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Event Room Schedule for FFF #34

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Room Schedules for all public sessions.

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Stretching for Bottoms - Tops WelcomeMovementSat 9:00 AM1hr 30min

Bottoms often have to hold still, permit physical manipulation, and respond to stimuli. We will use slow stretching to explore the relationship between breath, body, and mind to empower Bottoms (and any interested Tops) in understanding how stretching and yoga can be useful on his/her path. This class will be taught to all levels, and anyone with a spine (literally) can attend. Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Let Bendyogagirl know if you have any injuries.


How to Please A WomanGeneral SkillsSat 10:30 AM1hr 30min

This presentation is about a wide range of techniques to please the Lady. We'll include discussions both about kinky and vanilla techniques. We'll begin with a discussion of how to set up the psychological conditions so that a woman will even be responsive to receive an extraordinary sexual evening.

Dr. Bob(m)

Exotic Dance: Please, Tease, Tempt, and TortureMovementSat 12:30 PM1hr 30min

Learn some exotic dance basics and the fundamentals of having a powerful presence. The skills learned in this workshop are perfect for stage work, role play, performing for a partner, stripping as service, or simply being more confident and sensual. Some of the topics covered include: making an entrance to remember; flirting with the audience; how to keep an audience engaged and wanting more. This is perfect for all sizes, genders, dancers and non-dancers. There is no stripping in this class.

Honey Suckle Duvet(m)

D/s of the Argentine TangoMovementSat 2:00 PM1hr 30min

This workshop will discuss the pitfalls and strengths of D/s relationships though Argentine Tango. The class will focus on teaching and interpreting nonverbal commands and connections within a D/s context using dance to show the man's role in the tango as the top/lead and that of the woman's role in the dance as the bottom/follower. Due to the nature of the class you will need a partner to participate. This class is not gender/role specific, but each duo will have to decide who will be top.

Lord Ramirez(m)

Impact Play 124: Being a Thug & Rough Body PlayImpactSat 3:30 PM1hr 30min

We will have fun while we play hands-on: punching, wrestling, using pressure points, and generally manhandling your bottom into submission. You will learn how to do it safely for both the top and bottom.

Bendyogagirl, Dov(m), Phoenix

Stretching for Tops - Bottoms WelcomeMovementSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min

If you are a Top, then you know how important it is to have mobility in your joints for ease in flogging your partner. Have you ever noticed your back feeling sore after a long night of sceneing? Come to this dynamic stretching class (for all bodies) that will help you be more centered and mobile in your play. This class compliments the Bottoms' class. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Let Bendyogagirl know if you have any injuries.


Bottoming PresentationGeneral SkillsSun 11:30 AM1hr 30min

Forget what you've read. Being a great bottom isn't easy. For those that are on the receiving end of the delicious tortures that tops create, no matter what you call yourself (submissive, slave, or bottom), this discussion covers the basics of real life bottoming that everyone needs to know. Silverdreams will communicate important concepts of bottoming while showing you how to avoid some of the most commonly made mistakes and showing you that there's nothing simple about bottoming.


Boot Blacking InteractiveGeneral SkillsSun 1:30 PM1hr 30min

Ever wonder how to care for your or someone else's leathers to help them look and feel their best? This interactive class will introduce you to the supplies and techniques of bootblacking including basic shine as well as common variations. Come with boots, any bootblacking supplies you may have, your questions, and expect to get dirty. Participation encouraged, but not required. Come by the bootblack community table for questions on what supplies to bring to participate.




Authorial ReadingAuthor ReadingsFri 8:00 PM2hr

Readings by authors of their works. D.L. King, Sacchi Green, Teresa Noelle Roberts, and Celia Tan.

D. L. King Erotica, Cecilia Tan(m)

BOF: Littles PlaytimeSocialFri 10:00 PM1hr

Come and play with the littles, or be a big. If you bring your toys, sharing is a great way to make new friends.

Michelle D.(m), Ian, Aimee, Micah

SIG: PhotographySocialFri 11:00 PM1hr

Photography SIG

Trialsinner(m), RiggerJay, RopeRider

Meet and Greet: Violet Wand GuildSocialSat 12:00 AM1hr

A meeting of the Violet Want Guild. We are shocked that you aren't a member already.

Lady Shimla(m)

Femdom CirclePower and Authority ExchangeSat 9:00 AM1hr 30min

The Femdom Circle (and other Femdom Ladies) will be talking about the world of Female Domination, and the local organizations one can go to, to find out more.

