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Event Schedule for FFF #44

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Schedule for all public sessions.

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Fri 6:15 PM

Boot Blacking - FridayTrevor, Just_KateLounge3hr 30minBootblacking
Still Kinky After All These Years: Playing Post-TNGGraydancer(m)—General Skills1hr 30minTiverton
How to Discuss BDSM with Those Unfamiliar with It: Spilling the Beans about BDSMSea(m)—General Skills1hr 30minPatriots
Recovery In The Lifestyle - FridayRecovery in the Lifestyle(m)—Social45minRhode Island
Survival in the SceneDanie(m)—General Skills1hr 30minOcean
Discovering Your Inner SadistMurphy Blue(m)—Role Play1hr 30minNarragansett
Animal and Pet Roleplay: To leash or unleash?Panda, pet tigress(m)—Role Play1hr 30minKingston
Safewords Safeplay - Not Just for the Meek : Be safe. Live long. Play strong.DaDoc(m)—General Skills1hr 30minBarrington
Sex Positive (What Does it Mean?)David Wraith(m)—Communication1hr 30minGreenwich
Breathwork: Breathing in a SceneEcholynx(m)—Spirituality1hr 30minWickford
Friday Evening Social GatheringEVENT4hrRotunda
The Lazy Top's Guide to Pacing a ScenePrincess Kali(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBristol
NELA Welcome Wagon: Friday Night gatheringP.E.T.E.(m), GRLeeSocial1hr 30min623
Photo Lounge and Photographer/Model Meet and GreetLounge3hr607


Fri 7:00 PM

Spanking Around New England (SANE) Meet & Greetpaletail(m)—Social1hrRhode Island
Rope Lounge - FridayTwitch-the-Switch, justDerekLounge2hr 30min632


Fri 8:00 PM

When Things Go Wrong: What To Do and What To LearnMax(m)—General Skills1hr 30minTiverton
90 Minutes of Rope That Will: Turn You On, Tune Your Soul, and Change Your BrainRopeRider(m)—Rope1hr 30minPatriots
People of Color Meet and GreetDavid Wraith(m)—Social1hrRhode Island
Negotiation: Not for the Faint of HeartNaiia(m)—Submissive Mindset1hr 30minOcean
Rope 101: "The Knots and Bolts of Using Rope"Wyldcat(m)—Rope1hr 30minNarragansett
A Guide to Communications and NegotiationsP.E.T.E.(m)—Communication1hr 30minKingston
Keeping New Relationship Energy Going: Some Ideas for LivingJen(m)—General Skills1hr 30minBarrington
Primal Play: Beyond the AnimalMiss Aurora(m)—Role Play1hr 30minGreenwich
Beyond 50 Shades: Realities of Power Exchange: D/s Dynamics for the Beginner or Battle-scarredCarl(m), lisaPower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minWickford
Auntie Midori's Practical Advice: For the New Bottoms & SubmissivesMidori(m)—Submissive Mindset1hr 30minBristol


Fri 9:00 PM

Sacred Sexuality & Spirituality NEMagentaRayne(m)—Social1hrRhode Island


Fri 9:45 PM

Comprehensive Introduction to the World of BDSMDr. Bob(m)—General Skills1hr 30minTiverton
Troubleshooting Kink, Now With Less Drama!Samantha(m)—Communication1hr 30minPatriots
Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really WantLaura Antoniou(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minOcean
Getting Our Needs Met: Emotionally and Erotically Satisfying Alternative RelationshipsAiden Fyre(m)—Communication1hr 30minNarragansett
Bodywork Techniques for BDSM: Rough Play With ZanyM! It's good for you!ZanyM(m)—Hypnosis1hr 30minGreenwich
Bondage Manipulation: Bamboo, Toes and FingersBOSSBONDAGE(m)—Rope1hr 30minKingston
Penile Anatomy for PlayWintersong(m)—General Skills1hr 30minBarrington
Tops are from Mars, Bottoms are from Venus: Bridging The Communication GapCecilia Tan(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minWickford
The Erotic Signal WhipLord Ramirez(m)—Impact1hr 30minBristol


