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Shabbat ServicesSpiritualityFri 4:45 PM—1hr 15min—418
7th Annual Fetish Fashion ShowEVENTFri 8:00 PM—3hr—Naragansett A
Queer Meet and GreetSocialFri 9:00 PM—1hr—418
Vending - NELA Associates Only SaturdayVendorSat 10:30 AM—30min—Vending
Rhode Island Meet and GreetSocialSat 11:00 AM—1hr—418
Vending - SaturdayVendorSat 11:00 AM—7hr—Vending
Femdom Meet and GreetSocialSat 1:00 PM—1hr—418
Swingers Meet and GreetSocialSat 5:00 PM—1hr—418
Fetish SpeakeasyEVENTSat 8:00 PM—5hr—Naragansett A
Electrical Play Meet n GreetSocialSat 9:00 PM—1hr—418
VASE (Vermont) Meet and GreetSocialSat 9:45 PM—1hr—Blackstone
Vending - NELA Associates Only SundayVendorSun 10:30 AM—30min—Vending
Bootblacking SundayLoungeSun 11:00 AM—6hr—Bootblacking
Vending - SundayVendorSun 11:00 AM—5hr—Vending
Littles PlaytimeSocialSun 2:00 PM—2hr—418



Captive Moments Photography Exhibit FridayLoungeFri 6:00 PM—2hr—518
Captive Moments Charity Reveal: Photographer/Model Meet and GreetLoungeFri 8:00 PM—2hr—518
Captive Moments Photography Exhibit SaturdayLoungeSat 10:00 AM—12hr—518
Captive Moments Photography Exhibit SundayLoungeSun 10:00 AM—6hr—518


ChrisMarks is a self described Sensual Sadist. He has over 20 years experience as a trained massage therapist. ChrisMarks teaches BDSM workshops privately, and for his educational group "Black and Blue U," as well as for other regional and national BDSM organizations on various topics including: BDSM Ethics; Limits and Safety; Massage techniques; Floggers, Whips, and other topics of sadism. ChrisMarks is pursuing a Master's Degree in Counseling and is an ordained Non-Dominational Minister. His interests include the intersection of BDSM with psychology, spirituality and disability. ChrisMarks serves on the Board of Directors of Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexuality.

Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexuality

Preferred pronoun: Male - He Him

Trigger Point MassageMovementFri 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone
Kissing for Maximun Erotic EffectGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Spanking From Mild to WildImpactSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Stingers, Quirts, and Cats, Oh My!ImpactSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B


Coral is a force of nature! As a result, interesting things frequently occur in her general vicinity. She is a believer in Love, Fortune, Pleasure, and Change. She finds the world completely fascinating, from kisses to flesh hooks, boots to hats, arguments to introspection, women to men, and chocolate to... things that are not chocolate. Always in pursuit of knowledge and a good story, she can be found talking to just about anyone. You might be next!

Coral is currently pursuing her degree in Jewelry/Metals and Weaving with a scholastic focus on sacred tools. Coral is proud to have served her communities as Ms. Oregon State Leather 2007 and as Co-producer/Host of Portland Oregon's 2009 A.I.D.S. vigil, The Living Vigil, with her Sash Husband Ben Brown, Jr.

She is an educator, artist, Owner, Ordeal Path Worker, Blue Lady, cult leader in training, body pride advocate, model, gamer/comic geek, and mentor. She appears in "Ropes, Bondage and Power," a Robert Rubel book edited by Lee Harrington.

Kink 101General SkillsSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
They're Sexy, I'm Not.: How To Get Over It And Find You!General SkillsSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex


Wags assembled and activated in Massachusetts, has over the years been a computer tech, pastry chef, and just about any job in between. He's been on the fringes of the leather community for years and in the past two years has started to become more active. Not only has he started a local group for Pups and Trainers, he also started a local chapter of an international Star Trek fan association.

