Off Your StraightjacketQuestioner(m)—General Skills3hrDuchess
The Bullwhip Lounge: Its like Sex at the Speed of Sound!General Skills3hrPrincess


Sat 11:30 AM

Practically NegotiatingP.E.T.E., GRLeeCommunication20minSeminar


Sat 12:00 PM

Finding the Ouchy Places: A Pressure Point DemoArkcane(m)—General Skills20minSeminar


Sat 12:30 PM

Rope Self-Suspension DemoEcholynx(m)—Rope20minSeminar


Sat 1:30 PM

Abracadabra: Hypnosis for Magical Effects in SceneAndy HypnoStory(m)—Hypnosis20minSeminar


Sat 2:00 PM

Daycare! (Littles Lounge)LeCoeurNoir(m)—Lounge3hrDuchess
Body ImpactSara Scalper(m)—Impact20minSeminar
Rope LoungeRenegade(m)—Rope3hrPrincess


Sat 2:30 PM

Pondering PolySkyla(m)—Communication20minSeminar


Sat 3:00 PM

Flameless Wax Play DemonstrationBarbara, aka -Erratica-(m)—General Skills20minSeminar


Sat 3:30 PM

Tickle TortureP.E.T.E., GRLeeGeneral Skills20minSeminar


Sat 4:00 PM

Grappling in KinkJay(m)—General Skills20minSeminar