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Kabalat ShabbatSpiritualityFri 4:30 PM1hr 30min

Come and join us Friday night for song and worship! This is a Hebrew heavy event, but you can sing or hum along as you'd like. Prayer books with transliterations and translations will be provided. Bring short readings or thoughts that you'd like to share with the rest of the group if you'd like. Come to pray, or just come to see what it's about. I can guarantee a quiet, beautiful beginning to an exciting weekend. Then, feel free to join us on Saturday night for Havdalah. You do not have to be Jewish, or even kind of Jewish. If you enjoy worship in song, please come.


Service with a Smile: Tactics for Overcoming Temporary Obstacles in Being your BestPower and Authority ExchangeFri 6:15 PM1hr 30min

Service is a way to demonstrate admiration, caring, respect, affection, and of course, love. Some people enter service specifically to have the experience on their way toward becoming a more well-rounded practitioner of SM. But again and again, we return to what they most basically want to do, and to be: useful.
Attending "Service Oriented Submission" is not required, but highly recommended. Laura will discuss strategies in overcoming those temporary distractions that keep a service-oriented individual from performing their best. An open discussion with the participants is encouraged to discuss common challenges, as well as solutions and tactics that have been successful for others. Also addressed are questions of basic needs in a relationship, and ways of determining, for yourself, if the relationship you are in is positive or negative, whether you have temporary difficulties, or consistent ones. Workshop participants are encouraged to share ways they have discovered to keep a proper service mentality, and to being up to the challenges of being servile. To encourage honesty and open communication, this workshop is limited to those individuals providing service, rather than managing or receiving service.

Laura Antoniou(m)

Discovering Your Inner SadistPower and Authority ExchangeFri 8:00 PM1hr 30min

While the desire to thrill another with danger may dwell within a person, our upbringing may have put walls up stopping us form being able to embrace that side of ourself. Through stories and associations with some unlikely archetypes, this class pushes you to find the face of your monster, and wear it with a smile.

Murphy Blue(m)

Femme (R)evolutionGenderFri 9:45 PM1hr 30min

The silent portion of the LGBT and women's movement, Femme-s are either forgotten or looked upon as cis privileged. Now there is a growing movement of women who identify as Femme who are looking to embrace their identity and fight the good fight. As co-creator of Femme Boot Pride, Miss Luna will be discussing Femme and Leather girl culture and how it has been seeing a resurgence thanks to subcultures such as Femme bootblacks, Roller Derby, Rockabilly, Burlesque and Tribal Bellydance.

Miss Luna(m)

Healthy, Wealthy, and WiseGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM1hr 30min

Learn about health proxies, financial planning, estate planning, and related topics for kinky and poly people.


Rope Bottom: An Advanced Guide for Frequent FlyerRopeSat 10:45 AM1hr 30min

You've heard about rope headspace but you've never been able to achieve it. You've zoned out while in rope before and want to learn more about what you experienced. This class is an investigation into that ephemeral altered state. We'll define what headspace is and - just as importantly - what it isn't. We'll discuss ways to achieve it more readily and what we can do to recapture if it slips away from us during a scene. We'll also outline what effects headspace can have on us physiologically, psychologically and even spiritually. We'll be doing a few exercises and demonstrations, so bring rope!


Coral and the Chocolate FetishHumorSat 1:00 PM1hr 30min

When you are past like, when you have dabbled in love, when every chocolatier in town knows you by name, there is fetishism. Come hungry and learn the spiritual, sexual, sinfully delectable side of CHOCOLATE!


Dominant as Leader and Ultimate ServantPower and Authority ExchangeSat 2:45 PM1hr 30min

The principle of leader as servant is one that exists in many cultures and often refers to a balance that can be applied to a D/s or M/s relationship. Lao Tzu said "If one rule(s) ... by the principle of Tao, they will return to that ruler good-will and they will abide in tranquility." and "advise a ruler in the way of Tao, Counsel him not to use force to conquer."

While there are many forms of Dominance and relationship on the D/s continuum, many feel a Dominant as leader can enrich and nourish the bottom side of the synergy to be powerful and accomplished. Here Sol will discuss how to, and how in doing this a Dominant serves something larger and increases the potential of self and the Tao of the relationship. This discussion is about service. In our Leather communities we see this in strong Leather families who promote their members and encourage success. They serve the family and the community around them.


Fucking With Your CameraGeneral SkillsSat 4:30 PM1hr 30min

This class is for photographers and models who want to learn more about what goes in to making good erotic photographs. We'll talk a little tech, but mostly we'll focus on the emotional and creative aspects of producing erotica. Some of my work is here.


Liminality of RopeRopeSat 6:15 PM1hr 30min

The concept of liminality pertains to the thresholds between opposing ideas, differing existential planes, and the significant transitional stages in a process. Rope and D/s are hugely liminal, and this class explores the universal significance of thresholds within rope practice and relationships. Find new insights and perspectives in what we do, and why rope is so powerful.


NOT your Grandma's EnemaGeneral SkillsSat 8:00 PM1hr 30min

From cleansing for anal play to deep humiliation for the sake of it, giving & receiving enemas is a form of play that can delight & degrade. Learn the ins & outs of one of the most invasive forms of invasion possible. This class will go over the power & control one can have over their partner which is impossible to deny.


How to Give/Go to a Play Party ...: and Get Invited BackGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 PM1hr 30min

This class is for anyone who wants to go to or throw a private play party! Even if you do not want throw a party, by knowing what work goes into making it happen, you will learn how to help, and how to get invited back!! (or what will get you not invited back!!) Topics that will be covered will range from basic common sense things that apply to vanilla parties and issues that are specific to "Play or kinky parties." A portion of this class will be in "round table format", so that everyone that wishes to may ask questions or give their opinions.

