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Operation Hammond CPR/First Aid Training: PRE-SIGNUP REQUIRED!EVENTFri 6:00 PM—3hr 30min—Kingston
Teasecraft Kinky Maker/Crafter BOFSocialFri 9:45 PM—1hr—Ocean
Vending - NELA Associates Only SaturdayVendorSat 10:00 AM—30min—Grand Ballroom
Vending - SaturdayVendorSat 10:30 AM—7hr 30min—Grand Ballroom
Operation Hammond Meet & GreetSocialSat 2:30 PM—1hr—Ocean
The Bullwhip LoungeLoungeSun 10:00 AM—6hr—Narragansett
Vending - NELA Associates Only SundayVendorSun 10:00 AM—30min—Grand Ballroom
Vending - SundayVendorSun 10:30 AM—5hr 30min—Grand Ballroom


Abbystract is a Boston based rigger who enjoys applying science-based theory and problem solving to rope bondage, with a particular interest in dynamic suspensions and sadistic rope. She is passionate about fostering a more diverse rope community, and encouraging more women and non-binary individuals to pick up the ropes.

Preferred pronoun: They/them and she/her

Biomechanics for BondageRopeSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington
Paths of Self-Bondage: From Floor to FlightRopeSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rotunda


AdelineKindred is a gender fluid, switchy, pansexual Eagle Scout with a passion for safety, responsibility, knots, and naughtiness. In college Addy started an unofficial club of kinky folks focused on education and exploration, and he has been an educator ever since. Each class taught by this self-proclaimed princess of dad jokes is an opportunity to learn new skills, delve into new ideas, and have fun.

Erotic SpankingImpactFri 10:00 PM—1hr 30min—Kingston
Cut Downs and Cut OutsGeneral SkillsSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Kingston
Ouch That Feels Good!: (Tr*)ImpactSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Kingston
Letting Out Your Dom SidePower and Authority ExchangeSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Kingston


Allyson is the founder of Patchwork Interfaith Ministries, which services the Monadnock NH area. Her background encompasses Wicca, mythology, pagan Greek ritual, diverse spiritual traditions, and the history of religion. Her interfaith practices have led her to preach in Christian churches as well as pagan gatherings, and she finds herself often wandering the Cathedral of the Pines near her home.


Interfaith Worship: A Kink-Friendly Worship SpaceSocialSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Bristol


Anthelian has work ranging from timeless and dreamy to disturbing, perverse, and off the wall.


From the Inside Out: Erotic PhotographyPhotographySat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich


Arckane is a Priest of Rati and Kama, spiritworker, and kink educator. He has presented workshops for Camp Crucible and many Dark Odyssey events. He specializes in sacred sexuality, ordeal, polyamory, intimacy, vulnerability, connection, and, above all, snark.

Fun With PervertablesGeneral SkillsSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—623


Baroness Latex, Latex Evangelist and New York's Premiere Designer of Elegant Provocative Latex Fashions, is a renowned designer, fetish expert, multimedia performer, spokesperson and lecturer. Her expertise in fetishes and relationships facilitates open communication in exploring many previously taboo subjects.

The Baroness' haute couture designs have made her the go-to designer for an A-list of celebrities, latex lovers, and the fashion elite including Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo (who she dressed for the Met Gala Punk Ball); Performers Lady GaGa, Nikki Minaj, and Beyonce; Victoria's Secret models Naomi Campbell and Giselle; actress Chloe Sevigny; downtown diva Amanda Lepore; and burlesque dancer Dita von Teese; plus many celebrities whose affection for latex remains private. She also performs at clubs and hosts fetish parties.

The Baroness' Elegant Provocative Latex Fashions are available on her website or her retail boutique located at 530 B East 13th Street (between A & B) in New York City. Private appointments can be arranged by calling 212 529 5964.
In her lifetime dedication to the expression of the individual through clothing, The Baroness views her creations as beyond fashion or fetish attire, and believes they are the perfect antidote for excessive "conventionalism". Combining her belief that "Any occasion to dress is an occasion to overdress" with her desire for "a safe space to do dangerous things."

Twitter: @LatexBaroness

Facebook: @LatexBaroness

FetLife: users/18324

The Baroness

Everything You Want to Know About Latex : From the Basics to the BizarreGeneral SkillsSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Kingston


Bendyogagirl is a sex positive activist, champion and educator, dedicated to cultivating healthy, enlivening, safe and supportive expressions of 'alternative' identities and relationships.

Twitter: @bendyogagirl

Bendy's Site!
Bendy on Blogspot!

Breathwork for BDSM: Increase Stamina, Connect, and Decrease DramaCommunicationFri 6:00 PM—1hr 30min—Tiverton
The Way of D/s: A Context for Power and Authority ExchangePower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol
Edge Play from the Bottom Up: Predator and PreyCommunicationSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol
How to Give and Receive Feedback About Scenes: (because you know you gotta do it)CommunicationSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Tiverton


Bil is a Teacher, Computer Scientist, and Social Activist. He is a somewhat retiring and shy individual who works very hard to relate to other people, but finds it challenging. On stage and in formal situations he is capable, experienced, and exciting. Bil is a new presenter at the Flea, after many years as a valued volunteer.

Why Does That Turn You On?: Shy People Talking About FeelingsCommunicationSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich


Bill, proprietor of RopeExtremes, has been active in the kink community for a decade. He is a rope artist with a passion for bondage and rigging that was so great he opened RopeExtremes in 2007. His interest in rope varies from intricate, elegant rope work to sadistic, inescapable bondage. He attends most of the major events and rope gatherings, sharing his passion for bondage and rigging, learning new techniques, and teaching people about rope.


Quick Release TiesRopeSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Bristol


Boomer, a native of Atlanta, Ga., is a dominant sadist with above average hand eye coordination, a passion for single tail whips, intense SM and the D/s dynamic. He enjoys the privilege of owning lisa and being served by ellen and jennifer. He has been active in the BDSM scene since 1997 as a member of Atlanta's Sanctuary of a Dark Angel, PEP, Tribe, The Boston Dungeon Society, and 1763.

Boomer has led hands-on workshops and given presentations at Southeast Leather Fest, The Boston Fetish Flea, Boston Dungeon Society, Atlanta S/M Solidarity, Augusta Iron Rose, Hudson Valley D/s, L.O.C.K. of South Carolina, CAPEX, The Red Chair in Birmingham, Frolicon, Whipper Snappers (TNG) of Atlanta and KinkFest Portland.

Outside of kink he enjoys being a Cat Daddy, carpentry and working with his hands in general, cycling, baseball, good food and drink and thinks a man and his truck is a beautiful thing.

