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General Information for Intensive: Wintersong Tashlin and Play Party

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General Information

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Sunday, October 11, 2015 (Columbus Day weekend)

Featuring Wintersong Tashlin presenting 'Introducing Your Monster to Your Lover' and 'Sex that Hurts'

Wintersong Tashlin will be leading our next NELA Intensive at our favorite private club in Providence, RI. Join us for two intensive classes during the day, take a break for dinner, then return in the evening for an open play party. This private club is well equipped with a variety of play rooms, quality bondage equipment and a staff who make the most excellent hosts.

This is an 18+ event, there are no tickets available on-site. Names that match a government-issued picture id required for admission to venue.


$35 NELA Intensive with Wintersong Tashlin + Play Party
$25 NELA Intensive only
$25 Play Party only

NELA Associates take $5 off all ticket prices!

To purchase tickets, go to the NELA Tickets Web Site.