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Session Descriptions for Tickle Me Silly

Generated: Fri Feb 23 17:31:40 EST 2018

Descriptions for all public sessions.

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A Guide to Communications and NegotiationsP.E.T.E., GRLeeGeneral SkillsFri 7:00 PM2hr 30min637
Aftercare for Lees and LersP.E.T.E., GRLeeGeneral SkillsSat 7:30 PM2hr 30min637
Bondage for TicklingP.E.T.E., GRLeeGeneral SkillsSat 10:00 AM2hr 30min637
DinnerSocialSat 6:30 PM1hr637
Erotic TicklingP.E.T.E., GRLeeGeneral SkillsSat 4:00 PM2hr 30min637
Integrating Tickling into Mixed ScenesP.E.T.E., GRLeeGeneral SkillsSun 11:00 AM2hr 30min637
LunchSocialSat 12:30 PM45min637
Tickle Torture - 4 ElementsP.E.T.E., GRLeeGeneral SkillsSat 1:15 PM1hr 15min637
Tickling and Power ExchangeP.E.T.E., GRLeeGeneral SkillsSat 2:30 PM1hr 30min637