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Event Room Schedule for FFF #43

Generated: Sun Apr 23 7:53:29 EDT 2017

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Frank Jones Glass

NELA Yoga SIG presents: YOGA!sepiessa(m)—MovementSat 11:30 AM20min
Negotiations and ConsentP.E.T.E., GRLeeCommunicationSat 12:00 PM20min
Drag-ging ExpressionLordeCupcakeCunt(m)—CommunicationSat 12:30 PM20min
Pet Playpet tigress(m)—Role PlaySat 1:00 PM20min
Rope Lounge - hosted by Twitch and jDRopeSat 2:00 PM2hr 30min


Frank Jones Main

Vending All DayEVENTSat 11:00 AM6hr