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Session Descriptions for FFF #43

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Descriptions for all public sessions.

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Drag-ging ExpressionCommunicationSat 12:30 PM20minFrank Jones Glass

Rupaul's Drag Race may be the pop culture of hyper expression; but when we get down to the nitty gritty of expression how does our community see itself? In this session be prepared to answer questions, learn and vocalize your own expression. Participants will get to see expression and learn a brief history of Drag as expression.


Negotiations and ConsentCommunicationSat 12:00 PM20minFrank Jones Glass

Slappy the Clown teaches you the "Do"s and "Don't"s of safe and consensual behaviour.

P.E.T.E., GRLee

NELA Yoga SIG presents: YOGA!MovementSat 11:30 AM20minFrank Jones Glass

Morning Yoga, come greet the shopping day with us!


Pet PlayRole PlaySat 1:00 PM20minFrank Jones Glass

Everyone is invited to participate in an interactive experience in developing a personal understanding of pet play through finding our inner animal. Time permitting: getting deeper into a pet headspace.

pet tigress(m)

Rope Lounge - hosted by Twitch and jDRopeSat 2:00 PM2hr 30minFrank Jones Glass

Come join us in the Rope Lounge! A space dedicated to practising, learning and talking about rope. There will be experienced rope tops and rope bottoms from various local grops here to help answer questions, teach ties, or just give a helping hand. Bring your rope, bring a friend and lets see what rope fun we can get into.

Vending All DayVendorSat 11:00 AM6hrFrank Jones Main

Visit the website to see all the wonderful vendors!