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Event Schedule for FFF #40

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Schedule for all public sessions.

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Fri 4:45 PM

Shabbat ServicesSpirituality1hr 15min418

Kabbalat Shabbat Services (Havdala arrangements to be announced at the service)


Fri 6:00 PM

New England Hypnosis NELA SIGSocial1hr418

The NELA SIG: New England Hypnosis Group is welcoming folks to come and visit, meet some of the Hypno folks in a social setting, and get to know what the group is all about.

NELA - NE Hypno SIG(m)

Captive Moments Photography Exhibit FridayLounge2hr518

With the help of Worcester Photo Studios, The New England Leather Alliance Kink Photography Special Interest Group is pleased to bring back the Photography Gallery. Artists from local and a far have contributed photos for this gallery, Come in and take a break from craze of the Flea and spend some quiet moments enjoying the exhibit.



Fri 6:15 PM

CaningImpact1hr 30minBlackstone

Canes are delicate little things. They're slender, lightweight, and deceptively simple. They are also amazingly intense - many people view them as a particularly "heavy" toy. This workshop helps you deliver a caning scene. We'll discuss types of canes, types of strikes, where to hit, and safety considerations. We'll also discuss the softer skills required to manage your bottom's experience.


NELA Welcome Wagon - FridaySocial1hr 30minSouth County

The NELA Welcome Wagon is for tops, bottoms, switches, and undeclareds and was created to give attendees to NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarkets a boost up, a community member to turn to, and a way to figure out how to get the most out of the event. Consider the NELA Welcome Wagon events to be a gateway, a stepping stone, a low-key and fun way to orient yourself within the broader local kink world!



Fri 6:30 PM

Mandatory Vendor IntroductionVendor1hrRest. Annex

Mandatory Vendor Introduction

Leather By Danny(m)


Fri 7:00 PM

MAsT Mass MeetingSocial2hr418

MAsT Mass annual meeting at the FFF.

Railen Panther(m)

Bootblacking FridayLounge3hrBootblacking

The Bootblack Stand is back this year for all of your boot and leather needs. Come by, take a load off, watch the beautiful fetishwear go by, and let our team of skilled bootblacks care for your boots, jackets, pants, vests, chaps, and toys. Donations go to a good cause and you'll look great when we're done.



Fri 8:00 PM

7th Annual Fetish Fashion ShowEVENT3hrNaragansett A

A Curious Productions presents the 7th Annual Fetish Fashion Show.

Trigger Point MassageMovement1hr 30minBlackstone

Often in the course of a massage a client will say "OMG that hurts so good." This is from treating a trigger point in one of their muscles. What are trigger points? How do they manifest in the muscles of the body? What is ischemic compression? Those questions will be answered and various techniques that can be used to provide pain relief and/or therapeutic torture for your partner will be discussed. This will be a hands-on class. It is helpful if you bring a partner to practice on. The hands-on portion does not require any nudity but it is recommended to wear a thin t-shirt so your partner can feel for trigger points.


It's OK to Hit Them : So Long as They are into That Sort of ThingCommunication1hr 30minSouth County

In this class we will discuss how to get in touch with your inner masochist/sadist, whether you top, bottom, switch, or just scratch your head. Why do we like to do the things we do, and how can that be OK? We examine the journey of making conscious choices to selectively forget socialization, and to find the place where it's OK to be a good person and still want to do these types of things; how to figure out self identification and make it work in a social group, and ultimately to reach your own inner peace, or at least self-fulfillment, in BDSM, rope, and kink.


Headspace ConceptsCommunication1hr 30minRest. Annex

This class details the multiple cerebral and physical concepts behind headspace in BDSM practice. Learn to analyze where your mind goes, the four foundations of headspace, and techniques to get you there and back. Broaden your perspectives and understanding through group discussion.


Captive Moments Charity Reveal: Photographer/Model Meet and GreetLounge2hr518

Come join us for the opening of "Captive Moments" photography exhibit. If you are a photographer or a model looking to network this is also a great time to come see the gallery, get a chance to talk with some of the people that contributed to the Exhibit.

