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Biographical Information for all Presenters.

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Vending: SaturdayEVENTSat 10:30 AM—7hr 30min—Vending
So you want to buy a violet wandGeneral SkillsSat 12:00 PM—1hr 15min—418
Unlikely ServantSubmissive MindsetSat 12:00 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett C
Bondage Lounge: SaturdayLoungeSat 12:00 PM—4hr 45min—Blackstone
Bullwhip Lounge: SaturdayLoungeSat 12:00 PM—4hr 45min—South County
Violet Wand ExploratoriumGeneral SkillsSat 1:45 PM—1hr 15min—418
Young LeatherPower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:45 PM—1hr 15min—Rotunda
How to Walk in HeelsMovementSat 1:45 PM—1hr 15min—Presidential Suite
First Chastity: the good, the bad, and the very uglyPower and Authority ExchangeSat 3:30 PM—1hr 15min—418
Spanking + Rhythm = Body Percussion!ImpactSat 3:30 PM—1hr 15min—Presidential Suite
Who's your Daddy - It's not all about age playRole PlaySat 3:30 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett B
Vending: SundayEVENTSun 10:30 AM—5hr 30min—Vending
The training of a slave: [Not for the faint of heart]Power and Authority ExchangeSun 11:30 AM—1hr—Naragansett B
Lustration: BDSM Activity as part of a Neo-Pagan Ritual PracticeSpiritualitySun 11:30 AM—1hr—Rotunda
Bedroom BondageRopeSun 11:30 AM—1hr—Presidential Suite
Bondage Lounge: SundayLoungeSun 12:00 PM—4hr—Blackstone
Bullwhip Lounge: SundayLoungeSun 12:00 PM—4hr—South County
The Mistress Round TablePower and Authority ExchangeSun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rotunda
Variety is the spice of LifeRole PlaySun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
10 Fashion Tips for kinky boys and girls on a budgetGeneral SkillsSun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Presidential Suite



Medical play - Oh the toys!General SkillsSat 12:00 PM—1hr 15min—Presidential Suite
Asphyxiation and playGeneral SkillsSun 11:30 AM—1hr—418
When things go terribly wrongGeneral SkillsSun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C


Kim Airs

Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry: A General Sex Course for the UnashamedGeneral SkillsSat 12:00 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett B
Slip it in the Back Door without Pain - unless you want it!: Anal Sex in Scene for One and AllGeneral SkillsSun 11:30 AM—1hr—Naragansett C


Master Dale

What am I?General SkillsSun 11:30 AM—1hr—Naragansett A
KnivesGeneral SkillsSun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—418



Make 'em Blush, Make 'em Squirm: Erotic Humiliation PlayPower and Authority ExchangeSat 12:00 PM—2hr—Naragansett A
Predicament BondageRopeSat 2:30 PM—1hr 45min—Naragansett A


Princess Kali

Managing Multiple SubmissivesPower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:45 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett B
The Lazy Tops Guide to an Exciting and Creative SceneGeneral SkillsSun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B


Raven Kaldera

BDSM Spirituality: the Ordeal PathSpiritualitySat 12:00 PM—1hr 15min—Rotunda
D/s Realities and PracticalitiesPower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:45 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett C
Real ServicePower and Authority ExchangeSat 3:30 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett C


Tim Starkey

Boot CareGeneral SkillsSat 3:30 PM—1hr 15min—Rotunda