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Vending: SaturdayEVENTSat 10:30 AM—7hr 30min—Vending
So you want to buy a violet wandGeneral SkillsSat 12:00 PM—1hr 15min—418
Unlikely ServantSubmissive MindsetSat 12:00 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett C
Bondage Lounge: SaturdayLoungeSat 12:00 PM—4hr 45min—Blackstone
Bullwhip Lounge: SaturdayLoungeSat 12:00 PM—4hr 45min—South County
Violet Wand ExploratoriumGeneral SkillsSat 1:45 PM—1hr 15min—418
Young LeatherPower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:45 PM—1hr 15min—Rotunda
How to Walk in HeelsMovementSat 1:45 PM—1hr 15min—Presidential Suite
First Chastity: the good, the bad, and the very uglyPower and Authority ExchangeSat 3:30 PM—1hr 15min—418
Spanking + Rhythm = Body Percussion!ImpactSat 3:30 PM—1hr 15min—Presidential Suite
Who's your Daddy - It's not all about age playRole PlaySat 3:30 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett B
Vending: SundayEVENTSun 10:30 AM—5hr 30min—Vending
The training of a slave: [Not for the faint of heart]Power and Authority ExchangeSun 11:30 AM—1hr—Naragansett B
Lustration: BDSM Activity as part of a Neo-Pagan Ritual PracticeSpiritualitySun 11:30 AM—1hr—Rotunda
Bedroom BondageRopeSun 11:30 AM—1hr—Presidential Suite
Bondage Lounge: SundayLoungeSun 12:00 PM—4hr—Blackstone
Bullwhip Lounge: SundayLoungeSun 12:00 PM—4hr—South County
The Mistress Round TablePower and Authority ExchangeSun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Rotunda
Variety is the spice of LifeRole PlaySun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett A
10 Fashion Tips for kinky boys and girls on a budgetGeneral SkillsSun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Presidential Suite


DaDoc is a physician practicing in New England within a primary health care setting. As such he advocates heavily for safety within play scenes (in a reasonable way) and advocates for a relationship with your physician should things go really really wrong and even if they don't.

That said, he is also an avid player and oft intense Dominant, described by friends in the lifestyle as persistently Dom. There's little he doesn't enjoy and little he won't try, given some bounds of reasonability. He is active in several groups and feels it is important to support teaching and bring another generation of folk into the lifestyle.

Medical play - Oh the toys!General SkillsSat 12:00 PM—1hr 15min—Presidential Suite
Asphyxiation and playGeneral SkillsSun 11:30 AM—1hr—418
When things go terribly wrongGeneral SkillsSun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett C


Kim Airs is the founder of Boston's first sexuality boutique, Grand Opening!, now living happily on the web and co-founder of the infamous women's SM organization, Boston MOB. Kim's done just about everything during her 23 years in the adult industry including teaching hundreds of sex-ed classes on all different topics, having a one hour feature on HBO, consulting for sex toy start-ups, starring in her own hysterical, one-woman show that premiered in Hollywood "Ya Wanna Put That WHERE?!" and consulting with doctors and sex therapists. Kim has presented to dozens of colleges and professional organizations. She is a hard core motorcycle rider (three bikes and one ass... that math works!) which is the reason she lives in the Los Angeles area. She loves her job!

Grand Opening
Kim Airs Blog

Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry: A General Sex Course for the UnashamedGeneral SkillsSat 12:00 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett B
Slip it in the Back Door without Pain - unless you want it!: Anal Sex in Scene for One and AllGeneral SkillsSun 11:30 AM—1hr—Naragansett C


Master Dale

What am I?General SkillsSun 11:30 AM—1hr—Naragansett A
KnivesGeneral SkillsSun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—418


Midori is one of our favorite presenters at at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket(TM) and a NELA fan. Frequent sightings of her from around the globe make us wonder if she ever sleeps or if she's cloned herself. A sex-positive activist, she's made an improbable career out of being the world's traveling sexpert on the art of creative and sensual living.

Don't miss the groundbreaking book Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage which first cracked open the mysteries to Westerners, the hot essays in Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink and twisted dark science fiction in Master Han's Daughter.

Classes Rope Dojo

Make 'em Blush, Make 'em Squirm: Erotic Humiliation PlayPower and Authority ExchangeSat 12:00 PM—2hr—Naragansett A
Predicament BondageRopeSat 2:30 PM—1hr 45min—Naragansett A


Princess Kali is a foot-fetishist and lifestyle dominatrix with experience in humiliation, corporal punishment, female supremacy, and TPE play. Hailing from sunny California, and now based in Boston, this young and vivacious blond haired, blue-eyed Domina is known for the unique way she combines her sweet-natured appearance and natural charm with her insatiable appetite for cruelty and unbridled sadism.

She has lectured on a variety of BDSM topics since 2003. Presenting at such institutions as Harvard, RISD, and Brown University as well as Lifestyle venues such Black Rose, Fetish Fair Fleamarket, Leather Retreat, and Kink in the Caribbean has garnered her respect in both the vanilla and kink worlds. Founding the Kink Academy in 2007 has allowed her to reach an even broader audience in a more personal way with her particular form of kink positive sex education, helping couples and singles reach a deeper understanding as well as a heightened creativity in their personal perversions.

Princess Kali

Managing Multiple SubmissivesPower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:45 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett B
The Lazy Tops Guide to an Exciting and Creative SceneGeneral SkillsSun 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Naragansett B


Raven Kaldera is a queer FTM transgendered intersexual shaman. He is the author of too many books to list here, including Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path and Dear Raven and Joshua: Questions and Answers About Master/Slave Relationships. He and his slaveboy Joshua have been teaching and presenting workshops regularly for many years to the BDSM, Neo-Pagan, Sex/Spirituality, transgender, and other communities. 'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.

Joshua Tenpenny is Raven's Boy, and his devoted assistant, partner, and slave for life. He is a massage therapist, Shiatsu practitioner, and yoga teacher. He is polymorphously perverse, and finds spiritual fulfillment through any kind of worthy service.

Raven Kaldera

BDSM Spirituality: the Ordeal PathSpiritualitySat 12:00 PM—1hr 15min—Rotunda
D/s Realities and PracticalitiesPower and Authority ExchangeSat 1:45 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett C
Real ServicePower and Authority ExchangeSat 3:30 PM—1hr 15min—Naragansett C


Tim Starkey has a lengthy involvement with the leather and BDSM community. He is a member Delta International, Mama's Family, NELA, and The Leather Archives & Museum. He is a past member of GMSMA. Tim has worked as an educator for over 25 years in the health, human services, and personal service industries. He has been an active member of the leather community for several years and has a broad range of kinky and non-kinky passions. Tim is the bootblack at the Boston Ramrod and has done bootblacking in NY, MA, CT, CA, and IL. Some of Tim's interests and activities have included providing bdsm education geared at gay/bi men, studying leather history, creating social networking opportunities, providing youth empowerment, and charitable fundraising. Tim is a virgo, Meyers Briggs INTJ/INTP, single and available 46 year old gay man. While tim is a versatile bottom he is capable of Topping with several activities when the need arises..

Boot CareGeneral SkillsSat 3:30 PM—1hr 15min—Rotunda