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Pets BOFRole PlaySat 2:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite
The Society Meet and GreetSocialSat 8:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite


Ayem_Willing is a switchy rope slut from the Washington DC area. He has been around the scene for five years, increasing and honing his skills at every event he's attended. Rope bondage has been his passion for years; top or bottom doesn't matter because he likes it from both sides of the rope. His name refers to his helpful nature, volunteering at most events he attends, co-teaching and assisting with many rope bondage classes around the country. He is a high-spirited player, and believes that laughter in the dungeon is just as sexy as screams. Also identifying as a "Furry", he will occasionally suit up and let his fursona run free.

Furries!!!SocialSat 7:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite
Age Play PanelRole PlaySat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—518


Bendyogagirl is a sex positive activist, champion and educator, dedicated to cultivating healthy, enlivening, safe and supportive expressions of 'alternative' identities and relationships.

Twitter: @bendyogagirl

Bendy's Site!
Bendy on Blogspot!

MonoPoly: A panelCommunicationFri 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Yoga for KinkstersGeneral SkillsSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
So You Like it Rough?: Thug Play from the Top and BottomImpactSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Compassionate Communication: How to Improve your Relationship while Talking about itCommunicationSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone
Spirituality in BDSM: A panelSpiritualitySat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—South County


Cameryn Moore is the sex-worker alias for an award-winning producer, director, choreographer, and writer who has been creating and performing since 2000, first in San Francisco, then in Boston. In addition to her live performance work, Ms. Moore is a full-time phone sex operator, dirty-talk educator, and creator of a forthcoming line of custom and off-the-rack audio smut (heh heh, she said "rack"). Little Black Book productions is the umbrella company for these endeavors.

Cameryn Moore

Cameryn Moore: Power I Play: (choose your own adventure)EVENTFri 5:45 PM—1hr 45min—Blackstone


Carnivorous is a polyamorous, queerish switch with a penchant for creative sadism and genderfucking. She has been actively kinky and in the public scene for three years. She has presented at TES and TOF Con, and has demo-bottomed more times than she can remember. You can find her causing trouble in New York, New Jersey, and Boston with her cohorts the Other Fuckers.

Bi/Poly/Switch PanelGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex


Coral is a force of nature! As a result, interesting things frequently occur in her general vicinity. She is a believer in Love, Fortune, Pleasure, and Change. She finds the world completely fascinating, from kisses to flesh hooks, boots to hats, arguments to introspection, women to men, and chocolate to... things that are not chocolate. Always in pursuit of knowledge and a good story, she can be found talking to just about anyone. You might be next!

Coral is currently pursuing her degree in Jewelry/Metals and Weaving with a scholastic focus on sacred tools. Coral is proud to have served her communities as Ms. Oregon State Leather 2007 and as Co-producer/Host of Portland Oregon's 2009 A.I.D.S. vigil, The Living Vigil, with her Sash Husband Ben Brown, Jr.

She is an educator, artist, Owner, Ordeal Path Worker, Blue Lady, cult leader in training, body pride advocate, model, gamer/comic geek, and mentor. She appears in "Ropes, Bondage and Power," a Robert Rubel book edited by Lee Harrington.

Uniform fetish from the Mundane to the Military : From Jumpers to Jump BootsRole PlaySat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
Coral and the Chocolate FetishHumorSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—418
Spirituality in BDSM: A panelSpiritualitySat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—South County


Courtney Jane (CJ) has been involved in the kink community for almost a decade, heavily involved in the Boston, San Francisco Bay area, and now Seattle scene. She is the founder and former organizer of KinkyCon, a NH based kink educational conference that has been ongoing since 2009. She has taught at Dark Odyssey Fusion and Surrender, Seattle's Subspace, NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarket, CT's Society, and San Fran's Citadel.

CJ is passionate about connection, self awareness and energetic play. She enjoys discussing kink psychology and understanding why we do what we do. Her biggest kinks include organizing, energy play, rope, impact, kinky poker, and fisting!

FetLife: Freespirit42

Preferred pronoun: she/her

Power and Authority Exchange Relationships: A panelPower and Authority ExchangeSat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—518
Getting Good Head: Face Slapping and Hair Pulling for PlayImpactSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—518


DaDoc is a physician practicing in New England within a primary health care setting. As such he advocates heavily for safety within play scenes (in a reasonable way) and advocates for a relationship with your physician should things go really really wrong and even if they don't.

That said, he is also an avid player and oft intense Dominant, described by friends in the lifestyle as persistently Dom. There's little he doesn't enjoy and little he won't try, given some bounds of reasonability. He is active in several groups and feels it is important to support teaching and bring another generation of folk into the lifestyle.

Catheters and SoundsGeneral SkillsSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—518


Dan, being a lifelong kinkster, finds his work on education and local community building very rewarding, not to mention exciting! In addition to co-founding and helping to run VASE (Vermont Alternative Sexuality Education) in late 2010, he hosts meetings of the Innovative Fiber Arts local rope group. When he's not organizing kink events or slaving away at work, Dan reads, plays games (board games & RPGs) and tries to keep his cat from eating the house.

VASE MeetupSocialSat 4:00 PM—2hr—Presidential Suite


David Wraith is a Saint Louis native, writer, filmmaker, activist, and a co-founder of Sex Positive St. Louis. He's a polyamorous, sado-masochistic exhibitionist who has spent much of his adult life advocating for women's reproductive freedom, people living with HIV, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender rights. He occasionally rants about movies, sex, and politics on his blog.