Also while visiting the gallery we will raising funds for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, it's a great cause that is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the US that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions.



Fri 9:00 PM

Queer Meet and GreetSocial1hr418

Queer Meet and Greet


Fri 9:45 PM

SkullgasmGeneral Skills1hr 30minBlackstone

This class is a hands-on practicum exploring ways we can orgasm or intensify orgasm from play that happens above the neck. Topics will include: face slapping, biting, piercing, bondage, oral sex, mental play, kissing, breath play, hair pulling, massage, pressure points, electric tooth brushes, and q-tips. Please come prepared to share your ideas. I recommend, but do not require, attending with at least one partner willing to explore the topics from a complimentary perspective (i.e.: If you are a slapper, you need a slapee.)

Friday Blaise(m)

That Ain't Necessarily So: Lies, Exaggerations and Silly Shit You Keep Hearing in the Scene.Communication1hr 30minSouth County

A true dominant will never bottom. We're all safe, sane and consensual. Kinky people are smarter & more creative. Safewords are necessary. Verbs are nouns. There are no rules. There are rules.

How many times have you heard people state, with authority and assurance, something that sounds absolute and yet maybe a little fishy? How many times have you passed on a fact or truth or rule that you secretly question, or realized much later that you had been misinformed? For a scene supposedly based on open and honest communication (hah!) we tell each other and sometimes ourselves a lot of things that ain't necessarily so. Whether you are new and soaking it up like a sponge or an old hand and ready to speak truth to kink, come on in for a look at some of the top deceptions, inventions, and whoppers we pass around!

Laura Antoniou(m)

Poly 101Communication1hr 30minRest. Annex

Poly 101 is for the poly curious, the newly poly and anyone who is thinking about opening their relationship to consensual non-monogamy. Topics will include the myriad of non-monogamous relationship structures, the ethics of polyamory, negotiation and consent, time management, and how to be poly in an ostensibly monogamous world.

David Wraith(m)


Sat 9:00 AM

Kissing for Maximun Erotic EffectGeneral Skills1hr 30minNaragansett A

Kisses, nibbles, licks, bites. Lips, cheeks, neck, shoulder, back, thighs, naughty bits. These are the usual things we do and the usual places we do them but there is more to the art of kissing than just knowing what and where. Why do we kiss? This question will be answered from diverse areas of study including: Biology, Physiology, Evolution, and Psychology. The knowledge of why you like kissing will help you be more conscious of how to do it well. Then this class will cover skills and techniques for getting the most out of your mouth as a sex organ: After all, variety is the spice of life. Bring a partner to practice on or just bring yourself; watch, learn and be inspired to be the best kisser you can be. Turn your kisses into a sex act.


Intro to Rope BondageRope1hr 30minNaragansett B

A basic introduction to the world of Asian style rope bondage. The class will cover one and two column ties, as well as basic chest and crotch harness. It will then show how they can be combined.

Murphy Blue(m)

Kink 101General Skills1hr 30minNaragansett C

Come with me and discover the world of sexual adventurers! What's defined as kinky? If I have a fetish am I a clinical psychology case? What does BDSM mean? Why do some people consider this a lifestyle?

So many questions that can be explored from silk ties to uniforms, from the taboo to plain old sex. Investigate the possibilities with me and bring your questions! The adventure begins!



Sat 9:45 AM

NELA Welcome Wagon - Saturday: Welcome WagonSocial1hrBlackstone

The NELA Welcome Wagon (formerly Fleadom Trail) is for tops, bottoms, switches, and undeclareds and was created to give attendees to NELA's FFF a boost up, a community member to turn to, and a low-pressure, social way to figure out how to get the most out of the event. If this is your first Flea or if you identify as new to kink, join us and find new Flea-friends, get helpful 'curriculum' lists for your weekend, and maybe win some fun prizes!