Single Tail 101 - Single Tail BasicsWhipFri 6:00 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol
Negotiating Intense SM PlayCommunicationSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington
Single Tails With Boomer - A Hands On WorkshopWhipSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Tiverton
Power and Grace - Using Long Whips in SM PlayWhipSun 2:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rotunda


Cameron Quintain is a librarian by day and a superhero by night. He is the author of 'The Viscountess Investigates' from Circlet Press, a BDSM fantasy murder mystery which is now available in print and ebook. The second book in the series is now available. His erotic vampire novella 'Familiar Places' was nominated for the Passion Plume award from the Romance Writers of America.

Preferred pronoun: He

Roleplaying your FantasiesRole PlayFri 6:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rhode Island


Carl: Although he didn't always know the word for it, Carl has identified as a Dominant all of his life. As far back as grade school, he recalls his ideal ending to a round of Boys Chase the Girls involving tying those who were caught to a nearby tree! He began to actively incorporate BDSM and power exchange into his relationships in the early 90's which eventually led to the realization that he wanted to live his life in a Master/slave construct. He currently lives with, and owns lisa and shares a vision with her of someday seeing their family complete as a M/s/s triad. Carl's vocational background includes 10 years as an Industrial Arts teacher; 14 years as the owner of his own General Contracting business; and more than 10 years as a telecommunications Project Manager.

Rhythmic Caning WorkshopImpactSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rhode Island
Playing with Power: D/s Dynamics for the Beginner or Battle-scarredPower and Authority ExchangeSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich


Cecilia Tan is the founder of the Fetish Fair Fleamarket and has received the Pantheon of Leather President's Award and the NLA: International Lifetime Achievement Award. Her new BDSM erotic novel is TAKING THE LEAD, which just came out in January from Hachette/Forever. She is also the author of Slow Seduction,Slow Surrender, The Prince's Boy, Edge Plays, Black Feathers,Telepaths Don't Need Safewords, and many other books of BDSM fiction. She is also the founder of Circlet Press, Inc. Her BDSM romance novel Slow Surrender won the RT Reviewers Choice award and the Maggie Award for Excellence from the Georgia chapter of the Romance Writers of America. More recently she received both the prestigious Career Achievement Award in erotic fiction from RT Booklovers and the Pioneer Award from RT magazine.

Twitter: @ceciliatan


Cosplay as Roleplay: Intimate ImprovisationRole PlayFri 10:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rhode Island
Author ReadingsAuthor ReadingsSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—623
Author ReadingsAuthor ReadingsSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington
What Do You Want From Me? Fantasy vs RealityCommunicationSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington


chasingamy began her kink exploration in earnest four years ago as a submissive/bottom. She quickly explored every nook and cranny and figured out fast there was fun to be had from both sides of the paddle. She now moves through the community as a switch who is happy to teach, talk, and learn with others. As one of the organizers of Wicked Women and second in command for Bound in Boston, she enjoys bringing education and awareness to the kink community, highlighting not only local and national talent but greatly enjoying bringing new presenters to the teaching arena.In addition to scouting new and existing talent for conferences, Amy has spent the last several years teaching on a variety of topics from Needles and Pain Processing, to Service in a D/s relationship. She also enjoys being a vocal and engaging bottom for other presenters, facilitating learning in classes and demonstrations from both perspectives. You'll often find Amy rocking fuzzy slippers, Hello Kitty or even the occasional tiara because really, anything worth doing is worth overdoing!

Connecting Through Intentional Pain PlayGeneral SkillsFri 6:00 PM—1hr 30min—Wickford


Connor Synuates is a LGBTQ+ Educator located in Boston, MA. Connor Synuates is fascinated by all things (gender)queer and deeply interested in the ways linguistics touches our lives, queer, kinky, poly, and otherwise. In hys spare time, Connor Synuates enjoys urban exploration, zine culture, eclectic tea and coffee shops, bootblacking, and the smell of fall.

Preferred pronoun: Hy, Hym, and Hys

Asexual to Zanie: Exploring the Terminology of SexualityGenderSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Greenwich
Negotiation for Introverts: Alternative Ways to Express Your Needs, Wants, Desires, and LimitsCommunicationSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Kingston


Danie is an out and proud queer, switchy, pervert recently relocated to the Atlanta area from DC and loving it. For over 18 years she has tried to satisfy her service itch by teaching, volunteering and working to build relationships within the Leather and Kink communities. Danie loves sharing her knowledge and teaching on topics such as Spanking, Dressing for Pleasure, Dating outside the Scene and other topics. She co founded, organizes and on occasion hosts Dungeon 101 at DC's Crucible. She can be shy at events so come up and say "Hello".

Twitter: @Lionessindc

FetLife: Lionessindc

Preferred pronoun: She/her

BDSM TasterEVENTFri 7:45 PM—2hr—Rotunda
Survival in the SceneGeneral SkillsSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—623
Taking it from the Bottom: Tools, Tips, and Skills for Better BottomingGeneral SkillsSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Wickford
Taking it from the Top: Tools, Tips, and Skills for Better ToppingGeneral SkillsSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Rhode Island


dee NP is a safer sex educator and Nurse Practitioner with experience working at an LGBTQ clinic and in women's health. She meets with patients every day who are looking to maximize their fun, while reducing their risk level. Dee started in the scene 7 years ago at the Kinky Seder, and has been enjoying bondage and escape ever since! When she isn't working or kinking, she finds time to geek out to Doctor Who, travel, knit, and read.

Shabbat GatheringSocialFri 6:00 PM—1hr—Ocean
Photo Lounge - FridayLoungeFri 6:00 PM—3hr—607
Sexy, Fun, and Safe: Sexual Health and Protecting YourselfGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Rhode Island
Photo Lounge - SaturdayLoungeSat 10:00 AM—8hr—607
Negotiating for Sex: BDSM and Beyond from a Bottom's Point of ViewCommunicationSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—623
Photo Lounge - SundayLoungeSun 10:00 AM—6hr—607


DoloresUmbridge aka TashaRose has been involved with the Society since 2005 and in the lifestyle since 2003. She was the ombudsman and chief Gatekeeper for the society and is currently the Outreach Chairperson and chair of the Events and Education committee.

Preferred pronoun: She/Her

The Society of CT Meet & GreetSocialFri 7:00 PM—1hr—Narragansett


Dov is a NYC based artist, photographer, sculptor, educator; Japanese rope bondage and single tail whip fanatic, computer geek and just has way too many hobbies. He has been in the NYC scene since 1993.

He has been involved for years both politically and artistically, creating works at Burning Man and other venues and is one of the the Two founders of Shibaricon rope event. His work varies from installations to performance art, both vanilla and fetish. His work was featured at Diesel Denim Gallery in SoHo NYC, where he created a Shibari rope window to highlight a photo series of their jeans by Japanese erotic photographer Araki.

