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Session Descriptions for FFF #49

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Descriptions for all public sessions.

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Body ImpactImpactSat 2:30 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)

Although BDSM toys can be really fun to use during impact scenes, there's nothing quite as effective at causing pain as your built-in tools, i.e. parts of your body! During this demo, Sara Scalper will (with the help of their lovely wife AJ wielding a pillow!) show you techniques that will have your bottom squirming in pain even though you are using nothing more than your body and your imagination.

Sara Scalper

Bootblacking: Making a ConnectionGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 AM20minSeminar(Feedback)

Join Jay as he walks us through an interpersonal oil tan bootblacking scene. Bootblacking is not only about getting a good shine, it can be fun, sensual and erotic. Jay will demonstrate the connection that can happen between the bootblack and the person in the chair.

Jay Falcon

Bullwhip LoungeWhipSat 1:00 PM3hr 30minPrincess(Feedback)

The Bullwhip Lounge is the place for all things whip related. Need a spot to practice, want to try out that new whip you just bought in vending, need a little help with your technique, or just want to see what whips are all about? The Bullwhip Lounge is the place for you. We'll have instructors on hand to help you out, and if you want to experience what a whip feels like, in a safe environment, we can do that for you too. Don't have a whip yet? No worries, we have plenty and we'll even let you use them if you are nice to us.

Lady Nim

Community StickiesCommunicationSat 11:30 AM1hrDuchess(Feedback)

Are you new to the community? Do you have some questions you've been dying to ask? A variety of questions will be posted on giant sticky notes around the room. Invited guests will support discussions at each question. When you hear the bell, move to another sticky! Have fun, ask questions, and learn something new. Here are the topics What is a munch? What is D/s? What is poly? What is a fetish? Why is service a fetish?

Lord Percival(m), Thista, Sara Scalper, Skyla, RopeRider, SweetWisteria, P.E.T.E.

HypnokinkHypnosisSat 12:00 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)

Have you been wondering about the possibilities of hypnokink? Does it almost seem impossible what you may have seen or heard about other people doing with it? Would you like to discover some ways you can add hypnosis to enhance your BDSM relationships? Come join LeeAllure for this 20 minute demonstration of the possibilities!


Lunch BreakGeneral SkillsSat 12:30 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)

Time to eat!

Naked Yoga: work out your kinks with yoga...MovementSat 11:30 AM1hrPrincess(Feedback)

Experience the unrestrained freedom that practicing yoga in the nude (or nearly nude) offers, in this 60 minute, clothing optional yoga class for kinksters. You'll be guided through gentle yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation. All skill levels are welcome, including yoga virgins. Got range of motion issues? No worries, most poses can be modified to accommodate limitations. Bring your own mat, please! This class is clothing optional; undress to your comfort level!


Negotiation in ActionGeneral SkillsSat 3:30 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)

I wanna do bad things with you. Oh? Let's talk! Bear witness to a live negotiation demo with Lia Love and -Iya-.

Lia Love, Iya

Pondering Polyamory CommunicationSat 2:00 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)

Considering adding polyamory to your dynamic? Get the quick and dirty answers to the following questions: What are some basic words I should be familiar with? What does an ethical non-monogamous STI negotiation look like in my relationships? Along with suggestions on how to avoid common poly pitfalls.


Rope Lounge: An Afternoon of Ropey GoodnessRopeSat 1:00 PM3hr 30minDuchess(Feedback)

Rope Lounge is a dedicated space for learning, practicing, sharing, and exchanging ideas about rope at the flea. The rope lounge is an open to all safe space. There will be experienced rope tops and bottoms available to answer your questions or to support you in your discovery of rope.


Sadistic RopeRopeSat 1:30 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)

Rope can be many things, from sensuous, to serious, from hilarious to hurt, and everything in between. This demo is about the more sadistic side of rope. Warning for those of sensitive and empathetic nature, it might be a bit of a rough ride.

Lord Percival

Sexy, Fun and Safe(er)!: A quick overview of safer sex techniquesGeneral SkillsSat 1:00 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)

Safer sex is a set of practices that allow you to enjoy sexy times without the anxiety afterwards. We will discuss how to get yourself tested, talk to prospective sex partners, and how to negotiate for an enjoyable scene all around!


SIG Service StationLoungeSat 11:00 AM6hrVending(Feedback)

Visit the NELA SIG (Special Interest Group) service station! Sit back and relax as we shine your boots or massage your feet. We are located in the vending room. Donations will go to REACH Beyond Domestic Violence (

Jay Falcon

Slow Rope: Exploring the Sensuous Side of Rope BondageRopeSat 3:00 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)

Rope bondage can be harsh, sadistic, and strenuous. But rope has a soft, sensuous side, too. When we slow down, let go of the technical details, and tie with intent, rope bondage can become an exquisite dance between two souls. In this session, we'll talk about, and demonstrate, how to create great connection inside of a rope scene.


Sounding: Urethral FunGeneral SkillsSat 4:00 PM20minSeminar(Feedback)

Are you thirsting for a new way to fuck your partner? Do you yearn to be filled in yet another hole? Come discover the fabulous world of urethral sounding!


VendingVendorSat 11:00 AM6hrGrand Ballroom(Feedback)

Come, buy things!