NEPups Meet and SniffSocialSun 10:00 AM—1hr—418


Courtney Jane (CJ) has been involved in the kink community for almost a decade, heavily involved in the Boston, San Francisco Bay area, and now Seattle scene. She is the founder and former organizer of KinkyCon, a NH based kink educational conference that has been ongoing since 2009. She has taught at Dark Odyssey Fusion and Surrender, Seattle's Subspace, NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarket, CT's Society, and San Fran's Citadel. CJ is passionate about connection, self awareness and energetic play. She enjoys discussing kink psychology and understanding why we do what we do. Her biggest kinks include organizing, energy play, rope, impact, kinky poker, and fisting!

Seacoast KinkyCon

A Fist Full of FunGeneral SkillsSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—South County


David Wraith is a Saint Louis native, writer, filmmaker, activist, and a co-founder of Sex Positive St. Louis. He's a polyamorous, sado-masochistic exhibitionist who has spent much of his adult life advocating for women's reproductive freedom, people living with HIV, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender rights. He occasionally rants about movies, sex, and politics on his blog.

David Wraith
Sex Positive St. Louis

Preferred pronoun: He, him, his

Poly 101CommunicationFri 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Sex Positive (What Does it mean?)CommunicationSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Macho Submission WorkshopPower and Authority ExchangeSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A


Tasha Rose has been a member of the society since 2005. During that time, she has served as Ombudsman from 2006 to 2014, as well as Chief Gatekeeper til 2015. Currently she is the outreach chairperson for the Society. She is also the founder of MAsT:Hartford.

The Society (Connecticut) Meet and GreetSocialSat 7:00 PM—1hr—418



Scent Meet and GreetSocialSat 10:00 AM—1hr—418


Eric Pride, together with his wife Lady Christie, heads a structured authority-based household in New York. The household celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2012. The primary focus of the household is integrating healthy power-exchange dynamics into daily life and providing guidance, training, and support for its individuals. Eric enjoys consensual S&M, blogs on different aspects of the lifestyle, and presents on alternative lifestyle relationships, structured authority-based living, S&M, ritual and spirituality.

Eric has taught nationwide at numerous conferences, organizations and events, including Northwest Leather Celebration (San Jose, CA), Brimstone, Columbia University, Dark Odyssey, DomSubFriends, The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), Fetish Fair Fleamarket (Providence, RI), GLINT, Hypnosis NY, Iron Bell Academy, LGBT Centers, LILNR, Manhattan Society for Alternative Sexual Expression, many MAsT Chapters, Master/slave Conference (Washington DC), Mid-Atlantic Masters Forum, Northern Delaware D/s Boot Camp, Open Love NY, Sexploratorium (Philadelphia), TES Fest, and Winter Wickedness (Columbus, OH).

Eric is a founding member and an instructor at the Master/slave Development Center, an educational group for Masters and slaves. He is also the founder of NYC Kinky Living (NYCKL) and the producer of the hands-on immersive full-day events KinkWorks: Creating and Living Positive BDSM Lifestyle Relationships, PlaySpace, and EdgePlay.

Eric is a member of MAsT: Metro NY, TES, and NCSF. You can connect with him on FetLife ("EricPride") or follow him on Twitter ("EricPride"). He can be reached at

In addition, Eric has an interest in psychic phenomena and gives demonstrations on telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry, psychic readings, and other ESP experiments. He believes we all have this ability - we just have to develop and nurture it.