Leather By Danny(m)

Discover your Queer IdentityGeneral SkillsSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min

Do you identify as queer? Have you considered adopting the "queer" label, but weren't quite sure how it might apply to your life? (Or do you just want to meet and possibly pick up other like-minded queer folks at the event?) If so, please join us as we explore the sexual, political, and social aspects of queer culture. During this interactive discussion, we hope to provide participants with increased awareness and empowerment around their sexual identity and culture. Utilizing a "Queer Cultural Brainstorm" tool, this workshop will involve small and larger group facilitated discussion as well as writing activities for reflection.

LqqkOut(m), Elisabetta

Bootblacking 101General SkillsSun 11:45 AM1hr 30min

A basic how to guide on the aspects of bootblacking and leather care. We will go over step by step the basics of what you will need and how to do the tradition that has been handed down over the years. This is a demo and Q & A class

Miss Luna(m)

You're doing it wrongGeneral SkillsSun 1:45 PM1hr 30min

No one knows about doing it wronger than Lauren. She and her Other Fucker cohorts are continually crossing lines, and setting new ones when it comes to the "scene". Join her as she examines what these rules are and why it is ok to break them.




Puppy Play with RabbitRole PlayFri 6:15 PM1hr 30min

Curious about puppy play and want to see what it's all about? Or maybe you love puppy play and would like to learn some new ideas. Come wag your tail, hear Rabbit's thoughts on puppy play and see how much fun it can be!


Service & Devotion: Love in a Power DynamicCommunicationFri 8:00 PM1hr 30min

Can love exist healthily in a dominant/submissive power dynamic, for an hour or for a lifetime? This workshop explores the spiritual, emotional, ethical, and practical sides of consensual power exchange in relationships, whether part-time as play or full-time as a way of being in the world. We'll delve into the fire of power-exchange ritual and the darkness of using magic to consensually enhance the training of a submissive. We'll celebrate the many sacred archetypes of dominance and submission and see how they dance together ... Predator and Prey, Master and Servant, Owner and Slave, Magician and Enchanted Object, Priest and Worshipper, Seeker and Psychopomp, Lord and Vassal, Teacher and Padawan, Dark Goddess and John Barleycorn, and many others. Bring your stories! And your collars, and chains, and leashes ... both ends. By the authors of "Dear Raven and Joshua: Questions and Answers About Master/Slave Relationships".

Raven Kaldera(m)

Transgender SpiritualitySpiritualityFri 9:45 PM1hr 30min

We have been symbols of the sacred two-in-one for thousands of years. Come hear the ancient stories about us, and rediscover our sacred nature. For transgendered people of all stripes, and anyone who is just interested in more direct ways of spiritually balancing male and female. By the author of "Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook".

Raven Kaldera(m)

Violet WandsGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM1hr 30min

Safety, techniques, tools and equipment are all covered in an informative and fun way. This class is appropriate for the beginner, even if you don't own a violet wand.

Lady Shimla(m)

Traveling the Yellow Brick Road of Kink: How to Avoid The Flying Monkeys Along the Road to Oz.CommunicationSat 10:45 AM1hr 30min

Twitter. Facebook. Blogs, Wikis, Adult Friend Finder, Fetlife. Collar Me, Bondage, Alt., Second Life. World of Warcraft. Gaia, Gor, OKCupid,, message boards, Craigslist, chatrooms, chatroulette. Sugar Daddies, Jdate,, Cougar Woman, Passion, Gaydate, IRC servers, Alternative Date Link BDSM Date Link, BDSM Dating, BDSM Sex Dates, BDSM SexyAds, BDSM Singles,, Bondage Dating, Extreme Restraints Dating Find a BDSM Lover Find Kinky People IWantU Alternative Adult Dating Club Taboo Personals....and thousands more.
There are literally THOUSANDS of sites online to find "someone special." Specialty sites and vanilla sites. Kink and non-kink. Gay, Transgender, Straight, Religious, Hobbies, just about any personal characteristic, choice, preference or interest and there is a dating site/people meeting site. EVERY online community, online gaming site, anywhere were there are people who chat, talk or IM, there is fantasy. The Internet and social media has changed how we live our fantasies. Much of the fantasy involves sadomasochistic sex, bdsm, slavery, and d/s. Step into any "world" online and there will be people who engage in bdsm.
The internet has created wonderful tools for people learning about bdsm and kink. On the plus side, it's opened a world in which people can discover that they're not alone in their kink. On the other hand, there are so many websites with (mis)information and opinion that it's often difficult for people to navigate.
The internet has also brought about a great deal of "online" bdsm, with people exploring their kink in a way that they've never had access to before. Very often that online experience is disappointing when translated to real life. This presentation talks about how to sift through the information, recognize fact from opinions, discuss profiles (the good, the bad, and the ugly), information about privacy and how to use some of the more popular sites to begin to find what you're looking for whether online or in real life.


Mommy DearestRole PlaySat 1:00 PM1hr 30min

Come join TheLauren as she delves into a world of being an evil step-mother. Discuss the interactions, emotions, and mentality that lie behind this relationship.


Elemental One Hand ClapImpactSat 2:45 PM1hr 30min

By her powers combined, Captain NaughtyEm will present a class on the most dynamic of kinks; spanking. The course includes a brief overview of safety, spanko culture, and the meaning of spanking to different individuals. The focus will be a demonstration of warming up, different places to spank, technique, and creativity. This class is for all levels, and will incorporate the elements, earth; fire, wind, water, and heart.