Lady Cyanide, Kyri, Miss Cindy(m)

Forced Femme: It's not just for guys anymoreGenderSat 10:30 AM1hr 30min

This class will discuss many facets of traditional forced feminization along side other practices of gender fucking. Lauren and her partners will be discussing the emotional and mental aspects of this form of play, as well as giving practical tips in make-up and dress.This class will be beneficial to both Tops interested in force feminizing, along with those who wish to be forced feminized.


Neko-Chan 101: Find Your Inner Cat/Human HybridRole PlaySat 12:30 PM1hr 30min

A Neko-Chan is a human with extremely feline characteristics, and sometimes with some feline physical elements. Find your inner cat-person through a series of explorations. This class includes elements of Cosplay (Costume play), age play, and pet play. The class is a mix of beginner and intermediate but welcomes established Nekos as well. Nya! :3!!

Lady Cyanide(m)

Reading and Writing Body LanguageCommunicationSat 2:00 PM1hr 30min

Ever wonder what someone's body language is saying? Want to improve what you are saying without words? Want to understand the implicit communications of that hot couple over there? If so, this class is for you! This class will be interactive, but you can leave your corset on :)

Bendyogagirl(m), Hacksaw

Safe Play and YouGeneral SkillsSat 3:30 PM1hr 30min

Safety Penguin says: Go to this Class.


Role Play 104: Age Play, Littles and AB/DLRole PlaySat 5:00 PM1hr 30min

Baby Ella presents on Littles-AB/DL folks

Baby Ella(m)

An Introduction to the Master/slave mindsetPower and Authority ExchangeSat 6:30 PM1hr 30min

Ever wonder about what the Power Exchange, Authority Exchange, Master/slave, Dominance/submission section of BDSM is? Well... here's a chance to find out.


Room InductionCommunicationSat 8:00 PM1hr 30min

Come relax and enjoy yourself as Lady Ru'etha takes you on an inner journey. Comfortable clothing strongly recommended.

Lady Ru'etha(m)

Dancing in the SceneMovementSat 9:30 PM1hr 30min

Everyone knows that, with good music, Murphy Blue is not one to stay still. Learn from him how to move your ropes, your partners, and yourself to the music of the Dungeon.

Murphy Blue(m)

Authorial ReadingAuthor ReadingsSat 11:00 PM2hr

Readings by authors of their works.

D. L. King Erotica, Cecilia Tan(m)

Introduction to Medical PlayGeneral SkillsSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min

Dr. Irv is going to bring back his very popular "Introduction to Medical Play" class for us, again, this year.


Puppy Play 101: Introduction to Puppy PlayRole PlaySun 11:30 AM1hr 30min

An introduction to the Care and Feeding of your Puppy. What to expect, what to look for, how to manage complex questions and situations.


Impact Play 207: Japanese War FanImpactSun 1:30 PM1hr 30min

The Sensu-Gata, or Japanese war fan, has long been associated with Asian and Japanese culture. For the Samurai it was often used as a surrogate sword in situations where the sword was not or could not be available. Join Ramirez as he teaches you the history and use of the fan, as well as techniques for using the fan in play.

Lord Ramirez(m)


Naragansett A

Fashion ShowEVENTFri 7:30 PM3hr

The Fashion show, hosted by DJPet! For more information, please see Doors open at 7:30, show starts promptly at 8:00, and runs for 2 hours with intermission.

Post Fashion Show DanceEVENTFri 11:00 PM2hr

Dance of the century. Come in all your beauty, and strut your stuff.

Photography 103: Fucking With Your CameraPhotographySat 9:00 AM1hr 30min

The difference between a snapshot and a hot photograph lies at the intersection of many things. In this non-technical workshop, we'll explore the elements that make a good erotic photograph; turning our attention inwards, listening to our own erotic voice. The topics we cover matter to both seasoned studio photographers and to bedroom beginners.


Rope 305: Multiple Rope Flower BondageRopeSat 10:30 AM1hr 30min

For years, Murphy Blue has been binding several of his girls all at once. Come and get an insight into what skills that takes, and how to begin to walk that path yourself, either as one of the multiple rope flowers, or as the rigger.