Website & Blog
Eric_Pride (on FetLife)
NYC Kinky Living (on FetLife)
M/s Household Registry
M/s Development Center

Bonding & Spirituality in D/sPower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
Interrogation: The Border Between Play and RealityRole PlaySat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
New York Meet and GreetSocialSat 8:00 PM—1hr—418
Anatomy of a Scene: Preparation, Construction and ExecutionRole PlaySun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B


Friday Blaise is a safer sex positive presenter. Many of her classes are structured to be just within the boundaries determined by the rules of the event and the consent of the participants. Friday Blaise has been active in the BDSM/Leather commUnity for 15 years and is known as a dynamic, authentic, and informed presenter for pan-sexual events of all types across the nation. She has been a public speaker on various aspects of fitness and wellness for more than a decade. She is a certified personal trainer, and yoga, Pilates, kick-boxing, and aerobics instructor. She practices homeopathy and energy medicine professionally, and is listed as a Kink Aware Professional (KAP) with the NCSF.

Visit Friday Blaise.
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF).

SkullgasmGeneral SkillsFri 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone
Dominant Oral SexPower and Authority ExchangeSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Switches PanelPower and Authority ExchangeSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Blackstone



Erotic Hypnosis 101 for the Intensely CuriousRole PlaySat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A


Josh is Raven's Boy, and his devoted assistant, partner, and slave for life. He is a massage therapist, Shiatsu practitioner, and yoga teacher. The current 2014 Northeast Slave titleholder, he is the author of "Real Service" and the creator of the Service Notebook. He is polymorphously pervers, and finds spiritual fulfillment through any kind of worthy service.

Poly D/s PanelPower and Authority ExchangeSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B


justDerek's interest with rope began far before he realized he was doing rope. Early recollections include paying particular attention to the packing twine when his friends went for the box. He affectionately and semi-jokingly refers to ropey goodness as a "gateway kink." Sometimes referring to it as dance between participants, he draws attention to the connection being forged between the tie-er and the tied, reminding people not to lose sight of whats important: enjoying the experience. His unique perspective on rope is multifaceted and encompasses interactions from soft and sensual to firm and unyielding. With his playful teaching style, twisted sense of humor and fetishized giggle, you just might find yourself laughing while you learn!

Rope LoungeLoungeSat 11:00 AM—7hr—Blackstone


Kikea has been known as a Rennaissance Woman since high school, and that "must learn about everything" attitude has served her well in her six years in the BDSM scene. Currently a RISD student in Comic and Sequential Art, her day job is a freelance photographer, graphic designer and illustrator for Haka Wholesale/ and other clients. She draws, paints, photographs, does a variety of fiber art and leatherwork, and is working on becoming a polyglot. Her biggest hobby is roleplaying, Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Changeling: the Dreaming are her favorite systems, though she dabbles in others. Her favorite kinks include shapeshifter roleplay, animal roleplay (especially pony play), bondage, sensory deprivation, and the psychology of BDSM. Let's do the mind warp again.

Erotic Artists Meet n GreetSocialSat 4:00 PM—1hr—418



Rope LoungeLoungeSat 11:00 AM—7hr—Blackstone


La Dresseuse has been training ponies and mentoring handlers since 2000. Ponies from her own stable, Aphrodite's Meadow, have won quite an array of ribbons at pony shows across the country. She is always delighted to work with and help as many ponies and handlers as possible, from the brand new curious novice to the veteran show champion.

Pony PaddockLoungeSat 10:30 AM—7hr 30min—South County


Lady Shimla has been in the lifestyle for over thirty years. She is an avid educator, vendor, developer and user of the violet wand who has authored four books on the subject, two of which are gender specific. 'Basic Violet Wand' and 'Advanced Violet Wands' are part of a series and include a How-to DVD for those who wish to learn in a more private setting or to continue the education available in the classes at home.

Violet Wand Store

Introduction to Violet WandsGeneral SkillsSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex


Laura Antoniou is the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels. Many examples of her short fiction, articles, essays and rants can be found in the collection titled The Catalyst and Other Tales. In 2011, Laura won the prestigious John Preston Short Fiction Award from the National Leather Association for her short story, "That's Harsh," which appears in the e-book edition of The Slave.