Vaginal and Anal Fisting 101: A Fist Full of FunGeneral SkillsSat 4:30 PM1hr 30min

The ins and outs of fisting! Vaginal, Anal, Double Fisting, Fisting each other at the same time, lubes, enemas, relaxing the fistee, fear play, developing a scene around fisting, restraint, safety, negotiation techniques and more! Those that wish to are encouraged to participate, one way or the other! Voyeurs also required. We can't be exhibitionists if no one is watching! Any gender volunteers welcome. This class will include explicit sexual acts.

Friday Blaise(m)

HavdalahSpiritualitySat 6:15 PM1hr 30min

Join us for the traditional end of Sabbath prayers, as we welcome the start of the rest of the week, and as we move our headspace from something a little more sacred, to gearing up for the rest of the Flea!


Age Play PanelRole PlaySat 9:45 PM1hr 30min

A panel on age play.

Miss Luna, Solipsistic, Ayem_Willing

Power and Authority Exchange Relationships: A panelPower and Authority ExchangeSat 11:30 PM1hr 30min

A panel discussing M/s, D/s, and other intentional relationships & the issues that arise! Come listen to our panel discuss the various aspects and pitfalls of intentional relationships.

Trialsinner, Courtney Jane(m), Jawn's Doll, Mad Patter

Catheters and SoundsGeneral SkillsSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min

This class covers the insertion of urinary catheters and sounds, male and female. There is discussion of the use of this play in power transfer (D/s, M/s and others). It includes a demonstration and hands on participation (when applicable). It also covers safety.


Getting Good Head: Face Slapping and Hair Pulling for PlayImpactSun 11:45 AM1hr 30min

When done correctly, hair pulling and face slapping can leave your eyes rolling in the back of your head. This class details various types of scenes that benefit from these techniques, used to heighten energy between you and your partners. The mood may call for sensual caresses or throat-fucking service. Courtney Jane can tell you how much her performance has improved from being "taught" these techniques through personal experience. Be entertained by the conversation and learn a few new ways to take your partners' breath away.

Courtney Jane(m)

Alternative ActivismGeneral SkillsSun 1:45 PM1hr 30min

This panel will address how to get involved in movements and organizations benefiting queer, poly, kink, trans*, and other marginalized groups. Come hear from current activists and leaders, and learn how you can help!

Kyle BostonDSM(m), Wintersong, Vivienne



Cameryn Moore: Power I Play: (choose your own adventure)EVENTFri 5:45 PM1hr 45min

You have the power to choose how you do sex. Come play with Cameryn and explore for yourself, in this sensual, surprising, intensely interactive show from the creator of Phone Whore and slut (r)evolution. This special preview is one hour long; arrive at 5:45 to get your seat, curtain goes up at 6, and stay after for a half-hour discussion! power | play is presented at the FFF with the support of the New England Leather Alliance.

Cameryn Moore(m)

TwoPlay: The Art of Making OutGeneral SkillsFri 8:00 PM1hr 30min

Rediscover the lost art of the backseat, the front porch, the stolen moments in the coat room. This is a class to rekindle the pleasures of first and second base, to explore and develop the skills that charge those make-out sessions with romantic connections that last a lifetime. Topics range from practical tips on kissing to the Ancient Kama Sutra Secrets of the Grope and cultivating the attitude of erotic anticipation that leads to That Great Kiss. Step by step, each skill building on the next, by the end you'll be full of ideas of how to make making out outstanding. Please bring a practice partner, all genders & orientations welcome. This class has also been featured on the Kink Academy website.


Interrogation and Military ScenesRole PlayFri 9:45 PM1hr 30min

Crisp uniforms. Commanding women and dashing men. Relentless discipline. Cruel interrogators. Physically demanding training. Intimidating inquisitions and pointed questionings. If these images make your heart beat faster, then march don't walk to this class! Depending upon both the capacity of your playing facility and how you structure your scene, your interrogation or military play can involve only two people or a large cast with complicated coordination. In this presentation Midori will discuss the different types of military vs. interrogation scenes, how to prepare for them, how to maintain your chosen roles, and how to do it all safely. Scenes will be demonstrated right before your eyes!


Roper RoomLoungeSat 10:30 AM7hr 30min

Come join us in the Roper Room.
A space dedicated to practicing, learning and talking about rope. There will be experienced rope tops and bottoms here to help answer questions, teach ties, or just give a helping hand. Drop in and enjoy the company of other rope enthusiasts.
Here are some of the people that are here to help:

  • Brghteyes
  • Dunter
  • JustDerek
  • RiggerJay
  • ToriStorii
  • Twitch-the-Swtich


Compassionate Communication: How to Improve your Relationship while Talking about itCommunicationSat 6:15 PM1hr 30min

Back, in school, we learned how to do quadratic equations. Many of us learned how to diagram sentences. We even learned what a water molecule is made of. How many of us learned how to communicate without getting defensive - without minimizing or negating someone else's experience, and in such a way that makes the bridges between people stronger, even if there is a conflict? If you want to understand others more - and to be better understood, then this class is for you. Bendy will introduce you to techniques used by different spiritual traditions as well as those by a PhD who coined the phrase: Non Violent Communication.


Erotic Hypnosis 101 with DrSlashBlightGeneral SkillsSat 8:00 PM1hr 30min

Ever wish you could control someone with a single word? Then hypnosis may be for you! In this class you'll learn what hypnosis is and what it isn't, what is real and what only happens in the movies. You'll also learn what exciting things can be done with hypnosis in a BDSM context, how to hypnotize someone, and most importantly how to be safe with this new tool. Class time will be spent in explanation and some demo.