As an international educator he has given numerous presentations and classes on everything from rope bondage and Japanese rope bondage to canes and whips at TES , Bondage SIG at TES GMSMA, Black Rose(DC), Shibaricon, Bound In Boston , Leather Retreat, The Tannery(Philly), Passional (Phily), TES2000, Purple Passion, Silk at Bard College, Conversio Virium at Columbia, Montreal Fetish Weekend, Hong Kong, Australia, Uber, The Gathering, and many other events.

As a Top/Dom and equal opportunity sadist, his areas of interest in BDSM and fetish and kink in general are a bit broad and include, but are not limited to: flogging, single tails, rope corsets and rope bondage in both Western and Japanese Styles, pony play, objectification, humiliation, knives, fire play, impact play (punching slapping etc.), pressure points, breath play, water sports. And that's just the short list. He's been tying things up since he was 5 and just keeps buying more rope for nefarious purposes to feed his passion for rope bondage.

Riffing with Rope, or Japanese Flower Arranging: How to Think on Your FeetRopeFri 10:00 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington
Crazy Glue Invisible Bondage and InfibulationGeneral SkillsSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Rotunda
Foiling the Escape Artist: Working with Body Mechanics to Remove AdvantagesRopeSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Tiverton
Predicament BondageRopeSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Bristol


Dr. Ruthie is an author, university faculty member, and sexuality researcher that joins us from snowy Ontario, Canada. They are also proud to co-chair one of the largest and longest running annual professional sexuality conferences in Canada. Ruthie happily identifies as poly, kinky, sex-queer and gender-queer. Since the late 1990s Ruthie has specialized in sexual well-being and pleasure, as well as the resilience of survivors of intimate violence. They are the author of The Nice Girl's Guide To Talking Dirty, as well as numerous academic publications and presentations. They have given workshops throughout North American as well as in Mexico and Europe in venues ranging from homeless shelters to universities to resorts. Dr. Ruthie considers themself an advocate for pleasure, intimacy, and sex-positivity regardless of one's past history, gender, health, sexuality, or desires.

Exploring Intimacy

Preferred pronoun: They/Them/Their

Finding Pleasure After TraumaGeneral SkillsSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Wickford
Pet ParkSocialSun 10:00 AM—1hr—Ocean


Echolynx, or just Echo is an agender-fluid, full-time Bostonian, part-time cat, and otherwise spiritual being. He can be seen presenting on gender and sexuality, advocacy, and rope; he is also one of the founders and is a co-organizer of the NELA SIG, Trans* Spectrum Kinksters.

Preferred pronoun: He, him, his

Everyone Has One: Using and Respecting PronounsGenderFri 7:45 PM—1hr 30min—Wickford
Cuff-Em: A How-to in Tying Quick Rope HandcuffsRopeSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Greenwich
Aesthetically Pleasing Rope HarnessesRopeSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Wickford
The Streets: Combatting Homelessness in Our CommunitiesGeneral SkillsSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—623


Griffin is the Director of the pansexual Boston/Mass chapter of MAsT (Masters and Slaves Together.) He is a Dominant with abiding interest and considerable experience in areas including Authority/Power exchange as expressed in D/s and M/s relationships, bondage, training, behavior modification, and erotic hypnosis. 15917 - MAsT Chapter on Fetlife

FetLife: groups/15917

MAsT Mass Meet & GreetSocialFri 6:00 PM—1hr—Narragansett


GRLee is a strong & independent sub who likes to do things her way, GRLee is committed to making it safe & easy for newcomers to find and follow their own kinky path. Teaching feeds her soul and her passion for learning and joy in kink give her the courage to go after what she wants. She believes in saying what she means, in being true to her ever-changing self, & in finding laughter in every single day.

Who Cares What Everyone Says?CommunicationSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Wickford
Tickling: From Sensual to TorturousGeneral SkillsSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Tiverton
Submitting with Strength: Drop your Panties (for that spanking) Not your PersonalityPower and Authority ExchangeSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Kingston
Mixed Scenes: Mixing Your Tickle UpGeneral SkillsSun 2:00 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol


Iya has been in the open kink scene since 2009 exploring her love of rope, impact, whips and erotic hypnosis in events up and down the East Coast. She has taught in a variety of settings on the topics of communication, bodywork and self-awareness for over 20 years and is delighted to bridge into the kink community. Don't let the friendly demeanor fool you - the sadism runs deep in this one.

Twitter: @FetishFlea

Twitter: @MySweetIya1

Facebook: @NELAWeb

FetLife: groups/891

New England Leather Alliance (NELA)

Preferred pronoun: She, Her, Hers

BDSM TasterEVENTFri 7:45 PM—2hr—Rotunda


Jay is poly, kinky, queer, a martial artist, and the co--organizer of Trans* Spectrum Kinksters. They are delighted to run the TSK table and social this flea.

Preferred pronoun: They/them

Trans* Spectrum Kinksters Meet & GreetSocialSat 3:30 PM—1hr—Ocean


justDerek's interest with rope began far before he realized he was doing rope. Early recollections include paying particular attention to the packing twine when his friends went for the box. He affectionately and semi-jokingly refers to ropey goodness as a "gateway kink." Sometimes referring to it as dance between participants, he draws attention to the connection being forged between the tie-er and the tied, reminding people not to lose sight of whats important: enjoying the experience. His unique perspective on rope is multifaceted and encompasses interactions from soft and sensual to firm and unyielding. With his playful teaching style, twisted sense of humor and fetishized giggle, you just might find yourself laughing while you learn!

Rope Lounge - FridayLoungeFri 7:00 PM—2hr 30min—632
Rope Lounge - SaturdayLoungeSat 10:00 AM—8hr—632
Rope Lounge - SundayLoungeSun 10:00 AM—6hr—632


just_kate, ever since she can remember, the darker side of sensuality has fascinated and titillated her. Beginning with dark fantasies about abduction and enslavement at Jabba's slimy hands, she has longed for the darker spaces deep within each of us. Finding the lifestyle and like minded people was a life changing experience. Along with a profound sense of being in the right place, she discovered a deep need to serve and share knowledge with those seeking it. Kate has been an active participant in the Lifestyle for the past eight years. She is the creator and host of the Nashua Discussion Group which has hosted monthly classes and discussions since 2012 in Nashua, NH. She is also an active bootblack at regional events. Kate can be found on Fetlife as 'just_kate' and at many of her local munches. Kate's interests mostly lie in the areas of service, submission and sensual play.