Murphy Blue(m)

Shooting your Partner - Ready, Aim, DesirePhotographySat 12:30 PM1hr 30min

Photography 108. Join Trialsinner in a class all about capturing your loved ones. Photographically. We will discuss and demonstrate the best ways to bring out the hot, passionate energy between you and your partner, and then capture it in gorgeous photographs. Not just for couples; all are welcome.


Making Erotic Videos for Fun and ProfitPhotographySat 2:00 PM1hr 30min

Photography 110. Technology is getting less expensive and easier to use. Videotaping your sexual adventures can be for personal enjoyment or even to make some extra cash. Learn about the basic equipment you will need, camera angles, settings, props, and story lines. See video clips from a variety of genres of porn to help you decide on the style you are going for and get a list of resources for starting your own adult web-based business. Come learn how to get the most buck out of your bang!

Princess Kali(m)

Rope 110: Hands-On Rope BondageRopeSat 3:30 PM1hr 30min

Rope bondage can be simple, elegant, effective, and sensual, but if you don't know how to do it right, it can be dangerous. Midori will teach you how to use this versatile bondage tool to maximize fun, and minimize risks. Learn basic techniques, including many 2 column restraints, and creative, sexy positions. Midori is the author of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage and is an expert in safe and effective Japanese inspired rope bondage. Bring 2 lengths each of 15' and 25' rope.


La Red BallEVENTSat 9:00 PM4hr

La Red Ball, Tickets available in advance. For more information, please see:

Photography 115: Passionate Imagery: Erotic Photography WorkshopPhotographySun 10:00 AM3hr

Do you want to convey more through your photos? Perhaps you are shooting sexy pictures of a lover or creating your own erotic artwork. How can you use the erotic connection you have with your subject to shoot stronger, more personal images? Using a slide show of images and demo model interviews, we will discuss how to put subjects at ease, draw out their own sensuality, and creates a safe and exciting space conducive to making powerful erotic imagery.
We will have a photo lab session so bring your favorite cameras, whether top-of-the-line pro gear, pocket cam or even a phone cam. Model releases and studio lighting will NOT be provided; on-camera flash is strongly suggested. Our lab portion is not designed to facilitate creation of presentation-quality images; rather it is an opportunity to practice a different approach to shooting.

Michele Serchuk(m), DeLano, Tory, NaughtyEm

Military and Interrogation Scenes, AbridgedRole PlaySun 1:30 PM1hr 30min

Crisp Uniforms. Commanding women and dashing men. Relentless discipline. Cruel interrogators. Physically demanding training. If these images make your heart beat faster, then march, don't walk to this class! Your Military play might involve only two people or a large cast with complicated communication. Midori will discuss the different types of scenes, how to prepare for them, how to maintain your roles, and how to do it all safely. Expect intense scenes demonstrated right before your eyes.



Naragansett B

Building a Solid Toy BagGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM1hr 30min

So, you want to build a toy bag? What basic staples should be in your toy bag? What are some of the options, focuses, and considerations you should have to build your first kit?

Lord Ramirez, Margaret, Ian(m), Big Head Studio

Getting Started with BDSMGeneral SkillsSat 10:30 AM1hr 30min

For a lot of people the Fetish Fair Fleamarket is their first or amongst their first events. For those people, this class (and the followup SM 101 class next month) is an excellent introduction to what might be expected of and from new people involved in BDSM.

Renee, Silverdreams, Beth Kimbell(m), Margaret, Aimee, Micah

Bottom/Submissive/Slave SolutionsPower and Authority ExchangeSat 12:30 PM1hr 30min

Having trouble with an issue from a bottom, submissive, or slave point of view? This panel is made up of distinguished individuals who have been solving these problems for years, and want to help you solve your problems, as well.

Bendyogagirl, Silverdreams(m), slave Eric, Mephki, Aimee, Jawn's Doll

Top/Dominant/Master SolutionsPower and Authority ExchangeSat 2:00 PM1hr 30min

Having trouble with an issue from a Top, Dominant, or Master point of view? This panel is made up of distinguished individuals who have been solving these problems for years, and who want to help you solve your problems, as well.

Griffin, DaSade, Kyri, Micah(m)

GenderliciousGenderSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min

Gender kink/all things trans-related. Enjoy an in-depth look at the substantial differences between those who are trans/those who enjoy forced fem/other gender play. Everyone's concepts of gender identity and sexuality are often more multi-layered than they think. The process of sorting out where you fit on the gender spectrum can be a journey that may involve gender kink. We will examine what makes forced fem a kink, how to make your play better, as well as look at other forms of gender play.