Dr. SlashBlight(m)

Beings of Faith and Desire: Embracing and Maintaining Our Spirituality as Erotic IndividualsSpiritualitySat 9:45 PM1hr 30min

Many of us are not just sexual explorers, kinksters, swingers, hedonists, power exchange practitioners, polyamorists or queer sex radicals. We are people of faith, belief, and spirit. We are Christian, Pagan, Jewish, Muslim, New Age, Hindu, Catholic, or follow many other spiritual systems and truths. What struggles and unexpected joys have you found in finding the balance between your erotic identities and the truths of your connections to divinity? Come discuss your hopes, fears, sorrows and joys amongst other individuals invested in or struggling with their respective beliefs as sexual beings.

Lee Harrington(m)

Erogenous Zoning ViolationsGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 PM1hr 30min

If the media insists on calling our gatherings "Sex Parties" then I say we have some sex! This class is about dungeon sex! No matter what the restrictions of the play space, we are going to get off! We will demonstrate in glorious detail all the various forms of dungeon sex that are a go at THIS EVENT. Includes strap-on play, public masturbation, tips for overcoming stage fright, and individual erogenous zone mapping.

Friday Blaise(m)

Photography ExhibitLoungeSun 10:00 AM6hr

Photography Exhibit



Naragansett A

New Designers Fetish FashionshowEVENTFri 9:00 PM2hr 30min

Fifth Annual New Designers' Festish Fashionshow, produced by with 100s of models, Cash bar, and Performances. (Additional cost $10)

DJ Pet

Universal and Sensual Foot ExperienceGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM1hr 30min

This class will cover the numerous ways of engaging and appreciating feet and their sexual, sensual, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions. Subjects of fetishism/partialism, massage/reflexology, adornment, footwear, foot worship, dominance, communication and foot play will be addressed. The presenter seeks to share an important (and sexy) pedular appreciation to build understanding and skills around one of the most prevalent sexual fetishes and universal symbols of human cultural identity.


Yoga for KinkstersGeneral SkillsSat 10:45 AM1hr 30min

The one - the only - Yoga for Kinksters returns to the Flea for the 3rd year in a row! Join Bendy as she leads you through an all-levels class which will focus on breath, movement and stretching. Like always, Bendy will have new material to share - and an awesome playlist! Wear comfortable clothes, bring a mat or towel. As long as you have spine and breath, you can take this class.


So You Like it Rough?: Thug Play from the Top and BottomImpactSat 1:00 PM1hr 30min

Punching, Hitting, Face-slapping, Hair-pulling, Caning, Beating, and Takedowns, oh my! Come learn how to minimize risk and maximize the fun of rough body play. Bendyogagirl and Dov will share their wisdom from the giving and receiving end - and, of course, there will be plenty of demonstration.

Bendyogagirl(m), Dov

Erotic Humiliation Play: Make 'Em Blush, Make 'Em SquirmRole PlaySat 2:45 PM1hr 30min

Why do people get off on being embarrassed or humiliated? Is this a style of play you've struggled to understand? Do you want to understand how to do this well and avoid disasters? What are the potential psychological ramifications? What's different for a one-time scene vs. playing with your life partner? What's the difference between a healthy and constructive scene and one that is destructive and harmful? Emphasizing emotional safety throughout, Midori will explore a wide range of play from light teasing and embarrassment to serious humiliation. She will share with you a unique model she's developed to better understand and create an experience that is hot for all the players involved.


Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM1hr 30min

Improv Comedy and Kink all in one show? What could be better? NOTHING! Whose Kink is a improvisational comedy show that features many different games for our Kink Rockstar/Educator Contestants where the games are fun and the points don't matter. Please join us as your host, DrSlashBlight, presents this year's contestants: GrayDancer, Bendyogagirl, Mollena, PETE, Lochai, Lqqkout, and TheLauren. Join us for all the laughter and surprises because everything is impromptu!

Bendyogagirl, TheLauren, Mollena, LqqkOut, Graydancer, P.E.T.E., Dr. SlashBlight(m), Lochai

Laughing Our Way to Intimacy: Humor and SexHumorSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min

Participatory Lecture
We've each had those moments -- when the vibrator goes flying or the stereo goes off with just the wrong song, and suddenly sex has turned into hilarity. But looking beyond the accidents that make for funny stories later, how can we incorporate humor and comedy to purposefully add spice, connection, intimacy or variety to our bedroom (and other) erotic adventures? Exploring the different schools of comedy from absurdity and slapstick to satire, black comedy and dry observation, we will see how each can be included in our sexual escapades. Whether you are using humor to try something new, push a boundary, look back on past pain, or simply PLAY -- this class is for you.

Lee Harrington(m)

Setting the Scene and Building TrustCommunicationSun 11:45 AM1hr 30min

As each of us learns and practices bondage we meet new partners and on occasion find someone new to rope bondage. While some jump in, there are those who are cautious or shy, and that can be a delightful thing. Our first bondage can be a graceful dance, approaching slowly, enjoying the shy opening of a flower, and languishing in time and courtesy. Here we will discuss techniques in setting the scene and in using rope that can be used to put a partner at ease and develop trust in our approach to bondage and to the person to be in the rope.


The Lazy Top's Guide to Pacing a ScenePower and Authority ExchangeSun 1:45 PM1hr 30min

After the success of her previous class, "The Lazy Top's Guide to a Creative and Exciting Scene", Princess Kali is back with more tips for the "Lazy Top" on how to effectively and easily set the pace of a scene, whether your kinky play lasts an hour, a weekend or even longer. Learn techniques to guide the timing and intensity of each session so that you are actually in control without having to work too hard at it (this is the "Lazy Top" series after all!). This class can help anyone (new or advanced) learn some tricks to tame time.

