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VendingVendorSat 11:00 AM—6hr—Grand Ballroom(Feedback)
Lunch BreakGeneral SkillsSat 12:30 PM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


dee NP is a safer sex educator and Nurse Practitioner with experience working at an LGBTQ clinic and in women's health. She meets with patients every day who are looking to maximize their fun, while reducing their risk level. Dee started in the scene 7 years ago at the Kinky Seder, and has been enjoying bondage and escape ever since! When she isn't working or kinking, she finds time to geek out to Doctor Who, travel, knit, and read.

Sexy, Fun and Safe(er)!: A quick overview of safer sex techniquesGeneral SkillsSat 1:00 PM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


Iya has been in the open kink scene since 2009 exploring her love of rope, impact, whips and erotic hypnosis in events up and down the East Coast. She has taught in a variety of settings on the topics of communication, bodywork and self-awareness for over 20 years and is delighted to bridge into the kink community. Don't let the friendly demeanor fool you - the sadism runs deep in this one.

Twitter: @FetishFlea

Twitter: @MySweetIya1

Facebook: @NELAWeb

FetLife: groups/891

New England Leather Alliance (NELA)

Preferred pronoun: She, Her, Hers

Negotiation in ActionGeneral SkillsSat 3:30 PM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


Jay Falcon was born and raised in Puerto Rico where he was introduced to bootblacking at a young age. In his early teens, Jay was a member of a Police Academy where he began his training and love of bootblacking.

Jay began his public bootblacking career in 2011 and quickly developed a reputation for excellence, attention to detail, and superb technical skills. It was these qualities that earned him the titles of the 2011 and 2012 Northeast Community Bootblack and the 2012 International Community Bootblack 1st Runner-Up. He is the resident bootblack of the Providence Eagle and, yet, still finds the time to travel to and to bootblack at different events throughout New England such as Mates Leather Weekend In Provincetown, Cruisers bar nights in Connecticut, NELA's Winter and Summer Flea Market in Rhode Island, Albany Bound in New York, Mr. New Jersey Leather, Centaur's Mid Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend in DC, and CLAW. Jay was even approached and asked by the manager of Frye Boot Company on exclusive Newbury Street in Boston to provide services to the patrons of the flagship store, which he now does when he is not otherwise booked.

A member of the leather community since 1990, Jay is also a member of The Bay State Marauders, Fits Like a Glove (FLAG), and Mama's Family. He produces and tirelessly promotes many of the Providence Eagle's leather events. Jay coordinates the leather contingent at PrideFest Rhode Island, bringing many of the area's leather clubs and organizations together to march as one. Jay's service and dedication to the leather community have been recognized through several awards including the 2015 Rene Beaudoin Memorial Glove Award for Community Service, the 2016 Mates Leather Weekend Brotherhood Award, and the Pantheon of Leather 2017 Northeast Regional Award. Jay makes his home with Roy, his handsome, charming partner of fourteen years, in Boston, Massachusetts.

SIG Service StationLoungeSat 11:00 AM—6hr—Vending(Feedback)
Bootblacking: Making a ConnectionGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 AM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


Lady Nim's passion is for whips. She has been in lifestyle about 20 years, and in those years, she has been mentored and have mentored others. She loves education of all skills and concepts. "Knowledge is power". She has a collared slave Kevin who is her happiness.

Bullwhip LoungeWhipSat 1:00 PM—3hr 30min—Princess(Feedback)


LeeAllure has been entrancing people with her silk-like voice for many years. She organizes NEST, the world's largest and longest running tickling convention, DeepMindDarkWood, a hypnosis retreat, and the London Hypnosis Workshops. She teaches hypnosis classes at various international BDSM events, and is the author of Hypnotic Amnesia, the Book You Remember on How to Forget, with D.J. Pynchon.