As a presenter, panelist, and keynote speaker, Laura has appeared at dozens of conferences over more than twenty-five years, both entertaining and delivering an occasional verbal indictment. She has also appeared at colleges and universities, including NYU, Rutgers, Columbia and the University of Washington. She received the NLA International's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. She is also the recipient of the 2011 "Worst Camper" award at Dark Odyssey:Fusion.

Laura began her writing career in the 1980's, and edited the groundbreaking "Leatherwomen" anthologies, as well as several other collections of fiction and non-fiction. She has also written gay male erotica under many names; the novel Musclebound and a collection of short MM stories titled "Shop Stud" can be found at Renaissance E-books. In addition, she is the co-author (with her wife, Karen) of a ritually correct Leather Passover Seder, Avadim Chayanu (Once We Were Slaves). Laura plans several more novels in the Marketplace series the most recent of which is The Inheritor for publisher Circlet Press. She has written a comedy murder mystery set in the leather community, titled The Killer Wore Leather, which was nominated for the 2013 Lambda Literary Award, and won the 2013 Rainbow Book Awards. She can be found on-line at, and on Fetlife and Facebook.

Laura Antoniou, Author

That Ain't Necessarily So: Lies, Exaggerations and Silly Shit You Keep Hearing in the Scene.CommunicationFri 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Creative Disobedience: the Art of Being a WiseassPower and Authority ExchangeSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
Have a Cookie!Power and Authority ExchangeSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Blackstone


Leather By Danny joined the NELA board as vendor liaison back in 1999. In addition to continuing to act as vendor liaison for NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarket(TM), he is currently NELA's Board Member at Large and he remains a member of the PDL Steering Committee. Danny entered the public scene in 1989. His passion for bondage inspired him to make his own bondage equipment. It was the popularity of his unique Grip-cuff(TM) design that inspired him to start his own business, "Leather By Danny." Leather by Danny now carries a wide range of bondage equipment and can be found in shops around the country. Danny enjoys traveling the country vending as well as teaching classes on bondage.

Leather by Danny

Mandatory Vendor IntroductionVendorFri 6:30 PM—1hr—Rest. Annex
How to Give/Go to a Play Party ...: and Get Invited BackGeneral SkillsSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex


SwitchMe is a co-gendered, bisexual, polyamorous switch and sexual cosmonaut. I find deep pleasure in guiding others as they open themselves up and discover the exhilaration of a free and uninhibited sexuality. I love doing this. I have been presenting and teaching for over 10 years on a variety of subjects, including body image, touch, consent, techniques and toys, and lots of other fun things. My teaching finds me on the east coast at events such as Sacred Sexuality Beltane, Fires of Venus, Dark Odyssey, Queer Play Con, Transcending Boundaries, Rose & Thorn and Translating Identity. I've ventured to Chicago for ALPSEC and San Francisco for Urban Tantra. I am certified as an Urban Tantra Professional, and incorporate breath and energy techniques deeply into my practice. I am also a certified Cuddle Party facilitator. I'm a teacher, guide, mentor and healer, have numerous publications in the social sciences and have also taught courses in deviancy, sexuality, anthropology and computing.

Switches PanelPower and Authority ExchangeSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Blackstone


Lori Perkins

Between the Covers reading series
Author ReadingsAuthor ReadingsSat 12:00 PM—1hr—418


Max has been active in Seattle's kink community since 1992 and has been teaching bondage, BDSM, and polyamory workshops since 1999. He's actively and successfully polyamorous and has several wonderful long-term partners.

While he is proficient with a wide range of BDSM skills, Max especially enjoys the intimacy of rope bondage. Max projects a gentle, dominant energy, and all of his relationships - and most of his scenes - include a substantial D/s component.

Max's love of teaching shines through his workshops, and his love for people informs his personal encounters.

Private instruction and coaching: Max offers private instruction and coaching on a wide variety of BDSM techniques, including bondage, scene planning and management, D/s relationships, impact toys, and piercing.