Sat 10:00 AM

Scent Meet and GreetSocial1hr418

A meet and greet for people who are into body scent. Specifically foot/shoe odor, sweat and body odor, and maybe private area odor. many people into feet are into foot and shoe odor.


Captive Moments Photography Exhibit SaturdayLounge12hr518

With the help of Worcester Photo Studios, The New England Leather Alliance Kink Photography Special Interest Group is pleased to bring back the Photography Gallery. Artists from local and a far have contributed photos for this gallery, Come in and take a break from craze of the Flea and spend some quiet moments enjoying the exhibit.



Sat 10:30 AM

Pony PaddockLounge7hr 30minSouth County

Pony Paddock

La Dresseuse(m)

Vending - NELA Associates Only SaturdayVendor30minVending

Welcome Associates, to your preview of the Vending.


Sat 10:45 AM

NELA Kink YogaMovement1hr 30minNaragansett A

The class begins with a brief introduction to yoga and its benefits - which extend well beyond common stereotypes. We will begin by warming up body parts and clearing out any mental baggage or junk so we can truly relax and be immersed in the experience. From here, we will explore some kink-friendly poses to promote flexibility. We will also address breathing and focus and how these techniques can help enhance any BDSM experience. Finally, we will wrap up with some deep relaxation intended to renew and revitalize us for the day (and play party) ahead!


Bondage From the Bottoms' PerspectiveRope1hr 30minNaragansett B

The workshop introduces a model for categorizing bondage bottoms, and includes demonstrations showing how specific bondage elements impact a bottom physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you are looking for a "beyond technique" bondage workshop, this is for you. Hearing what's going on in someone's head when they're bound will make you a more capable bottom and a more creative top.


Tickle Playshop w/ Suspension TicklingHumor1hr 30minNaragansett C

This hands-and-fingers-on workshop exploring ticking basics and safety, will focus on the bondage and tickling experience. Suspension bondage will be featured along with numerous opportunities for guided participant play and exploration. Perfect for experienced ticklephiles, but great for beginners.


Femdom Round TablePower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minRest. Annex

Curious about female domination, or femdom? Come hear panelists talk about maintaining dominance, what dominant women like and don't like, and more!

Miss Cindy(m)


Sat 11:00 AM

Rope LoungeLounge7hrBlackstone

Come join us in the Rope Lounge!

A space dedicated to practising, learning and talking about rope.

There will be experienced rope tops and bottoms from S.C.A.R (Sea Coast Area Rope), Worcester Rope Group and Northampton Rope Group will be here to help answer questions, teach ties, or just give a helping hand.

Bring your rope, bring a friend and lets see what rope fun we can get into.

Twitch-the-Switch, KnowThenThyself, justDerek

Rhode Island Meet and GreetSocial1hr418

Rhode Island Meet and Greet for folks who are local to the event!

Bootblacking SaturdayLounge11hrBootblacking

The Bootblack Stand is back this year for all of your boot and leather needs. Come by, take a load off, watch the beautiful fetishwear go by, and let our team of skilled bootblacks care for your boots, jackets, pants, vests, chaps, and toys. Donations go to a good cause and you'll look great when we're done.


Vending - SaturdayVendor7hrVending

Welcome everyone, to Vending.


Sat 12:00 PM

Author ReadingsAuthor Readings1hr418

Join Lori Perkins, host of NYC erotic reading series Between the Covers, as she presents a hour's worth of erotic authors, reading from their works. Enter our dirty word contest for the chance to win a prize bag filled with all kinds of erotic books and kinky goodies! Come celebrate the erotic word and all it does for us!

Lori Perkins(m)


Sat 1:00 PM

Intro to Rough Body PlayImpact1hr 30minNaragansett A

Do you like the idea of smacking your partner and the intimacy of body-on-body contact? Do you long to be beaten with just your Top's own flesh? Does the closeness and raw animal energy of rough body play excite you? Are you excited right now, after just having read that?

If so, then this class is for you.