Princess Kali(m)


Naragansett B

Tie 'Em up and Fuck 'EmRopeSat 9:00 AM1hr 30min

"I don't do rope; it takes too long!" It's a common refrain heard from people all over. This class aims to dispel that myth, with practical, speedy, and above all erotic techniques to bring rope into your kink. Fast body harnesses to improve your fucklife, methods of handling rope in a sensually effective way, and ideas for to keeping a scene hot from the first wrap to the last tangled ropegasm on the floor. Graydancer, host of the long-running Ropecast on the internet will share all the Great Secrets of Rope in his irreverent and engaging style. Whether you're an experienced rigger, just took Basic Bondage, or are just curious about this whole "rope" thing, this class will have something in it to help you tie or be tied.


Growing together through being apartCommunicationSat 10:45 AM1hr 30min

Whether by choice or by circumstance, we may find ourselves apart from those we love, or would grow to love. The advent of the Internet has opened our minds and closed distances in the virtual sense, and this can lead us to develop relationships with people who would previously have been dismissed as "Geographically Undesirable." How do you cope with growing or continuing a relationship when you aren't able to spend time in one another's physical presence? Join the discussion as we look at ways to manage expectations, develop intimacy and not lose it while you find intimacies with those we love from a distance.


Go Team Slutty!CommunicationSat 1:00 PM1hr 30min

What do you get when you mix a bi boy and a failed lesbian? You get Team Slutty that's what! Once upon a time LqqkOut and Elisabetta unexpectedly fell in love. The major thing they had going for them from the beginning was their love of hot sexy times with lots of awesome friends and people they meet in their travels. Great communication, shared values, and a high commitment to self-work have helped them remain a drama-free, committed couple over the past two and a half years ... while engaging in lots of fun kinky experiences and relationships along the way both together and separately. They don't have all the answers, but they will share what has been successful for them and why. If you and your partner are interested in becoming sexual adventurers together, this class will offer ideas and how to avoid common pitfalls! All are welcome at this class, but note that it will focus mostly on the dynamics of being a couple in an open-relationship. This class is sponsored by Choice Social Club!

LqqkOut, Elisabetta(m)

Playing with the PussyGeneral SkillsSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min

This presentation/demo is about using or adapting techniques that will leave the lady with dreamy memories. We'll discuss/demonstrate detailed techniques for fingering, A-spot, the spongy tissue and cervix play, and vibrators. We'll begin by discussing the importance of various psychological conditions so that a woman would even be interested in participating in an extraordinary sexual evening (or even in sex at all). This includes suggestions about how to listen, talk, and respond to your partner.

Dr. Bob(m)

ApocalyptaKink Workshop: When Sh*t HappensGeneral SkillsSun 11:45 AM1hr 30min

Modeled after the EMT Certification Practical Test, this class will present several role-playing kink scenarios with "problems." Various class members will be given the opportunity to role-play their reactions and solutions to the problems, followed by constructive discussion by the entire class facilitated by Graydancer. The goal is to provide a more visceral experience for tops and bottoms to identify potential issues in rope bondage and creatively develop relevant protocols and strategies for solving them. Entertaining and often surprising, this class provides attendees with new insights into their own kink abilities.


Tickle Play with P.E.T.EHumorSun 1:45 PM1hr 30min

The Tickle Experience! is an interactive class that will cover introductory tickling techniques, bondage and tools along with more advanced elements of Tickle Torture, focusing on the experience of the ticklee and that of the tickler. Participants will be engaged in hands, or better yet, fingertips-on work and play with ticklee volunteers. The four elements of tickle torture will be discussed and demonstrated along with use of various and sundry tickle tools and implements of sensual doom, along with information about tickle community resources and support. Participants are urged to bring their favorite ticklish body parts (or those of their slaves and submissives!) or to contribute their own special tickling techniques. Though we will have demo volunteers, we encourage participants to use provided rope/bondage items or to bring their own to engage familiar and new playmates in the tickle experience in our Laboratory of Laughter. Participants will be asked, but not required, to be volunteer ticklers and ticklees. This class is appropriate for newbies and veterans to BDSM and/or tickling alike.



Naragansett C

Uniform fetish from the Mundane to the Military : From Jumpers to Jump BootsRole PlaySat 9:00 AM1hr 30min

Policemen, firemen, military, doctors, teachers, 7-11 workers, Catholic school girls, English school boys, superheroes, sports players, and anyone else who dons natty threads to denote being a part of something. Uniforms are everywhere and in everything just waiting to be exploited for all sorts of kinky goodness.
We're talking cosplay, being empowered, being made powerless, fashion, BDSM, respect, disrespect, what constitutes a uniform, and where to go with it all. So strip down, suit up, and be prepared to get in line and join us in uniform!
Or not. Go ahead. Be different. That's how we find you ...


Dark Role PlayRole PlaySat 10:45 AM1hr 30min

We have been "playing pretend" since we were young ... but the realm of kinky sexuality opens up all new directions role playing can take. Join us as we explore the shadowy realms of our fantasies and roles we can try on: abduction, abuse, torture, snuff, fantastical realms and anywhere else our twisted minds can dream up. We will discuss the joys and challenges of playing in our closet, how to make it happen, why it turns us on, how to bring it up to our partners, negotiating our desires and troubleshooting the challenges this stuff can bring up.

Lee Harrington(m), Wintersong

Fuck Dogma: Not Everything is as it seems ...General SkillsSat 1:00 PM1hr 30min

a settled or established opinion, belief, or principle: the classic dogma of objectivity in scientific observation. Synonyms: conviction, certainty.

NEVER put rope around the neck. Never do drugs & engage in s&m play, Never hit the kidneys with a flogger ... . We have all heard these steadfast NO's before but ... is this the way we should be engaging in our pleasures? This talk will NOT endorse nor condemn any form of play or opinion. We will have a very open & frank discussion on modes of play & what is looked on as doctrine & what is looked at as mere speculation & personal opinion.