Airtight Etiquette: How to Organize a GangbangSocialSun 11:30 AM1hr 30min

For many people, a gangbang sounds deliciously hot, but challenging to make happen practically. But whether you're looking to be organizing the pack, want to be one of those lined up waiting for an open hole or dream of being the one getting gangbanged, making this fantasy happen is a lot easier then you might think. We will discuss all the different ways you can play with gangbang energy, different gender combinations and power dynamics.

Dark TeddyBear(m)


Naragansett C

How to Host a PartyGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM1hr 30min

So, you want to throw a kinky party? What supplies do you need? What staff do you need? What legal concerns do you have to worry over? What space do you need? All these questions and more will be answered in the next episode of ... SOAP!

Beth Kimbell, Leather By Danny(m)

BDSM Spirituality: the Ordeal PathPower and Authority ExchangeSat 10:30 AM1hr 30min

From the Lakota Sun Dance to monastic submission, the elements of BDSM have been part of people's spiritual lives for millennia. We will explore the different ways you can incorporate these varied practices into your spiritual life, from sacred pain ordeals to cathartic ritual theater to an ethical and spiritual expression of submission and mastery.

Raven Kaldera(m)

Transitioning With A Third Gender IdentityGenderSat 12:30 PM1hr 30min

Let's think clearly about what physical gender transition means when it intersects with identity. Are you wondering whether or not to physically transition, but are holding back because you don't have a solidly male or female identity? That doesn't have to be a barrier. Let's talk about the ambivalencies of shapeshifting your flesh when your identity is all over the place. Come with questions!

Raven Kaldera(m)

Impact Play 104: FloggingImpactSat 2:00 PM1hr 30min

Flogging is a staple of the public scene. It can be hard, soft, rough, gentle, thuddy, stingy, and a whole bunch of other adjectives. Come and learn all this and more from Dark Teddy Bear.

Dark TeddyBear(m)

Communication Effectiveness in the M/s StructurePower and Authority ExchangeSun 10:00 AM1hr 30min

Master/slave structures are complex; they are far more complex than marriages. Similarly, communication between a slave who has surrendered authority over him/herself and the Master who has near-total control over that slave can be incredibly complex. Not only are there certain ways that the slave should/must approach the Master, the Master has certain boundaries that surround how he should/must reply to the slave in order to continually demonstrate his personal Mastery.

Dr. Bob(m)

Mind Play 101: Introduction to Erotic HypnosisGeneral SkillsSun 11:30 AM1hr 30min

Hypnosis, what is it, what can it do, and how does it relate to BDSM? Come to this class and find out!

Lady Ru'etha(m)


Prog. Runner

SIG: HypnosisSocialFri 8:00 PM1hr

Come to Hypnosis SIG; there will be something mephki baked.


Meet and Greet: Upper Valley MunchSocialFri 9:00 PM1hr

UpperValleyMunch (UVM) has an on-line discussion forum which is highly regarded in the BDSM community with between 400 and 1,000 posts per month and lots of interesting, informative, and thought provoking topics, threads, Weekly Discussion Topics, as well as a Kinky Events Calendar, a Photo of the Week, and more. Our monthly munch is one of the largest munches in New England. For more info visit us at:


BOF: Friends of Bill W.SocialFri 10:00 PM1hr

A Birds of a Feather for the Friends of Bill W.

Star S(m)

Speed Dating/FlirtingSocialFri 11:00 PM2hr

Speed dating, speed flirting, speed connections.

Marah Fellicce(m)

Medical Testing -- Boot BlackingLoungeSat 9:00 AM8hr

HIV testing, blood pressure screenings, Hepatitis vaccines and the chance to ask knowledgeable medical providers any questions you want. Provided by Comprehensive Community Action: Family Health Services. -- Have your boots seen better days? Has it been a while since they've been cleaned and polished? Stop on by , grab a chair, and let us do the work

BOF: Straitjacket LoversSocialSat 5:00 PM1hr

The Massachusetts Straitjacket Lovers group invites everyone who owns or is interested in straitjackets to come together and chat about them. Bring your straitjacket if you would like to show it off or wear it. We will have some extra ones if people would like to try out a straitjacket. We will try to organize a group to walk around, or be led, while wearing their straitjackets. Organized by Questioner.


