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Event Schedule for FFF #45

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Schedule for all public sessions.

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Sat 11:00 AM

VendingVendor6hrGrand Ballroom

Vending all day! Lots of vendors, check out the map and program book for more information.


Sat 11:30 AM

Naked YogaMovement20minFrank Jones Glass

Naked Yoga for everyone.



Sat 12:00 PM

Pressure Points for the Lazy DomGeneral Skills20minFrank Jones Glass

Percy shows what a few pressure points can do. A lazy dom's best friend. Useful in a pinch.

Lord Percival


Sat 12:30 PM

Gender in the Blink of an EyeGender20minFrank Jones Glass

Gender is complicated, confusing, and seemingly unescapable, so how do you wrap your head around all these ever-changing labels and definitions? If you're struggling to keep up with preferred gender pronouns and emerging gender identities, this is the place for you. This class will be a lickity-split version of a Transgender 101. Together we will explore concepts of self, trans* terminology, pronouns (including gender-neutral options), and basic gender theory!

Connor Synuates


Sat 1:00 PM

Rope Tasting: Like a Wine Tasting but With Your HandsRope20minFrank Jones Glass

Welcome to a rope exploratorium! You will learn about different types of rope and have a chance to feel and experience many types as well. Be ready to use your sense of touch to learn about rope from a basic level. All experience levels welcome.



Sat 1:30 PM

Tickle TortureGeneral Skills20minFrank Jones Glass

Tickling is a sensational way to explore kink. P.E.T.E. and GRLee will demonstrate how tickling can be torturous as well as fun, and why it's not just for beginners anymore. Join us in the Danger Zone!

P.E.T.E., GRLee


Sat 2:00 PM

Slow Rope: Exploring the Sensuous Side of Rope BondageRope20minFrank Jones Glass



Sat 2:30 PM

Rough Body PlayGeneral Skills20minFrank Jones Glass

Rough Body Play can be intimating due to the level communication and risk involved, but that doesn't mean pick up play has to be complicated or planned. This workshop will cover the basics of rough body play and how to have a pick up scene from negotiation to aftercare.



Sat 3:00 PM

Flying In SuspensionRope20minFrank Jones Glass

With half rope work,and half body magic, a person can be twisted into strange and sometimes painful positions in the air. Rope bondage and suspension can be an intimate way for partners to connect, or a lovely way for friends to spend an afternoon. This demo will show a range of physically stressful and technically challenging suspensions. NOTE: we will not teach suspension, or suspension techniques.



Sat 3:30 PM

Wax Play DemoGeneral Skills20minFrank Jones Glass

This class will begin by discussing why do wax play in the first place? Of course like any new play, we will discuss safety issues around playing with wax. Now lets start having fun by going over materials needed for a wax scene. Then, we will discuss good vs bad areas for wax. How do we get the wax off? Well I'm glad you asked because we will cover this too!



Sat 4:00 PM

Rope Suspension DemoRope20minFrank Jones Glass

Rope can be a beautiful way to restrain and connect with a partner. This 20min demo will show the versatility of rope, and the magic of moving a person in space.