Please come with an open mind & share with everyone why your play is ok & another person's play is not. This will NOT be about who is right, it will be about how to look at every situation from multiple angles.

We will start out focusing on the tragic death/injury that happened last September in Italy.


Romantic Surrender: Adding Dominance & Submission to Your LifePower and Authority ExchangeSat 2:45 PM1hr 30min

Romance is the number one reason why people want to incorporate dominance and submission to their relationship and/or bedrooms. But when you are just starting out, a bewildering array of rules, assumptions and quality-of-lifestyle measurements can be more intimidating than a cheap pair of fuzzy handcuffs and a satin blindfold. Relax! You don't need to be 24/7, you don't need to have your own private dungeon and you sure don't have to obey someone else's rules to have a good time and enjoy the sensual pleasure of making kinky dreams come true. Learn to discuss fantasies, negotiate with flirts and smiles and test the waters of deliciously risky play.

Laura Antoniou(m)

Negotiating for SubmissivesPower and Authority ExchangeSat 4:30 PM1hr 30min

When entering into any power exchange relationship, be it for an hour or a lifetime, you have the responsibility to negotiate what you are willing to compromise, what you are willing to give up, and what are your hard limits. How many of these negotiations involve what we want versus what we need? This class will use Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as a model to help you determine what your needs are and how you can get them met. Our discussion will include what might happen if your needs aren't met, and role playing some simple negotiations.

Jawn's Doll(m)

Fetish Prom NightEVENTSat 8:00 PM5hr

Welcome to the Fetish Prom night! The Gala Costume Ball that will have 4 stages of perfomances, DJed Dance space, and a Cash Bar. (Additionally $30. $25 if you buy in advance.)

DJ Pet

Arm BindingsRopeSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min

This class covers some of the different ways we can restrain the limbs that start from your shoulder and go down. From thumb cuffs to strappado, we look at some options to keep those pesky things out of our faces while we work.

Murphy Blue(m)

For your own good: Using Punishment in your D/s relationshipPower and Authority ExchangeSun 11:45 AM1hr 30min

Explore the reasons for, and effective methods of punishment to enhance and strengthen a relationship based upon authority and obedience. Drawing from her personal experience, basic psychology and longtime observations, Laura will discuss punishment and its myths, uses, limits, and how to create punishments that are appropriate to the moment, while being erotic and enjoyable to the enforcer. Learn how to use is to benefit both top and bottom and reinforce the positive values of your relationship. This is an enormously popular workshop!

Laura Antoniou(m)

Aural Sex : Seduction by Voice & Story TellingRole PlaySun 1:45 PM1hr 30min

Use the magic of Sheherezade! Incorporate seductive voice techniques learned in this class to heat up the bedroom and add spice to your erotic life.




Bootblacking Station SaturdayEVENTSat 9:00 AM12hr

Bootblacking station is open. Come, bring your tired, your foxed your crumpled leather yearning to be shined. The bootblacks are working hard for you. Their charity of choice this year is, again a local to Providence charity, giving starts at home.


Bootblacking Station SundayEVENTSun 10:00 AM6hr

Bootblacking station is open. Come, bring your tired, your foxed your crumpled leather yearning to be shined. The bootblacks are working hard for you. Their charity of choice this year is a local Providence charity, because giving starts at home.



Presidential Suite

MAsT MeetingPower and Authority ExchangeFri 7:00 PM2hr

Masters And slaves Together (MAsT) Mass is a discussion and support group for people in, or interested in, hierarchical or power exchange relationships. If you are interested in joining, please come to this open meeting and see what we're like! There is no need to be in a relationship to join, just so long as you're interested in power dynamics of any kind. We'll be discussing the topic: M/s community - what it is, what it should be, and what it could be.

Jawn's Doll, Railen Panther(m)

New England Hypnosis NELA SIGSocialFri 9:00 PM1hr

The NELA SIG: New England Hypnosis Group is welcoming folks to come and visit, meet some of the Hypno folks in a social setting, and get to know what the group is all about.


Bootblacking BOFSocialFri 10:00 PM1hr

This gathering is for anyone interested in the bootblacking arts.


Femdom PanelPower and Authority ExchangeSat 10:45 AM1hr 30min

Curious about female domination, or femdom? Come hear our panelists talk about maintaining dominance, what dominant women like and don't like, and more!

Miss Cindy(m)

Switches BOFPower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:00 PM1hr

A gathering place for those of us who like to live both sides of the power fence. Ask questions, share experiences, and discuss what makes switching the best form of power exchange out there!

NaughtyBaby(m), NaughtyRalphie

Pets BOFRole PlaySat 2:00 PM1hr

Pets and pet owners! Come and hang out with other pet play lovers. Bring some treats and toys and watch those puppies and kitties play!

Age play BOFRole PlaySat 3:00 PM1hr

A space for littles, and their bigs to get together. Coloring might happen!

Miss Luna(m)

VASE MeetupSocialSat 4:00 PM2hr

A Happy Hour (or two) for all Vermonters and VASE members
Come relax and socialize with VASE (Vermont Alternative Sexuality Education), NELA's first sister organization! Anyone who has attended a VASE event or wants to learn more about where to find the kinksters & great BDSM, poly, & kink education in Vermont is welcome to join us. There will be snacks provided and you are welcome, if over 21, to BYOB. We will review upcoming events (like the GRUE!) and welcome your suggestions for future programming. Feel free to bring your new toys for show & tell!

Madelyn (Miss Wyld)(m), Dan

TNG Meet & Greet: Hosted by BTNGSocialSat 6:00 PM1hr

A social gathering for kinky folks 18 to 35 years old. Hosted by the Boston TNG group BTNG.