Preferred pronoun: she/her

HypnokinkHypnosisSat 12:00 PM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


Lia Love is a college professor, writer, and long time legal advocate for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. She is trained in conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiation and will be serving as the Conflict Solutions (CS) team leader for TESFest '17. Lia has been an active participant in BDSM sexuality for over thirty years. Her professional background includes extensive experience as an elite fitness coach, self-defense instructor, and academic research assistant. Lia's areas of teaching specialties include Ethics, World Religions, and Philosophy. She is a native New Yorker and currently calls the Hudson Valley home.

Negotiation in ActionGeneral SkillsSat 3:30 PM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


Lord Percival (Percy to most) has been active in the scene, both in private and in public, for more than four decades. While many of us know him for his mastery of rope, he also has an extensive knowledge of many other areas of play, including but not limited to: takedowns, breath play, caning, whips, electricity, knives, energy play, and mental bondage. Education is a particular passion of Percy's. He has been a teacher, lecturer, mentor, and trainer in the scene for a quarter century. Currently, he is on the Board of NELA (New England Leather Alliance), where his role is Director of Programming and Education.

Twitter: @FetishFlea

Facebook: @NELAWeb

FetLife: groups/891

New England Leather Alliance (NELA)

Preferred pronoun: He, Him, His

Community StickiesCommunicationSat 11:30 AM—1hr—Duchess(Feedback)
Sadistic RopeRopeSat 1:30 PM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


P.E.T.E. (Pedular Enthusiast Ticklee Extraordinaire) has been an active tickling and foot fetishist for over 20 years. He has taught classes at Ramrod in Boston, Club Hell in Providence, RI, and is an instructor for Kink Academy with a number of instructional videos on their website. He co-facilitated numerous tickle play events for Tickle New England!, a group he created to help organize and support the New England tickle community. P.E.T.E. co-created New England Feet to create local opportunities for community and safe connection for foot fetishists and the recipients of their pedular attentions.

P.E.T.E. embraces his kinks as fun, sensual and erotic practice that holds great dynamic benefits ranging from vanilla to deeply spiritual, healing and sexual. P.E.T.E. continues to learn about fetishism and kink warmly inviting you into this experience of exploration with him and the amazing GRLee.

FetLife: users/85240

FetLife: PETE210

Tickle New England
Contact P.E.T.E. at

Preferred pronoun: he/they

Community StickiesCommunicationSat 11:30 AM—1hr—Duchess(Feedback)


RopeRider is the organizer of Bound In Boston, a rope bondage convention with an emphasis on education and community building. He began his journey with rope bondage as a fetish photographer, but quickly found that he enjoys participating in hot rope play as much as he enjoys photographing hot rope play.

Bound In Boston

Community StickiesCommunicationSat 11:30 AM—1hr—Duchess(Feedback)
Slow Rope: Exploring the Sensuous Side of Rope BondageRopeSat 3:00 PM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


Sara Scalper is a genderfluid, queer, nonmonogamous ethical sadist who has been topping since 2002, has been involved in the kink community since 2004, and has been a part of the Boston community since 2010. They self-identify as 75% intersexed being, 20% Amazonian woman, and 5% primal male (these identities are constantly in flux), but are always 100% ethical sadist. Primarily a physical sadist and impact top, they trained in muay thai kickboxing for 5 years and dabbled in other martial arts, and tend to utilize these accumulated skills, along with a variety of implements, in their scenes on the regular. They also get great pleasure from being a "scene aunt" to newer folks in the scene, teaching them how to top safely (via classes or one-on-one instruction) and/or how to negotiate so they have safe, satisfying scenes. Sara has taught for NELA at several Fleas and at/for NH Kinky Con, Bound in Boston, Boston Invasions at the Society, Trans Spectrum Kinksters, Paingasms at the Society, MOB, Boston TNG, BKC, and Wicked Women. They can often be found with their lovely wife and collared submissive, AJ (who often helps them present their classes!), and their extended "kinky family," and love to talk ethical nonmonogamy as much as they do BDSM.

