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General Information for Winter Fetish Fair Fleamarket® 44

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A welcome letter from the Con Chair:

Greetings Fellow Kinkfolk,

Welcome to the 44th incarnation of the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®. We want to welcome you back to our new(ish) homes, the Crowne Plaza Warwick and Holiday Inn Express Warwick, and returning to our traditional (for most of the last decade) date of Presidents' Day Weekend. We do hope that this will become our venue and weekend for some time to come.

We sincerely want you to have a fun-filled and safe weekend. Please respect the hotel as if it were your home; playing and shopping responsibly goes a long way to achieving that. Our event has never allowed nudity and we ask that in public spaces, especially areas outside our checkpoints, you exercise good taste. All of us differ in our abilities and skills, please be mindful of those who might not be as agile or facile. What we do is based on the cornerstone of consent. Please be sure consent is in everything that you do. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any time please seek out a NELA officer or a member of our Safety Staff, or if neither is available, a member of the hotel staff. If you are feeling unwell, we have arranged for the medical services of Operation Hammond to assist you.

Flea guests may purchase admission wristbands Friday night from 5pm-9pm, Saturday from 8am-8pm, and Sunday from 9am-3pm. NELA Associates have a chance to get a jump on the shopping for a half-hour before everyone has access to the vendors at 10:30am on Saturday and Sunday, so if you want that one-of-a-kind thing, or want to beat the crowds, you can start then! Classes and social activities run from a little after 6pm on Friday through 1am Saturday, 9am on Saturday through 1am Sunday, and 10am on Sunday through 3:15pm.

Our first year in Warwick was a success -while there were certainly bumps in the road, things went much better than could be expected for a first-time-in-a-new-home event. Due to your feedback, we have shifted some things around this year, so please, continue to give us feedback. We want to continue to build this community, bring you education that you want, and make a large variety of vendors available to you. This year we hope to provide you with an even better event; among other changes, vending has been consolidated to a single vending-bedroom hallway and the Grand Ballroom and Foyer; class spaces have been altered or relocated to better accommodate our attendees' needs; and while the RKO Army returns to present a more... interesting... version of Rocky Horror on Friday night, we have a new set of Saturday night events. We've also tried to enhance the services available to you with the addition of Operation Hammond and increased Safety Team presence, Valet Parking options, and staffing from the hotel in several areas, most notably in food services. Each year we attempt to polish and improve this long-running event (now in its 22nd year!) based on your feedback. We hope that you enjoy the differences.

Percy, FFF 44 Convention Chair

A welcome letter from the Organization:

Welcome, Fetish Fair Fleamarket 44 Attendees!

The Fetish Fair Fleamarket (FFF) 44 finds us returning to our new home in Warwick, RI. The FFF was started 22 years ago by Cecelia Tan—please stop by her vending room and check out her books, Circlet Press has a lot of great works to offer. Some time ago Cecelia generously granted the rights to all FFFs in New England to the New England Leather Alliance (NELA), but there's more to NELA than just the FFFs. NELA is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to making a safe place in the world for all leather / fetish / BDSM people through education, advocacy, and charitable giving. NELA uses the FFFs to not only provide education and community group involvement at the event, but also as the financial engine to support our work through the whole of the year.

NELA's educational programming and SIG meetings continue year-round, so come out to see us throughout the year. You can find us at most New England Prides—come visit our booth, or better yet, march with us! You can support NELA in other ways, too—you can get involved with NELA! Not a NELA Associate yet? Has your time expired? Come by our table all weekend and get or update your NELA Associates Benefit Card (ABC) which entitles you to free or reduced-rate admission to NELA events throughout New England, discounts on merchandise from a number of vendors, and discounts to get into many other non-NELA events. Revenue from the NELA merchandise we offer in return for donations also supports our work, so if you get yourself a spiffy new NELA t-shirt, hoodie, mug, or lunch box, you're helping to support our charitable and advocacy giving. Our work is never finished, and there are never enough hands – want to help out at more than just the Flea? Come to our NELA Board meetings (currently the 3rd Thursday of each month – see the NELA Calendar,, for more details) and find out what we're doing and how you can help.

And that's the most important part—helping. Our charitable giving and our support of a number of special programs help build our community. We support other worthwhile organizations both at home and across the country like The Network/La Red, AIDS Care Ocean State (see them in Room 101 Saturday and Sunday for free HIV and Hep C testing!), and the NCSF. We also have special programs like the 'Ayem Willing' Volunteer Travel Fund, which assists volunteers to travel to events and return with education which they might not otherwise be able to reach.

We hope NELA's advocacy will continue to help our world become a safer and happier place for those of us in our varied communities to be able to express our sexuality. While NELA continues to change and adapt to the needs of our community, once again our main focus remains unchanged: NELA's commitment to its mission of education, advocacy, and charitable giving. Your continued presence at the FFF helps support that mission; thank you for joining us this weekend, and making this the great event that it is.

Jack, NELA Chair


The New England Leather Alliance would like you to be aware of the following Rules of Conduct for the FFF:

Violation of any of these rules may be reason for ejection from event areas without refund.

