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Session Descriptions for FFF #49

Generated: Fri Feb 23 17:25:37 EST 2018

Descriptions for all public sessions.

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Body ImpactSara ScalperImpactSat 2:30 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)
Bootblacking: Making a ConnectionJay FalconGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 AM20minSeminar(Feedback)
Bullwhip LoungeLady NimWhipSat 1:00 PM3hr 30minPrincess(Feedback)
Community StickiesLord Percival(m), Thista, Sara Scalper, Skyla, RopeRider, SweetWisteria, P.E.T.E.CommunicationSat 11:30 AM1hrDuchess(Feedback)
HypnokinkLeeAllureHypnosisSat 12:00 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)
Lunch BreakGeneral SkillsSat 12:30 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)
Naked Yoga: work out your kinks with yoga...sepiessaMovementSat 11:30 AM1hrPrincess(Feedback)
Negotiation in ActionLia Love, IyaGeneral SkillsSat 3:30 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)
Pondering Polyamory SkylaCommunicationSat 2:00 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)
Rope Lounge: An Afternoon of Ropey Goodness_Nymphetamine_RopeSat 1:00 PM3hr 30minDuchess(Feedback)
Sadistic RopeLord PercivalRopeSat 1:30 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)
Sexy, Fun and Safe(er)!: A quick overview of safer sex techniquesdeeGeneral SkillsSat 1:00 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)
SIG Service StationJay FalconLoungeSat 11:00 AM6hrVending(Feedback)
Slow Rope: Exploring the Sensuous Side of Rope BondageRopeRiderRopeSat 3:00 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)
Sounding: Urethral FunThistaGeneral SkillsSat 4:00 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)
VendingVendorSat 11:00 AM6hrGrand Ballroom(Feedback)