Conventions: Max has presented at leather and kink conventions around the country to include Living in Leather (LIL), Thunder in the Mountains, Atlanta Bound, the Folsom Fringe, Denver Bound, KinkFest, BodyBound, Paradise, and Shibaricon.

Events: Max has taught at events sponsored by the Stranger, Babeland, Seattle Men in Leather, Seattle's Center for Sex Positive Culture, the Triskeli Guild, Suspended Animation, and many other kink and sex-positive groups.

Other appearances: Max has rigged for photo and film shoots, done live performance art pieces, and exhibited at both of James Mogul's ArtBound events in 2000. He donates his services to several charity / fund raising events each year to include tastings sponsored by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and Seattle's annual Kinky Carnival.

Bondage Workshop Series: Max serves as producer / chief instructor for Seattle's monthly "Bondage Workshop Series", which has run continuously since 2003.

Two-Day Bondage Intensives: Twice each year Max offers a special Bondage Intensive, providing two full days of focused instruction, from the basics through suspension bondage. Max has been teaching the Bondage Intensive since 2005 and graduated his 14th class in April 2012.

Bondage Lessions

CaningImpactFri 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone
Bondage From the Bottoms' PerspectiveRopeSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
When Things go Wrong : What to Do & What to LearnCommunicationSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Giving and Accepting ServicePower and Authority ExchangeSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A


Midori is one of our favorite presenters at at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket(TM) and a NELA fan. Frequent sightings of her from around the globe make us wonder if she ever sleeps or if she's cloned herself. A sex-positive activist, she's made an improbable career out of being the world's traveling sexpert on the art of creative and sensual living.

Don't miss the groundbreaking book Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage which first cracked open the mysteries to Westerners, the hot essays in Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink and twisted dark science fiction in Master Han's Daughter.

Classes Rope Dojo

Backdoor Antics: Practicals of Anal SexGeneral SkillsSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Mapping Your D/s ArchetypePower and Authority ExchangeSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone
Erotic HumiliationRole PlaySun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C


Miss Cindy Sirs_Miss_Cindy has been in the BDSM lifestyle for going on 7 years. She is a switch. But she is also the collared submissive to Sir Red for 7 years. She is an active part of Femdom New England. She is also an active member of the Society and of WMPE. She has started her own toy and accessory business, Altered Designs by SMC. She has been hosting the FemDom panel at the Flea for the past few years, and it has grown every year.

Femdom Round TablePower and Authority ExchangeSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex



Trainers and Puppies/Animals Meet n GreetSocialSun 11:00 AM—1hr—418


Murphy Blue is always prepared with a smile, a joke, and a length of rope. He has been bringing his kink knowledge and signature style wherever he could since the turn of the century. A self-claimed "American Rigger", Murphy tries to focus not just on the hows of tying, but the frequently forgotten whys. The interplay of people and energy through rope and gestures is something that should be passed along, and Murphy does his best to assist with that.

While most well known for his unique ropework, creative performances, bouncy demeanor, and intense love for Transformers, "The Blue" is also a scholar of different kinky skills, a skilled photographer, a budding writer, a practicing energy worker of multiple traditions, and a pretty darn good dancer. This world-famous rigger was recently recognized as "The Face of Amercian Bondage" at an international event. He is on a constant search for more information about the art of Shibari, experience of different fetish environments, and new skills to learn. Murphy travels the country with the lovely ladies of "Team Blue," sharing insight, gaining knowledge, and saving the world, one knot at a time. He has been welcomed to speak at various events and locations, including Shibaricon, TESFest, The Society, Albany Power Exchange, Rochester Kink Society, Black Phoenix, Bound in Boston, Wicked Faire, and others.

There is a tale of him being trapped and his only chance to survive was to suspend multiple women to please a dark council. When asked about this, Murphy only grins.