General Rules

  • Playing/scenes or any sexual activity in public is prohibited. Restrooms are considered public areas. Exposure of any bodily fluids or effluence, whether through sexual contact, piercing/cutting, soiled diaper changing, or other forms of play, is prohibited in all public areas.
  • You may briefly try out items for sale on yourself if you have permission from the vendor, provided you do not violate the previous rule.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the hotel or event facilities. When smoking outside, please be courteous to others.
  • Food/drink is prohibited in vending areas.
  • Admission price is good for entry to all vending areas and classes for the day(s) that you purchased.
  • You must keep your wristband on at all times. Broken wristbands are void and cannot be used for entry.
  • Classes are first-come, first-serve to the limit of the room. Do Not enter a room that has a sign posted that it is full.
  • This is an 18+ event. All minors will be refused entry, including infants.
  • Live animals and non-human pets are prohibited, with the exception of service animals.
  • Please respect the privacy of others. What you see here, stays here.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone use in public areas (anywhere outside of private hotel rooms) is discouraged, cell phones with uncovered camera lenses are strictly prohibited.

Classroom, lounges, socials, events: No visible or audible cell phones permitted.
Play Party: No cell phones, period.

Cell phones may be used in public spaces, including vending areas, specifically hallways, restaurants, lobby, elevator, etc - provided that the lens for any camera on the device is visibly covered and blocked from use. Absolutely no photography is permitted, unless you are an authorized and badged event photographer.

Any one observed using a cell phone in a public space will be subject to having staff and/or security checks to be sure cameras are covered and that no photos have been taken. Violation of our No Photography Policy and Covered Lens on Cell Phones can result in being removed from the event, and possibly banned from all future NELA events, as well as legal action being taken against the violator.

Dress Code

The Fetish Fair Fleamarket® does not allow nudity. We have always stressed courtesy and appropriate dress in public areas. "Sidewalk Friendly" attire is required, which is not the same as "street legal." "Legal" means a thong and pasties - we have always required a bit more to insure the comfort of all attendees. In all public areas, no bare butt cheeks, and no bare breasts or breasts covered only in Liquid Latex, this includes having your breast/butt covered by something sheer or see-through and nothing else under it.

FFF Private Event and Party Policy

  • Private events (any event, party or other activity not specifically sanctioned by NELA or the FFF) shall be kept inside the guest rooms with doors leading to the hall kept closed, and shall not impede/ block any hallway, fire escape or flow of foot traffic.
  • Locations of private events within the host or overflow hotel may not be publicly advertised by any means. This includes online, at tables of vendors/organizations or elsewhere on hotel property.
  • Please invite people to your event by direct invitation only. Violation of this policy may be reason for terminating the party or ejection from event areas without refund.


No Pictures
Attendees and Vendors are prohibited from taking pictures or video in any public area of the venue. Public areas are "Any area in the hotel that is not a private hotel room".

The FFF respects your privacy. However, recall that you are at a public event and you are your own best protection. FFF Productions, NELA, our host hotels, and our partner sponsoring groups and producers will not be liable in the event that your picture is taken.

Please note that there will be some authorized photographers present at this event. You should be aware of them if you do not want to appear in any picture. All authorized photographers will have a badge that they will display at all times, and they are instructed to obtain your explicit permission before taking any photograph (even if your face is obscured). These are the only photographers allowed.

Camera phones and video phones are everywhere but we’re asking you not to use them or any other camera in public space. Reports of your unauthorized photography or recording of any kind will result in your being removed from the event without refund.

It is proper procedure for authorized photographers to ask first before taking a photo. Harassing attendees for photos is forbidden. If someone pressures you for a photo, or takes an unauthorized photo “on the sly” please report it to us immediately. If you think you have been photographed without your consent, you have the right to demand the film from the photographer or to check their digital files and delete the ones you are in.

If a photographer asks you to pose for a photo and you agree, be sure to sign a photo release form.

Attendees entering into agreements to be photographed privately are strongly encouraged to check the references of the person they are dealing with, to have someone they know and trust with them during any private photo shoot, and to resolve all issues of compensation and the rights to the images before beginning a private photo shoot.


Members of the media are welcome at our event, but we ask that you obtain a press pass from us and that you follow certain rules as pertain to our attendees privacy and comfort.

The Fetish Fair Fleamarket has been making headlines since 1992. Among the newspapers and periodicals that have featured us: Houston Press, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Tip Out Magazine, Boston Phoenix, Stuff @ Night, Creative Loafing, The Improper Bostonian, The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, and Bay Windows. Almost every newspaper in the northeast carried an Associated Press Wire story about the event in 2000. Event creator and director Cecilia Tan has spoken about the fleamarket with WEEI radio’s Dennis and Callahan, on WFXT TV, and WFNX radio, among others.

To get on the press list/guest list for an upcoming event, Contact Us to make your request. Include what publication or media organization you represent, and we will follow up by email. We can discuss if you have any needs. We can help you find interview subjects, explain jargon, and much more.

When you arrive, check in at our main desk to get a press/photo pass (which you must wear) and sign a release of liability. You can also pick up the class schedule and other important information there.

Media Rules

  • No Video Cameras in Public Space - Because of privacy concerns, no video cameras are allowed in event areas. We have had videographers on site in private rooms before, taping interview subjects in private. You may make these kinds of arrangements with us in advance.
  • Signed Releases Are Required - You must provide your own release forms to your models.
  • You must display your media badge at all times.
  • Still-photography is allowed only of individuals who have consented to being photographed and who have signed a release. No crowd shots, no bystanders in the shot. If anyone thinks you took their picture (even if their face was not in it) without their consent, the image must be deleted or destroyed.
  • No Blocking Traffic or Interference - Photographers, please be considerate when stopping to take photos in hallways where you might be blocking the flow of traffic or in vendor booths where you may be interfering with people’s business.