Boot Black - FridayLoungeFri 6:00 PM—3hr 30min—Plaza Foyer
Boot Black - SaturdayLoungeSat 10:00 AM—7hr—Plaza Foyer
Boot Black - SundayLoungeSun 10:00 AM—6hr—Plaza Foyer


Kas Golubic is a professional enabler that creates immersive environments that encourage freedom and creative expression in an explicitly safe spaces. He is the promoter and manager of the events EXCESS and ALLURE in Boston. These events cater to a wide variety of alternative lifestyle communities: Goth, Fetishists, Queers, and Burners in the Greater New England area.

Saturday Evening Dance/Play Party: Plaza Ballroom 1EVENTSat 8:00 PM—6hr—Narragansett
Saturday Evening Dance/Play Party: Plaza Ballroom 2EVENTSat 8:00 PM—6hr—Ocean
Saturday Evening Dance/Play Party: Plaza Ballroom 3EVENTSat 8:00 PM—6hr—Rhode Island
Saturday Evening Dance/Play Party: Plaza FoyerEVENTSat 8:00 PM—6hr—Plaza Foyer


Kim Airs is the founder of Boston's first sexuality boutique, Grand Opening!, now living happily on the web and co-founder of the infamous women's SM organization, Boston MOB. Kim's done just about everything during her 23 years in the adult industry including teaching hundreds of sex-ed classes on all different topics, having a one hour feature on HBO, consulting for sex toy start-ups, starring in her own hysterical, one-woman show that premiered in Hollywood "Ya Wanna Put That WHERE?!" and consulting with doctors and sex therapists. Kim has presented to dozens of colleges and professional organizations. She is a hard core motorcycle rider (three bikes and one ass... that math works!) which is the reason she lives in the Los Angeles area. She loves her job!

Grand Opening
Kim Airs Blog

Sex Toys in Play: More Than Just for Sex!General SkillsFri 6:00 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich
Kim Airs with Leo Rising: From Femme to Sleazy Alter EgoGenderSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Tiverton


Kristina is an introverted scientist who loves kink and has been active in the New England scene for over 5 years. She has volunteered for NELA, MOB, Bound in Boston, and organizes events for the Queer & Kinky NELA SIG. She enjoys bootblacking and foot care/massage, and LOVES going to tea! She has helped host a tea service and hopes to teach tea topics in the future. You can find Kristina at the Hypnosis and Queer & Kinky Meet and Greets at the Flea.

Twitter: @FetishFlea

Facebook: @NELAWeb

FetLife: groups/891

New England Leather Alliance (NELA)

Hypnosis Lounge - FridayLoungeFri 6:00 PM—2hr—133
Erotic Hypnosis Meet & GreetSocialFri 8:30 PM—1hr—Ocean
Hypnosis Lounge - SaturdayLoungeSat 10:00 AM—8hr—133
Queer + Kinky Social TeaSocialSat 11:30 AM—1hr—Ocean
Hypnosis Lounge - SundayLoungeSun 10:00 AM—6hr—133


Lady Shimla has been in the lifestyle for over thirty years. She is an avid educator, vendor, developer and user of the violet wand who has authored four books on the subject, two of which are gender specific. 'Basic Violet Wand' and 'Advanced Violet Wands' are part of a series and include a How-to DVD for those who wish to learn in a more private setting or to continue the education available in the classes at home.

Violet Wand Store

Preferred pronoun: she/her/hers

Basic Violet WandsGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Rotunda


Laura Antoniou is the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels. Many examples of her short fiction, articles, essays and rants can be found in the collection titled The Catalyst and Other Tales. In 2011, Laura won the prestigious John Preston Short Fiction Award from the National Leather Association for her short story, "That's Harsh," which appears in the e-book edition of The Slave.

As a presenter, panelist, and keynote speaker, Laura has appeared at dozens of conferences over more than twenty-five years, both entertaining and delivering an occasional verbal indictment. She has also appeared at colleges and universities, including NYU, Rutgers, Columbia and the University of Washington. She received the NLA International's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. She is also the recipient of the 2011 "Worst Camper" award at Dark Odyssey:Fusion.

Laura began her writing career in the 1980's, and edited the groundbreaking "Leatherwomen" anthologies, as well as several other collections of fiction and non-fiction. She has also written gay male erotica under many names; the novel Musclebound and a collection of short MM stories titled "Shop Stud" can be found at Renaissance E-books. In addition, she is the co-author (with her wife, Karen) of a ritually correct Leather Passover Seder, Avadim Chayanu (Once We Were Slaves). Laura plans several more novels in the Marketplace series the most recent of which is The Inheritor for publisher Circlet Press. She has written a comedy murder mystery set in the leather community, titled The Killer Wore Leather, which was nominated for the 2013 Lambda Literary Award, and won the 2013 Rainbow Book Awards. She can be found on-line at, and on Fetlife and Facebook.

Laura Antoniou, Author

SUBvert the DOMinant Paradigm: Alternative Models for D/S RelationshipsPower and Authority ExchangeFri 7:45 PM—2hr—Rhode Island
Author ReadingsAuthor ReadingsSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—623
Too Kinky for Words: Playing Way Off the EdgeGeneral SkillsSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol
Author ReadingsAuthor ReadingsSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington


Lisa relishes various elements within kink, from playing, socializing, serving; to the joys of ensuring her stilettos match her lingerie. She attended her first BDSM event in 2003 after it occurred to her that perhaps something existed beyond the rather bad BDSM porn she had been reading.
She has served on the boards of North Carolina CAPEX and Atlanta SouthEast Leather Fest, and has taught classes at DF&SA, Raleigh TNG, Submissive Journey Weekend, Frolicon, TES Fest, and KinkFest. She previously organized Atlanta Service Geeks for others to share and learn new service techniques. Lisa has been happily owned by Boomer for the last 7 years and delights in baking homemade "aftercare" brownies for the happy girls in his playroom.

Negotiating Intense SM PlayCommunicationSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington


lisa was a bit of a late bloomer. It was in 2005 that she discovered there was a word for what she is; namely submissive. Five years later, she came to realize that she most accurately and comfortably identifies as a slave. She revels in the freedom of being owned by Carl and delights in serving for his pleasure.

In addition to being the happiest slave on the planet, lisa is a certified coach and owner of an online marketing services company. In June of 2013, Carl and lisa launched NHOT (New Hampshire Order of the Triskelion); an organization dedicated to providing safe and welcoming opportunities for the exploration of Power Exchange and its benefit to body, mind and spirit. You can learn more by visiting

Twitter: @@pqwinny


Rhythmic Caning WorkshopImpactSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rhode Island


Littlebit, born and raised in the South, is a kinky little southern belle and educator. Among her many interests in the BDSM lifestyle, she has a passion for caring for others and education. Since discovering the wonderful world of kink three years ago and with the support of her husband and the guidance of her Sir, she has become an influential educator in the community. Littlebit is a medical professional and has over 12 years of experience in multiple styles of dance. She has also been an instructor for a number of competitive groups. Littlebit very much loves to please and tease her partners, as well as, sharing her knowledge and talents with others to enhance their kinky experiences.