The Blue

Intro to Rope BondageRopeSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Let's Talk HogtiesRopeSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Discovering your Inner SadistRole PlaySun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex


NaughtyBaby is a fabulously bratty diva switch! A lifelong kinkster with a weakness for a good spanking, she and her husband, SpankBoss, have been in the lifestyle for the past 16 years. They became more involved in the public scene in 2010, where they also found and welcomed NaughtyRalphie into their family. She is a deeply motivated, enthusiastic and passionate member of the Western Massachusetts Power Exchange (WMPE) and is a a member of The Society, where she has served as an elected member of the Bylaws Committee and Chair of the Communication Committee. Additionally, she spent two years as a snazzy Official FetLife Greeter, welcoming new kinksters to the exciting online community.

rnrnSince becoming involved in the scene, NaughtyBaby has made it her mission to make the kink world a better place, helping others feel comfortable with the lifestyle while maintaining their privacy, and educating others on why it is a safe, sane, and ideal way of life. Full of confidence and positivity, it is her mission to help everyone find their inner diva. She happily shares life with SpankBOSS and NaughtyRalphie.

Switches PanelPower and Authority ExchangeSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Blackstone
Switches Meet n GreetSocialSun 12:00 PM—1hr—418


NaughtyRalphie is a lifelong, switch-happy kinkster with a most unusual introduction and education into the lifestyle. He has been involved with the CT kink scene for numerous years, known for his high tolerance for pain, and has been called one of the greatest masochists ever known.

He met NaughtyBaby and SpankBoss in 2010 and he became a member of their leather family at the FFF37. He enjoys his friendship with SpankBoss and happily wears NaughtyBaby's collar while he exercises his authority as Daddy. Talk about a switchy scenario!

Switches PanelPower and Authority ExchangeSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Blackstone
Switches Meet n GreetSocialSun 12:00 PM—1hr—418


NEHG promotes the safer, ethical, and consensual use of hypnosis for erotic and recreational purposes. All are welcome who are curious about the positive uses of hypnosis; we strive to make this an LGBTQI safe space. We provide a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to learn, play, and explore. We hold regular meetings for kinksters to watch, learn, and practice hypnosis together.

Fetlife as the New England Hypnosis Group
events on the National Recreational Hypnosis Event Calendar.

New England Hypnosis NELA SIGSocialFri 6:00 PM—1hr—418


Opn is a queer little fat girl who likes to play and thinks building kinky community is hot. With "organizing" firmly one of her kinks, Opn has been running munches, field trips, play parties, demo programs, safety awareness orientations, concession tables, ice breakers, outreach tables, FUNdraisers, and multi-person scenes since the beginning of her kink career in the '90s. She is on the look-out for her next kinky project.


NELA Welcome Wagon - FridaySocialFri 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—South County
NELA Welcome Wagon - Saturday: Welcome WagonSocialSat 9:45 AM—1hr—Blackstone


P.E.T.E. (Pedular Enthusiast Ticklee Extraordinaire) has been an active tickling and foot fetishist for over 20 years. He has taught classes at Ramrod in Boston, Club Hell in Providence, RI, and is an instructor for Kink Academy with a number of instructional videos on their website. He co-facilitated numerous tickle play events for Tickle New England!, a group he created to help organize and support the New England tickle community. P.E.T.E. co-created New England Feet to create local opportunities for community and safe connection for foot fetishists and the recipients of their pedular attentions.

P.E.T.E. embraces his kinks as fun, sensual and erotic practice that holds great dynamic benefits ranging from vanilla to deeply spiritual, healing and sexual. P.E.T.E. continues to learn about fetishism and kink warmly inviting you into this experience of exploration with him and the amazing GRLee.

Tickle New England
Contact P.E.T.E. at or on fetlife: PETE210

Tickle Playshop w/ Suspension TicklingHumorSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
Pedular Enthusiasm: Foot Massage Demo Foot Fetishism PlayshopCommunicationSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C


Rabbit is a boy, a bootblack, and a puppy who has been active in the midwestern and Boston area communities for over a decade. He has blacked or presented at events such as FFF, Dark Odyssey, Leather Retreat, Smartfest, Ohio Leather Fest, Winter Wickedness, and for groups such as NELA, Adventures in Sexuality, and the Purple Rose Society. In addition to getting his hands dirty with boots and leathers, he may occasionally be found running around as his alter-ego, Spike the puppy.