Twitter: @davidwraith

Facebook: @davidwraith

FetLife: users/52807

David Wraith
Sex Positive St. Louis

Preferred pronoun: He, him, his

MonoPoly: A panelCommunicationFri 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Sex Positive: What does it mean?General SkillsSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Poly 101General SkillsSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Alternative ActivismGeneral SkillsSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—518


DeLano is dedicated to using his years of experience in the bondage scene to help others enjoy their time in rope more safely and fully. He has presented locally in NYC and at events around the country on rope bondage and other SM scene related topics. DeLano is the Assistant Instructor for Midori's Rope Bondage Dojo(R) weekend intensives, and he co-moderates the Japanese RopeArt and the Shibari Enthusiasts Yahoo groups. He has also co-presented with Michele Serchuk on photographic collaborations in bondage imagery.


Scene Survival for New PlayersGeneral SkillsFri 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Rope Bottom: An Advanced Guide for Frequent FlyerRopeSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—418
Connection and Intent: The Illustrated Guide to Hot Rope PlayRopeSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—South County


DJ Pet runs A Curious Production, a Boston area event planning and production company. ACP has been producing the New Designers' Fetish Fashion Show since it's inception and has newly taken on the Saturday Night Ball. In addition to producing he also DJs under the name DJ Pet and mixes + setlists are available. DJ Pet currently is a resident DJ at Resurrection and Impulse!, two bi-weekly dance events in Manchester NH. He is also the resident sound and lighting engineer, and flyer designer for Darq Salem and Gothic Maine.

A Curious Production
Mixes and Set Lists
Darq Salem
Gothic Maine

New Designers Fetish FashionshowEVENTFri 9:00 PM—2hr 30min—Naragansett A
New Designers Fetish FashionshowEVENTFri 9:00 PM—2hr 30min—Naragansett B
New Designers Fetish FashionshowEVENTFri 9:00 PM—2hr 30min—Naragansett C
Fetish Prom NightEVENTSat 8:00 PM—5hr—Naragansett C
Fetish Prom NightEVENTSat 8:00 PM—5hr—Naragansett B
Fetish Prom NightEVENTSat 8:00 PM—5hr—Naragansett A


Dov is a NYC based artist, photographer, sculptor, educator; Japanese rope bondage and single tail whip fanatic, computer geek and just has way too many hobbies. He has been in the NYC scene since 1993.

He has been involved for years both politically and artistically, creating works at Burning Man and other venues and is one of the the Two founders of Shibaricon rope event. His work varies from installations to performance art, both vanilla and fetish. His work was featured at Diesel Denim Gallery in SoHo NYC, where he created a Shibari rope window to highlight a photo series of their jeans by Japanese erotic photographer Araki.

As an international educator he has given numerous presentations and classes on everything from rope bondage and Japanese rope bondage to canes and whips at TES , Bondage SIG at TES GMSMA, Black Rose(DC), Shibaricon, Bound In Boston , Leather Retreat, The Tannery(Philly), Passional (Phily), TES2000, Purple Passion, Silk at Bard College, Conversio Virium at Columbia, Montreal Fetish Weekend, Hong Kong, Australia, Uber, The Gathering, and many other events.

As a Top/Dom and equal opportunity sadist, his areas of interest in BDSM and fetish and kink in general are a bit broad and include, but are not limited to: flogging, single tails, rope corsets and rope bondage in both Western and Japanese Styles, pony play, objectification, humiliation, knives, fire play, impact play (punching slapping etc.), pressure points, breath play, water sports. And that's just the short list. He's been tying things up since he was 5 and just keeps buying more rope for nefarious purposes to feed his passion for rope bondage.

How to Throw a WhipImpactFri 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—South County
So You Like it Rough?: Thug Play from the Top and BottomImpactSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Guerrilla Fetish Photography and the LawGeneral SkillsSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex


Dr. Bob is an educational sociologist and researcher by training. He has ten books currently in print (four on Master/slave topics, two on advanced sex techniques, one on fire play, and three erotic art photo books). Recipient of the 2008 Pantheon of Leather's Community Choice Award, Robert (Bob) Rubel has been involved in the BDSM scene since the summer of 2001, throwing himself into the literature of the field as though it were an academic study. He frequently attends weekend Leather conferences. Dr. Bob is the series editor of Power Exchange Books' Resource Series (the successor to Power Exchange Magazine). This is a series of books that are collections of highly focused essays that cover a wide range of special topics within the larger field of BDSM. He presents, judges, and sells his books widely throughout the year. In 2007 and 2008, he participated in over 31 events.

Playing with Saran Wrap: Creating an AppetizerRopeSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Playing with the PussyGeneral SkillsSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B


Dr. SlashBlight has been a kinky nerd his entire life. In Feburary 2009, he jumped into the public scene spreading his excitement for his favorite fetish, Hypnosis/Mind Control. He then Co-founded the New England Hypnosis Group with fast friend and fellow Hypno-fetishist, Mephki. He can be found at play parties huddled in a corner whispering in the ear of a pretty girl, or Co-Topping with his partner-in-crime, mad_patter. If you ever have a Hypnosis Question, D&D question, want to be Hypnotized, or want Zombie Survival advice, just ask DrSlashBlight... but you can call him Buddy.

Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Erotic Hypnosis 101 with DrSlashBlightGeneral SkillsSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone


Elisabetta, hailing from Minnesota, is a queer and an all around dirty girl. She enjoys traveling the country, being thoughtfully slutty, having adventures with LqqkOut, catching up on sleep, and then returning home to be a sex-positive mama and evaluation researcher. She embraces a wholistic sexuality and is deeply grateful for all the facets of her life

Elisabetta has a background in sexuality education as well as Master of Public Health and Master of Social Work degrees. Currently she works with a group of mothers on The Sexy Mamas project, increasing thoughtful discussion around sexuality and motherhood, and helping mothers in her community and beyond to have more balanced, fulfilling, and sexy lives.

Go Team Slutty!CommunicationSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Discover your Queer IdentityGeneral SkillsSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—418


Eponine - easily recognizable by her red hair and Gryffindor track jacket, Eponine jumped into the public scene two years ago and has worked to organize events within the Boston kink community to help integrate newcomers and grow The Next Generation.

TNG Meet & Greet: Hosted by BTNGSocialSat 6:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite


Friday Blaise is a safer sex positive presenter. Many of her classes are structured to be just within the boundaries determined by the rules of the event and the consent of the participants. Friday Blaise has been active in the BDSM/Leather commUnity for 15 years and is known as a dynamic, authentic, and informed presenter for pan-sexual events of all types across the nation. She has been a public speaker on various aspects of fitness and wellness for more than a decade. She is a certified personal trainer, and yoga, Pilates, kick-boxing, and aerobics instructor. She practices homeopathy and energy medicine professionally, and is listed as a Kink Aware Professional (KAP) with the NCSF.

Visit Friday Blaise.
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF).

Vaginal and Anal Fisting 101: A Fist Full of FunGeneral SkillsSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—518
Erogenous Zoning ViolationsGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone


Graydancer - Ninja Sex Poodle & Ronin of Love, comes from the venerable rope bondage tradition of Madison, WI, where he honed his craft to become the world premiere podcaster of rope bondage with "The Ropecast." He is the author of three novels including Nawashi (which climbed to #1 on the charts) as well as numerous short stories and essays. Graydancer's writing has been published in several anthologies edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Secret Magazine, Power Exchange Magazine, and most recently "Ropes, Bondage & Power."

TwoPlay: The Art of Making OutGeneral SkillsFri 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone
Tie 'Em up and Fuck 'EmRopeSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Bi/Poly/Switch PanelGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
ApocalyptaKink Workshop: When Sh*t HappensGeneral SkillsSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B


Jawn's Doll (Jenn) has played a number of roles in her life, both literally as she earned her BA in Drama from Ithaca College, and figuratively as she earned her MEd from University of New Hampshire. Her most important role is currently as the owned girl of Jawn. She has recently served as the Director of MAsT Mass (Masters And slaves Together), a monthly discussion and support group for those interested in pursuing hierarchical relationships. She works with Jawn creatively as part of Reverend Reacharound ( and as a photographer for Jawniffer Photography ( She can also be found online at

Reverend Reacharound
Jawniffer Photography
Visit Jawn's Doll on the web

MAsT MeetingPower and Authority ExchangeFri 7:00 PM—2hr—Presidential Suite
Negotiating for SubmissivesPower and Authority ExchangeSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
Power and Authority Exchange Relationships: A panelPower and Authority ExchangeSat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—518


Katastrophic, a bottom heavy switch, is a recent addition to the Boston scene who was fortunate to fall in with the right crowd. Working with the FFF Programming Committee, she lends a newcomer's perspective and enthusiasm to the team. She draws from the experience of attending the FFF 34 solo as her first venture into the public scene. Since then she has participated in several other kinky events.

MonoPoly: A panelCommunicationFri 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—South County


Kyle BostonDSM has always been exploring the dark side of himself and the world, as a feminist, sadist, geek, dominant, communist, and activist. His background in anti-racism and other leftist causes has served him well since joining the public BDSM scene, where he has become the Secretary of the New England Leather Alliance, a greeter for BTNG (a Boston-area group for kinky people aged 18-35), and a student of Lord Percival.

MonoPoly: A panelCommunicationFri 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Alternative ActivismGeneral SkillsSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—518


La Dresseuse has been training ponies and mentoring handlers since 2000. Ponies from her own stable, Aphrodite's Meadow, have won quite an array of ribbons at pony shows across the country. She is always delighted to work with and help as many ponies and handlers as possible, from the brand new curious novice to the veteran show champion.

Pony PaddockLoungeSun 10:00 AM—6hr—South County


Lady Shimla has been in the lifestyle for over thirty years. She is an avid educator, vendor, developer and user of the violet wand who has authored four books on the subject, two of which are gender specific. 'Basic Violet Wand' and 'Advanced Violet Wands' are part of a series and include a How-to DVD for those who wish to learn in a more private setting or to continue the education available in the classes at home.

Violet Wand Store

Preferred pronoun: she/her/hers

Violet WandsGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—518


Laura Antoniou is the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels. Many examples of her short fiction, articles, essays and rants can be found in the collection titled The Catalyst and Other Tales. In 2011, Laura won the prestigious John Preston Short Fiction Award from the National Leather Association for her short story, "That's Harsh," which appears in the e-book edition of The Slave.

As a presenter, panelist, and keynote speaker, Laura has appeared at dozens of conferences over more than twenty-five years, both entertaining and delivering an occasional verbal indictment. She has also appeared at colleges and universities, including NYU, Rutgers, Columbia and the University of Washington. She received the NLA International's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. She is also the recipient of the 2011 "Worst Camper" award at Dark Odyssey:Fusion.