Sexy Stiletto SeductionMovementSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Tiverton


MagentaRayne has a background in Comparative Religions, Anthropology & Women's Studies. After her own experiences in an abusive marriage, she believes deeply that boldly claiming one's sexuality can be boundlessly empowering. That, combined with her own strange, winding spiritual path that led her to the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. She takes great joy in sharing this juxtaposition with others.

More Than The Karma Sutra: An Introduction to Sacred SexualitySpiritualitySat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Wickford
Awakening the Dragon: Foundations in Sacred SexualitySpiritualitySat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Wickford


Max has been active in Seattle's kink community since 1992 and has been teaching bondage, BDSM, and polyamory workshops since 1999. He's actively and successfully polyamorous and has several wonderful long-term partners.

While he is proficient with a wide range of BDSM skills, Max especially enjoys the intimacy of rope bondage. Max projects a gentle, dominant energy, and all of his relationships - and most of his scenes - include a substantial D/s component.

Max's love of teaching shines through his workshops, and his love for people informs his personal encounters.

Private instruction and coaching: Max offers private instruction and coaching on a wide variety of BDSM techniques, including bondage, scene planning and management, D/s relationships, impact toys, and piercing.

Conventions: Max has presented at leather and kink conventions around the country to include Living in Leather (LIL), Thunder in the Mountains, Atlanta Bound, the Folsom Fringe, Denver Bound, KinkFest, BodyBound, Paradise, and Shibaricon.

Events: Max has taught at events sponsored by the Stranger, Babeland, Seattle Men in Leather, Seattle's Center for Sex Positive Culture, the Triskeli Guild, Suspended Animation, and many other kink and sex-positive groups.

Other appearances: Max has rigged for photo and film shoots, done live performance art pieces, and exhibited at both of James Mogul's ArtBound events in 2000. He donates his services to several charity / fund raising events each year to include tastings sponsored by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and Seattle's annual Kinky Carnival.

Bondage Workshop Series: Max serves as producer / chief instructor for Seattle's monthly "Bondage Workshop Series", which has run continuously since 2003.

Two-Day Bondage Intensives: Twice each year Max offers a special Bondage Intensive, providing two full days of focused instruction, from the basics through suspension bondage. Max has been teaching the Bondage Intensive since 2005 and graduated his 14th class in April 2012.

Twitter: @MaxRCameron

FetLife: Max_BLC

Bondage Lessions

Caning for the Curious: An IntroductionImpactFri 7:45 PM—2hr—Tiverton
The Tender Bits - Male & Female Genital BondageRopeSat 10:45 AM—2hr—Rotunda
Exploring Kink - Giving and Accepting ServicePower and Authority ExchangeSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol
Giving Good Head : Manipulating & Stimulating the Head, Hair, Neck and FaceRopeSun 2:00 PM—1hr 30min—Tiverton


Midori is one of our favorite presenters at at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket(TM) and a NELA fan. Frequent sightings of her from around the globe make us wonder if she ever sleeps or if she's cloned herself. A sex-positive activist, she's made an improbable career out of being the world's traveling sexpert on the art of creative and sensual living.

Don't miss the groundbreaking book Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage which first cracked open the mysteries to Westerners, the hot essays in Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink and twisted dark science fiction in Master Han's Daughter.

Classes Rope Dojo

Rope Control and Dominance MovesRopeFri 7:45 PM—2hr—Bristol
Best Kink Advice Nobody Told YouGeneral SkillsSat 10:45 AM—2hr—Bristol
How to Create Amazing Scenes: Get Into Their HeadsCommunicationSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol
The Exquisite Whip: Amazing Hands-on Flogging TrainingWhipSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Rotunda


Miss Cindy has been in the BDSM lifestyle for 9 years. As switch, she is collared to her Sir, and is Mistress to her submissive for over 5 years. She is a member of FDNE( Femdom New England),The Society and WMPE. She has her own Toy and accessory Business, Altered Designs by SMC. She has hosted the Femdom Panel for many years, and is stepping down to bring new life to this Panel.

Fem Dom Round TableSocialSat 9:00 AM—1hr—Ocean


Miss Jena has been active in the lifestyle for a number of years. She runs the NEFOK group (or New England forty and Over Group). We welcome people under 40, but we love people over 40.

NEFOK Meet & greet: New England Forty and Over KinkstersSocialFri 7:15 PM—1hr—Ocean


Mr. Dream has been hypnotizing folks for 13 years, and organizing events, classes, parties and conferences for four. He and his partner ZanyM run the TES (The Eulenspiegel Society) Hypnokink SIG in NYC, and, with Lee Allure, created the weekend long event "Deepmind Darkwood," as well as other intensive workshops. Fascinated by using physical contact, and exploring the intersection between BDSM and Hypnosis, Mr. Dream enjoys teaching what he loves, whether one-on-one or in lectures and workshops. His favorite hypnosis induction so far is asking "Do you think it will be more dangerous if I move the babaganoush?" in a middle-eastern restaurant on a rainy night. He is also the inventor of the "Muahahaha test" as the founder of the League of Ethical Evil Hypnotists. He is a board member for TES: The Eulenspiegel Society.

Introduction to Hypnokink: Using Hypnosis with BDSMHypnosisSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Barrington
Hypnosis, Sadism and MasochismHypnosisSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Barrington


Murphy Blue is always prepared with a smile, a joke, and a length of rope. He has been bringing his kink knowledge and signature style wherever he could since the turn of the century. A self-claimed "American Rigger", Murphy tries to focus not just on the hows of tying, but the frequently forgotten whys. The interplay of people and energy through rope and gestures is something that should be passed along, and Murphy does his best to assist with that.

While most well known for his unique ropework, creative performances, bouncy demeanor, and intense love for Transformers, "The Blue" is also a scholar of different kinky skills, a skilled photographer, a budding writer, a practicing energy worker of multiple traditions, and a pretty darn good dancer. This world-famous rigger was recently recognized as "The Face of Amercian Bondage" at an international event. He is on a constant search for more information about the art of Shibari, experience of different fetish environments, and new skills to learn. Murphy travels the country with the lovely ladies of "Team Blue," sharing insight, gaining knowledge, and saving the world, one knot at a time. He has been welcomed to speak at various events and locations, including Shibaricon, TESFest, The Society, Albany Power Exchange, Rochester Kink Society, Black Phoenix, Bound in Boston, Wicked Faire, and others.