Meet and Greet: NH Seacoast Kinky ConSocialSat 6:00 PM1hr

A newly organized group for like-minded kinksters near the UNH campus and surrounding towns. We hold monthly TNG munches in Dover NH, have organized an all age conference on kink for beginners in the scene. Tentatively our next Kinky Conference is coming up April 10th in Portsmouth NH, expanding the knowledge of kink to the younger generation while including the older generations to bring their own perspective to the group. Run by Courtney Jane,

Courtney Jane(m)

BOF: Gay MenSocialSat 7:00 PM1hr

Gay Men Birds of a Feather.

Scott Erickson(m)

BOF: Thelema, Paganism, and SpiritualitySocialSat 8:00 PM1hr

Open gathering for those of a spiritual nature. Thelemite, pagan, chiristian, sufi, daoist, et cetera, gather here to meet others interested in the more spiritual side of kink.

Beth Kimbell(m)

Meet and Greet: TNG The Next GenerationSocialSat 9:00 PM1hr

For those folks between the ages of 18 and 35, come and meet your contemporaries!

Jason, Braden(m)

Meet and Greet: The SocietySocialSat 10:00 PM1hr

Come meet the members of The Society, based in Hartford, CT. The only regular space in the New England area.


BOF: Fetlife MembersSocialSat 11:00 PM1hr

For all the folks on (and if you are not, you should be.)


BOF: PolyfolkSocialSun 12:00 AM1hr

Poly folks. Bofing. What could be more complicated?

Michelle D., Ian, Aimee, Micah(m)

Medical Testing -- Boot BlackingLoungeSun 9:00 AM6hr

HIV testing, blood pressure screenings, Hepatitis vaccines and the chance to ask knowledgeable medical providers any questions you want. Provided by Comprehensive Community Action: Family Health Services. -- Have your boots seen better days? Has it been a while since they've been cleaned and polished? Stop on by , grab a chair, and let us do the work


Rest. Annex

Impact play 106: CaningImpactFri 8:00 PM1hr 30min

Canes are a very intense form of impact play. Here Countess will be teaching you the solid skills of using one safely, securely, and with lots of fun.


Phone Whore Discussion BreakoutGeneral SkillsFri 9:30 PM30min

A special half-hour talkback session for people who attended the world premiere of Phone Whore earlier in the evening. Discuss fantasy, taboo, the politics of sex work, and the erotic possibilities of phone sex with Cameryn Moore, writer and performer of Phone Whore, and Lisa Dupre, director.

Cameryn Moore(m)

Meet and Greet: Puppy PoundSocialFri 10:00 PM1hr

Join the pups from to romp and play off leash. Strays and new or shy pups are always welcome, as are trainers/handlers or anyone that just loves seeing the pups play. Feel free to bring your favorite ball or squeekie toys.


BOF: Neko-chan: for the kitties in all of usSocialFri 11:00 PM1hr

A Birds of a Feather for the Kittens, hosted by our own Wolf Princess! How's that for a collection of delight?


Meet and Greet: Floating WorldSocialSat 12:00 AM1hr

Come and meet the folks running the Floating World event down in New Jersey, this coming Summer.


Coming Out KinkyGeneral SkillsSat 5:00 PM1hr 30min

Are you just starting out? Have you finally decided to let the people around you, or even just your close friends or relatives know about your kinky life? Need helpful suggestions or guidance on how to do so? Our experts can help.

Princess Kali, Scott Erickson(m)

Finding Our Kink Roots in Movies and TVPhotographySat 6:30 PM1hr 30min

David Bowie in Labyrinth. Batman tied up. Rhett ravishing Scarlet. We have all seen TV or movies that connect to something in our own fantasies. Whether the scene was explicitly kinky, or just contained a dynamic that plays into your own particularly twisted imagination, those things can shape how we see kink, and how we talk about it. We're going to view a number of such scenes, and talk about how those kinds of scenes shape our kink, and how they can be a helpful way to talk to others.

Dark TeddyBear(m), Calliope

Pony Play 101: Introduction to Pony PlayRole PlaySat 8:00 PM1hr 30min

Pony Play is a long-held attention getting piece of BDSM. It's big; it has it's own contests, ranks, skills, sub-types, and associations between Top and bottom, Dom and sub. Come find out what you may, and visit the Pony Lounge, as well, for more information.