Laura began her writing career in the 1980's, and edited the groundbreaking "Leatherwomen" anthologies, as well as several other collections of fiction and non-fiction. She has also written gay male erotica under many names; the novel Musclebound and a collection of short MM stories titled "Shop Stud" can be found at Renaissance E-books. In addition, she is the co-author (with her wife, Karen) of a ritually correct Leather Passover Seder, Avadim Chayanu (Once We Were Slaves). Laura plans several more novels in the Marketplace series the most recent of which is The Inheritor for publisher Circlet Press. She has written a comedy murder mystery set in the leather community, titled The Killer Wore Leather, which was nominated for the 2013 Lambda Literary Award, and won the 2013 Rainbow Book Awards. She can be found on-line at, and on Fetlife and Facebook.

Laura Antoniou, Author

Service with a Smile: Tactics for Overcoming Temporary Obstacles in Being your BestPower and Authority ExchangeFri 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—418
Romantic Surrender: Adding Dominance & Submission to Your LifePower and Authority ExchangeSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
For your own good: Using Punishment in your D/s relationshipPower and Authority ExchangeSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C


Leather By Danny joined the NELA board as vendor liaison back in 1999. In addition to continuing to act as vendor liaison for NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarket(TM), he is currently NELA's Board Member at Large and he remains a member of the PDL Steering Committee. Danny entered the public scene in 1989. His passion for bondage inspired him to make his own bondage equipment. It was the popularity of his unique Grip-cuff(TM) design that inspired him to start his own business, "Leather By Danny." Leather by Danny now carries a wide range of bondage equipment and can be found in shops around the country. Danny enjoys traveling the country vending as well as teaching classes on bondage.

Leather by Danny

Saturday Associates Only VendingVendorSat 10:30 AM—30min—Vending
Saturday VendingVendorSat 11:00 AM—7hr—Vending
How to Give/Go to a Play Party ...: and Get Invited BackGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—418
Sunday Associates Only VendingVendorSun 10:30 AM—30min—Vending
Sunday VendingVendorSun 11:00 AM—5hr—Vending


Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality and spirituality educator, gender adventurer, artist and published author whose books include Sacred Kink, Shibari You Can Use, The Toybag Guide to Ageplay, and others. Well known for his fun and informative approach to education, he approaches sexuality as yet another art to master, or simply an art to enjoy to its fullest! His stories make people laugh while showing you that eroticism can be as serious, sexy, or silly as you make it.

Visit Lee on the web.

Preferred pronoun: He/Him/His

Dark Role PlayRole PlaySat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
The Call Beyond Equals: Dominance and Submission 101Power and Authority ExchangeSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Beings of Faith and Desire: Embracing and Maintaining Our Spirituality as Erotic IndividualsSpiritualitySat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone
Spirituality in BDSM: A panelSpiritualitySat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Laughing Our Way to Intimacy: Humor and SexHumorSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A


Lochai has been educating the rope bondage minded across the country for the past 15 years. He is the director of the only international munch, Rope Bite, and runs Bondage Club Baltimore. He can be found on occasion binding beauties and creating living art at local fetish events as well as major exhibitions across the country. "I use the body as a canvas and rope as the medium in creating my art." It's no surprise that in August of 2008, he was picked by, one of the most respected companies in the adult entertainment industry, to spearhead their flagship site, and to create

His lifestyle experiences extend to many aspects of the BDSM world including but not limited to age play, pony/puppy play, corporal, humiliation, and impact play. He has given talks on many topics that included both hands on classes as well as photography slide shows and demos.

Lochai is also an award winning photographer who's work appears on gallery walls as well in fine art publications and coffee table books. He "shoots for the walls and not the computer screen." He was "Overall Photography Winner"of Erotic Signature's "The Worlds Greatest Erotic Art of Today" with his iconic image "Beach Bound." His work is on permanent display at the Leather Archive and Museum in Chicago and the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami, for sale in brick and mortar galleries from Key West Florida to Cyber fine art galleries based out of London as well on many private collectors walls. His images, rope art and interviews have been published in The British Journal of Photography, Secret, Skin Two, Bizarre, Prometheus, Cherry, A Magazine, Fetish Anthology, Extreme Anthology, New Times, and in his own fine art books. His work can also be found on numerous websites from around the world.

Rope Bite
Bondage Club Baltimore
A full listing of his desires
Yet another one of his sites

Fuck Dogma: Not Everything is as it seems ...General SkillsSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
NOT your Grandma's EnemaGeneral SkillsSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—418


LoMevina admits that Judaism affects every aspect of her life, and that she feels both religiously and spiritually Jewish. Happiest as a sub, Lo Mevina also loves to dance, with interests ranging from Israeli to salsa to Contra.

Kabalat ShabbatSpiritualityFri 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—418
HavdalahSpiritualitySat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—518


LqqkOut is a Midwest-based sexuality educator and rigger, as well as an active member of the Minnesota and Iowa kink communities. He serves on the board of the Minneapolis TNG group, Min-KY, and contributes to Iowa State University's CUFFS group.

Since 2006, LqqkOut has devoted many of his weekends to traveling around the country teaching at sexuality events. A self-described "rope-geek," LqqkOut enjoys helping folks of all genders, play-styles, and sexual orientations gain confidence and build skills through hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and discussions. His teaching style combines a unique blend of humor and technical expertise as he seeks to demystify complex-looking skills and help people learn to play and think creatively. Most of all, he hopes those who attend his classes learn to connect with themselves and others in new and enjoyable ways.

Visit LqqkOut's website.

Go Team Slutty!CommunicationSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Discover your Queer IdentityGeneral SkillsSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—418


Mad Patter is one of the founding organizers of BTNG. Mad_Patter is a relative newcomer to the public kink scene having only joined the Boston public scene in late 2009. Since then he has worked hard to become a fun and approachable sadist that prides himself able to walk the line between being laid-back and intense. He follows a personal motto of being an edge player that even non-edge players can play with. While he can often be seen cotopping (especially with his partner in crime DrSlashBlight), performing card tricks, lighting people on fire, and generally creating ruckus, his main drive is to constantly learn more about other kinky people while simultaneously exploring a variety of new, fun, and consensual experiences.

FetLife: mad_patter


TNG Meet & Greet: Hosted by BTNGSocialSat 6:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite
Power and Authority Exchange Relationships: A panelPower and Authority ExchangeSat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—518


Madelyn (Miss Wyld) has been an active part of the public kink scene through VT, NH, & MA since she first found the wonderful people, communities, & events. In 2011 she co-founded Vermont Alternative Sexuality Education (, a group which brings quality kink & sex education to Vermont, with support as NELA's first sister organization. Personally she has been exploring alternative sexuality as a bi-poly-switch for 8 years and joyously shares her knowledge & experience. When not providing pleasure or pain to others, she is an avid equestrian and sushi addict.

VASE MeetupSocialSat 4:00 PM—2hr—Presidential Suite
Bi/Poly/Switch PanelGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex


Mephki started her kinky life in Boston in early 2005 when she decided to finally pursue her fetish for hypnosis. Since there appeared to be no local people with similar interests, she turned to the internet and found the online hypnosis community. In 2009 she discovered Fetlife and met DrSlashBlight, who was organizing a hypnosis meet-up in Boston. After its subsequent success, she and DSB founded the New England Hypnosis Group, which seeks to bring together people in New England with an interest in hypnosis for education and fun. Since its start in 2009, Mephki has organized many events for the NEHG, including classes, munches, parties, and the annual New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference. In addition to hypnosis, Mephki enjoys rope and baking.

New England Hypnosis NELA SIGSocialFri 9:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite


Michele Serchuk has been shooting evocative, intensely personal erotic portraiture in New York City for 20 years. She's lectured at Seattle Erotic Arts Festival and the Kinsey Institute, presented for local groups and at events across the US and Canada, exhibited in several major US cities, and been interviewed for cable TV, radio, webcasts, podcasts and magazines. She currently assists for Midori's Rope Dojo® weekend rope bondage intensives.

Michele's book credits include: Mammoth Book of New Erotic Photography, The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica, Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotic Women (Carroll & Graf), Photo Sex (Down There Press), SECRET Fetish Photo Anthologies 2-6; her work has also appeared as cover art for dozens of books and in numerous magazines.

Connection and Intent: The Illustrated Guide to Hot Rope PlayRopeSat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—South County


Midori is one of our favorite presenters at at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket(TM) and a NELA fan. Frequent sightings of her from around the globe make us wonder if she ever sleeps or if she's cloned herself. A sex-positive activist, she's made an improbable career out of being the world's traveling sexpert on the art of creative and sensual living.

Don't miss the groundbreaking book Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage which first cracked open the mysteries to Westerners, the hot essays in Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink and twisted dark science fiction in Master Han's Daughter.

Classes Rope Dojo

Interrogation and Military ScenesRole PlayFri 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Blackstone
Erotic Humiliation Play: Make 'Em Blush, Make 'Em SquirmRole PlaySat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Erotic Humiliation Play: Make 'Em Blush, Make 'Em SquirmRole PlaySat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Aural Sex : Seduction by Voice & Story TellingRole PlaySun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C


Miss Cindy has been in the BDSM lifestyle for 9 years. As switch, she is collared to her Sir, and is Mistress to her submissive for over 5 years. She is a member of FDNE( Femdom New England),The Society and WMPE. She has her own Toy and accessory Business, Altered Designs by SMC. She has hosted the Femdom Panel for many years, and is stepping down to bring new life to this Panel.

Femdom PanelPower and Authority ExchangeSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Presidential Suite


Miss Luna is a gypsy who is constantly drawn to the road. A creative soul who is a dancer and writer, she is constantly trying to think outside the box as far as how to express her heart and soul. Branching out her ideas of art, creativity, passion and, expression that she has learned from her travels and living in the big city.

She has been a part of the Kink/Leather/BDSM community for the last 18+ years active as a volunteer, board member, educator, 'cheerleader,' producer, and organizer. As an educator over the last 9+ years she has taught at national events such as Black Rose, Floating World, TES Fest, COPE, Shibaricon, and Twisted Tryst, as well as for organizations on the east coast on the topics of Age Play, Bootblacking, Rope bottoming, service, and dance. She sees education as a wonderful opportunity to share with people the things she is passionate about in a fun and safe environment.

Her current artistic project has been to start sharing her love of bellydancing and fire performance with the leather community. Building on dances founded on the training and traditions of her teachers, mentors, and idols, her creative spark is slightly darker and more deeply serving of her soul. Her classes teach women of all sizes the sensual aspects of dance, how to use it to empower, and that they can be, and are, powerful and sexy.

Her passion includes: Music, Boots, Fire Dancing, Candy from Strangers, Bondage, and all things that spark her imagination.

Twitter: @the1miss_luna

Deviant Path
BTN Consulting

Femme (R)evolutionGenderFri 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—418
Age play BOFRole PlaySat 3:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite
Age Play: A Kid's PerspectiveRole PlaySat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Age Play PanelRole PlaySat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—518
Bootblacking 101General SkillsSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—418


Mollena is an NYC born and raised writer, actress, BDSM Educator, and Executive Pervert. Active in BDSM and the Leather Community since 1996, she speaks at Leather, BDSM and Kink events across the US, Europe, and Canada on many Leather and BDSM focused topics. Her accomplishments include International Ms Leather 2010, Ms. San Francisco Leather 2009, and the first woman invited to march with the Scandinavian Leathermen's Association. Her background includes a lifetime of training and involvement in the performing arts, which include spoken word, classical theater, dance, performance art, and all manner of stagecraft. She is a founding member of Crowded Fire Theater Company, and her first solo show, 69Stories: One Pervert's Tale, has been re-revived and is touring in Vancouver.


Preferred pronoun: Mollena

Growing together through being apartCommunicationSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Strong Slaves, Bodacious BottomsCommunicationSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Monogamy Without ShameGeneral SkillsSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex


Murphy Blue is always prepared with a smile, a joke, and a length of rope. He has been bringing his kink knowledge and signature style wherever he could since the turn of the century. A self-claimed "American Rigger", Murphy tries to focus not just on the hows of tying, but the frequently forgotten whys. The interplay of people and energy through rope and gestures is something that should be passed along, and Murphy does his best to assist with that.

While most well known for his unique ropework, creative performances, bouncy demeanor, and intense love for Transformers, "The Blue" is also a scholar of different kinky skills, a skilled photographer, a budding writer, a practicing energy worker of multiple traditions, and a pretty darn good dancer. This world-famous rigger was recently recognized as "The Face of Amercian Bondage" at an international event. He is on a constant search for more information about the art of Shibari, experience of different fetish environments, and new skills to learn. Murphy travels the country with the lovely ladies of "Team Blue," sharing insight, gaining knowledge, and saving the world, one knot at a time. He has been welcomed to speak at various events and locations, including Shibaricon, TESFest, The Society, Albany Power Exchange, Rochester Kink Society, Black Phoenix, Bound in Boston, Wicked Faire, and others.

There is a tale of him being trapped and his only chance to survive was to suspend multiple women to please a dark council. When asked about this, Murphy only grins.

The Blue

Discovering Your Inner SadistPower and Authority ExchangeFri 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—418
Introduction to Rope BondageRopeSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Arm BindingsRopeSun 10:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C


NaughtyBaby is a fabulously bratty diva switch! A lifelong kinkster with a weakness for a good spanking, she and her husband, SpankBoss, have been in the lifestyle for the past 16 years. They became more involved in the public scene in 2010, where they also found and welcomed NaughtyRalphie into their family. She is a deeply motivated, enthusiastic and passionate member of the Western Massachusetts Power Exchange (WMPE) and is a a member of The Society, where she has served as an elected member of the Bylaws Committee and Chair of the Communication Committee. Additionally, she spent two years as a snazzy Official FetLife Greeter, welcoming new kinksters to the exciting online community.

rnrnSince becoming involved in the scene, NaughtyBaby has made it her mission to make the kink world a better place, helping others feel comfortable with the lifestyle while maintaining their privacy, and educating others on why it is a safe, sane, and ideal way of life. Full of confidence and positivity, it is her mission to help everyone find their inner diva. She happily shares life with SpankBOSS and NaughtyRalphie.

Switches BOFPower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite


NaughtyEm has moxie. She enjoys finding fresh, creative ways to bind, torture, and please. Her perception and insight, combined with warm enthusiasm and sincerity, have earned her a fierce reputation on both sides of the D/s spectrum. As a rope enthusiast, she prefers sensual, intimate, and meaningful floorwork over flashy suspensions. Most recently, Em consulted on rope, partner connection, and bondage for an upcoming feature film. Em is an active member in both local and national communities, including presenting at the Bound in Boston and Kinky Con, greeting at B(oston)TNG Munch, and co-organizing Hitchin' Bitches Boston. Em is the northeast's premier beard fetishist and has her own line of custom beard oil, Siren's Shipwreck.

Elemental One Hand ClapImpactSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—518
Spanking BOFSocialSat 9:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite
Bi/Poly/Switch PanelGeneral SkillsSat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex


NaughtyRalphie is a lifelong, switch-happy kinkster with a most unusual introduction and education into the lifestyle. He has been involved with the CT kink scene for numerous years, known for his high tolerance for pain, and has been called one of the greatest masochists ever known.

He met NaughtyBaby and SpankBoss in 2010 and he became a member of their leather family at the FFF37. He enjoys his friendship with SpankBoss and happily wears NaughtyBaby's collar while he exercises his authority as Daddy. Talk about a switchy scenario!

Switches BOFPower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite


Opn is a queer little fat girl who likes to play and thinks building kinky community is hot. With "organizing" firmly one of her kinks, Opn has been running munches, field trips, play parties, demo programs, safety awareness orientations, concession tables, ice breakers, outreach tables, FUNdraisers, and multi-person scenes since the beginning of her kink career in the '90s. She is on the look-out for her next kinky project.


Fleadom Trail FridaySocialFri 5:30 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Fleadom Trail - SaturdaySocialSat 9:30 AM—1hr 15min—Rest. Annex


P.E.T.E. (Pedular Enthusiast Ticklee Extraordinaire) has been an active tickling and foot fetishist for over 20 years. He has taught classes at Ramrod in Boston, Club Hell in Providence, RI, and is an instructor for Kink Academy with a number of instructional videos on their website. He co-facilitated numerous tickle play events for Tickle New England!, a group he created to help organize and support the New England tickle community. P.E.T.E. co-created New England Feet to create local opportunities for community and safe connection for foot fetishists and the recipients of their pedular attentions.

P.E.T.E. embraces his kinks as fun, sensual and erotic practice that holds great dynamic benefits ranging from vanilla to deeply spiritual, healing and sexual. P.E.T.E. continues to learn about fetishism and kink warmly inviting you into this experience of exploration with him and the amazing GRLee.

FetLife: users/85240

FetLife: PETE210

Tickle New England
Contact P.E.T.E. at

Preferred pronoun: he/they

Universal and Sensual Foot ExperienceGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
Tickle Play with P.E.T.EHumorSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B


Pete is a financial advisor and long time kinkster who has the knowledge and understanding to bring both together.

Healthy, Wealthy, and WiseGeneral SkillsSat 9:00 AM—1hr 30min—418


Princess Kali is a foot-fetishist and lifestyle dominatrix with experience in humiliation, corporal punishment, female supremacy, and TPE play. Hailing from sunny California, and now based in Boston, this young and vivacious blond haired, blue-eyed Domina is known for the unique way she combines her sweet-natured appearance and natural charm with her insatiable appetite for cruelty and unbridled sadism.

She has lectured on a variety of BDSM topics since 2003. Presenting at such institutions as Harvard, RISD, and Brown University as well as Lifestyle venues such Black Rose, Fetish Fair Fleamarket, Leather Retreat, and Kink in the Caribbean has garnered her respect in both the vanilla and kink worlds. Founding the Kink Academy in 2007 has allowed her to reach an even broader audience in a more personal way with her particular form of kink positive sex education, helping couples and singles reach a deeper understanding as well as a heightened creativity in their personal perversions.

Princess Kali

Coming Out KinkyCommunicationSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
The Lazy Top's Guide to Pacing a ScenePower and Authority ExchangeSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A


Rabbit is a boy, a bootblack, and a puppy who has been active in the midwestern and Boston area communities for over a decade. He has blacked or presented at events such as FFF, Dark Odyssey, Leather Retreat, Smartfest, Ohio Leather Fest, Winter Wickedness, and for groups such as NELA, Adventures in Sexuality, and the Purple Rose Society. In addition to getting his hands dirty with boots and leathers, he may occasionally be found running around as his alter-ego, Spike the puppy.

Preferred pronoun: he/him/his

Puppy Play with RabbitRole PlayFri 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—518
Bootblacking BOFSocialFri 10:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite
Bootblacking Station SaturdayEVENTSat 9:00 AM—12hr—Newport
Bootblacking Station SundayEVENTSun 10:00 AM—6hr—Newport


Railen Panther is the property of Mistress Thorne, and identifies as a lifestyle slave. Guided by his panther spirit, he serves his Mistress in her 24/7 M/s household. Active in the Boston area community, he is a member of MAsTMass, NE-DS, and NELA, supporter of NCSF and the National Safe Call Network.

The National Safe Call Network

MAsT MeetingPower and Authority ExchangeFri 7:00 PM—2hr—Presidential Suite


Raven Kaldera is a queer FTM transgendered intersexual shaman. He is the author of too many books to list here, including Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path and Dear Raven and Joshua: Questions and Answers About Master/Slave Relationships. He and his slaveboy Joshua have been teaching and presenting workshops regularly for many years to the BDSM, Neo-Pagan, Sex/Spirituality, transgender, and other communities. 'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.

Joshua Tenpenny is Raven's Boy, and his devoted assistant, partner, and slave for life. He is a massage therapist, Shiatsu practitioner, and yoga teacher. He is polymorphously perverse, and finds spiritual fulfillment through any kind of worthy service.

FetLife: RavenK

Raven Kaldera

Service & Devotion: Love in a Power DynamicCommunicationFri 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—518
Transgender SpiritualitySpiritualityFri 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—518


RiggerJay is a Canadian born, Boston-based rope enthusiast who is also often seen in NYC and sometimes Montreal with his rope bag and camera in hand. When he was first learning to tie, he found great support from the rope community and now gives that same support back to others wanting to learn. He organizes the monthly Boston Rope Group meetings, and runs Be Knotty, a portal for rope bondage information.

Rigger Jay
Boston Rope Group
Be Knotty

Roper RoomLoungeSat 10:30 AM—7hr 30min—Blackstone
Photography ExhibitLoungeSun 10:00 AM—6hr—Blackstone


RopeRider is the organizer of Bound In Boston, a rope bondage convention with an emphasis on education and community building. He began his journey with rope bondage as a fetish photographer, but quickly found that he enjoys participating in hot rope play as much as he enjoys photographing hot rope play.

Bound In Boston

Fucking With Your CameraGeneral SkillsSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—418


Scott Erickson's knot tying education started at the age of 4 by many ole salts who had been boating for more than 40 years. When he came out at 21, he started applying the knots to bondage, and it has been fun ever since. He considers his leather journey a lifelong pursuit, but has been active in the Boston leather community for over 25 years. In 2003, he Co-founded the Bay State Marauders, and served as the inaugural President from 2004 to 2005, and Vice President from 2006 to 2007. He currently serves as the Club Historian, and Atlantic Motorcycle Coordinating Council (AMCC) Representative. Scott began to volunteer for the New England Leather Alliance in 2004. By 2007 decided to join the NELA board, and served as Co-Chair from 2007 to 2008, was the Director of Community Relation from 2009 to 2010, and chair from 2011 to 2012. In 2007, he won the Pantheon of Leather New England Regional Award. Scott does love leather, but his greatest love is his husband Thom whom he married in 2013.

Coming Out KinkyCommunicationSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex


Silverdreams has over two decades of experience in BDSM, which gives her insights into what makes bottoms and submissives tick. She enjoys helping people new to the scene find their way, giving them the benefit of her years in real-life D/s relationships, as well as learning from others. She believes that knowledge shared during frank discussion, combined with a sense of humor, provides valuable tools and techniques so that bottoms can learn how to safely enjoy the entire experience, with emphasis placed on the responsibility of the bottom and coping with physical and mental issues bottoms experience. She is an opinionated, self-avowed bratty bottom who enjoys predicament play and rope bondage. Owned and collared by Septimus, she is an incurable shoe slut and has a blog exploring her love of footwear, various D/s dynamics and her own D/lg relationship at When not on Fetlife, she can usually be found tweeting up a storm under the name silverdaydreams.

Silverdreams' Blog
Twitter: silverdaydreams

Traveling the Yellow Brick Road of Kink: How to Avoid The Flying Monkeys Along the Road to Oz.CommunicationSat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—518


Sol is a kinky scoundrel, sex positive educator, and artist who is active nationally in the leather, bondage, and BDSM communities. Sol leads the So Cal Shibari Bondage Group in CA and is a member of the Los Angeles Band of Brothers, the NCSF, is the current Mr. Sanctuary Leather, and is on the Board of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition. He is involved in many kink events that include: Shibaricon, Dom Con ATL and L.A., Thunder in the Mountains, Kinkfest, Kinky Kollege, and Madtown Kinkfest.

Applied Rigging for Brain and Hands: The nuts and bolts of thinking your way through rope bondageRopeFri 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Dominant as Leader and Ultimate ServantPower and Authority ExchangeSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—418
The Sensuous Art of CaningImpactSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Setting the Scene and Building TrustCommunicationSun 11:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A


Solipsistic: Co-founder of BTNG ("beating"), Boston's Young & Kinky, Solipsistic has been an active member of the Boston kink scene for several years. His kink interests focus on activism, D/s dynamics, and providing proper discipline for naughty girls.

FetLife: Solipsistic

TNG Meet & Greet: Hosted by BTNGSocialSat 6:00 PM—1hr—Presidential Suite
Age Play PanelRole PlaySat 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—518


TheLauren is a queer, ambitious, and nerdy kinkster who has been exploring BDSM for the last ten years. She brings with her a love for life, baking, and a bad sense of humor. She has a vast range of interests that she is always exploring, including bondage, power exchange, impact, and sexuality. TheLauren has an evil streak, and has been referred to as "deliciously sadistic," though she will always swear she is a sweetheart. TheLauren loves to teach and interact within the scene. She has taught for the Fetish Flea, TiedUp!, Bound in Boston, TES, and local NYC events. TheLauren - Accept no imitations.

Mommy DearestRole PlaySat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—518
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
Whose Kink is it Anyway?HumorSat 4:30 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B
You're doing it wrongGeneral SkillsSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—418


Trialsinner is a journeyer and creative explorer of rope. He is an innovator, a theorist, a philosopher, a practicing rope dominant, an educator, and a photographer. Distinctly focused on the innovation of rope bondage, he thrives on the coalescence of the physical and cerebral, and strives for expanded views and understandings of rope ideas both new and old. He maintains strong roots in the rope community in both Boston and New York, while participating in the greater community on an international level. The Flea was his first scene event, and he looks forward to it every year.


Tying MenRopeFri 9:45 PM—1hr 30min—Rest. Annex
Liminality of RopeRopeSat 6:15 PM—1hr 30min—418
Power and Authority Exchange Relationships: A panelPower and Authority ExchangeSat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—518


Vivienne From 1996 until 2012, Vivienne gave her heart and soul, first as Treasurer, then Chair, then Flea Director. She helped birth NELA from NLA New England, trademark the Fetish Fair Fleamarket and contributed to making it one of the longest running BDSM organizations in the country. All she's ever wanted is to give everyone the opportunity to learn and explore the kind of sex they want to have, with no judgment and no fear.

Alternative ActivismGeneral SkillsSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—518


Wintersong is a presenter, spirit worker, writer, and photographer who has been teaching and running rituals for over a decade. His classes cover a variety of erotic, spiritual and sexual topics, with specialties in playing with male-bodied people, needle play, polyamory, roleplaying, communication, and playing with unusual fetishes; as well as LGBTQ issues, trans/cis relationships, disability, and both erotic and non-erotic spiritual practices. He is the former assistant producer for Dark Odyssey Events, and a past associate editor of The Bilerico Project, an LGBT politics & culture blog. Winter's extensive presenting history include kink/BDSM, LGBTQ, and pagan events throughout the northeast, and across the nation. He has also appeared in internet videos, The History Channel, UK5, and the Risk! Podcast.

Twitter: @Wintersong

Facebook: @wintersong.tashlin

FetLife: Wintersong

FetLife: users/95857

Wintersong Tashlin

Preferred pronoun: he/him/his

Dark Role PlayRole PlaySat 10:45 AM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C
Spirituality in BDSM: A panelSpiritualitySat 11:30 PM—1hr 30min—South County
Alternative ActivismGeneral SkillsSun 1:45 PM—1hr 30min—518