This class is an intro and overview class on rough body play: punching, smacking, kicking, and all things body-on-body. We'll talk about safety, where you can hit, where you should stay away from, and cover some basic techniques. We'll talk about how you can begin to explore this visceral and raw form of play safely (and without requiring medical care later), including pacing, judging a bottom's head space, and some unexpected things to watch out for.


Backdoor Antics: Practicals of Anal SexGeneral Skills1hr 30minNaragansett B

Everything you ever wanted to know about backdoor sex for women and men! Ask Midori anything! She'll collect your anonimously submitted anal questions and shed light on them all. Assisted by her blow-up pal Betty, Midori will give you the real deal information on pleasure, pain, cleanliness, good toys, bad toys, positions, male G spot, bloopers, disasters, and even how to ward off cancer!


Bonding & Spirituality in D/sPower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minNaragansett C

Why do we do D/s and M/s? Is it all about play and service, or is there something significantly more intangible at hand?

We will explore the deeper motivations that drive the dynamic of M/s relationships. How do protocols and rituals strengthen the bonds? What are the roles that transparency, truthfulness, and responsibility take in our expressions of intimacy? What core values of control and power do we share to confirm our identity as dominant and submissive, or Master and slave? And is this all about spirituality, or is it just a "game" we play? We will discover the foundations of the principles at work and discuss how to incorporate them into our lifestyle relationships.

Eric Pride(m)

Emotional EdgeplayRole Play1hr 30minRest. Annex

Why do people play with real fear, humiliation, and even (gasp!) anger in scenes? Is it therapeutic, or just really hot? Tops may wonder how to make things real enough while still making the bottom feel safe; bottoms may wonder what actually is safe. We'll delve into the depths of these controversial practices, which many more people are playing with than they'll ever admit.

Raven Kaldera(m)

Femdom Meet and GreetSocial1hr418

For those interested in the Femdom side of things.


Sat 2:00 PM

Latex / Rubber Meet n GreetSocial1hr418

A gathering for people who enjoy wearing latex and rubber. Come and talk with you fellow fetishists about your favorite places to purchase and to wear latex and rubber. Give your advice to newbies considering there first purchase.

Rubber Jason(m)


Sat 2:45 PM

Erotic Hypnosis 101 for the Intensely CuriousRole Play1hr 30minNaragansett A

You are getting very horny ...

Certified Erotic Hypnotist Bryan D. Cassidy goes over the ins and outs of using hypnosis to stimulate, tease, excite, and yes, even produce full-blown, genuine, mind-melting orgasms. It's all in the name of good clean fun, better sex, and is of course completely consensual. No prior experience necessary.


Poly D/s PanelPower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minNaragansett B

Join in a thoughtful and respectful conversation about the intersections of polyamory and D/s

Raven Kaldera(m), Josh

Creative Disobedience: the Art of Being a WiseassPower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minNaragansett C

Mention SAMs or brats in the scene, and you'll get either glees or groans, depending on your tolerance for antagonistic scenes and your level of formal dominance & submission. But there is a creative challenge to being just disobedient enough to entertain, divert, and involve a top in playful reactions ranging from a laugh to lighthearted punishment. Learn the basics of what it takes to walk that very fine line between being annoying or amusing; whiny or whimsical.

Laura Antoniou(m)

They're Sexy, I'm Not.: How To Get Over It And Find You!General Skills1hr 30minRest. Annex

She's skinny, has bigger breasts, longer hair, etc. He's built, younger, taller, etc.


In this class we will see the beauty and sexiness in the people around us and most importantly ourselves. We discuss how it's ok to not find things attractive in ourselves and others. Then we apply it to day to day and scene life.



Sat 3:00 PM

NE-DS Meet n GreetSocial1hr418

Come to the gathering of the New England Dungeon Society



Sat 4:00 PM

Erotic Artists Meet n GreetSocial1hr418

Calling all erotic artists! Whether your medium is drawing, painting, photography, fiber art, leather, ceramics, wood, or whatever else, let's meet. If you'd like to bring some images of your recent work to show off, we'd love to see them.



Sat 4:30 PM

Interrogation: The Border Between Play and RealityRole Play1hr 30minNaragansett A

What did they know and when did they know it? "I'm sorry ... I do not recall that information." We have all heard such crap before, so let's forget spin and get to the heart of the situation ... and be all the better for it. Surrender, in the end, will be the choice of your own free will. This will be a demonstration. Note: This workshop contains elements of mind fuck, adult language, and S&M. Please carefully consider this before attending.

Eric Pride(m)

Double Edge: BDSM and TransgenderGender1hr 30minNaragansett B

From the man or woman who cross-dresses for the first time as part of a BDSM scene, to the transsexual who is trying to figure out which play parties to attend, being transgendered in the BDSM scene is both a blessing and a challenge. We'll discuss how BDSM roleplaying lends itself to gender play, and remind folks of what we have to teach the larger community.

Raven Kaldera(m)

Balloon Bondage: (A Terribly Serious Class)Humor1hr 30minNaragansett C

This class is entirely silly.

Who says bondage has to be all sombre and romantic? Come see how to use balloons to have colorful fun playfully binding your bottom.

This is a hands-on class about using long twisting balloons for bondage. We will discuss how to inflate them, and the differences between rubber and rope. Joins and direction changes are handled in very different ways, and some classic rope ties can be adapted into balloon use. Safety is addressed (rubber keeps constricting!). And while it is hilarious, by the time you are done your bottom can be completely immobilized. Learn how to bind, tickle, and torture.

If we have time you'll also learn how to make one of those little balloon doggies.


Spanking From Mild to WildImpact1hr 30minRest. Annex

Spankings are most people's first introduction to kink. Many of those first attempts fail to elicit the desired response from a partner. This is partly due to inexperience by both parties. This workshop will cover a brief history of spanking, an introduction to the physiology of spanking from the nerves to the chemical reactions in the brain, and then move into a discussion of body parts, techniques, roles, and positions. We will end with a discussion of some of the extremes possible for the seriously sadistic spankoes and masochistic spankees. There will be opportunities for participants to practice, ask questions, and receive feedback and guidance.



Sat 5:00 PM

Swingers Meet and GreetSocial1hr418

Swingers Meet and Greet


Sat 6:00 PM

TNG Meet & Greet: Hosted by BTNGSocial1hr418

A social gathering for kinky folks 18 to 35 years old. Hosted by the Boston TNG group BTNG.



Sat 6:15 PM

Mapping Your D/s ArchetypePower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBlackstone

Do you crave D/s relationships? Do you want to improve your current M/s relationship and understand your partner better? How do we create successful and fulfilling D/s and M/s relationships? How do we find the best match and avoid disaster and broken hearts? What goes into creating effective protocols?

To answer these questions, first we must have a solid foundation and understanding of our own desires and D/s goals of our partners. Long before protocols, contracts, expectations, and collars come out, there's important work to be done. It's worth it!

This unique interactive class is designed to help D/s - M/s individuals, leather families as well as the curious to discover and discuss their own relationship archetypes. We'll begin to diagram the expectations, boundaries, goals, and priorities for your current and future relationships.

Through this class you'll gather information necessary in creating effective protocols and the details of daily interactions. Individuals, couples, and multi-member relationships are all welcome. Be prepared to do some creative and hard work at the start to help reduce heartaches down the road! Open to all experience level, genders, and orientation.


A Fist Full of FunGeneral Skills1hr 30minSouth County

Passionate fucking can be found in many forms. While a substantial majority focus on strap-ons, cocks, or fucking machines, there still exist minorities that love to use their hands. This class will discuss the specifics of the art of fisting, safety protocol, energy exchange, and a hell of a lot of hot orgasms. This will be primarily a demo and discussion, with opportunities for volunteers to participate with guidance from the instructor.

Courtney Jane(m)

Introduction to Violet WandsGeneral Skills1hr 30minRest. Annex

Introduction and exploratorium for those interested in violet wands and how to use them.

Lady Shimla(m)


Sat 7:00 PM

The Society (Connecticut) Meet and GreetSocial1hr418

The Society, LLC is a pansexual, support, social and educational group for the 21 years and older BDSM community in the Connecticut area and beyond. Come to the meet and greet and meet members of the board of directors, as well as members of the Society. Get to know what the Society is all about and how you can become a member as well as what events and educational workshops take place. The Society is located in Hartford, CT. www,



Sat 8:00 PM

Fetish SpeakeasyEVENT5hrNaragansett A

A Curious Production presents the Fetish Speakeasy. With nonstop rope suspensions and aerial silk/lira performances. Djs Cosinezero, Pet, and Punketta spin Jazz, Swing, Electroswing, Futurefunk, and Dance, as well as requests.

Asking For it: Negotiation Practices : Get What You Want And Get it GoodCommunication1hr 30minBlackstone

We all know that one of the basic starting points for play in our world is negotiation... but is it just a basic necessity to play, like bread and water are to dining?

In this class we'll discuss negotiation, from foundations (why it's important, what the starting points to cover are), to more advanced techniques. What is the difference between flirting and negotiation, and when do they overlap? How can you make negotiation into a form of foreplay? And how do you stay focused while doing these and not lose sight of what you need to accomplish - where is the responsible part in the play?

Come learn, think, flirt, and get some fun dirty ideas as we explore how to bring fun and proficiency to these important bedrock principles.


Dominant Oral SexPower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minSouth County

On your knees, and in control!

No action is innately submissive or dominant. Our intention, energy, and sexual power determine this, not our position or deed. This class will demonstrate many of the various ways to make being on the giving end of oral sex - an act of domination. We will explore the application of intention, bondage, teasing and denial, positioning, vulnerability and more to the acts of cunnilingus, fellatio, irrumatio (throat fucking), rimming, and toe sucking. This class is bent, so no matter what your gender or orientation, you are included.

Friday Blaise(m)

Sex Positive (What Does it mean?)Communication1hr 30minRest. Annex

Coined over half a century ago by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, the term "sex positive" still inspires confusion and fear. What does sex positive mean and, perhaps more importantly, what does it mean to be sex positive? This class will discuss the definition of the term, the history of the sex positive movement, and how we apply the principles of sex positivity to our daily lives.

David Wraith(m)

New York Meet and GreetSocial1hr418

Held Saturday night, the New York Meet and Greet is hosted by Eric Pride and is a must for New Yorkers, or anyone who has the hots for them. Connect with new and old friends to plan out all the fun for a memorable weekend. Open to anyone, whether New Yorker or not.

Eric Pride(m)


Sat 9:00 PM

Electrical Play Meet n GreetSocial1hr418

Explore varying kinds of electrical play


Sat 9:45 PM

VASE (Vermont) Meet and GreetSocial1hrBlackstone

Vermont's own VASE is hosting a gathering! Come and meet the folks who have been bringing you Kink Education for the last two years in the greater Burlington area.

Rubber Bondage DemonstrationGeneral Skills1hr 30minSouth County

The New England Rubber Men would like to give a demonstration of rubber wear and bondage gear. Demonstrations will include; vac rack (vacuum bed), rubber sleepsack, and more. We would show our members in various types of rubber wear catsuits, sports gear, uniforms, and more. Our speaker would be the founder of the New England Rubber Men, Mr. Jason Lynch, who was just recently crowned at Mr. International Rubber in Chicago this past November. We will be proud to show New England how the rubber community wants to play a part with NELA.

Rubber Jason(m)

How to Give/Go to a Play Party ...: and Get Invited BackGeneral Skills1hr 30minRest. Annex

This class is for anyone who wants to go to or throw a private play party! Even if you do not want throw a party, by knowing what work goes into making one happen, you will learn how to help, and how to get invited back!! (or what will get you not invited back!!) Topics that will be covered will range from basic common sense things that apply to vanilla parties and issues that are specific to "Play or kinky parties." A portion of this class will be in "round table format," so that everyone who wishes to may ask questions or give their opinions.