Preferred pronoun: he/him/his

Bootblacking FridayLoungeFri 7:00 PM—3hr—Bootblacking
Bootblacking SaturdayLoungeSat 11:00 AM—11hr—Bootblacking
Bootblacking Meet and GreetSocialSun 1:00 PM—1hr—418


Railen Panther is the property of Mistress Thorne, and identifies as a lifestyle slave. Guided by his panther spirit, he serves his Mistress in her 24/7 M/s household. Active in the Boston area community, he is a member of MAsTMass, NE-DS, and NELA, supporter of NCSF and the National Safe Call Network.

The National Safe Call Network

MAsT Mass MeetingSocialFri 7:00 PM—2hr—418


Raven Kaldera is a queer FTM transgendered intersexual shaman. He is the author of too many books to list here, including Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path and Dear Raven and Joshua: Questions and Answers About Master/Slave Relationships. He and his slaveboy Joshua have been teaching and presenting workshops regularly for many years to the BDSM, Neo-Pagan, Sex/Spirituality, transgender, and other communities. 'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.

Joshua Tenpenny is Raven's Boy, and his devoted assistant, partner, and slave for life. He is a massage therapist, Shiatsu practitioner, and yoga teacher. He is polymorphously perverse, and finds spiritual fulfillment through any kind of worthy service.

Raven Kaldera

Emotional EdgeplayRole PlaySat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Poly D/s PanelPower and Authority ExchangeSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Double Edge: BDSM and TransgenderGenderSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B


RopeRider is the organizer of Bound In Boston, a rope bondage convention with an emphasis on education and community building. He began his journey with rope bondage as a fetish photographer, but quickly found that he enjoys participating in hot rope play as much as he enjoys photographing hot rope play.

Bound In Boston

Fucking With Your CameraGeneral SkillsSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone


Roughinamorato is a charmingly sadistic bastard who believes that kink should be fun. Disarmingly frenetic, his informal style and intelligent approach to kink have made him an international favorite.

In 2006 he began teaching in the kink community, when his journey of self-discovery into kink and BDSM led him to want to share that joyful agony with others, through classes about rough body play, rope, connection, and sexual expression. He has taught at events across the world including Dark Odyssey, ROPECRAFT, The Gathering, Shibaricon, Thunder in the Mountains, Frolicon, The Floating World, Winter Wickedness, WestCoast Bound, Rope Camp, NELA's Fetish Flea, and countless others.

In 2011 he started Rough Crowd, a monthly rough body play workshop in Chicago, and from that has grown Rough Crowd Academy, a rough body play intensive weekend that has made appearances in cities worldwide from San Francisco to Boston, Toronto to Sydney. He also runs Rough Crowd Cigars, a monthly-ish social smoker.

Twitter @roughinamorato

It's OK to Hit Them : So Long as They are into That Sort of ThingCommunicationFri 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Intro to Rough Body PlayImpactSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Balloon Bondage: (A Terribly Serious Class)HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
Asking For it: Negotiation Practices : Get What You Want And Get it GoodCommunicationSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone


Rubber Jason: The founder

Latex / Rubber Meet n GreetSocialSat 2:00 PM—1hr—418
Rubber Bondage DemonstrationGeneral SkillsSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—South County


sepiessa, a self-proclaimed YogaGeek, is immersed in a long-standing love affair with everything yoga (the mindspace, sense of floatiness, the squeeze and release, etc). She's practiced yoga since 1997 and was certified to teach by a well-respected school in the summer of 2003. Little did she know that years later she'd discover the many parallels between kink and yoga...