There is a tale of him being trapped and his only chance to survive was to suspend multiple women to please a dark council. When asked about this, Murphy only grins.

The Blue

Sexable ShibariRopeSat 10:45 AM—2hr—Tiverton
Keeping 'Em on the Ground: The Value of FloorworkRopeSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rotunda


NaughtyBaby is a fabulously bratty diva switch! A lifelong kinkster with a weakness for a good spanking, she and her husband, SpankBoss, have been in the lifestyle for the past 16 years. They became more involved in the public scene in 2010, where they also found and welcomed NaughtyRalphie into their family. She is a deeply motivated, enthusiastic and passionate member of the Western Massachusetts Power Exchange (WMPE) and is a a member of The Society, where she has served as an elected member of the Bylaws Committee and Chair of the Communication Committee. Additionally, she spent two years as a snazzy Official FetLife Greeter, welcoming new kinksters to the exciting online community.

rnrnSince becoming involved in the scene, NaughtyBaby has made it her mission to make the kink world a better place, helping others feel comfortable with the lifestyle while maintaining their privacy, and educating others on why it is a safe, sane, and ideal way of life. Full of confidence and positivity, it is her mission to help everyone find their inner diva. She happily shares life with SpankBOSS and NaughtyRalphie.

A Spanko Social!: Blistered Bottoms, Red Rumps, and Thrashed Tushies - Oh My!SocialSun 2:30 PM—1hr—Ocean


NaughtyRalphie is a lifelong, switch-happy kinkster with a most unusual introduction and education into the lifestyle. He has been involved with the CT kink scene for numerous years, known for his high tolerance for pain, and has been called one of the greatest masochists ever known.

He met NaughtyBaby and SpankBoss in 2010 and he became a member of their leather family at the FFF37. He enjoys his friendship with SpankBoss and happily wears NaughtyBaby's collar while he exercises his authority as Daddy. Talk about a switchy scenario!

Switches Meet & Greet: Variety is the Spice of Life!SocialFri 10:00 PM—1hr—Narragansett


Opn is a queer little fat girl who likes to play and thinks building kinky community is hot. With "organizing" firmly one of her kinks, Opn has been running munches, field trips, play parties, demo programs, safety awareness orientations, concession tables, ice breakers, outreach tables, FUNdraisers, and multi-person scenes since the beginning of her kink career in the '90s. She is on the look-out for her next kinky project.


NELA Welcome Wagon - Friday NightCommunicationFri 6:00 PM—1hr 30min—623
NELA Welcome Wagon - SaturdayCommunicationSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—623


P.E.T.E. (Pedular Enthusiast Ticklee Extraordinaire) has been an active tickling and foot fetishist for over 20 years. He has taught classes at Ramrod in Boston, Club Hell in Providence, RI, and is an instructor for Kink Academy with a number of instructional videos on their website. He co-facilitated numerous tickle play events for Tickle New England!, a group he created to help organize and support the New England tickle community. P.E.T.E. co-created New England Feet to create local opportunities for community and safe connection for foot fetishists and the recipients of their pedular attentions.

P.E.T.E. embraces his kinks as fun, sensual and erotic practice that holds great dynamic benefits ranging from vanilla to deeply spiritual, healing and sexual. P.E.T.E. continues to learn about fetishism and kink warmly inviting you into this experience of exploration with him and the amazing GRLee.

FetLife: users/85240

FetLife: PETE210

Tickle New England
Contact P.E.T.E. at

Preferred pronoun: he/they

christian Religious KinkSpiritualitySat 10:45 AM—2hr—Rhode Island
Tickling: From Sensual to TorturousGeneral SkillsSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Tiverton
Pedular Enthusiasm III: Foot Fetishist as TopPower and Authority ExchangeSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol
Mixed Scenes: Mixing Your Tickle UpGeneral SkillsSun 2:00 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol


PandaPet is a proud pansexual polyamorous pet, submissive, and age player who loves alliteration. A member of the kink community for the past five years, she is intense in her play and has a wide range of kinks. She is a passionate kink education advocate and tireless volunteer new to the presenting world and is able to teach on negotiation, age play, pet play, tickling, and submissive mindset.

Preferred pronoun: she/her/pet

Littles' Meet & GreetSocialFri 9:00 PM—1hr—Narragansett


pet_tigress: as a feisty, eager-to-please, and submissive puppy pet_tigress loves romping around, cuddling, and being brought to heel, however, occasionally her kitten or tigress side will surface and a purr might get mixed with a wagging tail. Demo-bottoming at KinkyCon and teaching at NELA FFF #43 highlight her beginnings as a kink presenter. Pet_tigress was the Webmaster for NELA.

Animal and Pet Role Play: Nurture your Inner AnimalRole PlayFri 10:00 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich


Ponyboy Rusty entered the world of Pony Play in 2007 when La Dresseuse Maureen first placed a bit in his mouth. Since then he has won many awards and presented classes for would-be ponies and handlers. While he can handle ponies well, he still prefers being one most of all.

Pony PaddockLoungeSat 10:00 AM—7hr—Narragansett
Pony Handling 101: Taming, Training and Enjoying Your PonyRole PlaySun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Greenwich
Ponies, Trainers and Headspace: Taking Pony Play to the Next LevelRole PlaySun 2:00 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich


Ponyboy Stormy got his start with pony play back in 2002 and has been 'horsing around' ever since! He has won many awards and ribbons over the years (most recently 2017 reserve grand champion at the Camp Crucible pony show) and has taught a number of classes, often with Ponyboy Rusty. He always enjoys helping new ponies or trainers get started.

FetLife: users/182141

Pony PaddockLoungeSat 10:00 AM—7hr—Narragansett
Pony Handling 101: Taming, Training and Enjoying Your PonyRole PlaySun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Greenwich
Ponies, Trainers and Headspace: Taking Pony Play to the Next LevelRole PlaySun 2:00 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich


Recovery in the Lifestyle is a fellowship of BDSM lifestyle people who are in recovery, or would like to be, and their guests. RitL follows the steps of recovery and respects the great importance of anonymity for many of us. Our fellowship is based on the AAWS-approved 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. Anyone who is in the lifestyle and participates in ANY 12 Step Recovery group is eligible for membership in RitL

Recovery In the Lifestyle: 12 Step Recovery Covering All ProgramsSocialFri 8:00 PM—1hr—Narragansett
Recovery In the Lifestyle: 12 Step Recovery Covering All ProgramsSocialSat 9:00 AM—1hr—Wickford
Recovery In the Lifestyle: 12 Step Recovery Covering All ProgramsSocialSun 12:30 PM—1hr—Ocean