Leather By Danny(m)


Sun 10:00 AM

When Things go Wrong : What to Do & What to LearnCommunication1hr 30minNaragansett A

Things can go wrong in a scene. Sometimes it's a small problem. Sometimes it's not. Either way, your level of preparedness can determine whether it's a little bump or a calamity. This workshop helps prevent and manage bad situations, and discusses rebuilding trust when problems occur. It's applicable to any type of BDSM play, and both tops and bottoms are encouraged to attend.


Stingers, Quirts, and Cats, Oh My!Impact1hr 30minNaragansett B

Looking for something that doesn't take up the space required by a long whip but still makes a sharp impact? Something easier to throw that gives a wider range of sensations? Let ChrisMarks introduce you to a range of impact toys that are shorter and easier to handle than whips but still have plenty of whip-like sting or sexy thuds. Learn how to throw them, where to land them, and why your toy box needs these cool tools. The history of the origins of these terrifically terrible toys will be discussed, including their roles in spiritual and religious practices, law enforcement, judicial punishment, and more. Over a dozen samples will be available and hands-on time with each one will be offered if time allows.


Erotic HumiliationRole Play1hr 30minNaragansett C

Why do people get off on being embarrassed? What are the potential psychological ramifications? What's different for a one-time scene vs. playing with your life partner? Emphasizing emotional safety throughout, Midori will explore a wide range of play from light teasing and embarrassment to serious humiliation. You may get a chance to volunteer for some mild play in front of the class. Is this a style of play you've struggled to understand? Or have you ever secretly wanted to be put on the spot or shown how really naughty you are? Then this class is for you!


Switches PanelPower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBlackstone

Come and discuss the delights and difficulties of being a Switch! Do you switch with certain people, at certain points in the scene, several times a scene? Is it pre-negotiated? Do you fight for dominance (or submission)? How does it effect other aspects of your life? Our panel of experts will discuss many things.

Lola(m), Friday Blaise, NaughtyBaby, NaughtyRalphie

Consent Counts: Project of the NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom)Communication1hr 30minRest. Annex

Hot off the presses!

Over two years, 5000 survey respondents, and a gazillian emails have produced a community based document on consent. You've been part of the discussion, now be part of the implementation of an integral part of getting the modal penal code updated to the 21st century and finally accept our that practices are reasonable and consensual.


NEPups Meet and SniffSocial1hr418

*Bark* Sniffsniffsniff. Come and meet the NEPups, a regularly meeting New England Puppy and Dog group, for the pursuit of better Puppy play.


Captive Moments Photography Exhibit SundayLounge6hr518

With the help of Worcester Photo Studios, The New England Leather Alliance Kink Photography Special Interest Group is pleased to bring back the Photography Gallery. Artists from local and a far have contributed photos for this gallery, Come in and take a break from craze of the Flea and spend some quiet moments enjoying the exhibit.



Sun 10:30 AM

Vending - NELA Associates Only SundayVendor30minVending

Welcome Associates, to your preview of the Vending.


Sun 11:00 AM

Trainers and Puppies/Animals Meet n GreetSocial1hr418

Trainers and puppy/animals meet and greet


Bootblacking SundayLounge6hrBootblacking

The Bootblack Stand is back this year for all of your boot and leather needs. Come by, take a load off, watch the beautiful fetishwear go by, and let our team of skilled bootblacks care for your boots, jackets, pants, vests, chaps, and toys. Donations go to a good cause and you'll look great when we're done.

Vending - SundayVendor5hrVending

Welcome everyone, to Vending.


Sun 11:45 AM

Macho Submission WorkshopPower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minNaragansett A

Are you a bottom who's constantly mistaken for a top? Do you often get accused of not being a "true submissive" when you don't fall at the feet of every Dom? The Macho Submission Workshop is a space for anyone whose submissive orientation conflicts with their macho presentation, especially (but not limited to) the male bodied, male identified, or any sub or switch who self-identifies as butch. Topics may include how to best integrate the different sides of your persona for yourself and your partners, as well as dealing with the omnipresent "True Doms."

