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Event Room Schedule for Intensive: Tickle Me Silly II and Play Party

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Intros, Icebreakers & NegotiationGeneral SkillsSun 10:00 AM1hr

Enter if you dare... Discover how tickling combines with bondage, interrogation, body exploration, sensual touch and mindfuckery. You thought tickling was fun? We?ll show you how it can be downright 'dangerous'. Negotiations, communication, and safety concerns included, no extra charge. In this first session, we'll go over the expectations for the day, get to know each other, and learn about the importance of communication, consent, and negotiation of safety, scenes, and aftercare. Attendees presence for this hour will be required in order to participate in later sessions.

P.E.T.E.(m), GRLee

Body Exploration and Bondage TechniquesGeneral SkillsSun 11:00 AM2hr

We all love exploring bodies with sensation play! Tickling can be deep and torturous, or soft and sensual. Is your goal cathartic release or sexy foreplay? How can applying different techniques or touches change the energy of your tickle? How can impact and other forms of sensation play mix up your tickle? Where are your lee's most sensitive spots? How can you use bondage to expose those spots while keeping your lee safely contained?

P.E.T.E., GRLee(m)

Break for LunchSocialSun 1:00 PM1hr 30min

Break for Lunch

Re-entryGeneral SkillsSun 2:30 PM30min

Social time, sharing of learning, assign partners / allow folks to pair off for Session 2 (groups of 2-3)

P.E.T.E., GRLee(m)

Tools, Torture and the MindfuckGeneral SkillsSun 3:00 PM2hr

We'll describe and demonstrate the four elements of tickle torture and work with attendees to explore the mindfuck and how it applies to tickling. Attendees will be encouraged to test their tickle skills together as well as engage in creative play and scene development. After thelaughter, screaming and begging stops, we'll wind down and share aftercare tips and tricks.

P.E.T.E.(m), GRLee

Dinner BreakSocialSun 5:00 PM2hr

Dinner Break

NELA Play Party & ShenanigansEVENTSun 7:00 PM5hr

NELA Play Party & Shenanigans