RKO Army is the shadowcast performing in the Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and southern Massachusetts area since 1981. Known primarily for their legendary performances of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, they have added other fan-favorite productions including REPO! The Genetic Opera, Dr. Horribles' Sing-A-Long Blog, Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Once More with Feeling", Serenity, Firefly's "Out of Gas" and "Jaynestown", The Devil's Carnival, and the Rocky Horror spinoff Shock Treatment. They have had on-going runs at two dozen cinemas over the decades, and they have also performed as guests at a long list of of theaters, conventions, universities, clubs, and parades. In 2013, they threw the National Rocky Horror 38th Anniversary Convention in Providence. The event hailed by many in the national community as setting a new standard for such events, so much so that they will throw the National Rocky Horror 41st Anniversary Convention in 2016.
RKO Army is all about having fun, but they are very serious about that fun. The cast's chief mission has also been their biggest reason for growth - Reaching out to people who feel the same. This has been accomplished thru three primary avenues - Contact, Venues, and Awareness.
The common theme within the Rocky Horror community emanating from the movie is "Don't Dream It, Be it". RKO Army has put that theme into practice by enriching themselves thru association with similar communities who also do the same, most notably in the Cosplay, Steampunk, Gaming, Rave, LGBT, Browncoat, Gothic, and Club communities.
While still performing at regular-run cinemas in the traditional method, the cast now has established itself as a highly effective road cast in multiple types of venues in Southern New England. They have become major parts of conventions and parades, and sometimes are called in as entertainment for local business organizations, causes, or even weddings!
RKO Army's operational focus will always be awareness of its audience. They love performing, but what will always supersede that is the relevancy of the entertainment to the audience. The RKO perspective is to never lose sight of the view from the seats you the audience are sitting in.

Twitter: @RKO_Army


Preferred pronoun: They/Them

RKO Army ProductionsEVENTFri 10:00 PM—4hr—Rotunda


RopeRider is the organizer of Bound In Boston, a rope bondage convention with an emphasis on education and community building. He began his journey with rope bondage as a fetish photographer, but quickly found that he enjoys participating in hot rope play as much as he enjoys photographing hot rope play.

Bound In Boston

Kinky Speed MeetingSocialSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich
From the Inside Out: Erotic PhotographyPhotographySat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich


Samantha is an educator, sex nerd, and therapist (Independently Licensed Clinical Social Worker), not necessarily in that order.

In her capacity as a helping professional, she has seen a broad spectrum of clients: Domestic violence victims, autism spectrum clients, self injuring teens, traumatized children, sexual assault survivors, and clients of just about every sexuality and gender orientation.

Outside of her therapy office, Samantha's journey is one of perpetual learning, and being the nerd she is, she's compelled to share the knowledge she collects with others along the way. Her current, Safety Beyond Safewords, is focused on educating the kink community and mental health professionals about healthy sexuality within the context of kink and BDSM. You can learn more on her blog,, which she updates every Monday.


Beyond the Stoplight: Now with Less DramaCommunicationSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich
Response to Community Abuse: Promoting Change from the Top Down (& Bottom Up)CommunicationSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Kingston
Kink and Trauma: Addressing Abuse and Interpersonal Violence in BDSMCommunicationSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—623
Mental Health and Kink RoundtableCommunicationSun 2:00 PM—1hr 30min—623


Sara Scalper is a genderfluid, queer, nonmonogamous ethical sadist who has been topping since 2002, has been involved in the kink community since 2004, and has been a part of the Boston community since 2010. They self-identify as 75% intersexed being, 20% Amazonian woman, and 5% primal male (these identities are constantly in flux), but are always 100% ethical sadist. Primarily a physical sadist and impact top, they trained in muay thai kickboxing for 5 years and dabbled in other martial arts, and tend to utilize these accumulated skills, along with a variety of implements, in their scenes on the regular. They also get great pleasure from being a "scene aunt" to newer folks in the scene, teaching them how to top safely (via classes or one-on-one instruction) and/or how to negotiate so they have safe, satisfying scenes. Sara has taught for NELA at several Fleas and at/for NH Kinky Con, Bound in Boston, Boston Invasions at the Society, Trans Spectrum Kinksters, Paingasms at the Society, MOB, Boston TNG, BKC, and Wicked Women. They can often be found with their lovely wife and collared submissive, AJ (who often helps them present their classes!), and their extended "kinky family," and love to talk ethical nonmonogamy as much as they do BDSM.

Preferred pronoun: They/them/theirs or she/her/hers (neutral preferred)

From the Sensual To the Sadistic: : Calibration Equals Good Scenes For Every BodyImpactSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Kingston
Sexuality: More Shades than the RainbowGeneral SkillsSun 11:15 AM—1hr—Ocean
You're a Sadist, and It's Okay: Learn How to Release your Inner Sadist in an Ethical, Caring Way!ImpactSun 2:00 PM—1hr 30min—Kingston


sepiessa, a self-proclaimed YogaGeek, is immersed in a long-standing love affair with everything yoga (the mindspace, sense of floatiness, the squeeze and release, etc). She's practiced yoga since 1997 and was certified to teach by a well-respected school in the summer of 2003. Little did she know that years later she'd discover the many parallels between kink and yoga...

She runs her own vanilla studio in the greater Boston area and is in the process of bringing more yoga to the kink community. Her teaching style ranges from gentle to moderate to vinyasa flow, and she always accommodates her students' needs (vanilla needs, as she is quite happily collared!).

Sepiessa is also a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. Thai Massage is a favorite, as it allows her to actively work with the massage receiver. Her clients love it.

In response to a growing need, Sepiessa is currently introducing Thai 'Em Massage for Bondage & Otherwise (TEMTBO) in the community. She hopes to help kinksters become more comfortable and flexible in their bodies and thus have access to better and deeper kinklife experiences. Overall, she hopes to help people feel better in mind and body while becoming sensitive to their abilities to care for their kink partners.


Preferred pronoun: she/her

Naked Yoga - SaturdayMovementSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Tiverton
Naked Yoga - SundayMovementSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Tiverton


Sir Vice has been active in the BDSM community for 10+ years. He owns Limits Unleashed LLC, a personal coaching service for alternative lifestyles. He conducts research and mentors others across various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle culture. His expertise includes Power Exchange and related relationship dynamics (D/s, M/s) general BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism) activities, communication, relationships and sexual and general behavioral psychology. He is also extensively trained in Chinese martial arts, meditation practices and instruction.

Twitter: @LimitsUnleashed

Facebook: @LimitsUnleashed

FetLife: users/949649

Preferred pronoun: He/Him

Fear of Asking in a SubmissivePower and Authority ExchangeSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Kingston
Going PrimalRole PlaySat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Kingston
Aftercare for AllGeneral SkillsSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Wickford


soumise brings her lifelong passions for movement, education, and helping people with her into the BDSM lifestyle. A former professional ballet dancer turned world ranked international style ballroom competitor, soumise has spent her 30-year career blending the artistry of dance with the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, kinesiology, rehabilitation and exercise. With her Master's encouragement, soumise has been enjoying the integration of her professional interests with her lifestyle training and experiences.
soumise presents diverse workshops and educational events that engage, inform, and entertain participants of all levels in a variety of subjects. She holds certifications in a wide variety of movement and somatic modalities and will usually think to ask "do you really want to know" before she totally geeks out in her answers to questions in these areas.
Her time is divided between working with her clients and students, training instructors and helping her Master, Sir Vice, with Limits Unleashed LLC. She also enjoys turning cocktails into cupcakes for the monthly munch her Master hosts and for the SSASE munch she co-hosts.

FetLife: users/3264429

Preferred pronoun: she/her

The Gift of ImperfectionPower and Authority ExchangeFri 7:45 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich
Self Care for Fetish FashionistasMovementSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Tiverton
Playing When Health is a Hard LimitGeneral SkillsSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Rotunda
Differently Abled Folks Meet & GreetSocialSun 1:30 PM—1hr—Ocean


tat2dgerl has been in the scene for 18 years. She is a chemical engineering major at the University of Rhode Island and is equally as obsessed with geekiness and kinkiness.

Science Geek Social: Meet Other Geeks With No StressSocialSat 10:15 AM—1hr—Ocean


Thista Minai is an author, priestess, ordeal facilitator, and gleeful sadist. She has more than fifteen years of experience with designing and conducting rituals, performing various types of energy work, and teaching classes on a wide variety of topics, including sacred sexuality, the ordeal path, catharsis, impact, and needle play.

Twitter: @thistaminai

Facebook: @spookythista

FetLife: users/784208

Grounding, Centering, and Shielding for KinkstersSpiritualitySat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Wickford
Cathartic FloggingWhipSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Rotunda
Suffering For Spirit: An Introduction to OrdealSpiritualitySun 2:00 PM—1hr 30min—Wickford


Twitch-the-Switch's rope fascination began early on while watching episodes of Wonder Woman. Duh... He wanted a hot woman in sexxy boots to tie him up and make him tell the truth. Hell, he still does! But his fascination with rope goes much deeper. Through his years of learning to tie he discovered that rope meant more to him than just restraining or being restrained. From rough and tumble, to sexxy and sensual, he feels that rope speaks to all of the senses as it encompasses a body and brings two people together in a scene. His teaching style focuses on learning to "tie the person" not just "tie the tie". And always with a focus on having fun while you learn. Because, hell... Isn't that why we all want to do this stuff in the first place?

Rope Lounge - FridayLoungeFri 7:00 PM—2hr 30min—632
Rope Lounge - SaturdayLoungeSat 10:00 AM—8hr—632
Rope Lounge - SundayLoungeSun 10:00 AM—6hr—632


Wintersong is a presenter, spirit worker, writer, and photographer who has been teaching and running rituals for over a decade. His classes cover a variety of erotic, spiritual and sexual topics, with specialties in playing with male-bodied people, needle play, polyamory, roleplaying, communication, and playing with unusual fetishes; as well as LGBTQ issues, trans/cis relationships, disability, and both erotic and non-erotic spiritual practices. He is the former assistant producer for Dark Odyssey Events, and a past associate editor of The Bilerico Project, an LGBT politics & culture blog. Winter's extensive presenting history include kink/BDSM, LGBTQ, and pagan events throughout the northeast, and across the nation. He has also appeared in internet videos, The History Channel, UK5, and the Risk! Podcast.

Twitter: @Wintersong

Facebook: @wintersong.tashlin

FetLife: Wintersong

FetLife: users/95857

Wintersong Tashlin

Preferred pronoun: he/him/his

Navigating PolyCommunicationFri 10:00 PM—1hr 30min—Tiverton
Intro to CBTGeneral SkillsSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rotunda
Formicophilia Fun!General SkillsSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rotunda
From the Inside Out: Erotic PhotographyPhotographySat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Greenwich
Using Pop-Culture Archetypes for Erotic RoleplayRole PlaySun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Greenwich


Wiseguy (Mark Wiseman) published his first erotic short story, "Simon Sez", in 1999 and has been writing about, teaching, and practicing erotic hypnosis ever since. He is best known for the nonfiction books Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and The Mind Play Study Guide which have taught thousands of people how they can safely, responsibly, and effectively use hypnosis as part of kink or by itself for mutual pleasure. He teaches hypnotic techniques at professional hypnotist conventions as well as at kinky hypnosis events, and is always open to answering questions. In mundane life Wiseguy is a professional hypnotist, a master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), a certified instructor of professional hypnotism and NLP, and an avid woodworker and geek.

Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis
The Mind Play Study Guide
Focused Concentration (Tumblr)

Preferred pronoun: he/him/his

Kinky Human Tricks: Fun Things to Do With a Hypnotized PartnerHypnosisFri 10:00 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol
Induction Starter Kit: Essential Inductions for New and Intermediate HypnotistsHypnosisSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Barrington


Wyldcat has been involved in the scene as an apprentice, demo bottom, and entertainer since 2009. As a Disciple of Rope Gods, she has gained insight and wisdom at the feet of her Master Murphy Blue. Today she is known as an accomplished Female Rigger, Member of Team Blue, and a Savage Switch. Wyldcat travels wherever the winds take her, sharing the art and joy of Kink, Rope, and American style rigging. She has been a Rope Top, Performer, and Demo Bottom at organizations such as The Fetish Fair Flea Market, Rochester Kink Society, Bound in Boston, The Society, and The Geeky Kinky Event.

Rope 101RopeFri 6:00 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington
Rope 102RopeSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington
Chest Harnesses, Gotes, & Box Ties Oh My!RopeSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Rhode Island


ZanyM has been in the BDSM scene for over a decade. Morgan is a toppy pansexual sadist, a mischievous alpha geek and a reaction junkie. Her first love kink-wise is rope. Morgan is the leader of the TES Hypnokink special interest group. She has taught classes at The Eulenspiegel Society, TESfest, Fetish Fair Fleamarket, LILNR, NEEHU, FMB, and at Deepmind Darkwood (also known as Camp MindFuck.) If you want to get on her good side, bring her dark chocolate. "She seemed so sweet and innocent, until I got to know her."


Preferred pronoun: Many- please use my name.

This Feels So Good: Bodywork Techniques for BDSM & TranceHypnosisSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rhode Island
Bodywork Techniques for BDSM: Rough Play With ZanyM!HypnosisSun 2:00 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington



Hitchin' Bitches Boston Meet & GreetSocialSat 12:30 PM—1hr—Ocean