Preferred pronoun: They/them/theirs or she/her/hers (neutral preferred)

Community StickiesCommunicationSat 11:30 AM—1hr—Duchess(Feedback)
Body ImpactImpactSat 2:30 PM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


sepiessa, a self-proclaimed YogaGeek, is immersed in a long-standing love affair with everything yoga (the mindspace, sense of floatiness, the squeeze and release, etc). She's practiced yoga since 1997 and was certified to teach by a well-respected school in the summer of 2003. Little did she know that years later she'd discover the many parallels between kink and yoga...

She runs her own vanilla studio in the greater Boston area and is in the process of bringing more yoga to the kink community. Her teaching style ranges from gentle to moderate to vinyasa flow, and she always accommodates her students' needs (vanilla needs, as she is quite happily collared!).

Sepiessa is also a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. Thai Massage is a favorite, as it allows her to actively work with the massage receiver. Her clients love it.

In response to a growing need, Sepiessa is currently introducing Thai 'Em Massage for Bondage & Otherwise (TEMTBO) in the community. She hopes to help kinksters become more comfortable and flexible in their bodies and thus have access to better and deeper kinklife experiences. Overall, she hopes to help people feel better in mind and body while becoming sensitive to their abilities to care for their kink partners.


Preferred pronoun: she/her

Naked Yoga: work out your kinks with yoga...MovementSat 11:30 AM—1hr—Princess(Feedback)


Skyla identifies as a Dom with a love of bondage and a penchant for sparkle. She feels connected with many labels including (but not limited to): Polyamorist,Fem Dom, Sadist, Mermaid, Switch, Rigger,Bondage Enthusiast and Babygirl. Skyla got started in the scene about 6 years ago when she was introduced to rope. She hasn't looked back since. Skyla has worked with several kink organizations, events, and conferences over the years. She has always enjoyed meeting new people and people watching. She has found volunteering at events is a great way to do both. She enjoys teaching and has presented at several conference and events, across the country, on both kink and vanilla subjects. Her topics of interest include: Urethral Sounding, Female-Led Relationships, Polyamory, and Communication. Skyla enjoys well-behaved bottoms, anticipatory service, and whimpering (receiving). She is an avid reader, feminist, and cat lady. Skyla loves iced coffee, chocolate chip pancakes, and getting what she wants. She doesn't bite, so please introduce yourself!

Twitter: @@Skyla83Says

FetLife: Skyla-

Preferred pronoun: she/her/hers

Community StickiesCommunicationSat 11:30 AM—1hr—Duchess(Feedback)
Pondering Polyamory CommunicationSat 2:00 PM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


SweetWisteria has been in the scene for eight years. She entered knowing that slavery spoke to her core and has sought out structured M/s relationships for this reason. She finds significant value in being of service and in serving others, and is exploring how teaching on lifestyle subjects may be another way of meeting this personal need.

Community StickiesCommunicationSat 11:30 AM—1hr—Duchess(Feedback)


Thista Minai is an author, priestess, ordeal facilitator, and gleeful sadist. She has more than fifteen years of experience with designing and conducting rituals, performing various types of energy work, and teaching classes on a wide variety of topics, including sacred sexuality, the ordeal path, catharsis, impact, and needle play.

Twitter: @thistaminai

Facebook: @spookythista

FetLife: users/784208

Community StickiesCommunicationSat 11:30 AM—1hr—Duchess(Feedback)
Sounding: Urethral FunGeneral SkillsSat 4:00 PM—20min—Seminar(Feedback)


Nymphetamine's interest in bondage was rekindled in 2010, whilst exploring the kink communities in north Florida. Finding herself in Boston circa 2013, she reached out to the local Hitchin' Bitches chapter to get acquainted, finally getting serious about rope. Identifying as a switch-y, witchy, lover of learning, _Nymphetamine_ loves to cook and spend time with friends in her spare time.

Preferred pronoun: she/her

Rope Lounge: An Afternoon of Ropey GoodnessRopeSat 1:00 PM—3hr 30min—Duchess(Feedback)