Solipsistic, Eponine(m), Mad Patter

Furries!!!SocialSat 7:00 PM1hr

A Birds of a Feather for Furries, hosted by Ayem_Willing


The Society Meet and GreetSocialSat 8:00 PM1hr

The Society Meet and Greet - Fan of The Society in Connecticut, or want to learn more? Come hang out!

Spanking BOFSocialSat 9:00 PM1hr

For people who like spanking



Rest. Annex

Fleadom Trail FridaySocialFri 5:30 PM1hr 30min

The Flea is many people's first kink weekend. Make this Fetish Fair Fleamarket a historic event by joining us for Fleadom Trail fun! You'll get to talk to established community members and meet other newbies.
We'll have class and event schedules and maps to help you plot out your hot weekend, and we'll help you connect with other Flea attendees. Don't be a tea party wallflower at your first Flea -- revolutionize your kinky weekend by having fun with us at the Fleadom Trail


Scene Survival for New PlayersGeneral SkillsFri 8:00 PM1hr 30min

New bottoms and tops can often find themselves at a loss at play parties, events or at fetish clubs. How do you navigate the deep waters of the BDSM world? How do you get what you want but insure the safety that you need? How do you ride the excitement of all the new experiences but maintain your grip on reality? Join DeLano in a discussion of the basics of scene etiquette, negotiation and responsibilities that will help you lay the foundation for survival and success in the BDSM scene.


Tying MenRopeFri 9:45 PM1hr 30min

Come check out this exploration of tying up men/male-identified folks. Topics include how bondage for male identified people is like and unlike bondage for non-male identified people, techniques for poor shoulder flexibility, and step by step instructions through an upper body harness that features takate kote aesthetics, but doesn't give you that squished chest look. This is a non-genital class and folks of all genders and sexualities are welcome.


Fleadom Trail - SaturdaySocialSat 9:30 AM1hr 15min

The Flea is many people's first kink weekend. Make this Fetish Fair Fleamarket a historic event by joining us for Fleadom Trail fun! You'll get to talk to established community members and meet other newbies.
We'll have class and event schedules and maps to help you plot out your hot weekend, and we'll help you connect with other Flea attendees. Don't be a tea party wallflower at your first Flea -- revolutionize your kinky weekend by having fun with us at the Fleadom Trail!


Introduction to Rope BondageRopeSat 10:45 AM1hr 30min

Join Murphy Blue for a basic introduction to the world of Asian style rope bondage. This class will cover 1-column & 2-column ties, as well as basic chest and crotch harnesses. After we learn the basics, we'll show you how these things can be put together to create fun, sexy bondage!

Murphy Blue(m)

Coming Out KinkyCommunicationSat 2:45 PM1hr 30min

Princess Kali and Scott discuss the various aspects of coming out as kinky during this interactive presentation. They set the context for the "coming out" conversation, highlight three reasons (political, health, and social) for coming out, note the various levels of the process of coming out, and cover some of the effects of coming out too. They will also give you some concrete tips on how to come out to important people in your life.

Princess Kali, Scott Erickson(m)

Playing with Saran Wrap: Creating an AppetizerRopeSat 4:30 PM1hr 30min

How to use Saran Wrap safely to mummify someone. In this case, we are going to make our demo bottom into an attractive appetizer. Come join the fun as we interlayer foods in the wrappings. Dr. Robert Rubel is very safety conscious, and he will stress the importance both of using food safe plastic wrap on a body and of preventing skin from touching skin during the wrapping process.

Dr. Bob(m)

The Call Beyond Equals: Dominance and Submission 101Power and Authority ExchangeSat 6:15 PM1hr 30min

In our culture we are taught that the ideal relationship is one between equals- but some of us are drawn to power exchange, dominance, submission, service, surrender and control for a variety of reasons. For some this is a fun role playing activity in the bedroom, and for others there is a calling from deep within to make this a reality in every day life. We will discuss the variety of types of dominant/submissive relationship systems and structures out there, look at our own desires and fears with these sorts of play or relationships, and see how we can incorporate the parts that call to us into our sex lives or world at large.

Lee Harrington(m)

Age Play: A Kid's PerspectiveRole PlaySat 8:00 PM1hr 30min

Sure we hear about the Mommy's and Daddy's, but what about the kids?! This class will explore the ins and outs, the ups and down, and the good and bad of all aspects of Age Play. This will range from the lighthearted (cartoons and sippy-cups) to the darker and more taboo aspects, from the rarely seen Kid's point of view! All are welcome to learn (remember to raise your hand!), and know that there will be candy!

Miss Luna(m)

Bi/Poly/Switch PanelGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 PM1hr 30min

Think they are only magical unicorns? Or the most complete sluts? Can you be a bi-poly-switch and still say no? Are we just unable to make up our damn minds?! Come listen to self-identified bi-poly-switches of mixed genders talk about what it really means, not just the myths & fantasies.

NaughtyEm, Graydancer, Madelyn (Miss Wyld), Carnivorous

Monogamy Without ShameGeneral SkillsSun 11:45 AM1hr 30min

Ever been the only one standing at a munch and announcing yourself as monogamous? Despairing when you see profile after profile of people in whom you are interested - but they list themselves as polyamorous and therefore, you feel, out of your potential pool? Have you ever compromised your need for a one-on-one relationship because you thought it would be OK - only to find yourself frustrated and despairing of ever finding that monogamous partner? Come on in out of the cold then! With the broad acceptance of many types of polyamorous love-styles in the BDSM and Leather life-style, it can, sometimes seem daunting when you are a person who identifies as monogamous. It can be even more challenging when you realize that monogamy means different things to different people in different situations! Are you sexually monogamous? sensually monogamous? emotionally monogamous, play monogamous but emotionally poly? emotionally and sexually monogamous but play poly?
Yep, it gets wild out there, folks!
But the best way to approach other folks is from your own grounded place. In this session, we'll discuss what monogamy means, whether or not it is an unattainable myth, and if you have to shun a poly partner out of hand due to irreconcilable differences! Kinksters of all relationship-style identifications are welcome. We all have much to learn from one another, and much more in common that we might think!