She runs her own vanilla studio in the greater Boston area and is in the process of bringing more yoga to the kink community. Her teaching style ranges from gentle to moderate to vinyasa flow, and she always accommodates her students' needs (vanilla needs, as she is quite happily collared!).

Sepiessa is also a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. Thai Massage is a favorite, as it allows her to actively work with the massage receiver. Her clients love it.

In response to a growing need, Sepiessa is currently introducing Thai 'Em Massage for Bondage & Otherwise (TEMTBO) in the community. She hopes to help kinksters become more comfortable and flexible in their bodies and thus have access to better and deeper kinklife experiences. Overall, she hopes to help people feel better in mind and body while becoming sensitive to their abilities to care for their kink partners.


NELA Kink YogaMovementSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A


Silverdreams has over two decades of experience in BDSM, which gives her insights into what makes bottoms and submissives tick. She enjoys helping people new to the scene find their way, giving them the benefit of her years in real-life D/s relationships, as well as learning from others. She believes that knowledge shared during frank discussion, combined with a sense of humor, provides valuable tools and techniques so that bottoms can learn how to safely enjoy the entire experience, with emphasis placed on the responsibility of the bottom and coping with physical and mental issues bottoms experience. She is an opinionated, self-avowed bratty bottom who enjoys predicament play and rope bondage. Owned and collared by Septimus, she is an incurable shoe slut and has a blog exploring her love of footwear, various D/s dynamics and her own D/lg relationship at When not on Fetlife, she can usually be found tweeting up a storm under the name silverdaydreams.

Silverdreams' Blog
Twitter: silverdaydreams

NE-DS Meet n GreetSocialSat 3:00 PM—1hr—418


Solipsistic, Co-founder of BTNG ("beating"), Boston's Young & Kinky, Solipsistic has been an active member of the Boston kink scene for several years. His kink interests focus on activism, D/s dynamics, and providing proper discipline for naughty girls.

TNG Meet & Greet: Hosted by BTNGSocialSat 6:00 PM—1hr—418


Trialsinner is a journeyer and creative explorer of rope. He is an innovator, a theorist, a philosopher, a practicing rope dominant, an educator, and a photographer. Distinctly focused on the innovation of rope bondage, he thrives on the coalescence of the physical and cerebral, and strives for expanded views and understandings of rope ideas both new and old. He maintains strong roots in the rope community in both Boston and New York, while participating in the greater community on an international level. The Flea was his first scene event, and he looks forward to it every year.


Headspace ConceptsCommunicationFri 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Tying MenRopeSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C


Twitch-the-Switch's rope fascination began early on while watching episodes of Wonder Woman. Duh... He wanted a hot woman in sexxy boots to tie him up and make him tell the truth. Hell, he still does! But his fascination with rope goes much deeper. Through his years of learning to tie he discovered that rope meant more to him than just restraining or being restrained. From rough and tumble, to sexxy and sensual, he feels that rope speaks to all of the senses as it encompasses a body and brings two people together in a scene. His teaching style focuses on learning to "tie the person" not just "tie the tie". And always with a focus on having fun while you learn. Because, hell... Isn't that why we all want to do this stuff in the first place?

Rope LoungeLoungeSat 11:00 AM—7hr—Blackstone


Vivienne was Chair of the New England Leather Alliance (NELA) from 2001 through 2006 and had served as NELA's Treasurer from 1996 through 2003. She also holds the position of Chair of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and was one of the Co-Chairs of Leather Leadership Conference - Seven held in April 2003. In addition to leather activism she squeezes time out to be the Treasurer of the Greater Boston chapter of NOW, something she's enjoyed doing since 1989. Vivienne identifies as bisexual Jewish feminist and would like to be mistaken for Cher. Barring that, she'll settle for being known as a dedicated sexual freedom activist.

New England Leather Alliance (NELA)

Consent Counts: Project of the NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom)CommunicationSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex