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Event Schedule for FFF #36

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Schedule for all public sessions.

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Fri 5:00 PM

Kabbalat ShabbatLoMevina(m)—Spirituality1hr518


Fri 6:00 PM

Special Preview of Slut (R)evolutionCameryn Moore(m)—EVENT2hrBlackstone
Fleadom Trail MeetingOpn(m)—Social2hrRest. Annex


Fri 6:30 PM

Basic BootblackingRabbit(m)—General Skills1hr 30min418
NELA Night with the Providence Bruins: vs the Hershey BearsEVENT3hrOff Site


Fri 7:00 PM

Hypnosis SIG MeetupMephki(m)—Social1hrSouth County
Hosted MAsT MeetingJawn's Doll(m)—Social2hrPresidential Suite


Fri 8:00 PM

Fashion ShowEVENT2hr 30minNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C
A Trip Through The ToybagDark TeddyBear(m)—Impact1hr 30minBlackstone
Plays Well With Others - Play Parties EtiqutteLqqkOut(m)—General Skills1hr 30minSouth County
Title HoldersMollena(m)—Social1hrRest. Annex
Getting Started with BDSMBendyogagirl(m), RiggerJay, Mad Patter, ToristoriiGeneral Skills1hr 30min418
Author ReadingGraydancer(m)—Author Readings2hr518


Fri 9:00 PM

Thelema, Paganism, and SpiritualityBeth Kimbell(m)—Social1hrRest. Annex
Restraints ReunionRae(m)—Social3hrPresidential Suite


Fri 9:30 PM

Predicament BondageScott Smith(m)—Humor1hr 30minBlackstone
Florentine Flogging ILord Ramirez(m)—Impact1hr 30minSouth County
Liquid LatexBig Head Studio(m)—General Skills1hr 30min418


Fri 10:00 PM

Trauma SurvivorsAnne Reynolds(m)—Social1hrRest. Annex


Fri 10:30 PM

Secondlife Meet-and-GreetLone Pariah(m)—Social1hr518


Fri 11:00 PM

Post Fashion Show DanceEVENT2hrNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C
Wet & Messy BOFMiss Kasi(m), PiekittySocial1hr418


Sat 9:00 AM

Mind Play 101: Introduction to Erotic HypnosisLady Ru'etha(m)—General Skills1hr 30minNaragansett A
Rope Bondage You Can Actually UseJay Wiseman(m)—Rope1hr 30minNaragansett B
Yoga for KinkstersBendyogagirl(m)—Movement1hr 30minNaragansett C


Sat 9:30 AM

Fleadom Trail MeetingOpn(m)—Social1hr 30minRest. Annex


Sat 10:30 AM

Spirituality in BDSMBendyogagirl, Dark TeddyBear(m), Raven Kaldera, P.E.T.E., FireHorse TantrikaSpirituality1hr 30minNaragansett A
The Defining Moment : Getting What You Want Out of KinkGraydancer(m)—General Skills1hr 30minNaragansett B
Ballroom Dance from the Femdom/malesub PerspectiveLord Ramirez(m)—Movement1hr 30minNaragansett C
Bondage LoungeRopeRider(m)—Lounge6hr 30minBlackstone
Whip LoungeLounge6hr 30minSouth County
Negotiating for NeedsJawn's Doll(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30min418
Learning from the History of TortureParker (Rope Boi)(m)—General Skills1hr 30min518
Saturday Associates Only VendingLeather By Danny(m)—Vendor30minVending


Sat 11:00 AM

STI Resource Network BOFRenee(m)—Social1hrRest. Annex
Saturday VendingLeather By Danny(m)—Vendor7hrVending


Sat 12:30 PM

Hand and Foot BondageScott Smith(m)—Humor1hr 30minNaragansett A
Bois who see Girls who see BoysLqqkOut(m)—Gender1hr 30minNaragansett B
Gender PanelRaven Kaldera, Renee(m), Parker (Rope Boi)Gender1hr 30minNaragansett C
Coming Out KinkyPrincess Kali, Scott Erickson(m)—General Skills1hr 30minRest. Annex
Erotic ComicsKikea(m)—General Skills1hr 30min418
Discovering Your Inner SadistMurphy Blue(m)—Role Play1hr 30min518


Sat 2:00 PM

Whose Kink is it Anyway?Bendyogagirl, TheLauren, LqqkOut, Graydancer, P.E.T.E., Dr. SlashBlight(m)—Humor1hr 30minNaragansett A
Psychic VampiresRaven Kaldera(m)—Spirituality1hr 30minNaragansett B
Loving Your Body Through DanceMiss Luna(m)—Movement1hr 30minNaragansett C
Femdom PanelMiss Cindy(m), Mistress ThornePower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minRest. Annex
BratsSilverdreams(m)—Role Play1hr 30min418
It Gets Better - SaturdayMadelyn (Miss Wyld)(m)—Gender1hr 30min518


Sat 3:30 PM

TicklingP.E.T.E.(m)—Humor1hr 30minNaragansett A
Safely Meeting Online People OfflineScott Smith(m)—General Skills1hr 30minNaragansett B
Being a Thug - Rough Body PlayDov(m)—Impact1hr 30minNaragansett C
Ask a Bottom/Sub/SlaveSilverdreams, Aimee, Jawn's Doll(m), Lil Laurel, Railen PantherPower and Authority Exchange1hr 30minRest. Annex
Unusual SadismTrialsinner(m)—Impact1hr 30min418
Anal 101Strap-on Jo(m)—General Skills1hr 30min518


Sat 5:00 PM

Tying Up menTrialsinner(m)—Gender1hr 30minBlackstone
Shy Freaks: Exploring BDSM for the IntrovertMollena(m)—General Skills1hr 30minSouth County
Author SigningGraydancerAuthor Readings1hrRest. Annex
Age Play - A Kid's PerspectiveMiss Luna(m)—Role Play1hr 30min418
Loving Two In One: Sex and Relationships with Transgendered LoversRaven Kaldera(m), JoshGender1hr 30min518


Sat 6:00 PM

FetLife Meet-and-GreetDsire(m)—Social1hrRest. Annex
Kaleidoscope MunchRae(m)—Social3hrPresidential Suite
Winter Leathermen's GatheringScott Erickson(m)—EVENT3hrOff Site


Sat 6:30 PM

Playing Hard with Pussy TortureDr. Bob(m)—General Skills1hr 30minBlackstone
GenderliciousRenee(m)—Gender1hr 30min418
Comprehensive Class on Violet Wand: Shocking your way to pleasureBig Head Studio(m)—General Skills1hr 30min518


Sat 7:00 PM

Erotic ArtistsKikea(m)—Social1hrSouth County
Queer BOFIan, Aimee(m), Micah, Lil LaurelSocial1hrRest. Annex


Sat 8:00 PM

Rope 102: Basic RopeRiggerJay(m)—Rope1hr 30minBlackstone
Florentine Flogging IILord Ramirez(m)—Impact1hr 30minSouth County
Transcending Boundaries Convention Meet-and-GreetIan, Aimee, Micah, Lil Laurel(m)—Social1hr 30minRest. Annex
How to Host a Scene PartyLeather By Danny(m)—General Skills1hr 30min418
Mindfuck PanelDov, Trialsinner, Princess Kali(m)—General Skills1hr 30min518


Sat 9:00 PM

La Red Ball fund-raiserEVENT4hrNaragansett A, Naragansett B, Naragansett C
TNG Meet-and-GreetSolipsistic(m), Eponine, Mad PatterSocial1hrRest. Annex


Sat 9:30 PM

Rope 103: I know a few ties... now what?RiggerJay(m)—Rope1hr 30minBlackstone
Negotiation. Do It!Dov(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minSouth County
Why Bootblacking?Rabbit(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30min418
Ask a Dom/Top/MasterTrialsinner(m), TheLauren, Ian, MicahPower and Authority Exchange1hr 30min518


Sat 10:00 PM

Gay Male BOFScott Erickson(m)—Social1hrRest. Annex


Sat 11:00 PM

Energy and RopeMurphy Blue(m)—Spirituality1hr 30minBlackstone
Petplay & Friends BOFMiss Kasi, Piekitty(m)—Social1hrSouth County
The Floating World Meet-and-GreetNatasha(m)—Social1hrRest. Annex
Body ModificationsTheLauren(m)—Spirituality1hr 30min418
Rope PanelTrialsinner(m), Mephki, ToristoriiRope1hr 30min518


Sun 10:00 AM

Grappling with the Elements of a M/s RelationshipDr. Bob(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minNaragansett A
Beating in TonguesParker (Rope Boi), Graydancer(m)—Role Play1hr 30minNaragansett B
HIPnotic Belly DanceMinion(m)—Movement1hr 30minNaragansett C
Bondage LoungeRopeRider(m)—Lounge5hrBlackstone
Belt BondageRenee(m)—General Skills1hr 30minSouth County
Novice Tops PanelDov, Trialsinner, TheLauren, Lone PariahGeneral Skills1hr 30minRest. Annex
Big Bad Tiny TopsNaughtyEm(m)—General Skills1hr 30min418
Kinky Survivors Powerful Intersections of IdentityAnne Reynolds(m)—General Skills1hr 30min518


Sun 10:30 AM

Sunday Associates Only VendingLeather By Danny(m)—Vendor30minVending


Sun 11:00 AM

Sunday VendingLeather By Danny(m)—Vendor5hrVending


Sun 11:30 AM

Scene folk: A Field GuideTheLauren(m)—Humor1hr 30minNaragansett A
Race: The Final Frontier.Mollena(m)—Role Play1hr 30minNaragansett B
Creative HumilliationPrincess Kali(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30minNaragansett C
Room InductionLady Ru'etha(m)—General Skills1hr 30minSouth County
Tricycle Tech: The Mechanics of Three Way ScenesNaughtyEm(m)—General Skills1hr 30minRest. Annex
Protocol and Ritual, Why?Lord Ramirez(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30min418
It Gets Better - SundayBendyogagirlGender1hr 30min518


Sun 1:30 PM

Elements of a SceneMurphy Blue(m)—General Skills1hr 30minNaragansett A
BDSM BloopersJay Wiseman(m)—Humor1hr 30minNaragansett B
Orgasmic Energy PlayFireHorse Tantrika(m)—Spirituality1hr 30minNaragansett C
The Lesbian PrimerTheLauren(m)—Gender1hr 30minSouth County
Medical Play PanelNELA Webmaster, Toristorii(m)—Role Play1hr 30minRest. Annex
Shapeshifting RoleplayKikea(m)—Role Play1hr 30min418
Dom and Clergy: Ethical Use of PowerDark TeddyBear(m)—Power and Authority Exchange1hr 30min518