Guerrilla Fetish Photography and the LawGeneral SkillsSun 1:45 PM1hr 30min

A discussion talking about the logistics involved with doing fetish/bondage photography in public settings. How to find locations for a shoot, how to find photography laws for your city, how to deal with the appearance of law enforcement etc.



South County

MonoPoly: A panelCommunicationFri 6:15 PM1hr 30min

A panel on the challenges and opportunities in relationships where the degrees of polyamory/monogamy don't line up. What do you do when one partner is monogamous and is uncomfortable with polyamory? Is there a path forward, and how do you find it? Listen as our panelists discuss this and other pitfalls.

Bendyogagirl, Kyle BostonDSM(m), Katastrophic

How to Throw a WhipImpactFri 8:00 PM1hr 30min

This is a class geared to get anyone who has just bought a signal whip up and running with a good basic set of throwing skills to grow and develop with. We will be covering basic throws and how to string them together in to a complete throwing style.
Please bring your own whip preferably 4 feet or longer (Acceptable whips for this class are Signal whips and Mini snakes )
Spiral wrap glued whips are not acceptable for use in this class if you have any questions please contact me prior to the class.


Applied Rigging for Brain and Hands: The nuts and bolts of thinking your way through rope bondageRopeFri 9:45 PM1hr 30min

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
- Lao Tzu

In this class, rather than simply hand you a fish, or in this case a specific form we will discuss why it exists and its function. We will discuss how to think with rope. As we learn to fish we will discuss feeding your mind and developing your skill set to practice rope bondage creatively and with intent.

Many classes teach you specific forms for specific parts of the body. Here we begin to feed the hunger to learn rope bondage. We can learn a great deal from classic and proven forms. Yet we will be mirrors of we do not seek to understand the whys. If we begin to understand they create inspiration to think, at initial idea and problem solving, to learning good rope handling skills to improve tension and efficiency.


The Sensuous Art of CaningImpactSat 6:15 PM1hr 30min

We begin by showing the romance of a cane to create pleasure and then expand to romance with a greater edge. Sensual players and the Edge will find something in this class.

With a little knowledge a cane or canes can caress with silken touch, or bite like a pit viper. Often feared the cane is one of the most versatile staples found in many BDSM toy bags. Here Sol debunks the myth that a cane should always be feared, and also shows why it might be feared.

Sol will discuss the construction of canes and their capabilities to produce rhythms and sensations from Sensuous to Sadistic, and demonstrate trance inducing percussive techniques, as well as single, dual, and quad caning. Right for novice to the experienced he covers techniques, safety, body physiology and sweet spots.

Please bring your canes so we can discuss the tools you use and ideas how to add layers to your repertoire.

Get your groove on to the rhythm of the beat.


Strong Slaves, Bodacious BottomsCommunicationSat 8:00 PM1hr 30min

Self-identification is difficult for anyone in the alternative lifestyle. It can be even more challenging for people who see themselves as strong in their lives but desirous of submission. There is a great deal of pressure in the BDSM community to "seem submissive," so what do you do when you see yourself as strong and fierce and yet crave mastery and domination? Believe me, you are not alone. There are many submissives and bottoms and slaves who are strong and independent and finding their way through the maze of the Kink Community! This class is an intense discussion of self-assessment personal identification, passion and power. From those who struggle with their desire to submit, to those who strive for greater strength of purpose, this class will be a wonderful opportunity to bond with the likeminded and suss out your strength in an open setting. And for tops dominants and masters, this is an excellent opportunity to get into the mind of those who are strong and embrace the dichotomy of strength in submission and freedom in slavery!


Connection and Intent: The Illustrated Guide to Hot Rope PlayRopeSat 9:45 PM1hr 30min

What's the temperature of your rope play? Are you missing out on what others are experiencing? Got the techniques down, but want more than just pretty rope? We do rope for many different reasons. Explore the ideas of connection and intent as foundations for hotter scenes, for play that has the potential to go deeper, farther, faster for both top and bottom. Using slides of their artistic collaboration as a visual example, Michele & DeLano discuss connection & intent, ways it works well for them, and what happens (& what to do!) when it fails. Discuss, share and explore ways to define and focus connection and intent to enhance your own play.

Michele Serchuk(m), DeLano

Spirituality in BDSM: A panelSpiritualitySat 11:30 PM1hr 30min

There are a lot of approaches to What It Is That We Do, some from a very physical point of view, and some from a much more spiritual point of view. This panel will delve into some of the aspects of the whys and wherefores of that spiritual side. Many different points of view exist and some subset of them will be explored.

Bendyogagirl, Lee Harrington(m), Coral, Wintersong

Pony PaddockLoungeSun 10:00 AM6hr

This is the place for owners and trainers to bring their ponies for a bit of a workout or grooming. Loaner tack is available for the new and curious, we'll help get you started as a pony, trainer, or stablehand. The bigger the herd, the more fun we all have - come join the herd!

La Dresseuse(m)



Saturday Associates Only VendingVendorSat 10:30 AM30min

Associates Early Access to the vendors.

Leather By Danny

Saturday VendingVendorSat 11:00 AM7hr

Come and see the vendors!

Leather By Danny

Sunday Associates Only VendingVendorSun 10:30 AM30min

Associates Early Access to the vendors.

Leather By Danny

Sunday VendingVendorSun 11:00 AM5hr

Come and see the vendors!

Leather By Danny