Fri 10:00 PM

Tickle New England & New England Feet Info SessionP.E.T.E., GRLeeSocial1hrRhode Island


Fri 10:15 PM

Rocky Horror Picture ShowEVENT4hrRotunda


Sat 9:00 AM

Spanking, the Kinky Gateway DrugDanie(m)—Impact1hr 30minTiverton
FemDom Round TableMiss Cindy(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minPatriots
NELA's Kinky Yoga SIG Presents: Thai 'em up.sepiessa(m)—Movement1hr 30minRhode Island
The Pet Pile - Saturdaypet tigressLounge8hrOcean
Whip Lounge - SaturdaydeevaLounge8hrNarragansett
Pony Play 101: Getting Started in the PaddockPonyboy Rusty, Ponyboy Stormy, La DresseuseRole Play1hr 30minKingston
Rhythm Caning: Sticks well thrown that make folks moanCarl(m), lisaImpact1hr 30minGreenwich
Rope 102: Building off the BasicsWyldcat(m)—Rope1hr 30minBarrington
Super Sex!Megan Andelloux(m)—General Skills1hr 30minWickford
Full-Contact Dom: Impact, Pressure Points, and Physical RoughhousingGraydancer(m)—Movement1hr 30minBristol
Topping to the Next Level: Hot NegotiationMax(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minRotunda
NELA Welcome Wagon: Saturday Morning GatheringP.E.T.E.(m), GRLeeSocial1hr 30min623


Sat 10:00 AM

Boot Blacking - SaturdayTrevor, Just_KateLounge11hrBootblacking
Rope Lounge - SaturdayTwitch-the-Switch, justDerekLounge8hr632
Vending - NELA Associates Only SaturdayAvyiaVendor30minGrand Ballroom


Sat 10:30 AM

Vending - SaturdayAvyiaVendor8hrGrand Ballroom


Sat 10:45 AM

Fucking With Your CameraRopeRider(m)—General Skills1hr 30minTiverton
Mental Health RoundtableSamantha(m)—Communication1hr 30minPatriots
Introduction to Sacred Sexuality: An OverviewMagentaRayne(m)—Spirituality1hr 30minRhode Island
Energy and RopeMurphy Blue(m)—Rope1hr 30minBarrington
Erotic Hypnosis 101Wiseguy(m)—Hypnosis1hr 30minGreenwich
Pedular Enthusiasm: The Universal and Sensual Foot ExperienceP.E.T.E.(m), GRLeeGeneral Skills1hr 30minKingston
Lube, Vibrators, Butt Plugs-Oh MY!Megan Andelloux(m)—General Skills1hr 30minWickford
Auntie Midori's Practical Advice: For the New Tops & DominantsMidori(m)—General Skills1hr 30minBristol
Pleasuring the Female Body: The Female Orgasm, Ejaculation, & More!Aiden Fyre(m)—General Skills1hr 30minRotunda
Skin Interruptus: How to Pierce, Poke, Cut and Mold SkinDaDoc(m)—General Skills1hr 30min623


Sat 11:00 AM

Photo Lounge - SaturdayLounge7hr607


Sat 1:00 PM

How Power Exchange Relationships get into TroubleDr. Bob(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minTiverton
Littles PanelFly-Bunny(m)—Role Play1hr 30minPatriots
Teasecraft Kinky Maker/Crafter BOFKit Stubbs, Ph.D.(m)—Social1hrRhode Island
Cigar Play: Ritual, Sensation, and PowerGraydancer(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minGreenwich
Considerations for Trans*/Cis Erotic PlayWintersong(m)—Gender1hr 30minBarrington
Pedular Enthusiasm II: Massage and Other Sensual Footie DelightsP.E.T.E.(m), GRLeeGeneral Skills1hr 30minKingston
Author ReadingsLaura Antoniou(m)—Author Readings1hr 30minWickford
Ballroom Dance from the Maledom/femsub perspectiveLord Ramirez(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minRotunda
Happy, Healthy HumiliationPrincess Kali(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBristol
Bare as You Dare: Radical Body AcceptanceDavid Wraith(m)—General Skills1hr 30min623