La Dresseuse(m)

Ask A Rope ExpertRopeSat 9:30 PM1hr 30min

Do you have advanced questions about rope, rope play, rope safety, or rope art? These are the experts to answer your questions. Come in and find out!

Dov, Trialsinner(m), DeLano, DaSade, TheLauren

Modeling and PhotographyPhotographySat 11:00 PM1hr 30min

Curious about modeling? Want to your photographic questions answered? Then come to this panel of models and photographers and find out how it all works!

Trialsinner(m), ShivaKitty

Pony PaddockLoungeSun 10:00 AM5hr

This is the place for owners and trainers to bring their ponies for a bit of a workout or grooming. Loaner tack is available for the new and curious, we'll help get you started as a pony, trainer, or stablehand. The bigger the herd, the more fun we all have - come join the herd!

La Dresseuse(m)


South County

Phone Whore PerformanceEVENTFri 6:45 PM1hr

A performance that began between calls. Drawing from her work as a phone sex operator and delving into the murk of her own sexual life, she considers how what appears as acting out roles for the gratification of others in fact stoked her own very real appetite for sexual power. "Phone Whore" is about fantasy and mind control, taboos and fetishes, and the place of "deviant" desires in society today.

Cameryn Moore

Rope 102 : Basic RopeRopeFri 8:00 PM1hr 30min

Rope play has been recently entering into the spotlight for kink enthusiasts and even into popular culture. There are lots of sources on-line if you know where to look, but learning from them can be daunting. Get going with a hands-on course to teach you some basics of rope play: history on Japanese rope, types of rope, safety, as well as some ties. Please bring 3 30' lengths of rope. Clothes line or something similar from your local home hardware store will work for this class.


Speed Negotiation to Get the Play You WantGeneral SkillsFri 9:30 PM1hr 30min

Not sure how to start your scene? Have you ever come out of an SM experience unfulfilled? Why not learn how to get what you want. This class will help the Top/Bottom/Dominant/Submissive to experience a fulfilling scene.


Bringing Dracula to the DungeonRole PlayFri 11:00 PM1hr 30min

RolePlay 208: Vampire Role Play. Ever wonder about how to bring the dark fantasy of the vampire into your scene? Join Ramirez as he gives insight as to how to bring such fantasies to life. We will be discussing and demonstrating the techniques of the fanged, as well as attire, props, and technical effects. We will also cover the psychological aspects and pleasures of vampire roleplay.

Lord Ramirez(m)

Bondage LoungeLoungeSat 10:30 AM6hr 30min

Bound In Boston's own RopeRider presents this year's Bondage Lounge. Got rope? Got questions about rope? Want to be in rope? Want to tie rope? Come on by. There will be more information provided inside the lounge.


Games Singles SocialSocialSat 5:00 PM3hr

Gaming Singles social. Bring your favorite board or card game (kid or sexual) to be played. Please make sure the games are short so you can meet more people. If you don't have a game, don't feel bad, come on by anyway, there will be GAMES! Please, bring a new (still in box) toy with you, in the spirit of giving. They will be donated to:

Blue Rose(m)

Rope 102 : Basic RopeRopeSat 8:00 PM1hr 30min

Rope play has been entering into the spotlight for kink enthusiasts during the past few years; even into popular culture. There are lots of sources online if you know where to look but this can be daunting. RiggerJay will get you going with a hands-on course to teach you some basics of rope play: history on Japanese rope, types of rope, safety, and some ties. Please bring 3 30' lengths of rope. Clothes line or something similar from your local home hardware store would work for this class.


Rope 103: I know a few ties... now what?RopeSat 9:30 PM1hr 30min

After getting your first rope, and attending a intro class, it can be hard to get going. This class shows you the fun that can be had with just the fundamental ties and how to take the next steps in growing your skills. This is a hands on class, it presumes you have taken RiggerJay's Rope Bondage 101 or other intro level class and are comfortable with ties shown. 3 30' lengths of rope. Clothes line or something similar from your local home hardware store would work for this class.


Rope 308: Guerilla BondageRopeSat 11:00 PM1hr 30min

A discussion and presentation of what you need to know when doing bondage in public for fun or photography.


Bondage LoungeLoungeSun 10:00 AM5hr

Bound In Boston's own RopeRider presents this year's Bondage Lounge. Got rope? Got questions about rope? Want to be in rope? Want to tie rope? Come on by. There will be more information provided inside the lounge.