David Wraith(m)

Let's Talk HogtiesRope1hr 30minNaragansett B

There are a few different Hogties out there in the world. This class goes over some of the variations as well as situations where it might be fun to use them.

Murphy Blue(m)

Pedular Enthusiasm: Foot Massage Demo Foot Fetishism PlayshopCommunication1hr 30minNaragansett C

Special focus will be given to learning foot massage skills and advanced sensual foot fetish play. Whether top, bottom, Dom/me, sub or general kinkster, this class will immerse participants in more substantial skills of foot massage and other sensual forms of foot worship. This class is highly participatory and perfect for newbies and veteran players alike.


Have a Cookie!Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minBlackstone

Establishing and enforcing a system of rewards and punishments can strengthen a relationship dynamic based in dominance and submission. Learn to identify methods of praising and rewarding each other that are personal and reinforce the values you have set for your relationships. Drawing from personal experience and longtime observations, I will discuss the difference between rewards and praise, the importance of consistency and balance, and how to make a little go a long way.

Laura Antoniou(m)


Sun 12:00 PM

Switches Meet n GreetSocial1hr418

A gathering place for those of us who like to live both sides of the power fence. Ask questions, share experiences, and discuss what makes switching the best form of power exchange out there!

NaughtyBaby(m), NaughtyRalphie


Sun 1:00 PM

Bootblacking Meet and GreetSocial1hr418

Got boots? Leather? An interest in looking good or helping someone else look their best? Come meet others to discuss the fine art (and science!) of bootblacking and the Bootblacks of New England Special Interest Group that NELA hosts on the topic.



Sun 1:45 PM

Giving and Accepting ServicePower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minNaragansett A

Many kinksters love the idea of service but struggle to make it work. That's not surprising - giving and accepting service requires a different toolset than sensation-based S/M or power-based D/s. This workshop helps tops receive service gracefully and bottoms who wish to offer service. It includes models for service relationships and specific techniques for defining and nurturing your service dynamic.


Anatomy of a Scene: Preparation, Construction and ExecutionRole Play1hr 30minNaragansett B

Play scenes can be long or short. They can be gentle or rough. They can be physical, incorporating elements of bondage, impact, pain, edge play; or they can be entirely physiological, involving just you and your play partner's minds. Yes, play scenes can be just about anything your creativity can come up with, making each one a dynamic and unique experience.

Using a series of shorter play scenes we show you how to prepare, build and structure fun and dynamic play scenes. From both the top and the bottom's perspective, we address preparation such as safety, negotiation and intention setting; scene structure and execution ... from how to open/close and how to perform aftercare ... to creativity, improvisation, and organic play.

Eric Pride(m)

Tying MenRope1hr 30minNaragansett C

Come check out this exploration of tying up men/male-identified folks. Topics include how bondage for male identified people is both like and unlike bondage for non-male identified people, techniques for poor shoulder flexibility, and step by step instructions through an upper body harness that features takate kote aesthetics, but doesn't give you that squished chest look. This is a non-genital class and folks of all genders and sexualities are welcome.


Fucking With Your CameraGeneral Skills1hr 30minBlackstone

This class is for photographers and models who want to learn more about what goes into making hot, memorable erotic photographs. We'll talk a little tech, but mostly we'll focus on discussing and demonstrating the emotional and creative aspects of producing erotica.


Discovering your Inner SadistRole Play1hr 30minRest. Annex

While the desire to thrill another with danger may dwell within a person, our upbringing may have put walls up stopping us form being able to embrace that side of ourself. Through stories and associations with some unlikely archetypes, this class pushes you to find the face of your monster, and wear it with a smile.

Murphy Blue(m)


Sun 2:00 PM

Littles PlaytimeSocial2hr418

Come, hang out, bring your blanky, have cookies and milk, bring your coloring books and crayons, and hang out with all the littles for littles play-time. This is the last scheduled Meet and Greet, so it has no hard stop time, so drop on by until the end of the day.