Sat 2:00 PM

Switches Meet and Greet: Variety is the Spice of Life!NaughtyBaby(m), NaughtyRalphieSocial1hrRhode Island


Sat 2:45 PM

Elements of a SceneMurphy Blue(m)—General Skills1hr 30minTiverton
Spectrum PanelEcholynx(m)—Gender1hr 30minPatriots
Agender to Ze: Exploring Trans* TerminologyConnor Synuates(m)—Gender1hr 30minBarrington
Pony Play - Beyond the Basics: Taking It to the Next LevelPonyboy Rusty, Ponyboy Stormy, La DresseuseRole Play1hr 30minKingston
Becoming a Sexually Dominant WomanPrincess Kali(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minRotunda
Best Kink Advice Nobody Told YouMidori(m)—General Skills1hr 30minBristol
Dressing for PleasureDanie(m)—General Skills1hr 30min623


Sat 3:00 PM

Spankos Meet and Greet: Blistered Bottoms, Red Rumps, and Thrashed Tushies - Oh My!NaughtyBaby(m)—Social1hrRhode Island


Sat 4:00 PM

Recovery In The Lifestyle - SaturdayRecovery in the Lifestyle(m)—Social1hrRhode Island


Sat 4:30 PM

Beginners Signal Whips / How to Throw a WhipDov(m)—Impact1hr 30minTiverton
Double Edge: BDSM and Transgender CommunitiesRaven Kaldera(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBarrington
Making a Skill a SceneLord Ramirez(m)—General Skills1hr 30minGreenwich
Tickling: From Sensual to TorturousP.E.T.E., GRLee(m)—General Skills1hr 30minKingston
Reexamining Authority-Based Relationships: definitions, preconceptions and confusionsDr. Bob(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBristol
Say Yes to Saying No: Protect your Boundaries Effectively and GracefullySea(m)—General Skills1hr 30minRotunda
The Perfect Mindfuck II: Screwing with the Mind: Part DeuxDaDoc(m)—Role Play1hr 30min623


Sat 6:15 PM

That Ain't Necessarily So: Lies, Exaggerations & Silly Shit You Keep Hearing In the SceneLaura Antoniou(m)—General Skills1hr 30minTiverton
Making D/S WorkMax(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minGreenwich
The Ordeal Path: BDSM SpiritualityRaven Kaldera(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBarrington
Tickle Torture - 4 ElementsP.E.T.E., GRLee(m)—General Skills1hr 30minKingston
The Lazy Top's Guide: An Exciting and Creative ScenePrincess Kali(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBristol


Sat 8:00 PM

Intro to CBTWintersong(m)—General Skills1hr 30minTiverton
Valentine's Day Massacre Dance: AKas GolubicEVENT5hrPatriots
Valentine's Day Massacre Dance: BKas GolubicEVENT5hrRhode Island
Valentine's Day Massacre Dance: CKas GolubicEVENT5hrOcean
Valentine's Day Massacre Dance: DKas GolubicEVENT5hrNarragansett
Dark Role PlayAiden Fyre(m)—Role Play1hr 30minGreenwich
Pegging Sir: (and Other Forms of Service Topping without Switching*)Naiia(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minKingston
Polyamory In A Power DynamicRaven Kaldera(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBarrington
Doing Up My FaceEcholynx(m)—General Skills1hr 30minWickford
Fun and Pain with CanesDov(m)—Impact1hr 30minBristol
How to Own and Train a Service SubmissivePrincess Kali(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minRotunda
Valentine's Day Massacre Dance: FoyerKas GolubicEVENT5hrPlaza Foyer


Sat 9:45 PM

Always Ready for Action: Play Without ToysEric Pride(m)—General Skills1hr 30minGreenwich
Whacktastic!: The Art of Successful Impact PlaySpankBOSS(m), NaughtyBabyImpact1hr 30minKingston
Author ReadingsLaura Antoniou(m)—Author Readings1hr 30minWickford
Sadistic Bondage and Rough Body PlayBOSSBONDAGE(m)—Impact1hr 30minBristol
Your Hypnotic Self: Becoming a more effective erotic hypnotistWiseguy(m)—Hypnosis1hr 30minRotunda


Sun 10:00 AM

Boot Blacking - SundayTrevor, Just_KateLounge6hrBootblacking
Floggers: The Art of Flogging and How to Hit HardDov(m)—Impact1hr 30minTiverton
Recovery In The Lifestyle - SundayRecovery in the Lifestyle(m)—Social1hr 30minPatriots
50 Shades of Acceptance: an Interfaith Worship Service blending Kink and SpiritualityAllyson(m)—Social1hrRhode Island
Little's Playtime - Sundaypet tigressLounge5hr 30minOcean
Pony Paddocks - SundayPonyboy Rusty, Ponyboy Stormy, La DresseuseLounge5hr 30minNarragansett
Exploring the World of BDSMDanie(m)—General Skills1hr 30minGreenwich
Living a Dom/sub Life Apart: Making It Work in the Real WorldDaDoc(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBarrington
Pedular Enthusiasm III: Foot Fetishist as TopP.E.T.E.(m), GRLeeGeneral Skills1hr 30minKingston
The Streets: Combating Homelessness in Our CommunitiesEcholynx(m)—Communication1hr 30minWickford
Art of Feminine Dominance for All GendersMidori(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBristol
Why Are We Clashing Like This?: Exploring Common Communication UpsetsDr. Bob(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minRotunda
Rope Lounge - SundayTwitch-the-Switch, justDerekLounge6hr632
Vending - NELA Associates Only SundayAvyiaVendor30minGrand Ballroom


Sun 10:30 AM

Vending - SundayAvyiaVendor5hr 30minGrand Ballroom


Sun 11:00 AM

Hitchin' Bitches Boston: Hobnob with HBB!ZeeSocial1hrRhode Island
Photo Lounge - SundayLounge3hr607


Sun 11:45 AM

Public Play: How to Play Discreetly in Front of OthersEric Pride(m)—General Skills1hr 30minTiverton
TNG PanelKirkette(m)—Communication1hr 30minPatriots
Breaking Silence, Building Connection: A new framework for addressing abuse and intimate partner violence in the BDSM sceneSamantha(m)—Communication1hr 30minBarrington
HypnoDolly Genderfuck Playtime!ZanyM(m)—Hypnosis1hr 30minGreenwich
Submitting with Strength: Drop your panties for that spanking, not your personalityGRLee(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minKingston
Dancing in the SceneMurphy Blue(m)—Movement1hr 30minWickford
Authentic DominationPrincess Kali(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minRotunda
Beating in Tongues: Using Language for KinkGraydancer(m)—Role Play1hr 30minBristol
Let it Flow: Playing With Water SportsAiden Fyre(m)—General Skills1hr 30min623


Sun 12:00 PM

The Society Meet and Greet: Come learn about CT's largest BDSM co-opDoloresUmbridge(m)—Social1hrRhode Island


Sun 1:00 PM

Science Social Hour: Get Geeky and Freakytat2dgerl(m)—Social1hrRhode Island


Sun 1:45 PM

Kink and DisabilityWintersong(m)—General Skills1hr 30minTiverton
Discover Your Inner Minx: Finding Confidence in the BDSM CommunityNaughtyBaby(m)—Communication1hr 30minGreenwich
Polyamory 101David Wraith(m)—Communication1hr 30minKingston
The Art of the Sensual KimonoLord Ramirez(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBarrington
Mindfucks: Let Them Do the Work for YouDov(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBristol
Topping to the Next Level: How to PushMax(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minRotunda


Sun 2:00 PM

MAsT Mass Meet and GreetGriffinSocial1hrRhode Island